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Time Travel with this Round of Draftsman!

Bounce around in time this round of Draftsman.  Spring forward to the brand new set up but rest assured your favorite home & garden designers will be showcasing the quality of wares you have come to expect.  Make sure to stop in Draftsman before May 17th, to shop some amazing items! ღCherries Teleport to The Draftsman Event MIA:  Wimey < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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April 2017
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Fall Down the Rabbit Hole at On9!

On9 brings us a whimsical Wonderland round this month! Tea parties, Alice inspired accessories, furniture and so much more awaits you at this fantastical event! Don’t be late, it ends on April 28th! ♥ Indigo Teleport to On9 MIA: Baubles by Phe, Moda, Petroff, Shanghai, and Vanity Hair. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Sir’s Valentine Special

Happy Belated Valentine everyone. Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, but I was being lazy and spending time with the specials in my life and Second Life. For a couple of days I was trying to figure out how to tell the special people in my Second life how I cherished them how I…Read more Sir’s Valentine Special

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

        I have so much to be thankful for in both RL and SL. I am blessed. I have a great career that I love and a great family. In SL, I have been blessed with my partner, Hiram, and my blog and all the wonderfully talented designers that let me show their work. I am truly a lucky girl and I am so thankful for the friends and loved ones in my life. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

=Zenith=Winter Deer Headband (Milk) @ Whimsical
=Zenith=Winter Lolita Case Bag (Rose)  @ Whimsical
=Zenith=Winter Lolita Fur Coat (all color)Maitreya - RARE @ Whimsical
=Zenith=Winter Lolita Long Boot with Socks (Rose) -Maitreya @ Whimsical
TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon/ Teleport
Skin: *League* Ella - Catwa Applier - Pale/ Teleport
Lipstick: *League* Ella Matte Lipsticks - Pastels (Catwa) / Teleport
Beauty Marks: *League* Moles/Beauty Marks (Catwa) / Teleport
CATWA Destiny
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Furniture/ Decor:
Aphrodite Royal Holidays dining room set @ Ultra
[V/W] Pumpkins Tray Lightwood
SaCaYa's Autumn Candles Set #3
<:*BoOgErS*:> Crafty Kids Paper Turkey
{what next} Autumn Leaves Wreath

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Fall in Love With a New Round of Tres Chic!

Autumn is in full swing at Tres Chic!  Beautiful, rich colors are spread throughout your favorite designers chasing away the coolness in the air with some warm deals.  Refresh your home, wardrobe, accessories, and so much more until November 5th, at Tres Chic! ღCherries Teleport to Tres Chic MIA:  Avenge, Evie, Indented, Indigo, Magna, Malena Von Dash, Pseudo, Pure Poison, Sintiklia, Tabou, Warm Animations, Wayne < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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On9 is Always in Style!

On9 is back with some amazing, super stylish things for us this month! A mix of sexy, cozy, and spooky awaits. Remember, each designer has one item out at a discount price and it’s up to you to find out which one it is! What a fun surprise! Hurry, this round ends October 28th! Indigo Teleport to On9 MIA: Little Branch, Method, Quasi, and Suki. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Falling into you

Autumn has begun in my neck of the woods, so I was really heartened to see some new releases to fit the season. Above is one of the choices of a gorgeous fountain from Chez Moi. Inbuilt poses for single pringles and couples. I totally loved the pose that animates you to toss a coin in – so whimsical! This item comes complete with the stone base, water sounds (on or off) and leaves etc. It’s a keeper for our home sim Dreamworks. (come visit!) Available in 2 options: Magnolia (White) and Terracotta, above is the Terracotta. Aphrodite also has newness for Tres Chic, I picked out one of them to share. This is the “Fall tea-table”, and I have to say the wood used on this is SO adorable. You get the table and chairs, the lamps and trees ! Lovely poses, sweet little tray and candle adorns the tabletop. Tres Chic
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Tres Chic Has the Autumn Blues!

It’s a new round at Tres Chic and the theme is Autumn Blues.  Though the theme is blue, the deals are anything but!  Until October 5th, you can shop 100 of your favorite designers all in one place showcasing must have fall items, such as clothing, furniture, accessories, skins, and so much more.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this round of Tres Chic! ღCherrie Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Migonne, Mudskin < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Fancy getting juicy? Aphrodite has just the thing for you! This is the brand spankin new Summer Juices Bar, it’s fully functional too not just pretty. Built in poses for getting your juice, each dispenser turns on and off, then voila – you have your juicy drink. The bar is tastefully laid out, with such high quality decor, little pineapple animal is my fav, ohhh and of course the melon swan. (This and the other new release I show today is only on the MP at the moment as part of the Buy Now event.) Deets: includes 3 handmade animations to get your favorite drink, with 3 props (Drinks) It also features an animated, interactive process of dispensing the Drinks. Switch the machines on/off, see the juice flow! Prim count for the whole thing is just 25Li, but as it isn’t hard linked you can choose which bits to have out, or place more around to make an even huger impact for your space or party. Introducing a new release from Alien Gizmo, this is Roxy, skirt and bustier combo.… Read the restAphrodite new juice bar! AlienGizmo New!

Sushi !

  As soon as I saw this new range from Aphrodite I got a big cheesy grin on my chops – I simply LOVE Sushi! The Monster Sushi truck is at the latest round of Creators Collection Box, other items in the range such as tables, lanterns etc also on sale. Forty six animations and twenty-two props to wear, its GREAT fun. When I first laid eyes on it I thought it might be a bit primtastic – but have no fears it actually isn’t. If memory serves me correctly I think the truck is 24Li, tables 9Li. Just a few of the animations for making and serving sushi, as usual you can trust this brand to serve up great poses. Demo area is up and running so you can test it out for yourself. Thanks Marina & Jay❤ Creators Collection Box Demo area  
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Get Glam at Tres Chic!

Tres Chic has arrived with a new amazing line up of stuff! Fashion, makeup, hair, home and garden, you name it! The theme this month is 50s Glam, how fun! Hurry down before it ends on March 10th! Indigo Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Couturiere, Drot, Lybra, United Colors, and Vanity <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Bridge for all seasons

Ah yes, V day is fast approaching and just as Im on the look out for something romantic Aphrodite comes along with this adorable couples bridge/ gazebo called “Ever Lasting Romance”, perfect! Loaded with adorable poses, snuggles,dance and smewches. The brill thing is it also has a texture changing menu for three options, so not just for V day, its good to go all year round. At just 7Li its not heavy on your prim budget either – hurrah! Aphrodite Store Aphrodite market place
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Cozy up

Heart Homes has released this lush Alpine retreat just in time for the best of the Winter weather. The snowy roof is optional so it could really work for you all year round. Heres the deets: This house is about 15x 15 meters in size with porch and about 12,2 m meters high with chimney. 2 rooms on the ground floor (one with a sweet little optional 5 LI kitchen (with 11 animations and 8 props), the other with a fireplace, and 2 rooms upstairs, with fireplace made for a bedroom. Warm woods all around. rear door to put to a hill, front door to the porch. raised construction against cold and high snowfall. I really enjoyed messing about in the kitchen, you can remove it if you’ve already got your own but give it a try, it has some super animations and wearable props for cooking, cleaning etc. The wood textures are so warm, upstairs would make for a spacious bedroom and separate bath room for a single pringle or couple. If you need a nursery it could be utilised as that. There is lots of scope for making it your own cosy nest!… Read the restAphrodite Alpine Lodge new

Year End.

This year has flown by , seriously! Here we are again, are you ready to party? If you’re looking for props, poses and décor – Aphrodite can fix you right up. A lovely golden table, burgeoning with platters of all sorts of food, candelabras, floral displays and oooodles of balloons! The New Years complete party set is really a steal at $799L, here’s the deets: – 2016 balloon (copy/mod)
– Glittering stars balloons (copy/mod)
– Happy New Year arch with balloons (copy/mod)
– Happy New Year sign
– Small Happy new year gifts givers (hat, tiara, etc almost a dozen different models to gift away to guests)
– Buffet table, New Year table
– Martha Stewart holiday canapés, appetizers platters, 2 different ones
– Cheeses and crackers platters
– Strawberry & cream tartalettes
– New Year cookies
– New Year fireworks cookies
– Star paper lamps (on/off)
– Big Happy New Year Sign giving out unlimited numbers of 8 different platinum, gold and silver hats & headbands, tiaras.… Read the restAphrodite for New Year NEW!

It’s the Season of Giving at Tres Chic!

Tis the season for giving (and shopping), and what better way to do that then do some shopping at Tres Chic! An extra large round this time brings you a huge selection of amazing designers to check out. I promise you will love the selection of gorgeous things! Hurry before it ends on January 5th! Indigo Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Black Bantam, BSD Design, Deesses, Geisha, Mai Bilavio, Phedora, Rama, and The Dressing Anya. <——-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>

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All New Collection at Creators Collection Box!

Happy Saturday people, have I got an event for you today!  Creators Collection Box is back with a whole new collection of amazing home and garden, fashion, accessories, and poses for your shopping pleasure!  Only open from November 21 – December 12, 2015 so you better take the TP below and get your shop on! ♣ Cinder Teleport to Creators Collection Box MIA: LikeA, Kopi, Air < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Baby It’s Cold at Tres Chic!

Brrr, it’s cold outside! Okay, maybe only in some parts of the world, but Tres Chic is bringing the chilly fun to everyone! This round is packed with gorgeous clothes, super fun home and garden items, and adorable winter themed stuff! You can’t miss it! Sled on over before it ends on December 5th! Indigo Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Black Bantam, Daire, Rama, and Ricielli. <——-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>  

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Tres Chic Season of the Witch

Tres Chic is back and it’s scary!! Just kidding, it’s not that scary! It’s full of amazing, beautiful witch, fall, and halloween themed items, along with some gorgeous unthemed items as well. Whether you are looking for Halloweeny stuff or amazing clothes, hair, and more, you have to stop and check this out! It only lasts until November 5th so hurry, hurry! Indigo Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Altamura, Fuar, Geisha, Hela, Mai Bilavio, NYU, Rama, Sigma Jewels, and Unkindness <——-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>  

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Fall into Fall at Tres Chic!

  Fall is here, and so is Tres Chic! A super chic, beautiful shopping event that you just cannot miss! There are so many fantastic designers offering up the best fall items, I promise you are gonna love it! Head on over before it ends on October 5th! ❤ Indigo Teleport to Tres Chic MIA: Aesthetic, BSD Designs, Essences, Harajuku, Indyra, Kumo, Le Reve, Meva, Pumec <——-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>

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Ride of the Valkyries

Much of my knowledge of Valkyries comes from a bugs bunny cartoon. I know, totally lame but it's true. I really had no knowledge of the folklore of Valkyries; however, after some handy wiki searching. (which I know is such a reliable source of information.) I was able to discover that Valkyries played an important role on the combat field. According to folklore they choose half of the men who died in battle to be carried away to Valhalla. While the other half we sent to the goddess Freyja. I imagine, that some type of qualifying system to choose these men. What would would make man worthy of entering Valhalla? Well that's a question that is beyond me and must be answered by Valkyries only.

Today, I am portraying the role of Valkyrie and all thanks to Glam Affair who pulled out all the stops in designing their new head dress for We Love Role play. I absolutely adore this headpiece. The details alone are pretty remarkable. The wings are beautifully sculpted and while it is ornate in it's design there is still a simplicity which beautiful.… Read the restValkerie