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Petticoat Junction

  I do love a full, wide, pouffy skirt with layers of petticoats. It can have its disadvantages. I was wearing several layers of petticoats under a skirt at a barn dance once. I was sitting out a butterfly on some hay bales one night and a mouse ran across the hay and up the skirt, between the layers of petticoats. What with the netting being very nice for the mouse to grasp and the many layers to try to shake him out of, I must have spent 10 minutes jumping up and down on a hay bale trying to shake him loose. Of course, no mouse would dare come within striking distance of these spiked heels from Glamistry. They might be too dangerous for the speed of barn-dancing. Imagine stepping on someone’s toe. Fortunately, in Second Life® we do not have such banal concerns and I can wear my lethal weapon shoes without a care. I began this outfit with the gorgeous Carrie skirt with the Black Rose print. It comes in several other prints, including beautifully feminine florals.… Read the rest150624



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The Market

My favorite farmer’s market in Portland is on the South Park Blocks. I love walking on the grass under the cool, shady trees. There’s something so much fresher and vibrant about that setting than the many other markets set up in concrete parking lots under the hot sun. There was one right next to my old apartment, less than a block away, and I still preferred the wonderful shady, tree-sheltered market downtown. Folks in Second Life® can put their markets anywhere they like, so I chose a grassy spot with trees. My dress is from Bomshire – a new to me store. It is a dress with a simple black top and a vibrant print skirt. I simply love it.
  My shoes are from Glamistry – picked up at the 21 Shoe event. If you are not setting an alarm in your calendar to ensure you don’t miss this 24 hour 2 for 1 shoe event, you are missing out on great bargains and beautiful shoes. This two for one comes in blue and yellow.    Glam Affair has a brand new skin called Eles which you can find at Shiny Shabby.… Read the rest1506230_002

Gone Fishing

Those Fisherman Pants from Zaara at The Arcade make me very happy. I have several pair, snatching them up for the gacha machine filled with party delights from Goa. I love how the Pixicat vest from Collabor88 this month goes so well with it that I had to try out a few variations.

fri.days sandals for Collabor88 are perfect for the pants as well, the casual flats fit the relaxed mood.
The shirt the goes under the Pixicat vest is just a mesh panel that you can tint, giving you a limitless choice. I tried different jewelry with the different outfits, but all the jewelry is from Mandala. The one with the layers and layers of coils comes with a hud for multiple color choices. Poses: Marukin
Clothes: -Pixicat- Vibrant.Top Tintable @ Collabor88
-Pixicat- Vibrant.Vest – White @ Collabor88
-Pixicat- Vibrant.Vest – Orange @ Collabor88
-Pixicat- Vibrant.Vest – Mint @ Collabor88
Zaara : Arpora Fisherman’s Pants (fitted mesh) *so chic* @ The Arcade
Zaara : Arpora Fisherman’s Pants (fitted mesh) *so spiritual* @ The Arcade
Zaara : Arpora Fisherman’s Pants (fitted mesh) *batik blues* @ The Arcade
Shoes: fri.… Read the rest150618_006

Under Electric Candlelight

The new Lola dress from Baiastice for Collabor88 is every kind of summertime perfection with wonderful summer colors and prints, lovely design details that highlight the feminine shape and flatter every figure. I love the rich texture of the ribbon inset, collar and bow. Even better, with the fitted mesh, it fits perfectly.

  One of the great things about using projectors, it’s very easy to make something interesting out of nothing. My “set” is just a few prim rectangles and a tube with a projector shining on them using a light leak. I actually put the light leak on a prim with a bit of glow as well. That’s the piece of art I am looking at.    Boom made these adorable flats for Collabor88 this month. They come in several colors, including some with contrasting bows.    The hair is from Exile – also at Collabor88 and it is truly Full of Grace in more than one sense of the words. The skin is a brand new release from Jalwa called Gazala and, as with all Jalwa skins, has a strong personality.… Read the rest150617_002


Mami Jewell of Azul just released a beautiful limited edition outfit to elicit your inner fairy and feed your fantasies. It is called Pepeké and comes with a very revealing, short shift with wings, and butterflies and gossamer skirts. It is what dreams are made of, femininity, delicacy and romance. On the other hand, you can drop the fantasy elements and wear it as a loose and very sexy summertime blouse over a pair of pants. I love mixing things up, not wearing things right out of the box, and though mesh makes that more complicated; it is still possible and still a lot of fun.
The peach pants are a few years old, from One Bad Pixel. I had to drop down a size to make sure my backside did not show through the back of the top, but once it was fitted, it was perfect. I put on the Hucci summery sandals from Collabor88 again, using the hud to choose this irreverent and lighthearted option. As you can see, a few changes transforms the look and the mood of the garment from fantastical dreaminess to spunky and festive summer fun.… Read the rest150615_011

Of Corrupted Databases, Cabbages and Kings

Regular readers of It’s Only Fashion will have missed us for the last two days. We had a corrupted database. From what I understand, it took a package from a North Korean agent in a black wool coat and dark glasses. Of course, anyone else would have known the agent was suspicious because it’s something like 90° and he’s wearing a black wool coat. Our database, however, was naive and unsuspecting. I hope it has learned its lesson. Perhaps though, like Thomas Bailey Aldrich, it was distracted by two petals falling from a rose: MY mind lets go a thousand things,
Like dates of wars and deaths of kings,
And yet recalls the very hour—
’T was noon by yonder village tower,
And on the last blue noon in May— 5
The wind came briskly up this way,
Crisping the brook beside the road;
Then, pausing here, set down its load
Of pine-scents, and shook listlessly
Two petals from that wild-rose tree. Thankfully I keep notes, so I remember what I was wearing when I took these pictures back before our database lost it way.… Read the restUntitled

Queen of Everything

I am not the Queen of Everything, not even the Princess of Quite-A-Lot, but if I were, I might wear this gown – at least in the winter when it is cold. It might be a bit much on a hot, humid August afternoon. Do you ever wonder if those long ago aristocrats would feel twinges of envy for the peasants during the dog days of August, feeling every one of their layers of clothing and corsets and lacings?
  Thankfully, avatars are immune to humidity which is a good thing. That immunity allowed me to wear this stunning and regal gown from The Annex for We <3 Role-play, the monthly event that brings together the fashion and role-play communities. I do not role-play in Second Life, but I am not immune to the temptation to dress up as though ready to send forth my navy to conquer the world. I wore this with Slink Physique and the neckline was perfectly suited to the Physique alpha layers.   I wanted queenly jewels and a headdress to wear with this dress. My crown is completely anachronistic, but I am not role-playing, I am styling with elements that appeal aesthetically, not replicate historically.… Read the rest150611_001

Beachy Keen

I am loving this side wrap dress from Ison. It comes in several summer colors as well as a few prints. I opted for this lovely blue, one of my favorite colors as I believe you can tell looking at the cabin and furnishings.
It’s a lovely day at The Lake. I grew up on a lake, just a few steps from the front door to the water and miss it very much. I would spend hours on the diving raft my dad put out in front of the house.  I have a lovely ice cream cone from Imeka and it’s almost as pretty as this necklace from LaGyo. It’s got a hud to change the textures so it has maximum flexibility. The bangle is from Noodles and like most of the items in this post, can be found at Collabor88. My shoes are very glam, so it’s appropriate that they come from Glamistry. Glamistry has a cool feature that allows you to purchase additional colors that get added to your color-change HUD, so that over time you can get a fat pack and still have the inventory-savings of buying it all at once.… Read the rest150610_004

The Queen of Diamonds @ The Circus

  JUMO has released an amazing gown. It’s an entire outfit, really, with shoes, jewelry and the works, but I like to mix and match and showcase different ways to wear things, so even though an outfit is lovely, I seldom wear it right out of the box. Part of the joy and purpose of blogging is showing how clothing is more versatile that it first appears, mixing it with other items as I have here – adding this jacket from Peqe, for example, mainly because I prefer a shrug or jacket over something strapless. That beautiful sideswept hair is from Wasabi Pills.   Wearing a ballgown can sometimes be a balancing act even when you are not on a tightrope. After all, the overall zeitgeist of SL fashion has become more informal with ever passing year. I don’t care, though, I love formal gowns – in my first and my second lives. Sadly I cannot afford so many in my first. This gown comes with several alternatives including the sheer lace attachment that covers its entirety as well as option flexi skirts that add fullness and flow to the skirt.… Read the rest150606_002

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful What’s Next boat, 
It took some honey and plenty of money
To play all the gachas in their wishlist note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above
and sang with a small guitar.
O love Arcade, O Arcade my love.
What a beautiful Arcade you are,
you are, you are.
What a beautiful Arcade you are.

The Owl is from Ispachi, a relic from a previous event. The Pussycat, though, can be found at The Arcade in the Fashionably Dead gacha. It can cause neck strain as it refuses to sit on your lap.

The human is wearing shorts and a top from u.f.o. also from The Arcade. Be sure to check the demos before choosing the size you pull for.
The lighthouse is from Dust Bunny and can be found in the Dust Bunny store.  
The skin is from Nd/MD and has Slink hands and feet appliers as well as Lolas and Omega appliers. Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: oOo Studio and What’s Next row boat
Skin: ND/MD Eve light Skin – freckles
ND/MD Eve Eyebrow shape – MUST WEAR
Mesh Attachments: Slink Feet and Hands
Appliers – Flair manipedi
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Apple)
Lashes: Lelutka
Hair: Fashionably Dead (fd) Sleepy Head – 7 @ The Arcade
Clothing: ::{u.f.o}::bikini vendor – highwaist – strawberry – @ The Arcade@ The Arcade
::{u.f.o}::bikini vendor – ruffle top – strawberry – @ The Arcade
Location: Dust bunny lighthouse
What’s Next Going Sailing (Read more...)

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Alas, Alack and Welladay

I am not really feeling that woe is me at the moment, but this pose in ant’s broken chair at May’s Collabor88 just seems to embody the melodramatic despair of some poor benighted Shakespearean unfortunate. I used the Animare HUD to adjust the pose just a bit so the head and arm rest on the floor.    I combined the Baiastice top and Nylon Outfitters skirt from this month’s Collabor88 for a new look.
  I added the socks and shoes from fri.day that are also at this month’s Collabor88.
  The hair is from Truth for Uber. I left off the jeweled ornament that comes with it and wore the bangs instead.
  The head is Lelutka’s Karin with Glam Affair’s Karin skin face and lipstick and eye shadow from the Lotte applier. One way to add variety to your look, is to combine appliers for something new. The earrings are from Krystal, a go-to place for elegant jewelry. Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: oOo Studio
HUDS: Animare
fri.… Read the rest150530_003

All Meshed Up

  Mesh dress, shoes, body, hands, feet, jewelry, hair and face. Yes, I am all meshed up. The dress is from Milk Motion for this month’s Collabor88. It comes in several pastel colors – fitting with this month’s theme. I love how asymmetry in the neckline echoes that of the skirt. I also adore the belt, enough that I wish it were sold separately to war with other items. I have one quibble, but it is rooted in Second Life limitations, not in poor construction. This dress has shoulder pads, as you can see. That gives it a great architectural look. Sadly, every long hair I tried to wear  intersected with it. I normally prefer the shorter hair and updos anyway, because I love jewelry and want to see it. But, I also like having the option of long hair and that is a little difficult with these shoulders. Of course, one of those free-flowing manes would work. The asymmetrical skirt rides pretty high on the left leg, so I though I should probably wear some stockings and opted for these two tone stockings from Flair.  … Read the restSnapshot_002

It‘s Memories That I‘m Stealing

It’s such a sad old feeling
the fields are soft and green
it’s memories that I’m stealing
but you’re innocent when you dream
when you dream
you’re innocent when you dream Tom Waits   Penumbra Spring Summer Fashion Week wraps up today, though the shops will remain open for the month. Today I am wearing a top and skirt by Glitter called Lauren. It comes with a HUD that allows you to pick six texture options for the top and the skirt. I went for the solid black top and the black skirt with a pinstripe inset. The top is very short and just barely covers the nipples, leaving the underside of the breasts bare. That’s not my preference, so I added a bodysuit from Sn@tch, using their applier for the Slink Physique so I did not have to worry about the Glitter top fitting over the Sn@tch top. Besides, I think the teal and black lace adds a nice touch.    I was feeling melancholy and stopped by Serene Sanctuary to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.… Read the restGlitter Top and Skirt, Sn@tch shirt, Glamistry Shoes, Lelutka and Slink Mesh Body/Head and Glam Affair skin