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Soldier Girl

B.C.C. is offering adorable toy soldier suits at THE ARCADE this round, and this one is a SECRET RARE. So I’m letting The Secret OUT! I really was delighted by it when I opened it up. I love nutcrackers and toy soldiers, I always have to have them at the holidays for decorating. There is so much this round to share, I hardly know where to start. I’m also wearing the skin being offered from THE SKINNERY for ARCADE and new hair from MINA also available at The Arcade. This skin is a common not the rare. The rare was a darker tone so if you are more of a honey toned girl you’ll love that one. Now, I’ve got holiday decorating to do! Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Suit: B.C.C My prince- Nutcracker Prince Outfit S Secret RARE THE ARCADE DECEMBER 2014
Hair: MINA Hair – Selenia (materials)
Skin: [theSkinnery] Leigh 5 (champagne)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)

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January 2015
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Secrets of Blogger Storage: Exposed

  Well now you know. Once we’re doing making blog posts, all bloggers go into storage for the rest of the day, kept neat inside bell jars until we’re needed again.  I wasn’t supposed to tell you but now I’ve let it out. I’m a rebel. In truth, this blogger storage bell jar is a free gift from BOOM at the DECEMBER ARCADE – in addition to the cute TEE from Milk Motion and omgah SKIN from Glam Affair. Did I say skin? With eyebrow options for ANY girl, this Asia tone skin from Glam Affair is just one of many giftees under the tree in the center of The Arcade this time. Price? ZERO folks I SAID ITS A GIFTEE! You can find them UNDER this tree ! The Arcade is 48 hours away. Are you ready? Have you planned your attack? Do you know what your MUST haves are? It’s time to get it together folks. THIS IS THE ARCADE! Gidge Is Wearing:
Jeans: .: Somnia :. Basic Jeans {Brown} {P}
Manicure: [ PXL ] Manicure – Blue #3 BlackFrench
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Top: (Milk Motion) pudding tee – S – DEC 2014 ARCADE FREE GIFT
-Belleza- Venus HUD
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Charlie Mesh Hair -Various
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Heeled Croc Loafers Chocolate Brown -
Skin: -Glam Affair – Arcade Gift skin – Asia tone .… Read the rest

Be My Guest

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving and everyone is welcome at my house. I mean I won’t actually be there, but you are welcome to come over and eat all of my food. Plus I’ve set you a lovely table.  Now I’m going to run out and go shopping just to make sure there is plenty for everyone, please turn out the lights and close the doors when you leave. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. And if not, you’re still welcome. Turkey for everyone ! <3 Gidge gidge is wearing
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Eyes Makeup: [PXL] JADE PA FloatPink Eyes (tattoo)
Body: -Belleza- Venus V 0.02
Exile::Better Days
Top: ISON – bandage back top -XS- (gray) COLLABOR88
Pants: ISON – side lace pants -XS- (plum)
Earrings: LaGyo_Mave chandelier earrings L Silver
LaGyo_Mave chandelier earrings R Silver
Shoes: {Livalle} Page -Low Platform Pumps- Slate (BELLEZA)
Skin: [PXL] JADE PA Mauve Lips C2 MEB
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)
Bag: LaGyo – Death Cluth – COLLABOR88
Table: Cheeky Pea – Virginia

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The Fitted Mesh Of My Dreams

It’s the season for cocktail dresses and great big jewels, so you can imagine my joy to see that Sysy’s has released perfect cocktail dresses for the season, and they’re only 95L at My Attic during the event.  I remember the first time I put on fitted mesh when it wasn’t compatible with my mesh body and the absolute RAGE I felt that I couldn’t wear them together. Seriously, what’s the point of a perfect world where you can’t be perfect?  Now those little pesky problems have been solved, and we don’t have to worry about it anymore. I took the opportunity to get into my big jewelry box and get out a beautiful piece from Donna Flora, her work is perfect for holiday events. Now, it’s Monday and the world awaits. Let’s go out there and be beautiful ! <3 Gidge Itsonlyfashionblog.com
Gidge is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Lips: Izzie’s – Lipstick red
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Delusional Eyeshadow smokey 1
Necklace: (Donna Flora) JULIA necklace Ruby
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Charlie Mesh Hair – Wild honey
Feet and Hands: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3
Dress: SYSY’s Lauren – FITTED physique – burgundy MY ATTIC
Skin: Izzie’s – Delusional Skin pale LB
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)

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Time for Decorating

I’ve been adding some touches around the house, and so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to on a Saturday morning. Alouette has released a lovely table with fall decor and a clock, perfect for an entry way or hall needing a little touch. I also put a coffee station right in my foyer, no more pesky walking to the kitchen to obtain coffee. Walking is for peasants I tell you ! Now that I’ve got a hot beverage, I guess it’s time to sort out how to play WoW again since the WoD launch. It’s hard, all these video game things to sort out. I’ll figure it out eventually. Perhaps shortly after I have this macaron? Or tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. Gidge Is Wearing: Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6 Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lipstick peach Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Delusional Eyeshadow lemon Shoes: ! !SSD ~ Saddle Jane Flats (Slink Flat) ~ Houndstooth Earrings: *League* Wanderer -Black- Earring L *League* Wanderer -Black- Earring R Necklace: *League* Wanderer -Black- Necklace -1 Disc (Spine) Sweater: Duck Nipple Mesh: Jasmin Cardigan (M) Top: Duck Nipple Mesh: Jasmin Top (M) Hair: Slink Bianca Hair Nordic Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat XS Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Left Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Right Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3 Jeans: Somnia - Skin: Izzie’s – Delusional Skin pale LB Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S) Brown table and clock: Alouette C (Read more...)

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Francois Sais Pas Flashe No Deux

Ok I’m feeling groovy this morning and it was a toss up between Blondie and Dee-Lite for the title I admit.  Mavi Beck released new poses called SO SHE and this one just FITS the flair on my skirt from Pixicats dress so perfectly.  I’ve been in a rut lately, thinking maybe I’ll quit making poses since Qavimator won’t work with this version of Windows. But I saw so much of the fun of movement, and all the things I love about making them in this set from MaVie that I realized I’m going to have to dig in and learn DAZ after all. I’ve tried it three times to no avail, nothing works the way any tutorial I find says it does so maybe it’s a Windows issue too or maybe PIBKAC. I kind of vote for the latter. I am having too much fun so early on a freezing cold Tuesday. Probably why I dressed Pixel Gidge in such tiny clothes. I’m living vicariously through her. I’m also wearing shoes with a pumpkin on them. Why not ! It’s fun and seriously I would probably wear them through Thanksgiving in real life just because CUTE PUMPKIN !… Read the rest

It’s So Cozy Inside My Sn@tch

There are few things that delight and entertain me as much as my weekly notices from Sn@tch. Double entendre nonstop for all these years must be tiring yet Ivey manages to make it happen with success each week. This week I was feeling a bit daffy and headed over to pick up this delicious sweater she just put out with her new releases. I had to go out and buy cat food, and figured well I’m OUT anyway might as well pop by. I was glad I did. I picked up the pastels pack but she also has a pack in darker jewel tones. Remember Sn@tch does it differently, you buy one size and get the whole lot of colors in that size, so be sure to demo to make sure you get your size right. I wear larger sizes at Sn@tch, which is neither good nor bad, just something to keep in mind. I ALWAYS demo and then I’m always a happy girl !  The Wicked Peach has released nail polish appliers for the BELLEZA body so woot woot for that. She will include them in all packs going forward but you can pick up any you want for Belleza body for 50L which is awesome.… Read the rest

The Faces of PXL MIA

I sat down to play with PXL Creations MIA this morning. There are so many little tweaks available for the face I had to try some out. Fun eyebrows are one of my favorite things.  As you can see she goes easily from an everyday beautiful to a sad clown really easily. Versatility is a good thing. If you want to be a sad clown, that is! My favorite is this pink lipstick, I covet it for real life. Have you tried this skin out yet? It’s at UBER, you need to stop by and give it a demo if you’re looking for something new. It’s a quickie for me today. Hope your Wednesday is as beautiful as you are girls ! Gidge Is Wearing:
Brows: [PXL] MIA PA Eyebrows {tattoo} for UBER
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark DX
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Rasayana hair (small) at COLLABOR88 Nov 2014
Eyes:IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)

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Twilight Cultist Purple

I am petty. Any NPC that gave me trouble as I leveled up through WoW, the ones that killed me again and again, I have to go back and kick their asses now whenever I see them. Whether it be the cutpurses of Elwynn forest, or the various murlocks that sent me to the graveyard again and again, if I pass by them, BAM I kill them. Most of the time I don’t even loot them. I was reminded of the annoying twits of the various Twilight Cultists, and my love of killing them for no reason at all, as I tinted these lashes. Both Whimsy and Cajsa have now given them to me, I suppose I should wear them sometimes. So, I am. They don’t quite fit my eyes. Fitting is NOT my forte. Happy Sunday everyone. My amazing hat hair is available at COLLABOR88 from Little Bones. Gidge Is Wearing:
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark DX
Lashes 1:Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy Black Pearl Earrings – Left
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy Black Pearl Earrings – Right
More Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)
Hair: little bones.… Read the rest

And THIS Is Why 6 AM Shopping Is A Bad Idea

So this happened. I went to the CHAPTER FOUR because I saw a pic of a cute sweatshirt that FISHY STRAWBERRY had out, and I HAD TO HAVE IT. I’m all SL broke right now bcse QAVIMATOR went to hell but that’s a different story. So ANYWAY – had to have it, I had a cup of coffee barely touched, TP’d right in and went right to the shirts I wanted. YAY I saw the one I wanted, made my purchase and TP’d home, full of joy with my whimsical purchase. Except I got dressed and it didn’t say what I wanted. I wanted the one that said MORE ISSUES THAN VOGUE. MINE DIDN’T SAY THAT !! I tried both colors. I gave up and shot them as is. And I sent FAE a note, saying OMG MY SHIRT IS WRONG /weeps. Then I went to plurk and lamented my fate. Because obviously this is a tragedy. Me: OH NO I GOT THE WRONG SHIRT AT THE CHAPTER FOUR ! It doesn’t say what I WANTED WAAAAAH. (It was like that.)
Mokatana Boa (our Heroine) steps in: Aren’t the packs different only by color?… Read the rest

What If I Just Stood Here ?

Someone wrote on SLSECRETS last week that they miss bloggers writing about what they were wearing. I think a lot of bloggers still do this. There are some who don’t. It depends on where their fancy takes them, and what their blog means to them. Cajsa and I still write, but we love words as much as we love fashion. But most importantly, we write for an audience that likes, more or less, what we do. Knowing who you want to write for, and what you want to write about is an important part of being a blogger. Dressing my doll, and letting her have a bit of a virtual life is only part of it for me. I also like to share her with you. Some days that’s as quick as LOOK AT THIS THING. Maybe that’s because in real life, I’d be so harried that day, this is how I’d end up communicating with you, were we friends. My friend Sasy once told me that how people enjoy their blogs is very personal. Some like to flip through pretty pictures, some like to settle in with a hot cup and have a read.… Read the rest

All The Waiting

Anticipation can be a good thing. Too much anticipation isn’t. The line between patience & understanding, and just giving up, that’s the measure of love. But memories fade and turn to gray, and eventually aren’t even looked back to anymore. That’s what happens to our lost loves, they fade away. Even when they’re standing in front of us. Love fading to gray was inspired by the beautiful set from Cheeky Pea from last UBER round – 50 Shades. My lingerie, in which I wait so patiently is from the NEW round from ERRATIC and oh my. It’s released in a lovely array of colors but you know they had me at pink. It’s available for those of you not living in the mesh body world – but also, color me EXCITED, for PHYSIQUE. It fits like a DREAM. I will be showing off some of the other colors soon, I feel certain. If it were a movie, he’d come and make everything alright. The right one always has the ability to do that.… Read the rest


I decided to be my own kind of witch this Halloween, making my costume from a gown from BAIASTICE, a beautiful fur coat from Sacha’s Designs, and a FUN free gift from Argrace – HALLOWEEN HAT HAIR !! (They have one for BOYS TOO!) Happy Halloween everyone ! Gidge is Wearing:
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark SX
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Hat and Hair: *ARGRACE* Wizard hat – Women – Platinum HALLOWEEN GIFT
Dress: Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black-size M
Gown: SAS – Conchessa Black Fur Coat (S) No. 1
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [PXL] JADE PA Cherry Lips MEB C2
Eyes:IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)

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Rumpelstiltskin Was a Douche

The Tale of Rumpelstiltskin was always one that troubled me as a child. Really this poor girl has been kidnapped against her will because her FATHER is an ass and you can’t be nice to her and help her out? You have to make a bargain for her FIRST CHILD? And what’s he going to do with the child anyway? I can’t even remember what the story says. In my mind, he’s going to eat it.  WHAT A JERKWAD.  That’s why I decided that when faced when Rumpelstiltskin for ENCHANTMENT, I’d just weave straw into gold and make a dress. Nothing for him at all. Just this dress for me. Do you like it? It’s rather lovely I think. I also made myself a little ring. Because why not? Enchantment is Rumpelstiltskin themed this go round and there are some very lovely items. Don’t forget, it’s a 20 store stamp card rally so if you make a purchase – get your stamp card from the vendor hop about to all the other stores. All 20 stores have a prize at the end once you’ve visited everywhere.… Read the rest

I Left The Window Open

Leaves blowing in are just one danger of leaving open your windows around here. Another would be that you might get burglars, or noobs.  I chanced it and only wound up with a shower of leaves as the fall colors are suddenly everywhere. Cheeky Pea released this fall themed bed for n21 event and it even covers you up when you lay down. I love little touches like that. The covers peal back when you have a seat, which I love. I was asked to try out the AMPLE AVI shape THROE with clothes on, as there’s been problems by some folks wearing curvier shapes and getting mesh to fit. The question was “DO CLOTHES FIT?” Well, I wear a mesh body ALWAYS. Today I’m wearing SLINK. My experience is, THROE is a L at least in this outfit. I’ve only tried one outfit so it’s not a comprehensive study. But, I’d presume LARGE to be what is needed and proper alpha usage on your mesh body HUD. For the regular SL body? SERIOUSLY WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT?… Read the rest

Ample AVI ? Hmmm Maybe…

I saw on NWN that AMPLE AVI is having a promotion on a curvier shape called THROE for HALLOWEEN and decided to see how it works with my mesh body. I’ve been toying with being a bit curvier for a few weeks so I thought I’d just give this one a spin since it was only 100L to try. I think overall I do like the shape, I would have to wear the BOOBS option of some hairs, as you can see, in the shape on the right, the big old boobs are cutting into my hair. I think it has a pretty face, but I’m so finicky about my face, I’d have to still have my Gidgey face I think. Shapes are so important, they are what makes us US – and my face is mine so I think I’m not comfortable ever in another one full time. Throe looks a little…..angry? Not sure. Gidge is more me. Throe is definitely pretty, I think think she looks like she’s judging you, harshly. It’s a good deal on a cute shape, however, if you’re in the market for something NEW for winter, or would just like to see what NOT looking like a stick would look like, I’d suggest giving this one a spin for only 100L.… Read the rest

It’s YOUR Second Life

Is there anything sweeter than the joy of a new computer that is awesomer than anticipated? Nope. Awesomer IS a word.  I’m currently in the sweet spot of NEW COMPUTER JOY and it’s hard not to be super happy. I’m not a big badass gaming machine but it’s mine and it works and that’s all I needed from it, frankly. I spent my Saturday night in both lives, with a book.  That might not seem like a fantasy life, but the option of curling up in silence and peace with a good book, or hell even a TRASHY book isn’t one I have much time for in RL. It IS my fantasy. I used to have a friend who would rather derisively say “well it’s YOUR Second Life” when I was doing something they thought was a “waste of pixel time”. But, what’s a waste of pixel time? Isn’t ALL pixel time a waste really, vs living the real life? So if I choose to indulge in things I don’t normally experience, solitude, quiet, relaxation – isn’t it ok that THIS is MY fantasy?… Read the rest

Time to Mixmatch!

Looking for a place where you can find the latest surreal fashion and decor?  Look no further than Mixmatch!  They’re back with an all new round starting at midnight October 25th!  Come on down and mix it up with Mixmatch! Eden Teleport to Mixmatch <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Decades in the Dark


On Vixie

Turban / LAGYO @Collab88 / Mahalia
Hair / ICON / Hair Base in Chocolate
Skin / BELLEZA / Mae Medium 4 Dk with Matte Lip 2 *New*
Body / BELLEZA / Venus Body
Lashes / MIAMAI / Catwalk Lashes in Toxic Black
Earrings / LAGYO @Collab88 / Mahalia Earrings in Gold
Dress / TEE*FY @Collab88 / Sonia Dress with LaceSleeve + Harness in Black
Shoes / NARDCOTIX / La Nuza Stiletto Black Vixie’s Blog / Love & Fashion

On Taylor

Hat / DAVID HEATHER / Horned Beret [The Gathering]
Hair / LELUTKA / Bambi
Eye Makeup / DEAD APPLES / Ose Eyeshadows
Lipstick / KOOQLA
Shoulder Pads / COCO / Fur Tippet & Pearls
Overalls / NYU / Minimal Overall
Heels / GIZZA / Charlotte Taylor’s Blog / Beauty is a Lie

On Miaa

Hat / DOWNDOWNDOWN / Candle Stand Hat
Glasses / LE PRIMITIF / Flourish Shades
Dress /  TRES BLAH @Collab88 / Darling Dress
Hair / AMACCI  / Betty
Shoes / FRI.DAY @Collab88 / Wendy Boots
Ring / HANDVERK / Rock Knuckle Duster Location / tapp’s haunted mansion


I’m adding a link below to download the windlight that I’ve used for the photos in this post.… Read the restmiaarebane_02

And Then WoW Killed My Computer

WoW dropped the prepatch to their next expansion and all hell broke loose in Azeroth. Everyone experienced challenges and problems. I personally experience a problem I didn’t see anyone else have. In the middle of the patch……… BLAM. BSOD. END TIMES PEOPLE END TIMES.  What does one do when one’s computer won’t play a game? Obviously, one gets on the phone and orders a new one. My new machine needs a better vid card but I took it on a stroll through SL regardless. It PLAYS SL flawlessly. In fact, it’s the best experience I’ve had BEING in SL in a LONG TIME. Pics are really what I want, but it’s also possible that I don’t have all my settings clicked. I’m not even sure, there are so many little tweaks bloggers make on a regular basis, that I ALWAYS have on, I’m not sure I even HAVE THEM ALL ON. I forget what they are. Also, I need my damn windlights. #Secondlifebloggerproblems . I have them.… Read the rest