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Hair Fair previews – part 1

Hair Fair starts in a few hours, and even if i´m caught at RL work and can only make it to the bloggers preview in about 6/7 hours i do have some previews for you all. So without much words or delay here they are. In the meanwhile if you join the Hair Fair DEMO […]

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Can I haz Pose Fair? – Part 2: The South

Et voilá, the beautiful South sim before the event starts, I again apologize to any creators left out, if that happened is because your shops was not finished yet or I somehow missed them, please im me and I will update both blogs accordingly. In the meanwhile more can be seen in the Pose Group Flickr […]

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Can I haz Pose Fair? – Part 1: The North

I must admit i haven´t slept much tonite, Pose Fair has been keeping me busy, just to show you how much, here it is a preview of all the shops on the North sim, each pic with a pose from the store pictured, a apologise at start for the lower resolution on the pictures, you […]

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Pose Fair 2012 now in video also

I give you Ladies and gentlemen the Pose Fair 2012. Ok I´ll adnit I didn´t do the video Sha did he´s awesome like that, even if I had to bribe him, i did do some pics, so you can´t call me out on being lazy really, I´ve been to every shop on the North sim […]

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A Makeover

Sha really wanted a makeover, new skin, hair the whole thing, so we went shopping and for once he did more shopping than me, yeah i did some myself i needed to look good for a new pic with him, so here it is Sha´s makeover and my new profile pic. Ely: Shape: mine Skin: […]

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Pose Fair is coming

Yay and it´s about time, and I slowly prepare myself for it by drinking coffee and eyeing fabulous bakery shop windows it seems. Of course I´m joking, but I will indeed need a lot of coffee next thursday while i travel thru the awesome build planned for this event to grab some shots of the […]

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Tyr Rozenblum (Aura) and Ivy Graves (Illusory/ Atomic) have joined forces to create a new event called [A]Limited! This is a special event because there are only 500 copies of each item! You can see the full range of items … Continue reading…

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