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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Today I have quite a bit of new stuff to show you. Let’s start with EMO-tions, because it’s where my corset, nekky and hair are from, although the hair is only available at the We Love RP event, but that’s well worth a visit anyway! Fantasy Gacha Carnival is also open, and my nifty, icey spellbook is a rare from Devious Mind. My scepter is also from FGC, but that you can get from Sax Shepherd Designs‘ booth. I took my picture today at Cerridwen’s Cauldron, which is my fave shop for getting landscaping items and there’s also some quite amazing buildings, like the Tower of Dawn, where I’m standing at. Stylecard:
Corset: EMO-tions – Empress Corset
Boots: Pure Poison – Black Goddess Sandals
Nekky & Ring: EMO-tions – Candice
Earrings: Alienbear – Bubble Dream (teal)
Spellbook: Devious Mind – Norath “The Glass Canon of Destruction”//Fantasy Gacha Carnival//
Hair: EMO-tions – Anorg // We <3 RP //
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May 2015
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Tales from Grimhaven

Inspector Smith was not pleased at all. After the drinking contest at the Forged Sword tavern, there had been sightings of a drunken dragon who was causing ruckus and apparently making his way to the elven city. Being zealous at her job, the Inspector decided a hefty fine was in order, even if it meant travelling a dangerous road to the residence of the elves. As always after a drinking contest, the streets were littered with all sorts of things, so the Inspector had to tread with care to not to step into something unpleasant. At midway the Inspector came across an elven archer, and decided to inquire her about the dragon – a move which she came to regret when the archer’s eyes narrowed into two slits and a furious sermon escaped from her lips. “There are trouble with rats, ominous birds, unnatural storms, and who knows what is still to come! The tales of the past are slowly but steadily becoming real, and they are far from pleasant! Don’t you think it’d be wiser to try to find out what’s happening to our homeland, instead of chasing after a dragon who caused no trouble whatsoever?!?Read the rest10_31_A


Gown: Junbug – Ophelia (sunshine) // Fit for a Princess //
Nekky: Alienbear – Gold Queen Rosie (white)
Bracelets & Earrings: Alienbear – Gold Mimmi (white)
Crown & Roses: May’s Soul – Ave Maria // We <3 RP, opens 6th of August //
Hair: EMO-tions – My Day

Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Ikon
Eyeshadow: !Musa! – Eyeshadow Tarja 5
Eyeliner: Pekka – Vintage Cat Eyeliner
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Cleo lipstick 05
Hands: Slink
Nailpolish – Senzafine
Pose: Posesion – Crystal 5 Location: The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery
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The Dreaming Gypsy at the Palace of Tears

So, what am I wearing today? I learned after my yesterday’s post that Fantasy Faire will remain open till sometime tomorrow (Tuesday), so there’s still time to visit there. We <3 RP and Fantasy Gacha Carnivale, however, will remain open for a few weeks still, and today I have items to show you from both. My gown and my circlet are from Bite&Claw and you can find them from We Love RP. My fan is from Refined Wild at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I have also a neat, new unisex hair from EMO-tions, which was released last week. Today I took my pictures at the Palace of Tears, which is where the annual Fantasy Faire hunt takes place. The sim will remain open a few days longer than the rest of the sims, so you got still time to finish the hunt. :D Stylecard:
Outfit Bite&Claw – Nerisa (fern) // We <3 RP //
Nekky: Mandala – Kagetora (gold)
Nekky w/cross – Mandala – Sagarmatha (gold)
Earrings: Alienbear – Almas II (gold)
Bracelets: Purple Moon – Ethnia Bangles (gold)
Circlet: Bite&Claw – Mesh Elven Circlet (Soora) // We <3 RP //
Fan – Refined Wild – Fantastic Fantasy Fan (Sparrow) // Fantasy Gacha Carnival //
Hair: EMO-tions – Cameron // NEW //
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Hands: Slink
Pose Full Body: Status – Blossom 4
Pose Close Up: Poet’s Heart – Casual 4
Location: Palace of Tears
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Happy Holidays!

This is my last post in three weeks, because I’m going out of the country to visit my family and I won’t have access to SL in there. As some of you may know, I’m a north-european lass living in the southern Europe, because it’s where I found my other half, but flights are pricey and we ain’t rich, so it means I get to see my family a lot less often than I’d like. My last visit was 1.5 years ago and I have a lil nephew I haven’t yet even seen, because he was born only a few weeks after I returned back home, so I’m quite looking forward to my trip already. Anyway! I ain’t leaving without showing you some nifty goodies first, and I got quite a lot of new stuff today. First I have a gorgeous “Lady Mistletoe” gown from Junbug, which will be available in the Genre Event on 15th of Dec. The corset and gown are sold separate for only 100L piece and there’s 4 colours to choose from. The gown is meant to be worn with the corset and it likely won’t work with other outfits, so keep that in mind when you buy.… Read the rest:D

What happened to the Spirit of Yule? (part 4)

Greetings from Fairytale Land! My name is Irina and I work as a reporter for Fairytale Gazette, or usually I do. We’ve had a heinous crime here – the Spirit of Yule has gone missing in We <3 RP event which opened just four nights ago – and the town’s detective is battling against the most vicious flu, so the mayor hired me to solve this mystery. A group of urchins had information which they were only willing to exchange for candies, so a handful of lindens poorer, I’m now heading towards the Inn of the Dreaming Dragon, which is where my next suspects – a noble lady and her guard – are residing. “The lady doesn’t accept visitors today.” The guard announces when she opens the door. I explain politely my business, with the emphasis in the importance of the task, and kindly ask if she could make an exception this one time. She considers my request in a long, uncomfortable silence and finally she gestures me to step in.… Read the restWLRP_DEC_JB

Formally speechless

Junbug . Cercei Gown
Junbug . The Nymph Gown & Zuri Rayna Jewelry . Czarina
How to get?
Cercei @ Geeks’n'Nerds
Nymph @ The Fantasy Collective
Jewelry @ Zuri Rayna Jewelry  (Join the Zuri Rayna Jewelry group and you’ll get a nifty 25% refunded when you wear the tag and shop in the 1st or 2nd floor. ) Stylecards Look 1:
Gown: Junbug – Cercei Gown in Stark Grey // Geeks’n'Nerds //
Crown: Alienbear – Dark Princess Felicity Crown (black)
Earrings: Alienbear – Dark Queen Felicitas (black)
Hair: Tukinowaguma – Lilith (ebony)
Nails: Mandala
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Ikon
Eyelashes: LeLutka
Pose: Manifeste Look 2:
Gown: Junbug – The Nymph in Lust // The Fantasy Collective //
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Jewelry – Czarina V2 (gold opal/umber) //NEW //
Hair: Tukinowaguma – Adelita (brown)
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Cleo Lipstick 05
Eyeliner: Mons – Eyeliner Drama (black)
Hands: Slink
Slink Nails: Orc Inc
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Ikon
Eyelashes: LeLutka
Pose: Isomotion

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Interview with a Priestess and a Bard

Irina from Fairytale Land reporting to duty! Today I’m going to meet some elves who have journeyed to this region to participate in the Magic Moot. I’m sure they’ve also taken the opportunity to vist We <3 RP, because there’s always a gazillion of nifty items for sale, and I’m rather curious to know what have they bought. Anyway, my boss arranged me to meet them in the forest (thankfully not too deep so I won’t risk getting ripped into pieces by a wild animal), and I’m on my way there just now. Upon my arrival I spot a slender, beautiful creature standing by a pond and staring off into the water. The image is so peaceful that for a moment I just stand in silence and watch her, but I can’t stay still forever, so I cough a bit and speak out a greeting. She lifts slowly her gaze from the dance of the waves and beckons me closer. She introduces herself in an accented common as Aurae of House Moonglamaer, a priestess of Corellon Larethian.… Read the restWLRP_OCT_W6

Rambling of the day

It seemed just like any other Saturday afternoon in the town of Sparrowdale. The pale autumn sun gave away just enough heat for people to feel a slight discomfort in their thick overcoats. The bustle at the marketplace had not yet quieted down from townsfolk doing their grocery shopping for the weekend. The Dreaming Dragon Inn was still almost deserted, save for a few elder men who sat there every afternoon having ale and playing with cards. This Saturday, however, was far from ordinary. She was about to give a performance. Crimson, the sorceress who dabbled with the dark magics, had crawled out from her secluded hiding place and come to town. As always, the sorceress was dressed impeccably and it earned her many admiring looks from the young lads of the town. Crimson ignored the looks and made her way to the Dreaming Dragon Inn instead. She ordered a goblet of red wine and then sat down in a seat which gave her an unobstructed view to the stage. She doubted the girl would be even half as good as the rumours said, and she took secret pleasure of the thought of sprouting clever insults to mock her after seeing the performance.… Read the restJBG_2

||Lost In thoughts of You…||

         Style Card
[VM] VERO MODERO / Palm Bikini in  Gold[VM] VERO MODERO / Floppy Hat[VM] VERO MODERO / Palm BagAlienbear Mimmi Belly chain white  MG Babette - Combo ALL - IVORY SILVER[Crash Republic] Melanie Eyes Pale - light blue ' She and Him !lamb. Blush (Mesh) - Blur Ombreal vulo- Fujiko* red brown brow claveage sunkissed @Fusion

What Next accessories
{what next} Hampton Dock Pillow  (beige stripe)  including  poses.{what next) Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart  - Red{what next} Orlaith Deckchair (rose)
PILOT - Inflatable Chair [White]Vintage COCA-COLA Ice Cold (White) by Deborah Stine DBy*  Zooby Black & Wht Socks Cat      Piglets by  Jon Haskell           Graphics by Clix               

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We <3 RP, we <3 Donna Flora and we <3 elfies!

Today I was wandering in the woods, gathering mushrooms (I just love a good mushroom sauce made of real natural mushrooms), when I stumbled across a strange yet beautiful formation of trees. It didn’t seem quite natural, so I went to investigate closer and whoah did I encounter something awesome! A portal! As a brave lass I stepped through without even thinking that it just might lead me into a dragon’s lair, demon’s dungeon or even into a completely different dimension. Thankfully for me, I found myself from the fringes of the most maginificent woodland town and it seemed to be crowded with the most fascinating beings, elves. I wasn’t sure if they’d welcome me with open arms, so I climbed into a tree and quietly observed from there. It did not take me long to notice the elven ladies. The exquisite, elegant gowns they wore, the intricate, sophisticated jewelry they had adorned themselves with, and of course the almost unearthly grace they possessed.… Read the restWeLoveRP_fateplay1

Less than nine hours to We <3 RP!!

Irina from Fairytale Land calling! It’s the time of the annual ball where all the ladies will dress into their best and secretly compete which one of them outshines the others the most, and Fairytale Gazette, the most prestigious newspaper around here, chose me to do the story of the ball this year, and I also get to pick the three best dressed ladies and interview them. I’m so excited! This year, the ball takes place at the most beautiful gazebo, which was constructed solely for this purpose by Cerridwen’s Cauldron. Unfortunately, the magus who was supposed to waggle his fingers and create a fabulous garden around it, decided to take quick look into a dragon’s lair only yesterday and he’s not been seen ever since, and with so short notice, the organizers didn’t manage to get a replacement. However, when I saw the gazebo, I knew a garden would not matter, this gorgeous building made a statement without any extras around it.… Read the restWeLoveRP_CC_5

The dream weaver

Dreamweaver, weave me a dream Where I'm rich and famous Known to all the world Weave me a dream, where I'm young and beautiful Have servants galore and live in a palace Dreamweaver by Marilyn Shepperson
Thank you to Nat who suggested this title. It' s befitting since I took this picture at Island of Lost Dream sim. I found it from Ziki's blog. Yup Ziki's blog has become one of my guilty pleasure. Fyi, this sim is a roleplayer sim. I'm bad at rp but I love to dress up and taking pictures. You still can visit this sim by joining the visitor group; ILD Visitor. Make sure you also wear the tp hud which provided at the landing point. Well that hud doesn't show landmark or main places around the sim but sort like passport for you to enter their main gate. Since this sim is new to me, I've been like wandering blindly at the main marketplace area which just near to the landing point. The staff really help me out by pointing to the location I want to go. Thank you Sehania :) By the way, ILD sim owner; Cherudek, told me that they have rp class for people who wants to join rp but don't know where to start.… Read the rest

My personal favourites of MVW2013 – Formal Gown of Russia 2013 by Champagne! Sparkling Couture

Miss Virtual World 2013 – Again BoSL showcased an amazing event on December the 15th 2013, with the finale of the MVW 2013 contest. Many countries were represented by amazing ladies and it was really an exciting event. Designers and models worked together for their 2 final looks. One evening gown and one national costume for each lady. Every year when I saw the MVW finale it was an exciting moment to see the results, that designers and models worked on for so many weeks. Last year I took the challenge to make a full catalogue of all the gowns and costumes. The idea must have inspired some bloggers this year and they started to do that for the MVW 2013 designs. I decided for my own not to do the same again and just would like to showcase my personal favourites. First I thought about to do my personal top 12, but then I figured that I like more than 12 and just thought about doing all the ones that really caught my attention in no particular order The wonderful deep red gown with the rich and detailed corset for Miss V Russia 2013, Dolcestella Draconia, was made by Enzo Champagne, owner and designer of Champagne!… Read the restMVW 2013 Russia Formal full

My personal favourites of MVW2013 – National Costume of Miss Italy 2013 by [AD] Creations

Miss Virtual World 2013 – Again BoSL showcased an amazing event on December the 15th 2013, with the finale of the MVW 2013 contest. Many countries were represented by amazing ladies and it was really an exciting event. Designers and models worked together for their 2 final looks. One evening gown and one national costume for each lady. Every year when I saw the MVW finale it was an exciting moment to see the results, that designers and models worked on for so many weeks. Last year I took the challenge to make a full catalogue of all the gowns and costumes. The idea must have inspired some bloggers this year and they started to do that for the MVW 2013 designs. I decided for my own not to do the same again and just would like to showcase my personal favourites. First I thought about to do my personal top 12, but then I figured that I like more than 12 and just thought about doing all the ones that really caught my attention in no particular order The italian community was always very strong represented in many MVW challenges… like we had Mimmi Boa 2009 winning the crown, Mavi Beck in 2010 in the top 10, Angels Milena in 2011 in the top 12 and Anna Sapphire as winner of the MVW 2012 crown and again Italy was able to place on the winner stairs with a 1st runner-up in 2013!… Read the restMVW - Miss Italy National Full


Just in time for that splendid New Years Eve celebration, Enzo Champagne, of Champagne Sparkling Fashion has released a scrumptious party cocktail dress and a poshly divine menswear outfit. Both are not overly-fussy but simple and chicly detailed giving them an understated elegance that is bound to make you the looked to couple of the gala! As a note: the diamond studded headpiece is a part of the outfit! YAY! One stop shopping for the overworked avatar! Of course, there is no sexier accessory than an Apollo Call on the arm! xo Head over to Champagne Sparkling Fashion and pick up your own, always perfect New Year’s Gala attire. I’m so sure you will love it, I’ve included the streetcar for you! Taxi: As an aside, for all those in the “Big Easy” save a table for me at the Cafe Du Monde, I’ve a date with a few beignets and chickory coffee planned! (Go Gators!) See you January 4th my Second Life friends, I’ve a little real life to create.… Read the restBeignets.And.Chickory.Coffee.

Alienbear Clearance Sale

After seven years in business, Aliebear has decided that it is time to make room for new inventory!  All jewelry marked with the 50% Off sign as seen above has been reduced in price.  This designer offers jewelry pieces that range from dressy casual to formal.  Fatpacks are not included in the sale.  The sale begins today, December 8th and ends Thursday, January 31, 2013. Teleport to Alienbear Happy shopping, loves♥

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Femme Fatale News by House of Europe

Again Didier Rascon, owner and designer of House of Europe (HOE) asked me, if I would pose for one of his new outfits and I felt very honored. The “Femme Fatale” set is a wonderful outfit as it contains 3 possible versions you can wear as you see on the picture above The skirt (mesh) and belt stay the same and you have 3 variations for the top. One with a shrug top that’s held together with a brooch (mesh), one with free shoulder and ruffles at the chest, ane one with a more simple top with a deep neck line that features the amazing texture (mesh). So do not wait and make your way to the House of Europe (HOE) Mainstore and get yours Look 1 (left) Outfit: House of Europe – “Femme Fatale” – NEW (mesh) Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – “Big ol’ Bun” Ring: Finesmith – “Rehana” Shoes: [Cliche] – “Culprit” Nails: Love Soul – “Sexy Girl B” Earrings: *P* – Monica Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca” (special custom made skin) Look 2 (middle) Outfit: House of Europe – “Femme Fatale” – NEW (mesh) Hair: Miss C.… Read the restHouse of Europe - Femme Fatale Vendor

Wicca’s Wardrobe: No Cage

 The Crow and the Raven A CROW was jealous of the Raven, because he was considered a bird
of good omen and always attracted the attention of men, who noted
by his flight the good or evil course of future events.  Seeing
some travelers approaching, the Crow flew up into a tree, and
perching herself on one of the branches, cawed as loudly as she
could.  The travelers turned towards the sound and wondered what
it foreboded, when one of them said to his companion, “Let us
proceed on our journey, my friend, for it is only the caw of a
crow, and her cry, you know, is no omen.”    Those who assume a character which does not belong to them, only
 make themselves ridiculous.
(by  Aesop) Dress: SilkenMoon – “Vintage Dress Nevermore” – YES you can look through!!! (mesh) Boots: LeeZu – “Picadilly Overknee Boots” (mesh) Nails: Formanails – “JIAO” Lashes: Detour – “Spider” Lashes: ::je:: ::suis:: - “Lashes 001″
Jewelry: Alienbear – “Ambrosia II” Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – “Sleepy Dingo” Little Novel: by Aesop found by Malicia Python – Thank you!… Read the rest

Turn back the time

If only I could turn back time, I would stay for the night... for the night
After a lot of posting without anything other than song snippet, I think it is time for me to write something. First of all, I need to confess, I have been wearing this dress for few days before I finally snap the picture because I don't spend time much in sl this week beside shopping and clean up some of stuff in my inventory. Second confession, I still some hairs that I bought during Hair Fair which I haven't wear them yet. Third confession, I still have few more outfit to blog. What I wear...

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