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CoLLisions at Vintage Fair

This post is going to be quite long as I’ve got such a lot to show you! Guen at CoLLisions has excelled herself when it comes to new releases for the Vintage Fair – there are four new items and I wanted to showcase them all here rather than split them up amongst different posts. Firstly there is this stunning Art Deco jewelry set which I think sets off this beautiful gown by The Sea Hole really well! Hair: ‘Limbo (Black)‘ (base only) – TuTy’sL$150
Skin: ‘Saskia (Pouty Lips)‘ – English MuffinL$200NEW!
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Queenie! <3)
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog)‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Jewelry: ‘Vanessa’s Blossom II‘ – CoLLisions (@Vintage Fair) – L$150 (set) – NEW!
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Guen! <3)
Dress: ‘Nouveau Silk Dress (Dove)‘ – The Sea HoleL$268
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [L$50 to Join] ‘You Wish it was Yours‘ pose by Lasaki

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By the Sea

The work week is over for most and it's Friday!  What better way to wind down on a Friday night than relaxing with friends by the sea.
I said for most... I've got a full weekend of work ahead of me, so I'm always glad to snag just a little virtual down time when I get the chance.

I also snagged this great Lace Mesh top by MONS at The Dressing Room, and just love it!  Worn here over the House of Fox Basic Pushup Set in Coral.

A closer look at those beautiful baby blues, here are the Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Icy Blue, and my current favorite mesh hair... Jolie by LeLutka.


I'm Wearing:
Lace Shirt by MONS at TDR
Solar Flare Mesh Mini Skirt - Teal Plaid by Alexohol
Jolie Mesh Hair by LeLutka
Melissa Skin by Belleza
House of Fox Basic Pushup Set - Coral
Tameless Ear Chains
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes - Icy Blue
Alex Strap Shoes by G Field

On Piper:
Magente Corset by NerdMonkey
SOLIS Mask Sunglasses by Yuli
Jen Suntan Skin by League
Roma hair by Truth

On Galahad:
White DenimShirt by Gabriel
Kingston Jeans by Electric Feel
Low Tops Shoes by Super Kingdom
Keats Hair - Dry Earth by Uncleweb Studios
Knox Blond skin by FRUK

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Deux for You

It's been a long week and I'm dying for a party to go to this Friday!  Alexohol has this fun little mesh dress called Party Gras, shown here in red and black with silvery sequins.  I love Alexohol and I love that they are making some fabulous mesh things now!

On another note, while I'm a huge fan of Mesh and love this dress from Alexohol on the outside, I'm not sure yet how I feel about dresses that leave the body invisible underneath.  Kicking up my heels at a party might be a less than photogenic opportunity, but it's a great dress for more static poses. 

Wearing the dress alpha leaves your body under the dress completely invisible, so if you were to, look up my skirt for instance, you'd see hollow all the way up into my floating eyeballs and hair.  Kinda disconcerting... Not that anyone would be looking up my skirt, right?  I know I have a few dresses where the designers created a mesh bottom to them higher up inside the skirt, that both hides the alpha problem and looks a little more normal.… Read the rest

The Black Market!

hii everyone! soph here to show the newest collection of the black market, weee. hope everyone is had a marvelous fathers day, and got your fathers a bunch of giftssss! rahrahrahrah. happy shopping! mwamwa.   The Black Market.

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52 weeks of colour challenge – Part Deux – week #21 “Lemon Chiffon”

for more informations … Luna Jubilee’s blog ! Body
Hair: “Escape” Magika
Skin: “Leilani Gold Fish” Al Vulo **old groupgift** Outfit:
Dress: “Overflow Mesh Dress-Lemon Chiffon” Alexohol **MESH** Accessoires:
Butterfly: “Nosey butterfly” Baffle! **freebie** Pose:
“Shyla 4″ Diesel Works

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The Black Market!

heyhihello pretties! how is everyone? today i was informed that the black market has reopened! WOO, new location, new management, new everything! the new collection has lots to offer, with items from.. piercings to furniture, annnd mesh! happy shopping babies!   The Black Market

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Mesh Around Hunt!

A new hunt for all those out there that LOVE mesh, like I do!! Mesh Around Hunt!
The Hunt begins June 1st 2012 at 12pm (Noon) SLT and runs through June 15th, 2012. Be sure to join The Ego Co. group which will serve as the Hunt Group for Mesh Around ! There is also a list of participating stores and hints on The Ego Co. blog! And here is your START Location
Mesh Around Hunt!

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Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

Shopping, something that may either stress you out or be a therapy.
This event is a 2 week, one off shopping extravaganza! “All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. It’s not a discount event, items will be full price. It’s also not a charity event, all the money will go straight to the designers.” – details from the official write up, and this benefits us as shoppers too as we get to find a whole host of stores that we may or may not have heard of! I know I found tons of stores I had no idea about and will be going back to shop at again in future!
The event runs from now until MAY 28th. For more details, check Keep Calm and Keep Shopping’s Official Blog. There are a few stores that are MIA at the time of posting, but details will be updated on the official blog when that changes!
Rudh xxx MIA: Lilly’s Boutique, {W&R}, AngelsDemons, The Sugar Garden, RaWr MuFFinz, PEER Style, Babycakes, eXpression Poses

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Double Trouble

I knew I was in trouble when I walked into The Dressing Room today.  Not only were there a lot of must have designs, skin, hair, jewelry... but there was mesh too.  Oh and check out this skin!

The gorgeous male Andrej skin by Tableau Vivant beckoned to me from across the room, and I thought.... hell with that I'm wearin it, even if it's boy skin!  Love it, and such kissable lips!  Guyliner FTW! Male or female this skin has it going on.

Always managing to get myself into some technical difficulty trouble one way or the other, today's trouble was with getting my viewer to show shadows. Try as I might, I wasn't able to both have shadows, and show all the mesh I was wearing, often having either my top or skirt disappear, as well as dark streaks show up in my hair.  That was no good... so I threw my hands up in dispair and said... Mesh wins... I'll Photoshop (well GIMP) my own shadows in.  I was in a bit of a hurry so there are jagged edges where I didn't erase the outline of my avatar close enough, but good enough for the feel of the look I wanted, at first glance.… Read the rest

TOSL – Freestylin’

After a two week hiatus, Taste of Second Life is back in full force with us this weekend.  Each weekend designers throughout the Second Life grid place out items designed around a theme.  This weekend’s theme is Freestylin’; so, anything goes!  Items typical to TOSL include clothing, poses, accessories, makeup and decor.  I have two personal favorites with this round: the adorable dress from the newly added store Lil’Lace and the pose prop from Juxtapose.  Sale items will be out through midnight Sunday SLT. Happy shopping, loves♥  

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The Theme Park – Easter Parade

This is time for EASTER!!! With everything that comes with it, eggs,bunnys,chocolate,turkey, family..The theme park joins the joy of Easter with a Easter Parade theme, and this are the items available for this round TAXI for THE THEME PARK

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Mesh it like a lady!

A bit more March Mesh Madness and a Disco Deals preview, for a classy every-day look that you could also wear in RL. Actually, that’s one of the things I love best  about mesh: it allows designers to create items that look so real and to bring in this pixel world the clothes that one can  see on the street. Obviously, mesh can be used to create fantasy avatars or fancy accessories or sci-fi outfits and so on, but I seem to be more interested in RL-ish fashion in SL. And that is ok, since I use SL fashion tips to improve my RL wardrobe. Could I go to work dressed in fairy? Maybe, but then I would be broke forever and my SL inventory would be very unhappy! The top and jacket are a new release by ColdLogic, available at March Mesh Madness. And the best thing about them is that you can wear them either together or separately to mix and match to your liking. That’s basically two purchases in one.  The pencil skirt is by Alexohol and you can also get it at MMM12 – or at the store, if you feel the venue is too laggy.… Read the rest:D

Theme Park – Designers Choice

Hello everybody.
Theme Park has a brand new collection, and for this edition there’s no theme, it’s thee designers choice! Run grab something new at awesome prices. Have fun Attention because the lm changed.

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Let Me Love You

While I've been trying to be a bit braver lately, I haven't gotten all my courage up quite yet.  Nonetheless, I decided to sim scout for a fun or pretty or romantic place to go should I muster up enough (for lack of a better term) BALLS to go on another date with my…lets call it an admiration for now lol.  When I saw this sim, I was just like…yes please.  There were dancing options and a cute little chair to sit on and cuddle as well.  I didn't even venture out to the rest of the sim, but hopefully I will soon because this little spot itself was awesome.
Admittedly, my nerves got the best of me so I didn't actually propose a second date yet.  I might be waiting for him to make the next move, I don't want to appear too eager.  Or something.  I don't know, anyway, I don't want to be pushy and people have things to do so right now patience is my middle name.  I didn't realize there were single sits on the lounger so I sat for a bit and thought about what I should do next…then it hit me.  I wanted to make sure there'd be an after date kiss this time.… Read the rest

The Festival of Sin

The Festival of Sin opens its doors at 5PMSLT Today! This is a Secondlife celebration of all things sinful and it is definitely not an event for the faint-hearted! Wrath is full of blood and gore, Lust is all things passion and debauchery, Gluttony makes you hungry and Greed looks like somewhere straight out of a Bankers District, the event space as whole is fit to overflow with concentrated sin! The event is home to many highly sexual, violent and possibly politically incorrect images so if this will be something that you do not want to be around I suggest you think very carefully before venturing in, however, if sinning tickles your fancy this is an event stuffed full of things you will not want to miss out on!
Some basic information that you will be needing to know must be shared with you now! The sim is ADULT – unless you are age verified you won’t be able to enter the event location. There is a script counting gate at the main landing point! If you try to go in with more than 60 scripts working you will be barred from entering, so remove all those huds, scripted items and AOs so that you and everyone else can move around without too much lag!… Read the restfestivalofsin-teaser-red-outline

Theme Park – True Love

Here i am again bringing you theme park post! This time the theme is True Love, so if you are in love and want to grab something for valentines, this is the time This round will last until the 15th! Taxi

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New Monthly Event – FLUX with a little Mardi Gras.

There is a new monthly themed event hitting the Secondlife Events Circuit this week. This theme based monthly market bazaar is well named I feel, as flux basically means constant or frequent change. It has a collection of designers with items on both the market stalls in the square and within the buildings. Prices vary greatly as do the number of items out per designer, but what is here is good quality items to fit the Mardi Gras Theme for this event’s first outing! I feel that this event will be one that is worth watching in the coming months, and I would watch this space as it is likely to appear on Seraphim every month! I wonder what the theme will be next month? Watch this space, but get over there to check out the event!
Rudh xxx A New Monthly Event – FLUX

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Somebody That I Used To Know

But you didn’t have to cut me off
make out like it never happened and that we were nothing
and I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough…
Now you’re just somebody that I used to know
The Shopping List:
Shirt:Miamai_Nore Shirt Black Up
Pants:>>Alexohol: Class Act Dress Pants-Dark Gray <>Alexohol: Hot Cider Sweater-Red
Glasses: Alphavillain Gatcha 2.1 – Pacifist Glasses (Clear)
Hair Attach:Baiastice-Arisa hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Ring: CONCRETE FLOWERS- Ladybird Ring
Shoes: Maitreya -Slinky Stilettos
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: Baiastice_Marina-peach-makeup 5 -BL+hair
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – coral reef (m) bright
Poses: Status
Jewelry: MOOD – Ambition This is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while I think his voice is uncannily like Sting’s in his higher register.
Tagged: Alexohol, Alphavillain, Baiastice, concrete flowers, fashion, Maitreya, MiaMai, poeticc olors, Second Life, STaTUS

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Alexohol 50L Sale

  All items on the first floor, excluding new releases and fatpacks, of Alexohol Fashions has been reduced to 50L!  You will find a lot of hip and trendy designs at Alexohol, and if you particpate in Luna Jubille’s 52 Weeks of Color, this will be a great stop for you since all designs are offered in a wide variety of colors.  The sale lasts until January 31st. Alexohol Fashions Happy shopping, loves♥

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The Theme Park – Hollywood Glamour

The theme park just started the second round this month. The theme for this round is Hollywood Glamour and it will be available until the end of the month. Run grabbing the goodies TAXI

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