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Little Red Robyn Hood

By now everyone knows the story of little red riding hood and that of Robin Hood, but did you know they both dwelled in the same forest? That’s right Sherwood forest and the forest that red riding hood traveled in are the same. It’s no wonder then that…

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Little Red Robyn Hood II



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Buttery Breakfast

Buttery Toast has a set of things at Silly Seven for 77L and I thought it was pretty funny and made me think of breakfast.  So I made a menu!  Enjoy. XDWORN:Breakfast Accessories: Buttery Toast @ Silly Seven, 77L for the setWaffle Ring: Schad…

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On My Way

  I am supposed to be doing my homework right now, whoops.  I am better at procrastinating than anything else really.  Soooo here is my avatar with a back pack and a naughty look to make a little fun of us putting off what we should be d…

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    OK so, so much to do but I was wearing this combo and it needed to be shown!  Dark red, soft black, and tan/white has been a fave color combo for a long time and here I am bringing it to you in a way I like.  More details below!…

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red and stuff

Broken Summer

Summer’s almost over here.  Sad face. :(  At least there is still summer in SL (and it doesn’t come with sweating.) :DWORN:Skin: Mother Goose’s, 1LGlasses: Roffo’s Recycling, 11LHair: MagikaEyes: Insufferable DastardMouth Alpha and Tooth Gap:…

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broekn summer_001

Cupcake almost ending, you should hurry up!

Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt (CAH) ends tomorrow and you should grab those amazing items while you can! 5L each, you can see them all and all hints here .You should also take a look at Free*Style Shop, there are a bunch of new bargains there.Style CardSkin:…

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A Day Away

A Day Away

“Every person needs to take one day away.  A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.  Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence.  Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” ~ Maya Angelou Continue reading

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A Day Away

Pink Princess

I have decided that this week I shall dress as a princess all week. See it’s my birthday this week and I figured what better way to celebrate than be a pretty princess all week. I don’t know it’s just the way my brain happens to work, go figure. I am starting off the week looking pretty in pink, it happens to be my little princess’s favorite color.
Pinky Princess
One of the things I keep telling myself I will learn one of these years is how to play the piano. I am not exactly talented when it comes to the musical department. I have never played an instrument for longer than a few weeks, though I think my parents are grateful the drums were so short lived. I am also fairly certain I couldn’t carry a tune with even the largest of buckets, but I digress.
Pinky Princess
Maybe I will put playing the piano into my list of things I will do at some time, for now I will go and plot my other princess-y looks.

Dress: Folly – Princess Gown (Coral)  ( at We ♥ Roleplay)
Collar: Folly – Nouveau Collar (Texture Change) (at We ♥ Roleplay)
Crown: :[P]:- Aara Crown:// Aana (at We ♥ Roleplay)
Hair: Calico Hair Estelle
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Manicure:  +>A&A<+ Princess Nails – Jardin
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – Mid
Skin: Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale DB w/ body freckles and pink lipstick
Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky (Read more...)

Pinky Princess

Hair Fair last few hours – Adore & Abhor

Few Hours until the end of hair fair, so hurry up!

This are the adorable hairs from Adore and Abhor, I think Airedine did such great debut!

Adore  & Abhor is located on Blonde Sim.

Style Card:
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Techno Exercise

  These shades and bracelets from Hate This at Shop Free*Style put me in a futuristic mood so I had to bust out the stretchy bodysuit.  Yep.  Feeling fun!  No time for talkie talk today so check the details below!WORN:Outfit: Lali’s…

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Food On My face

  I saw a gacha from Love Soul that various sorts of unusual glasses in it.  I thought “Dang, I hope I get the foods ones.  Please get the food ones,” and I crossed my fingers and pressed pay.  And guess what?  I GOT THEM FIRST…

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food on my face_004


Ohai! I know I should blog more oftem, but between, RL, blog to Free*Style, create for my storeand rebuild Kittens heaven I left this poor blog a bit, but since this is the last weekend of the hair fair,is about time to post more right?
The back ground is my work in progress, hopefully I will be able to open it in August.
There are a bunch of cool events going on , Hair Fair and the secret affair are two I am using items on this look.
Style Card

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A murder of…….

She does not call to you nor halt and though you may not acquiesce…you are hers.   You cling to them, her unfurled arms.  Your consort  to an altered state. Your catechism met with an eerie silence, it is not her place to explain, she is just your guide. +>A&A<+ Dragon White Skin DAMNED – BlackSnowy Eyes […]

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Playing at Punk

I am not a very punk girl, but I can play one in SL. I know very little of punk music if we are being completely honest, but that is the category at Rhapsody that my tied shirt and poses come from.The pose set is named Joan, and if the names of the ind…

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Bikini Beach Bum

As I warned the other day it is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and so you will have lots of summer posts from me. Today is no exception. With Summerfest ’14 in full swing I thought it only fitting to hit the beach in some of my new pretties. I …

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Bikini Bum

Casual Saturday

  Very busy days so not much writing today but I was just wearing this in SL and thought it was cute enough to post.  Check below for details!WORN:Dress: Laney’s, SL Free and Offers Group Gift in storeShirt Around Waist: Adore&Abhor @ Rha…

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25-for-25 may round !!!

May round of 25-for-25 event has changed from a hunt to a really cool event where many cool stores will set up amazing items for 25L for only 25 hours, it starts at may 25th, so stay tunned!!!You can check more about this event and items on the officia…

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Who Doesn’t Love Free Shoes?

  So on Plurk Lindsay Warwick was all Hey did you guys know I have these free shoes out and I was all NO OMG MUST HAVE.  So I went to the store and got them, obviously.  You have to join the SL Free and Offers group, activate the tag, an…

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  Happy almost  Mother’s Day!  Moms have seriously a much harder time than people who don’t have kids will ever understand; however, the reward is so great whenever you see your little buddy smiling and growing.  Another reward moms…

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Vicars and Tarts

I was invited to a Vicars and Tarts party so I decided to channel my inner Bridget Jones, though hopefully with less embarrassment. I decided though that bunnies were over rated and wondered that the biggest diva would look like tarted up in a corset. …

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