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A murder of…….

She does not call to you nor halt and though you may not acquiesce…you are hers.   You cling to them, her unfurled arms.  Your consort  to an altered state. Your catechism met with an eerie silence, it is not her place to explain, she is just your guide. +>A&A<+ Dragon White Skin DAMNED – BlackSnowy Eyes […]

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July 2014
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Playing at Punk

I am not a very punk girl, but I can play one in SL. I know very little of punk music if we are being completely honest, but that is the category at Rhapsody that my tied shirt and poses come from.The pose set is named Joan, and if the names of the ind…

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Bikini Beach Bum

As I warned the other day it is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and so you will have lots of summer posts from me. Today is no exception. With Summerfest ’14 in full swing I thought it only fitting to hit the beach in some of my new pretties. I …

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Bikini Bum

Casual Saturday

  Very busy days so not much writing today but I was just wearing this in SL and thought it was cute enough to post.  Check below for details!WORN:Dress: Laney’s, SL Free and Offers Group Gift in storeShirt Around Waist: Adore&Abhor @ Rha…

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25-for-25 may round !!!

May round of 25-for-25 event has changed from a hunt to a really cool event where many cool stores will set up amazing items for 25L for only 25 hours, it starts at may 25th, so stay tunned!!!You can check more about this event and items on the officia…

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Who Doesn’t Love Free Shoes?

  So on Plurk Lindsay Warwick was all Hey did you guys know I have these free shoes out and I was all NO OMG MUST HAVE.  So I went to the store and got them, obviously.  You have to join the SL Free and Offers group, activate the tag, an…

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  Happy almost  Mother’s Day!  Moms have seriously a much harder time than people who don’t have kids will ever understand; however, the reward is so great whenever you see your little buddy smiling and growing.  Another reward moms…

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Vicars and Tarts

I was invited to a Vicars and Tarts party so I decided to channel my inner Bridget Jones, though hopefully with less embarrassment. I decided though that bunnies were over rated and wondered that the biggest diva would look like tarted up in a corset. …

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I'm not sure

Bunny Time

Here comes Phire Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail blah blah blah.Happy Easter if you celebrate or Happy Sunday if you don’t. I figured since it is Easter I would don these cute new ears and skip about on the beach. I mean sure bunnies live in th…

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Bunny me


Last call!!! Few hours left for a bunch of events, so if you still need something of them, you might Hurry Up!
Skin Fair, The Arcade and Adore & Abhor Anniversary are almost in the end, so you should run!!!
Style Card

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Surrounded by Cuteness

OHai! So, I don’t usually buy cute things for my avatar, cuz well, I just can’t pull off “cute” as a general rule, (I pride myself on having a permanent scowl on my face – it’s more intimidating *snarls*) BUT I came across so many adorable things this …

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Stretching Her Legs

…continued from yesterday.After the mermaid awoke the man found an old pair of his pajama bottoms and tank top for her to wear. He set her up in his spare room with all the things one would normally have to get better. Of course the poor dear was not…

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How do beds work?

Blood Lace

It’s been a few days since I got off my arse and blogged. I swear it’s not because I am a slacker. It’s just that I have been taking a bunch of pictures and trying to mentally write the post to go with them. It’s one of my stories so you know it’s goin…

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A Little Darker

Just A Little Spill Of Glamour

So so many things going on, you guys! Why, I can scarcely keep my hands on everything!

Style - Just A Little Spill Of Glamour

The Liaison Collaborative is back and better than ever! For The Boutique, Junbug has brought us this super elegant Miss M dress. The front is very simple [as befits the Minimal Nouveau theme] and the neck is high, but the back is where it shines. It almost reminds me of Cinderella’s dress. Well, the first one that the birds and mice helped her make with all the bows. It comes in several colors but you know I adore a pure white dress.

Seraphim is bringing us a new event – Serafilms! The theme this round is Moulin Rouge and Elephante Poses has an awesome pose set called Sparkling Diamonds! There are 6 poses in the set and diamond props for each. I used one of the props for the pose, and then 2 of the props are scattered on the ground.

Happy shopping, glamorous people!

In This Post:

Skin: Sora – Sugoi by Pink Fuel [Adore & Abhor Anniversary]
Hair: Snow by Truth
Mesh hands by SLink
Dress: Miss M by Junbug [The Boutique]
Sparkling Diamonds pose by Elephante Poses [Serafilms]

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Style - Just A Little Spill Of Glamour

Princess Tea Party

What better excuse to don a tiara than to have a princess tea party? Okay I will find just about an reason to wear a tiara, but that is really besides the point here. Look at that do you see what I see? It’s pink I am wearing pink! Just proof that it i…

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Party Princess

Calming Waters

Some days I can get a little overwhelmed or stressed, on those days I seek out water. There is just something to soothing about the sound of waves crashing on the shore. I will admit to also having a fondness for waterfalls. Luckily the sounds of the w…

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Calming Waters

Gifts at the Skin Fair

Styling CreditsClothes, Boots & Hair ~ [MODA] ~ Skinfiend Zero Script Outfit for Skin Fair 2014Skin ~ PixyStix ~ Winifred Primrose with All AppliersBlush ~ { Precious } ~ Peachy Make Up GiftBlush Stars ~ Adore & Abhor ~ Princess Star PinkEyeli…

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Adore & Abhor anniversary and Skin Fair

Adore & Abhor turn 6! And to celebrate Airedine Poe invited some friends to set some items inspired on A&A colors, pink and blue.
I did a Pinwheel pose set, during the event it is 75% off.. yes dirt cheap… I hope you guys don’t hate the silly cat :P
And… I am also wearing a bunch of makeups of Adore & Abhor for Skin Fair, you surely should check it out!
Style Card

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Ryuukou is a new brand of skin  (for me at least) that I just felt in love at Skin Fair 2014.
Each skin came with black, blonde and Brown eyebrows, 5 separated eyeshadows, 5 separated lipsticks, freckles and Slink, Tango and Phat azz appliers and is a bargain!
They are at sim 3 and have two other exclusive skins, but Ria is my favorite face by far!
Style card

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Just Cuz

  So I spend most of my time in SL bald, AO-less, probably naked, because of the being a creator/hermit thing, as I have said before, so when I put an outfit on for no reason other than to feel cute I guess I should blog it.   Most of these i…

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