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Flourish (Fifty Linden Friday offers)

Just a quick post to tell you to get down to The.Plastik to take advantage of one of their amazing outfit deals. There’s another megapack – this time in the rich brown ‘Flourish’ design – crammed full of SO MUCH STUFF you have to manually open two boxes.
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30L Anniversary Fair (featuring May’s Soul)

The 30L Anniversary Fair opened yesterday (I couldn’t get in then!), celebrating 4 years of 30L events. It runs until Sunday, so don’t leave it too late before visiting.

You’ll find some amazing 30L bargains, like this armour bodice from May’s Soul, which comes in three different metallic colours, and three different finishes (plain, embellished, and bloody).

There are also 30L gachas, and my nosering / facechain is a special rare prize, again from May’s Soul.

Even if you’re completely broke and haven’t a single Linden dollar to your display name, you should still go and have a look around – there’s a 0L hunt with prizes from all the stall holders. Look for the cord necklaces with dangling ’4′ pendant hidden in all sorts of sneaky places.
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Soedara at We Love Role-Play

Round 11 of  We <3 RP opens on Friday. Soedara have put out two new outfits, each at 30% off. The Scurvy Wench is a pirate-inspired ensemble, featuring a corseted dress, shrug, armwarmers and jewelry. Meanwhile, Berhawa-nafsu is a skimpy mesh camisk.

Both outfits have lots of options for you to play with; some are hud controlled, and some are additional options included in the pack. For instance, with scurvy wench, the hud lets you change the colours of the corset and the flowers. There are also two colours of the shrug, and an alternative dress has different colours in the skirt. The Berhawa-nafsu huds let you change the opacity of the camisk, the colour of the fabric, or the colours of the beads.

The boots I’m wearing alongside Scurvy Wench are from Kahli Designs, and are part of the Elven Courtier outfit. The sandals I’m wearing with the camisk are add-ons for Slink flat feet from Maxi Gossamer, at this month’s Fameshed.
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Some recently released shoes from Pure Poison inspired me to try something just a little different for this post. We all know Gorean slaves can’t wear high heel wedge shoes – but a courtesan from another world certainly could.

Also new are the Zaia hand jewels from Earthstones for Slink hands (note – these are fitted to the Slink Casual and Elegant1 hands, so check you have these hands, and that you buy from the correct vendor).

The clothes are from Soedara – the top is a sexy new mesh camisk, while the skirt is from a set of good ol’ flexi-and-sculpt silks. Mask from Boudoir, additional jewelry from Zaara and Lost Haven, and skin from The.Plastik.
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Desert Dream

Back to my roots… silks! The Desert Dream silks are a colourful recent release from Second Moon. It’s a traditional set of dancing silks – no mesh, lots of mobile flexis. There are lots of different ways to wear it, and you can mix-and-match with the other desert ranges.

The collar is from The Forge, at  We Love Role-Play. You have until the end of the month to buy it there at a discount before the venue shuts down to prepare for the new round on 4 April.
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Playful Somnia

Hai there you snuggly jelly beans, ♥ My Attic has opened and I have two new items for you there! Only 95L each set! They can totally be worn together or separately! Only at Somnia at My Attic! ♥ The Theme Park still open until the 5th so be sure to grab these tanks! Only […]

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Fashionable Somnia

There is some serious cuteness out now at Somnia full of goodies you can mix and match and just look adorable in! Heart Patch Outfit only at Somnia @ The Adore&Abhor Anniversary Zeblicious Top and Bebop Jeans out now at the Somnia Mainstore Champagne Dress out now at the Somnia Mainstore Heitios Dress out now […]

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Squishy Somnia

Hai there you zippy jellyfish, ♥ Lazy Sunday is celebrating their 200th round and to celebrate there are tons of stores and it runs all weekend long! Only 75L for each set until Monday! Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The Theme Park has opened and the theme for this round is Spring Fling! I […]

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Lots of new and new-ish things…

If you haven’t been to this round of  Genre (the Fae round), better hurry because it closes on the 12th before a new round opens on the 15th. I’m wearing the Ella dress from Luminary, and the Butterflies cage from Sweet Lies.

Pure Poison have also just released some awesome flat sandals for Slink flat feet. They’re materials-enabled and you get three colours in the pack. Close-up further down!

The Living Light horns are new from The.Plastik (the mainstore has moved to Growl, btw). Each pack contains lots of options for the horns – you can wear just the top part, or the curled part, lights on or off, and with or without candles, endcaps and ribbons. You can also buy texture-change huds for the horns separately, which allow you to customize the candles and the ribbons.

The wings are part of Pucca Fire Caster’s War Kitten outfit – discounted now at  We Love Role-Play , as is the hair from Milk.
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Somnia is Lazy

Hai there you beautiful sugar plums, ♥ I’ve only go tone new release for you guys this week and it is for Lazy Sunday! Only 75L until Monday! Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ If you missed these items at there events they are now in the store Each set is only 200L Only at […]

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Loving Somnia

Hai there you nommy candy hearts, ♥ I’ve got a couple lovey releases for you guys out now at the Love Festival! There is also a free gift for you at the Love Festival!! I love these sweatshirts purrfect for everyday as well as those of you who aren’t into all the lovey dovey stuff for […]

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Damsel du Sanct Grael

Ouch, RL suddenly got very busy, hence the slow down in posting. In spite of this, I finally manged to get into the February round of Collabor88, where I bought the base skin from Glam Affair (388L), together with the add-on packs for nose and cheeks (188L each).

I paused at the lip packs though. The accompanying lipsticks look absolutely beautiful, but  thought they were a little pricey at 288L. However,  I’ll probably go back and get a pack when the weekly stipend comes through on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I added a liptint from Musa at We <3 Role-Play to add a little more oomph to the look. These liptints add a sheer and subtle hint of colour without altering the shape of your lips and look very natural.

In fact, apart from the skin, almost everything I’m wearing comes from We <3 Role-Play. (which of course means its discounted between 25% and 50% for the event). The gown is Adele’s Secret from Junbug, and the chalice I’m holding is from The Forge.
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Thrifty Somnia

Hai there you sparkley fireworks, ♥ I’ve got a buncha new releases and some fun event news for you all this week! Super cute weave pattern skirts with a buckle close in 8 colors! I am so loving these jeans in 9 colors and they are purrfect to go with the Lazy Sunday release this […]

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Whats happening at Somnia

There’s some super cuteness at Somnia this month that will look fabulous on you and around the grid. Make sure you run on in and check it out soon! Flutter Swish dress from the Somnia Mainstore now! Lumber Patch Top and Cafios Skirt from the Somnia Mainstore now Melodramatic Top and Cafios Skirt from the […]

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Somnia Sale Reminder and some news!

Hai there you bright candles, ♥ I wanted to remind you of Somnia’s Belated Birthday Sale it ends on the Saturday the 8th Prices have been slashed from 50% up to 75% and I am terrible at math so some might be EVEN LOWER!!!! So now is the time to do your shopping and get […]

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.: Somnia :. Belated Birthday Sale Sign

Somnia’s Belated Birthday Sale!

Hai there you big pieces of birthday cake, ♥ I’ve got some exciting news!! Somnia just passed its third birthday and it is time to celebrate, albeit a bit late but better late than never right? Well to celebrate nearly everything in the store has had its prices slashed from 50% up to 75% and […]

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.: Somnia :. Belated Birthday Sale Sign

My familiar

Some more previews from Enchantment, and a cute pet from Fantasy Gacha. Both events open tomorrow. Lots of pictures in this post, as there’s a lot to show you!

The beautiful gown is Blanchette from Miamai. It has an elegant 1930s look and feel to it, but the hood at the back lends it a quirky touch. It also pays homage to Little Red Riding Hood, the underlying theme for this round of Enchantment.

The jewelry is from Bokeh, and comes in a variety of colours, including pearl, red, black and green. The ring sets include rings for left and right hands and versions for Slink hands. The necklaces include three different lengths. I really like nice, big chunky jewelry in SL – people can see it without having to cam in!

As with yesterday’s post, the poses are from Infiniti. You can see that some of the  dynamic ‘Running scared’ make the mesh gown look as though it’s billowing in the air.
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Catching Up With Somnia Goodies!

There’s been some awesome newness coming from Somnia lately, and I’m struggling to keep up with the awesome Sanura who keeps dropping new releases like crazy!!!  Here’s some of the recently released items you can find now at the Somnia Mainstore, along with the latest Group Gift!  Enjoy!!! Marionette Babydoll Top now at the Somnia […]

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Dramatic Somnia

Hai there you big pieces of birthday cake, ♥ I’ve got some fun new releases for you all this week! This high waisted skirt with houndstooth is purrfect for dressing up or down! How can you lose with flutterbies!!! I am loving this tied plaid shirt! Purrfect with some cut off shorts or really anything! […]

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Somnia breaks loose

Hai there you yummeh lolli-pops, ♥ I’ve got some fun new releases for you all this week! I am in LOVE with these dresses this week I have been wearing them since I made them I hope you guys love them as much as I do! They are split into two sets cause I got […]

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