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Nors Outlet Sale!

Good evening everyone! Guess what time it is?? A new round of the Nors Outlet Sale! I have all these awesome photos to share with you, there are so many awesome designers in this round, just like the last! Totally worth stopping by, and shopping! xox Morgie!   The Nors Outlet Sale    

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DeadCool Fashion Event

  The things I find while out and about.. Deadcool is a fashion event that is taking place right  now!! Sept 30th – Oct 31st! This is a Halloween event and there is also a hunt from the looks of things.. 13 Ghosts… that was a movie, wasn’t it? There are many designers here, and there are even some gifts! So, come on over and take a trip thru the “Cave Of Doom”…. *insert evil laugh here*   DEADCOOL Fashion Event

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  This is a new event I actually stumbled on while on my “M”alt.. The event is hosted on a combat sim, so be ready for that although, I am sure you will be safe! The event features several designers  offering discounted prices their items.. I am not sure how long the event will last but, it just started on the 1st, so I would check it out asap! Item’s vary in prices,  up to 100L. Perfect event for all your fun shopping needs! NOR OUTLET SALES ROOM

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Monster Beach Party!!!

Time to head over to the beach to party with the best! These guys, and ghouls know how to rock and roll it! October 1 – 31st, Starlust is hosting a beach party bash, and your invited! There are many, many designers here in all their ghoulish glory, all that is missing is YOU!   Monster Beach Party Bash

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Designers Showcase

Hey everyone! It is time for another round of the Designers Showcase! Many interesting designs from all across sl! And even my sister, Kira is here! Should be interesting! Here are all your photos, I hope that you enjoy!   Designers Showcase      

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Inner Peace Annual Fall Sale!!!

It’s that time! It’s here! The big annual Fall Sale is here! All girls, boys & Inner Peace Jr. items are 50% off from now until Thursday, and following that there will be a BIG Autumn Release!   Inner Peace Mainstore

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Designer Showcase

Hi everyone! Guess what time it is! DESIGNER SHOWCASE TIME! This is my first time covering it so, I hope I do it justice~! Designer Showcase

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Greymoon label Rez Day Week Sale!

Sale to run from Monday Aug 13, 2012 to wednesday Aug 22, 2012 50L on all maternity clothes .
50L on all ladies clothes in the Greymoon label. Happy Rez Day, Lyssa!!!!! Greymoon Mainstore

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Artilleri Birthday sale!

OMG! My Favorite retro store is having a sale! You better believe that I will be all over that place, and you should come too! Make sure to check out the sim as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANTONIA!!! Artilleri

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bellballs essentials WELCOME BACK SALE!

bellballs essentials is back with force! A totally awesome sale happening and everything! All items are, only 100L! Hurry on over, this is going to be fun!! Now… where did I put that pesky wallet……… bellballs essentials  

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Nikita Fride – SALE SALE SALE

Hey everyone!
I was wondering around Second Life today and decided to visit Nikita Fride’s store!
And low and behold, what did I find…?
A sale.. a HUGE sale.. the hair alone is on for 75% OFF!!
If you have ever wanted to try her hair, or never heard of her, now is your chance to try it out! ENJOY! Nikita Fride

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The Fashion Cache

This is the last round of the fashion cache.
So, if you have never gone before, now is your chance.. your last chance…
When I was there, there were still many spots left so, if you are a designer and want to be apart of the last round contact, Calypso Sparrowtree.
Of the designers that are there, there are things ranging from, skins – clothing – poses.. and jewelery!
Here are the photos and I want to wish, Calypso Sparrowtree great luck in everything that comes after The Fashion Cache closes.
xxx The Fashion Cache

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The Fashion Cache

Hello Everyone! I am sorry that I am a little late bringing you the awesome, Fashion cache round this week.
I just wanted to give the Designers a bit of a chance to place their items.
This round is awesome as always, and I know you wanna get started!
Grab your purses, and LET’S GO! lol
Oh and just in case!!! When I was there, there were 3 spots still open, so make sure to check back at the store through out the week, just in case more are added. ) The Fashion Cache

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The Fashion Cache

Hey everyone! It’s time for a  new round of the Fashion Cache! This event lasts a week, and it is well on it’s way and looking awesome as always! From clothing to skin and accessories, this is the weekly event to be at!   The Fashion Cache    

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It is that time of month again, time for a new round of Fluid! The theme this month is Risque.. and I gotta tell ya, I have been to the event and omg, it is NAUGHTY! Fluid’s second rotation begins July1, 2012 at 12 (noon) SLT and runs through July 14, 2012. Participating Designers: Clutter
Rack Poses
Bounce This Poses
Pulling Strings
Tranquility Way Station
Sparrowtree Studios So here are your photos and your limo! Enjoy!! FLUID

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Truth District 1st Birthday Party!!!

Hiiiii! So here we go again, with even more goodness! Truth District is celebrating its 1st birthday and they come up with some super awesome greatness for us shopping addicts!!! There will be exclusives, sales and much more for all the members of the Truth District inworld group. Until July 1st, that group is FREE TO JOIN, so hurry up and get your Tag of Awesome! The Sale goes from July 1st to July 7th. Speaking from experiences, it is so damned popular, that I’d recommend waiting one or two days, unless you are patient enough to put up with HORDES of people and a giant amount of lag due to the many, many avis.   Here is your Taxi to the event: Truth District 1st Birthday Event

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Paper.doll SUMMER SALE!

Hey fashionpeeps! Long time no read! I have been incredibly busy these past weeks, so there haven’t been any posts from me lately. But I am slowly trying to get back into the flow. So, Paper.Doll is having a big SUMMER SALE. You just HAVE to go there to have a peek, because they have lots of cute and awesome stuff over there. Really, really pretty things. So what’s exactly set for SALE?! ALL items besides the newer releases are 50% off and some items are even 25L only. Wow, guys, now if that’s no deal for you guys, then you are crazy beans.  Also note that everything on sale will be discontinued inworld and only available on the Marketplace aftwards. So, get your bums up and have a look and what’s there! Here’s your taxi: Paper.Doll SUMMER SALE    

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IVY. Has opened INWORLD!

Ary Mcauley of, IVY. has just opened her first inworld store!
She is having a sale on all piercings regular price, 120L down to 75L!!
Now is the perfect time to visit!! IVY. Mainstore

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The Fashion Cache

Hello folks! I hope that you have had a great weekend, good weather, and tons of free time to relax! It is time for the Fashion Cache again! There are a few new ppl here, and I am sure you can’t wait to see who they are, so without further ado… your line up:   The Fashion Cache MIA at time of post: FY, Filthy,illmatic, sweet sin, havok

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Leverocci Anniversary Sale!

hiii guys, SO yesss the 1st anniversary of Leverocci! and they’ve organized a sale for us all! <3 all new releases, hair, fatpacks,  and even previously retired items are back, there is a 80% reduction on some items! ! and win win, they’re preparing for their fabulous new upcoming summer collection, ON their new flagship shop ON theirrrr NEW SIM! :O:O congrats Leverocci!

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