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I Got Lucky

…at Oh My GachaGot two rares on the 1st try.  Maybe I shoulda bought a lottery ticket.Credits:Hair: [e] Studio – White 05Skin:  Essences – Emma *ivoire* brunette (The Dressing Room Fusion)Eyes:   .ID. Light Sensitive/Clean – Light Blue…

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Oh My Gacha



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It’s a Merry Woeful Wednesday!

Merry Christmas Woeful shoppers! There are some great C […]

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Woeful Wednesday

Woeful Wednesday

It’s Woeful Wednesday time! Everything is 50L for […]

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Woeful Wednesday

Woeful Wednesday

It woeful day for Wednesday, that means one thing… […]

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Woeful Wednesday is woeful.

A new round of Woeful Wednesday is here. This means eve […]

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Fully Woe Filled Woeful Wednesday.

Are you ready for Woeful Wednesday? I sure am! This wee […]

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Black and White

Sometimes they are both red. Every story has at least two sides to it and often one is painted black, the other white. Fairytales do this, many books and movies do this, presenting the side that the main character is … Continue reading

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The Alien Invasion Has Begun

I’ve been feeling a little bit spacey lately, and I thought maybe shooting things would provide a cure:Credits:Hair: A&Y Aeon hair 1 – Black (thanks Kitty!)Skin: .{Rue}. Skin’d/Anima Isabeal: BareEyes: .{Rue}. Eyes/Grimalkin: ThrallEye Shadow: Beau…

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Alien Invasion

Happy Vamps

It has been getting really dark, really early these and I have been thinking that if I was a vampire I would be super happy.  The days are short, the nights are long, they don’t have to worry about freezing to death…yeah, it would be good to be …

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Somnia & Gauze at Resting Place (with EMO-tion Hair)

Yep, still working through a few things at Pulse Games, Resting Place (FB page, no need to log in)e before I go back and finish the haunt, I mean hunt…errr…Journey.  Today, it’s a bit of Somnia!  So far, I’ve found two different items by Somnia at Resting Place and today, I chose the mesh Argyluarian […]

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Resting Place

Pulse’s Halloween games have been my favourites for years. They’re like horror movie experiences with gifts scattered about, some more hidden than others. In this year’s game you play the role of an assistant to a certain Dr. Krol in … Continue reading

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52 Colours: Amaranth

Amaranth meant two things to me: 1) a Nightwish song 2) diablerie, the act of drinking all the vitae (blood) of another vampire and consuming their undead soul in the World of Darkness games. Apparently in some of them the … Continue reading

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World Goth Fair part 8

It´s the last day for the The World Goth Fair and I´m again a bit under the weather, so i´ll make this a short post sorry folks, let´s all try to say a proper goodbye to the first event celebrating The World Goth Day in SL and give a little to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Speaking of events […]

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YAY my favourite event of the month, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Horror Haute! If you like me have a love of the dark side of life this is the monthly event for you! It runs for the last week of the month and starts today for the May line-up! Only 10 stores are in this […]

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01 A Netherworld – dresses, 100L each

Woeful Wednesday, Your Weekly Dark Event!

Woeful Wednesday has a new line-up out, it’s short but sweet. I will have to go back and grab a demo for the Sugar skins and that dress from A Netherworld has got me thinking too… I could wear that to play dress up!!! I love dressing up! Relics of Kadath is included in the […]

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01 A Netherworld – dress, 50L

Wear Grey for a Second Day

Another Wear Grey for A Day blog post, when i gladly ear the vent has so far raised around 1.100 US dollars for the The American Brain Tumor Association, so congrats to all the organizers and creators, as well ass all the good sl people who went out of their way to raise funds. Trust me […]

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Wear Gray 2012

On 6th April 2012 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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  Vix and I teamed up to bring you coverage for an awesome charity event that opened today.  Wear Gray for a Day 2012 is a two week event in which funds are raised for the American Brain Tumor Association.  This organization’s goal is to fund research that will lead to improvements in the diagnosis […]

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Taxi to Taxidermia!

Flux is back with another round of incredible, and different, items celebrating the macabre world of Victoriana and Taxidermy! Skin – Taxidermy Vamp Tone from Adore&AbhorNecklace – Melancholia Necklace from CoLLisionsEarrings – Serpentis Gauges fro…

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FLUX March Taxidermia

Flux has a new round of goodies out, and I have to say that I am still loving this event, even though this is only the second time that I have covered it. The setting has changed from the Mardi Gras Market that was the scenery of last time and I have to say I […]

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01 Vestigium – tattoos, 69L each


Growing up in the Minnesota Northwoods, Mardi Gras was not something I paid much attention to. I had Catholic friends and knew all about Ash Wednesday, but there were never any big parties the night before. Can you imagine Marge … Continue reading

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