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Wow, what a weekend! I shopped my little heart out and I am still unpacking, sorting and trying it all on.  My first stop of course was The Arcade and let me tell you, I learned that people are serious about their Gachas, hehe.  I had so much…

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Erotic and Mesh Around

Erotic sim, despite of what the name suggest, is not an adult sim, but it is a sim dedicated to live music, with amazing buildings and streets.The beautiful urban decay of this sim makes me thing of a kind of artistic neighborhood. "Templemore Ci…

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April Showers

It started raining here last night and I love it…the rain always puts me in such a good mood. I’m not sure if it’s the sound, the fresh air or the way it makes me want to take a walk in it, but some things don’t need to be figured out right? So, to…

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happy sashimi

is that sushi in your pocket or are you just happy sashimi? i cannot even begin to describe how much amusement this t-shirt has given me. yes, it’s true, i *may* be easily amused.. but… come on! it made you giggle too, riiiiight? don’t lie! it’s part of a pack of three out @ [a] […]

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teddy bear

oh baby let me be your lovin’ teddy bear… put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere! oh let me be (oh let ‘er be).. your… teddy bear! /me dances around like elvis …*ahem* so! [a] limited opened the other day, which is a collaborative effort between aura && atomic, with lots of […]

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[A] Limited – Harajuku Collection

Hello Little Angels! I’m so excited, so much going on, good stuff going on! Like this new event Okis lemme give you some info about it. [A] Limited is a cooperation between Ivy Graves [Atomic] and Tyr Rozenblum [Aura], where you can get limited items. Keep in mind that you only get 500 copies of […]

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