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pose fair!

yayyy!! pose fair is *officially* open! \o/ the amount of work put into pose fair this year is absolutely astounding. the build is wonderful, but simple, and there are so many booths… and so many exclusives to take advantage of. i’ll be showing off single poses i’ve grabbed from pose fair while the event is going on, but for the opening.. i thought it fitting to snag one of my favorite props ❤ to pose with me for a few pictures of just a small sampling of couple poses. and believe me, this *is* just a handful of the poses out for pose fair. the choice really is awesome. so many brands — some of my own personal favorites && some new-to-me brands too — all in one place! it’s the sort of fair that you should take the time to wander around and demo everything, you never know what kind of awesome stuffs you’ll find! but with that said, onto the pics! i’ll be including slurls to each specific booth at pose fair for the brands i’m featuring here, but at the bottom there will be a list of all the participating stores && slurls to their booths too, for easier browsing!… Read the rest;)




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corset && katana

you may recall, if you read my blog often, a post i did with bff vivi not too long ago. i was, back then, wearing an outfit from violent seduction that was so cleverly made && unique that i *totally* fell in love with it. but iki akiri revamped && remixed that outfit… and made it even better in mesh and omgosh. it’s fucking amazing. the la morte elf outfit is similar, but definitely not the same. and i’m not wearing the full outfit (you’ll just have to pop by violent seduction to see the entire ensemble in all of its glory!) because i like to mix && match, but i will say this: the outfit, as a whole, is gorgeous. and i love the mesh version even better than the original la morte imp because of the corset && because of how it moves. ❤❤ the set includes the mesh skirt, the mesh corset, the panties, the collar, the gloves && wrapped stockings… and also a bolero, wraps for the chest && pasties that i did not wear.… Read the rest9.18.2011