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A bit witchy!

I've spent the last two days upgrading my alt (with the kind help of Plurk friends giving me old Arcade skins and hair!)

 I spent a small fortune on a lovely RP outfit and then stumbled across Orange*Pekoe on the Marketplace

The second outfit is entirely Orange*Pekoe too!

Saff xx

And the rest:

Taken @ Mischief Managed

Eyes @ Banana Banshee
Poses by Bounce This @ Free*Style HQ
Hair @ Elikatira
Skin @ Glam Affair

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Boyish Charm.

Howdy, Free*Stylers! I saw these free slouchy drawstring capris on this freebies blog here + decided to build this boyish look around them. The shortie hair + top are new free or $1L gifts at the Biker's Fair, and everything except the hip chain, eyes (a paid VIP group gift) & skin (the last Essences gift, which I really hope y'all grabbed around the holidays) are free.

Also (and I have no idea how old or brand-spanking this news is), for some reason, it appears that all of the AOs at the ANA_Mations store here are now free (several to choose from; just be sure to read the NC re: how to load it -- basically, you "Add" the AO + wait for the Default notecard to finish loading; then just click "Menu," "Load," and then [the name of the AO]). -- This is a crazy boon for any new avis; even us oldbies must admit that some of the anis in these AOs are quite cute.

Boyish charm love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Scarf: ::C'est la vie !:: - Oivi neckwarmer - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign - more group gifts here + 2 lucky boards) - free
Hair: CATWA HAIR @ Biker's Fair - Zoey [C] (unpacked) - find/buy 3 different color packs of this hair in random stores thruout the fair for $0L each; look for the "CATWA" mini-display - free
Top: ArisAris @ Biker's Fair - AA88 Rose Nailed Top - buy purple gift (another $1L gift here also) - $1L
*NOTE: for those who don't like the exposed side boob/open back look, you can get more a demure, white cross-back (Read more...)

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Teddy Bear Story.

Teddy bears are such a 'natch for V-day, but how do you translate them into a fashionista story that's not costumey? Today I was inspired by those cuddly ones, so I took soft brown hues + paired them with light pearl tones and this rich chocolate leather bag, to emulate both the palette and warmth of our most trusted childhood companions. -- The only non-giftie here -- which I could not "bear" to take off (sorry, hehe) -- is this utterly fab "Sia" skin by Glam Affair (these cerise lips, ohhh!), which you can scoopie at the newest round of Collabor88.
Couple grabbies for les menz as well in the Styling Credits below. Teddy bear story love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxoღTeshan2222 Wycliffe
Dress: ::{u.f.o}:: - bang bang dress - beige - XS - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free
Hair: *Soonsiki - Vanity * Breast * - group gift - (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free
Headband: Little Closet -  Chocolate Bear Headband - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free 
Double pearl necklace (gem/metal texture change): Lazuri @ Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town - Perlline Necklace - buy gift boxes on front table for $0L - free
Earrings (gem/metal texture change): Lazuri @ Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town - Perllina Earrings 2 Left - buy gift boxes on front table for $0L - free 
Shiny leather backpack (*NOTE: FOR MEN - this is labeled as a men's gift, although it's really unisex): F.A.D.Read the restTeddy Bear Story.


Howdy y'all! Quickie post for you today featuring some pretty free + gifites things to pull together a supercasual look for these long, lazy summer days.
This pretty top features a lovely jewel collar + is yours for free at the Okinawa Summer Festival; this is a cute place to wander around, plus there are more gifites + lucky boards scattered thruout the sprawling event. These semi-naughty roll-up shorts hail from the many lucky boards at SMC; don't despair if half-opened is not your thang (I threw on some non-mesh white undies underneath to go with); you can also win the fully buttoned-up version for free at the same lucky boards too. -- And finally, a word about these lovely gems earrings (a $1L prize for a hunt that seems to last an extraordinarily long time): I've been recycling these pretty droplet earrings thru multiple looks since they are so go-with-everything classic (meaning, tres versatile) in design; you can take a peek at the aqua gem color (which is my fave gem color from the HUD) on my Flickr here.… Read the restDockside.

Cherry Banana.

Howdy Free*Stylers. How's everyone enjoying their summer? Lotsa frosty treats + such? Good!

It's nearing the end of the month, which means that many ongoing hunts are ending soon; but you still have a few days yet to scoopie some of these free or $1L hunt gifts that I'm showing here. I thought this $1L retro-patterned, cherry + banana-hued dress offered a notably fresh palette; I added this free boho tote bag + 1 of the uber-glam, toothy lipsticks you can still grab at Pink Fuel for free (group join is currently $0L; I'd definitely recommend staying in this group, since the very generous recent skin gift was given out when group join was no longer free). I also wanted to show a few gifties for those frugalistas holdouts who still haven't yet been able to purchase Slink hands + feet: I'm wearing some nice free color-change mesh nails for non-Slink hands courtesy of Pulcino's newest lucky board, and a pair of free strappy red sandals (with red toenail polish) for non-Slink feet.… Read the restCherry Banana.

Tickled Pink.

And some recent group gifts + hunt prizes from around the grid for you today, with some yummie noms to keep up your gifties-grabbing energy.

Tickled pink love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Shoes: REIGN. - PINK FUSION BUCKLED PUMPS (Slink High feet add-on) - Pink Fusion #06 - find/buy pink & brown round prim (NOTE: anytime this stiletto-amazeballs store does a hunt gift, you need to get it) (new!) - $5L 
Pink cupcake ring (worn as bracelet): Atomic @ The Chapter Four anniversary - .Atomic. Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (TCF Birthday Gift) - join The Chapter Four group + buy gift box on the display for $0L (many, many more gifts here; look for giftboxes around the event, on most vendors) (new!) - free 
Dress: *ionic* @ The Chapter Four anniversary - Mia dress - M (noir) - join The Chapter Four group + buy gift box on the display for $0L (many, many more gifts here; look for giftboxes around the event, on most vendors; ALSO NOTE that this brand has 2 separate displays, each with their own gift here) (new!) - free 
Scarf: .Enfant Terrible.Read the restTickled Pink.


Howdy all, how's the Free*Style life? A casual, bare-legged look for you today (that was actually inspired by these fabby free coral hoop earrings + $2L polka dot shorts), with some super-nice free makeup + lash finds at Skin Fair 2014.
Everything in this look (except the hair + skin) are free; but as y'all know, I usually like to compose a 100% free (or nearly so) look for my posts here, so I'll mention that you can grab a free skin at the Tokyo Girl booth here at Skin Fair 2014 (that works with these free makeups I'm showing here) + you can always nab a pretty free hair via wearable Lamb demos here (although I will advise my fellow frugalistas that if you've got any extra $L whatsoevs this month, hit up The Arcade here to get that yum Truth headphones hair everyone's been loving so hard, before the event ends on the 31st). The headphones are notably well-done -- actually, anytime Truth makes any kind of hair add-ons, it's a definite bet they'll be finished super-premium-like (for example, you can peep how I styled it on my Flickr here).… Read the restLeggy.

Gettin’ Some

“You know you fellas want a sistah like me” “Apple bottoms with the wife beater rockin’ Nikes” “All the fellas in the hood wanna call her wifey” “If you got a pretty dollar than I probably might be” “You fellas poppin’ collars your girl’s poppin’ p’s” “Think you can pop me, man, you need to stop please!” “You’re slippin’ and I’m pimpin’ and your boy chose me”
“And now he hollin’ hey lil’ mama can you give me a sec” “I got a lil’ somethin’, somethin’ about as big as your leg” “This fella yawn while he talkin’ so I knew he was wet” “And about like six in the mornin’ he forgot what he said and I was…” Hair: Lcky-Jade-Sunshine [Moded] Skin: Pink Fuel-Alyx-Java Eyes: Chus!-Cult Lens-Queen [Free, Lucky board, group access] Piercings: Zombie Suicide-Butterfly Kisses [Perfect Wardrobe] Necklace: Kosh-Multiplex Necklace [1L, Marketplace] Bracelet: Kosh-Multiplex Bracelet [1L, Marketplace] Ring: Phoebe-Scorpion Ring [NEW][MESH][8 metals/9 gem color changeable][Outlet Sales Room] Tattoo: Para Designs-Love Hate [Free, Hunt item] Corset: Zombie Suicide- Candy Corset- Pink n Yellow [NEW][MESH][Large] Pants: Sn@tch-Heavy Metal Jeans Boots: Gos-Triumph Boots v2

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“Shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop
She said l-l-lick like a lollipop Shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop She said l-l-lick like a lollipop “

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Dead Stars

”  We find ourselves  In pictures on the net Blinded by science  Addicted to devotion” “I’m in your hold  Eager to abuse  My favorite game I suffer from misuse. “

” Dead stars still burn”

  Hair: Elikatira- Shine- Fiery Reds- Red 06 Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Misaki-Euphoria-Natural Eyes: Clemmm-Milk and Blood eyes Make Up: La Malvade Mujer- Tyler Face N 2 [NEW][Comes with eyes, or lips, or altogether]  Horn: Utopiah-My cute horns-black Piercings: Zombie Suicide- Triple Dimpled Piercings- Grey [The Outlet Sales Room Item] Collar: Insanya- Collar- Lotus- Tainted Love verison [Tainted Love Hunt item][1L] Sword: Insanya- Serial Killer Katana [Old hunt item] Tattoo: Little Pricks-My Heart is the death of me [Tainted Love Hunt item][1l] Veins: Dead Apples- Veins Top: Zombie Suicide- Open button wife beater tank-Red [The Outlet Sales Room item] Pants: Sn@tch- Captive Jeans- Black Cuffs: Insanya- Captive Cuffs Gloves: L.Inc- Bish Gloves-Solid-Black Boots: Gos-Triumph Boots [Don't forget the two items by Zombie Suicide are discounted at The Outlet Sales room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evil/164/145/501 %5D

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“ Ohne Dich stirbt mein Herz “  ” Wo bist Du jetzt “ ” Ich kann Dich spüren “  ” Nimm mich mit “  ” Nimm mich mit “ ” Nimm mich mit in die Dunkelheit February is a month of love, hunts and history. I’ll prefer the history and hunts to the mess called love. Couple of hunts has started such as Tainted Love Hunt, Jack or Jill, and much more.  The highlighted gift is from Tainted Love Hunt which Contraption entered. All the items are 1L and they have a preview of the items when you land, which I like! Because if its something I am not interested in I’ll keep it moving! The item comes in two sizes male and female, one is resizable.  You have till the end of the month to get this item. Don’t wait, just go get it. ” Take me to your fairyland“Show me the place where I can hide”
“Protect me from this misery”
“Don’t let reality kill me “ Hair: Truth -January-Blaze [Free, ex-group gift] Skin: Al Vulo-Eleonor-Natural-Chocolate [Old TDRF item] Ears: Trap & Ni.Ju-Gelf Ears-Low-Pierced Harness: Contraption-Pseudo Amor Harness [Tainted Love Hunt item 1L] Gloves: Trap-Fuzz Gloves Heart [Really Old group gift] Pants: Trap-Fuzz Leggings-Pink-Heart [Really Old group gift] Pose: Del May- Pride [Old Twisted Hunt gift] Place: World’s End Garden

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Insatiable Fashions 50% Off Sale!

There is a sale going on right now at Insatiable Fashions. I will fully admit that someone had to let me know about this sale, I love it when people contact us to say “HEY there’s a sale on at so-and-so” as it gives us a chance to hear from you guys… ANYWAY, this sale was at a store I hadn’t heard that much of before and I was intrigued. I will tell you that Insatiable Fashions is a great store stuffed full of pieces that could be worked into any style choice or as perfect mix-n-match pieces that would be useful wardrobe staples!
The prices were cheap too, but this sale WOAH… Prices are 50% OFF from now until May 15th!!! That’s really good bargains for even less! To make this sale even cooler, there are a few 1L and 10L items hidden around the store amongst the other discounted items, so a hunt and a sale!! AWESOME SAUCE!! Taxi to Insatiable Fashions

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$1L Shoe – Dancer

Get on over to Sole Sisters to pick up this cute, white shoe called Dancer for only $1L or buy the whole fatpack for only $99L. (Teleport link at bottom of post.)
Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

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Butterfly Hunting at Adoness

Adoness is now running a springtime store-wide hunt for the cutest butterfly outfit in a gorgeous aqua colour WITH ALL THE ACCESSORIES seen on the picture of me!!!
This outfit is made up of 8 different parts, hidden in the mainstore only, each of these parts that are to be found in the turquoise butterfly pendant shape (shown in the picture above), and will cost 1L each. So if you find all 8 you get the complete outfit!
This mini-hunt runs from today until MAY 8th! So you have a while to get hunting, though I just realized I might have found my look for the colour challenge I take part in on my personal blog YAY!!!
Happy Hunting,
Rudh xxx Taxi to Adoness

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NZURI Store Re-opening, April 2012

After a brief temporary closing, NZURI is back open at a new location with cute new items.
The first is this cute Karen Halter Blouse. It's a deal for only $75L and you can choose from Purple, White, Blue, or Pink.
Click image to enlarge.

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Want U-neek Skins? Time to hunt Flamingos!

The U-neek, for those of you that have never heard of this store, is one of the most vibrant and wacky stores for skins and hair that I can think of in SL! I have always been addicted to the crazy ass hair that comes outta this store, it is PERFECT for playing dress up or even, if you are like me, as possible everyday wear!
The designer has been away for a while, but she is back and on a mission… She has been having a clear out of her store and has decided instead of just taking things away or even running a sale, to run an in-store hunt!
The hunt takes place from NOW until FEBRUARY 29th, and you will be able to find 25 FLAMINGOS at a cost of 1L each which contain some of the craziest fantasy (non-human) skins out there! Personally I think these skins are GORGEOUS, but don’t take my word for it – go see for yourselves! Taxi to the U-Neek

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Magnifique 1L Pose Hunt!

  In celebration of Magnifique’s new store, owner and designer Scarlet Chandrayaan has set up a 1L Pose Hunt in which ten poses hidden in a blue heart have been placed throughout the store priced at 1L each.  In short, you get an entire pack of poses for a mere 10L!  The hunt item is fairly large and easy to spot.  I finished the hunt in less than five minutes; so, you shouldn’t have any problem!  The hunt items will be out for a couple of weeks; definitely pick these up while you still can and of course check out all the great items at Magnifique! Magnifique

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bewildebeest Closing Sale

This was one of those sales that I discovered and thought I HAVE TO PUT UP DETAILS ABOUT THIS NOW! It is a closing sale for a small jewellery store that I have never heard of but it is stuffed full of gorgeous little jewellery pieces that I am so glad I didn’t miss out on!
Bewildebeest Jewellery Store is closing, and until JANUARY 16th, ALL items in the store are reduced. Individual pieces are 10L each, complete sets are 20L each and the gatcha machines are 1L each try! I went nuts buying lots of different pieces and cant wait to wear them all!!! Taxt to bewildebeest

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New Rachel Shoe Release

Check out this new release from Sole Sisters called Rachel.

You can get this shoe in white for only $1L or buy the fatpack for only $99L.
(Note: The fatpack includes all colors shown except the white.)
Includes color changing HUD to match the foot color to your avatar's skin.

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sushi%20Valley/170/21/23

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Awesome Deals from Alice Project

Check out these awesome deals offered by Alice Project.
Mesh Pumps Gacha Machine - $50L


Click image to enlarge.

Maria Hair Megapack - $1L


Click image to enlarge.

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