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Howdy all, how’s the Free*Style life? A casual, bare-legged look for you today (that was actually inspired by these fabby free coral hoop earrings + $2L polka dot shorts), with some super-nice free makeup + lash finds at Skin Fair 2014.
Leggy.Everything in this look (except the hair + skin) are free; but as y’all know, I usually like to compose a 100% free (or nearly so) look for my posts here, so I’ll mention that you can grab a free skin at the Tokyo Girl booth here at Skin Fair 2014 (that works with these free makeups I’m showing here) + you can always nab a pretty free hair via wearable Lamb demos here (although I will advise my fellow frugalistas that if you’ve got any extra $L whatsoevs this month, hit up The Arcade here to get that yum Truth headphones hair everyone’s been loving so hard, before the event ends on the 31st). The headphones are notably well-done — actually, anytime Truth makes any kind of hair add-ons, it’s a definite bet they’ll be finished super-premium-like (for example, you can peep how I styled it on my Flickr here). This scrumptiously-detailed pose bike is also free, courtesy of the XIAJ group Notices; I will add however, that free pancakes, no matter how prettily festooned with strawberries, do not travel well on a bikeseat. *grabs flying pancakes; wipes syrup on shorts*

And now a close-up shot of those free coral hoops earrings, free long-tipped lashes (this lashes creator btw is a much-beloved pres (Read more...)





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Gettin’ Some

“You know you fellas want a sistah like me” “Apple bottoms with the wife beater rockin’ Nikes” “All the fellas in the hood wanna call her wifey” “If you got a pretty dollar than I probably might be” “You fellas … Continue reading

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Da Blow


“Shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop She said l-l-lick like a lollipop Shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop She said l-l-lick like a lollipop “ “Shawty wanna thug Bottles in the club Shawty wanna hump And oh I like to … Continue reading

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Classy Whore

Dead Stars

”  We find ourselves  In pictures on the net Blinded by science  Addicted to devotion” “I’m in your hold  Eager to abuse  My favorite game I suffer from misuse. “ ” Dead stars still burn”   Hair: Elikatira- Shine- Fiery … Continue reading

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Dead Star1


“ Ohne Dich stirbt mein Herz “  ” Wo bist Du jetzt “ ” Ich kann Dich spüren “  ” Nimm mich mit “  ” Nimm mich mit “ ” Nimm mich mit in die Dunkelheit “ February is a month … Continue reading

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Cupid's Arrow

Insatiable Fashions 50% Off Sale!

There is a sale going on right now at Insatiable Fashions. I will fully admit that someone had to let me know about this sale, I love it when people contact us to say “HEY there’s a sale on at so-and-so” as it gives us a chance to hear from you guys… ANYWAY, this sale [...]

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50% off sale at the mainstore!

$1L Shoe – Dancer

Get on over to Sole Sisters to pick up this cute, white shoe called Dancer for only $1L or buy the whole fatpack for only $99L. (Teleport link at bottom of post.)Click image to enlarge.Click image to enlarge.Click here to read the rest of this blog pos…

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Butterfly Hunting at Adoness

Adoness is now running a springtime store-wide hunt for the cutest butterfly outfit in a gorgeous aqua colour WITH ALL THE ACCESSORIES seen on the picture of me!!! This outfit is made up of 8 different parts, hidden in the mainstore only, each of these parts that are to be found in the turquoise butterfly [...]

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Adoness Hunt Pic

NZURI Store Re-opening, April 2012

After a brief temporary closing, NZURI is back open at a new location with cute new items. The first is this cute Karen Halter Blouse. It's a deal for only $75L and you can choose from Purple, White, Blue, or Pink.Click image to enlarge.Click here …

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Want U-neek Skins? Time to hunt Flamingos!

The U-neek, for those of you that have never heard of this store, is one of the most vibrant and wacky stores for skins and hair that I can think of in SL! I have always been addicted to the crazy ass hair that comes outta this store, it is PERFECT for playing dress up [...]

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Flamingo hunt

Magnifique 1L Pose Hunt!

  In celebration of Magnifique’s new store, owner and designer Scarlet Chandrayaan has set up a 1L Pose Hunt in which ten poses hidden in a blue heart have been placed throughout the store priced at 1L each.  In short, you get an entire pack of poses for a mere 10L!  The hunt item is fairly [...]

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bewildebeest Closing Sale

This was one of those sales that I discovered and thought I HAVE TO PUT UP DETAILS ABOUT THIS NOW! It is a closing sale for a small jewellery store that I have never heard of but it is stuffed full of gorgeous little jewellery pieces that I am so glad I didn’t miss out [...]

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New Rachel Shoe Release

Check out this new release from Sole Sisters called Rachel.You can get this shoe in white for only $1L or buy the fatpack for only $99L.(Note: The fatpack includes all colors shown except the white.)Includes color changing HUD to match the foot color t…

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Awesome Deals from Alice Project

Check out these awesome deals offered by Alice Project.******* Mesh Pumps Gacha Machine – $50Lhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juicy%20Mirabella/87/72/24Click image to enlarge.Maria Hair Megapack – $1Lhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juicy%20…

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Sorry 4 the wait

This is my 100th blog post! I thought I would never make it! I know 101 will be my 100th Bang post xD!  But I thank everyone who watches my blog, viewed it, commented, swapped urls and etc. It means very much to me! ^-^!  Each post I seem to get better and better at [...]

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Sole Sisters Dollarbie Boots

Sole Sisters just moved to their new location, and they are celebrating by offering this boot in two colors (white and red) as a dollarbie!White Dollarbie BootRed Dollarbie Boot is in this boxTeleport on over and grab this deal before it’s gone!http://…

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Curvosity: Events!

Wootas! Curvosity is in two events! Hurray! I know right? I’ve been working myself silly! Between SL Crashes, Gimp Crashes, IRL, College, and so forth, I am dead tired! If you don’t like it then tough love cause I do! And everyone has different tastes! 4.44.444L even, 3 shapes=44L, 2 Shapes 4L.  I have two [...]

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$1L Skybox for us Ladies

On 18th September 2011 · By Shelly Oanomochi · With Leave a comment
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I’ve found a very pretty skybox for only $1L called the “Delicious Cuppies Skybox” from Sanu. It measures approximately 20 x 20 and is only 32 prims!Teleport to get yours: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cupcakes/43/55/24If you like this post, re…

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Ethnic Bangles at Orage Creations

Only 1L$ for these stunning decorated wood bangles of a special ethnic taste.You can’t miss them… Orage Creations mainstore

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PurpleMoon is 2 Years Old

Poulet Koenkamp is celebrating with us the 2 years in business of her beautiful store PurpleMoon. She is spoiling us with many sales, gifts and special offers that you really shouldn’t miss. Join the group (50L joining fee) and enjoy being spoiled!&nbs…

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PurpleMoon - Titania Gown & Crown