○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: Entwined - Lila
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears
Outfit: Glitzz - Ingrid Lingerie @ Cosmopolitan     
Tattoo: Aurica Store - Goldi Tattoo @ Cosmopolitan  
Nails: Astralia - Rock Nails @ N21

Pose: Pose: Body Language - Tied Up Ribbon G
Sign: Quasi - Playtime
Paddle: Elymode - Paddle #1
Toys: The Horror! - Mahou Collection
Curtain: Knick Knacks - 2 Lace Curtain
Wall Decor:  Deadpool - Sins And Secrets Rack 1  

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April 2017
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I love history everything is inspired by history

The LookHead Lelutka Simone Bento Head Applier  Glam Affair Thabita  @ Kustom 9 Hair  Argrace IbukiDress C'est La Vie Sofya Dress  @ Shiny ShabbyPose an lar Inka Series @ Shiny Shabby

BackgroundCabinet Cheeky Pea Poppy Cabinet @N21Bunnies Serenity Style Rag Bunnies @ WhimiscalDummies Serenity Style The Painters Place  @ Shiny ShabhbyPaint Cans Serenity Style The Painters Place  @ Shiny ShabhbyCanvas Serenity Style The Painters Place  @ Shiny ShabhbyLounge DRD Metal Heart - Vintage Lounge @  The Liaison Collaborative

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St Tropez

Gotta love it when a creator you have always admired makes her way back to SL after having been gone for quite a while. This is the case with Aranel Ah from BOOM! She’s back and has released this drop dead sexy St Tropez sweet nothing… Is it a bathing suit? A bodysuit? A play suit? Super woman?  Well.. maybe all of the above and for those of you who still remember the old BOOM, Aranel still has the plethora of textures and patterns for her products available!   Need to knows
Hair F1120 by Tram
Mesh head Chloe by LeLutka
Facial applier Adley by Glam Affair
Rambha tattoo by Letis
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
St. Tropez one piece by BOOM  

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All Coming up Roses

        Reign just released the Arya heels at N21. This fatpack of shoes is amazing and fully customizable via HUD. You get three ribbon lengths- short, knee, or thigh- and you can change the heels to chunky, pointed, or clear glass. I made a collage of this shoe below so you can see all the variations. 
        It is nearing the end of the month, which means a lot of events will be ending and new ones will begin. I am wearing two Blueberry items from past Luxe boxes. You get an amazing fatpack from Blueberry in every box (or at least we have so far!). A fatpack from Blueberry is almost the cost of the entire box and that alone makes Luxe box worth your gamble. I know I would be sad if I had missed all the past Blueberry Luxe box goodies. Plus subscription boxes are fun! You can join the group March 1st to get in on the next Luxe box and you can also buy past boxes once you join the group too (in case you want to get the amazing BB items I am wearing in this post). 

        Cae is at Whimsical with this simple single rose set, Fiore.… Read the rest

LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

The LeLutka Chloe Bento mesh head has been released. Chloe is their second female bento mesh head. Their first female bento mesh head was Simone and it was released in December. There are a lot of updates to both heads, including the new rerouting function, details about this on LeLutka’s Chloe blog post. I have shown how […] The post LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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What I Like #3

Dang, there is just too much great art from Second Life® folks on Flickr®. This is just from a few days and doesn’t even capture a quarter of the pictures I like. And the stars were blue by Erika Xaron Erika Xaron’s And the Stars Were Blue is successful on many levels. It creates a mood of introspection and solitude. Note that the horizon is placed according to the Rule of Thirds, but that the subject is not, placed instead on the fifth line. Often a picture will be more dynamic if you mix a third with a fifth rather than both on a third. The fifth is the outside limit for placing the subject in most circumstances unless you’re cropping part of the subject out of the picture. The other great compositional choice is the color overlay. Yellow and blue are opposites on the color wheel so work together beautifully. Slow Motion Clicking by Fitzhugh Tightly Fitzhugh Tightly’s Slow Motion Clicking is another example of the Thirds/Fifths interplay.… Read the restAnd the stars were blue

Looking for you…..

The LookHead Lelutka Simone Bento Head Applier  Glam Affair Chloe Hair Monso Dahyun  @ UberLingerie Dead Dollz Katinka Lingerie @N21Pose Roquai Babel

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Let Me Be Your Girl

.....And if it pleased you. I would grow you an entire garden filled with tomatoes. 
 The weather in my part of the world has shifted from cold snowy weather to warmer sunshine days. It isn't a constant part of our lives at the moment, but the days where we have bits of sunshine have been extremely nice. This weather has me longing for tomatoes. (I know. weird) but recently I can't get enough of them. I found myself buying a few giant tomatoes at the store this weekend and I know they will be eaten promptly topped with balsamic vinegar and salt. 
I've been so tomato inspired that I had to create an entire garden. One day, I'd love to have a place where I can grow tomatoes in the summer and eat them fresh from the vine. If you have never experienced that simple pleasure of life you are missing out. There really is nothing quite like picking your own fruit and serving it on your table or sharing with others. Until I get the opportunity to cultivate my own garden, I'm going to have to be content with the one I've created in Second Life. 
 Musical Inspiration: Let me be your girl, Rachael Yamagata (It's on repeat today....I love her voice)
The Look-Let Me Be Your GirlHair- Magika - Fever -(New Release)Hat- Curled Brim Straw HatShorts- erratic / lisa - shorts / navy Top-erratic / yvonne - tie-up shirt / red plaid Bikini Top-erratic / beth - bikini top / beige

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All’s Well In Disturbia

I went on a little adventure today, looking for something new to me. I stumbled into a carnival that reminds me a BIT of the abandoned carnival in The Secret World. I used to play that game with friends who are no longer friends, which is a sad state of affairs but when you deal with people who behave like “digital people” rather than real people, it definitely comes with the territory. I often find myself wandering through an SL strewn with the bodies of those I used to know, so this picture is somewhat a metaphor for those moments maybe. Places like this always remind me of people, but only for a moment. I commit them to memory and absorb these new adventures as my own. Make new memories, ones without baggage, is what they say. So I am. This doll is cracking me up, even as scary as it is. It’s kind of hilarious. I had to go back and shoot another picture because I forgot to show you the beautiful back of this hair, as well as this SIGN which made me LOL. Itsonlyfashionblog.com
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Chloe.HUD 2.6
Skin: Glam Affair – Chloe
Earrings: ::Static:: Artari 3600 Earrings
Shoes: Baiastice: Starlight Sneakers-Leather Black-Slink Flat
Eyes: Banana Banshee – Mesh eye Hely
Doe: Amoria (twotone) – Fatpack Collabor88
Jacket: Ducknipple: Outfit vs9 – Jacket (Physique)
Necklace: Ducknipple: Outfit vs9 – Necklace
Pants: Ducknipple: Outfit vs9 – Pants (Physique)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2 (Read more...)

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igotdressed 2017-02-26 12:06:47

On 26th February 2017 · By igotdressed · With No comments
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shape igotdressed-red shape lelutka bento/maitreya hair .Shi : Octavia @Uber bodysuit SEUL – Patched Body/S – Blanc @Uber jacket SEUL – Patched Bomber – Gray @Uber skin [theSkinnery] Silke (LeLutka Applier) meshhead.LeLutka.Bento Head-SIMONE

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Old Enemies New Friends

I have, multiple times, realized I was so SLold that I could no longer quite fully recall why I disliked someone. Early days of plurk wars, SCD wars, fashion drama left so much in their wake in terms of scorched earth and friendships destroyed. Lines were drawn so long ago between camps that I can no longer recall why they were drawn, nor which camp I actually belong to. I’m failing at partisanship. It would be meaningful if I could recall why I didn’t like him, but I can’t and lately I find him rather friendly and nice and I’m finally SLold enough that I don’t feel a strong need to AGREE with or APPROVE of everyone I meet. Thus, now I’m friends with Sands. He and I are both done with all those things from the past, apparently, because we had a lovely chat and he gave me some pants. He also gave me a jacket. He’s a gentleman like that. (Okay he’s NOT but let me be artistically creative alright?) It’s also kinda cool when you look up and someone you’ve known for years is suddenly quite talented and making things.… Read the rest

You better be moving on giddy on up giddy on out

The LookHead Lelutka Simone Bento Head Applier  Glam Affair Chloe Hair  Iconic Kane Re ReleaseLingerie Zenith Vintage Lady Vest Dress Grape Pose Chat Noir 1703 Series @ Lost N Found
Doors Part of the Unkindness Old West Whiskey Saloon RARE @ Whimiscal
Now Playing Giddy on Up

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igotdressed 2017-02-26 10:17:49

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hair TRUTH HAIR Kyoko @Uber hoodie erratic / ryleigh – hoodie / pink  @Uber cup #Foxy – Coffee Mug@ Tres Chic bag  LaGyo_Roses Satchel Bag – Black @ Collabor 88 jeans SPIRIT – Sianna jeans boots *COCO*_SuedeAnkleBoots(Grey) skin [theSkinnery] Silke (LeLutka Applier) meshhead.LeLutka.Bento Head-SIMONE

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Getting Ready

Credits Izzie: top, shorts & socks: Tres Blah - Slumber Party (@ The Arcade Gacha) hair: Olive - The Presley Hair (@ The Arcade Gacha) head: Catwa - Catya skin: Izzie's - Erin (soon @ Skin Fair)   Credits Other: chair with pose: Thor - Vintage Velvet Armchair (@ Collabor88) makeup table & foundation: Ariskea - Angel (@ The Arcade Gacha) makeup bag & snacks: Tres Blah - Slumber Party (@ The Arcade Gacha) clothing rack, art & deer: Birdy - Spring (@ The Arcade Gacha)

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Take Everything!(Freebies).

So I was just meandering from one shop to another not really expecting to find much but in the end in 2 of the shops I decided to grab the GG’s even though if I was to be honest I didn’t think were going to be blog worthy but SMH(smack my head) they turned out to be much better than I had expected. Yes I know a pretty classic/standard/common style but the texture and colours take it up a notch from a lot of the other freebies.  Honestly really pleased with it. This was the other thing I picked up but didn’t think I would be showing you but it turns out to be really good and with all the standard mesh bod fits it gets as snug as a bathing suit can be.  Both of these and a dress come from the same shop called “E&N”(Elgund & Nilsson Fresh Female Fashion). Then I had meandered into the “IZIGRI” shop which is close by and picked this up. If I had thought it was a “romper” in style I might have just binned it without trying it first but check it out!… Read the restxxxcoatuse

The eyes have it.

So I’ve been hunting and hunting for eyes that were…errr…me.  And YAY!  Finally I found them.  And the winner is, Banana Banshee “Hely” eyes.  I’m sort of weirdly picky about eyes.  I could have gotten a HUD with 1500 different options.  I tried a demo and was lost in about 5.5.  I have this thing about Mouses’ eyes.  First off, her eyes are grey, with a hint of blue.  A bit steely.  They go well with black hair.  I’d actually found a few that were good enough, and even tried some of Banana Banshee’s other eyes, but nothing was working. Then found BB’s latest at Lost & Found and these are perfect.  YAY.  Oh and they were free.  The grey eyes are the demo! The other eye colors are fantastic too so go check them out. The rest of the outfit is a comfy cardigan from BlueBerry and some great hair from Doe, a new to me brand that I find I like a lot and will prolly go hit up the main store, since the last 2 styles have been from Gachas.  … Read the resteyeshaveit_mouse1


Hair: Johanna – Damselfly @ HairOlogy (until Feb 28) Costume: Mirandolina, Locanda “Al Passero Blu” – Fallen Gods Inc. & Faida @ We ❤ Role-Play! (until Feb 28) Tulips by Tentacio (rain day gacha) Location: Arranmore

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Send me away with the words of a love song

The LookHead Lelutka Simone Bento Head Applier  Glam Affair Chloe Hair  Iconic  Rebel Re release Pose Foxcity Lara's Curiosity 
Now Playing If I die young 

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Feeling Blue

Just a little post today because… Sunday and that is usually my day for getting things done around the house. Cooking for the week ahead, doing laundry and cleaning some. I feel like such a domestic goddess on Sunday….. But I simply had to play some with the many recent releases from the whimsical Zib Scaggs from Zibska. She’s incredibly active and I really should do her work more honour by using it more often, but then, it’s also quite extreme/editorial at times, and my day to day style is more classic. That said, every now and then to step out of my comfort zone is not a bad thing!! Need to knows: Bertie brows by Zibska  (SaNaRae)
Blip lip stick by Zibska  (SaNaRae)
Woosh cheeks by Zibska  (Uber)
Yumi eye shadow by Zibska  (Uber) LeLutka‘s Chleo bento head
Glam Affair‘s Adley (Uber)    

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Hang Glider: Sky Pirate NEW – D-LAB
For te Fifty Linden Friday L$ 50 Hair: Akane – Argrace Goggles: Desert Warrior Goggles – Yummy Boots: Aster – Meva

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