Resistance Is Fertile

This sign, a riff on the Borg’s mantra,made me laugh. I always just point out the Borg dies in the end. But I laugh because where I grew up, we competed against Fertile in sports and other competitions. More amusingly, Fertile happens to be just about 25 miles from Climax, another town we competed against. When you’re in high school, such things are hilarious and even to this day, pranksters add distance to Fertile signs to the “You are Entering Climax” sign and vice versa. By the way, whoever ordered “You are entering Climax” is my hero. That sign is gone now, replaced by the much less amusing “Climax Pop. 300” sign. Not that we weren’t without our own embarrassing names. A few miles out of town, there used to be a glorious road sign, “Bullshit Valley, Next Left” That was the name of the valley. That was the sign. When I was home this summer, I saw it has been “cleaned up” and now reads, BS Valley.… Read the restThe history of liberty is a history of resistance.




March 2017
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Window Shopping

I have too much time at my hands this week, recovering from surgery, being home, sleeping lots and thinking about the future of my blog.  Lately I am fed up with the black and whites, so I am going back to colour. How’s that for a change? Also, I want to shoot more out on the grid, and not all the time on my platform and in a way, going back to basic with little to no post processing! Now I feel like shopping for another lay out as well so lets see how that is going, no? Maybe I even get to update my blog roll….. welcome to the 21st century Graz!! Speaking of shopping, Have you been to Collabor88 yet? The initial crazy is over and the lag has died down a lot. Time for some pretty stuffs, right? And there is a lot of pretty this month with a theme that is somewhat inviting to folklore and colourful nostalgia! Hair Tiana by Phoenix (C88)
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial applier Angelina by Glam Affair (C88)
Earrings Marcy by Bauhaus (C88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Irina crop sweater by The Secret Store (C88)
Pleated skirt by Ison (C88)
Freesia hand accesoire by LODE
Sia platforms by Pure Poison (C88) Shot on location at The Village & Bar Deco

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Feed A Smile!

Tomorrow you have the chance to really make a difference – and feed those smiles!  MichaelJ Rossini and Valeri Carissa run an event per month, the charities they support through these events are Feed a smile, Relay for Life and Making Strides. An event will be run on the 17th Feb (that’s tomorrow?) to raise money for Feed A Smile. Last month I spoke to Michael about their fund-raising, I admit I am always a little hesitant to get involved due to occurrences with other charities that didn’t sit well with me. However, when I asked Michael about receipts and how the cash got to the charity , he gave me the above photo. Look carefully at the writing on the black board – got it? – doesn’t get much clearer than that huh?! So how does the cash get raised? Simple really – you rock up to the event and have a GREAT time – seriously its that easy. Donation boxes are all around (these go direct to the nominated charity btw) The party is truly global, in the sense that something is happening throughout the time zones – you wont miss out I promise.… Read the restfeed-a-smile-event

Caput Draconis

Hair   /Wasabi Pills/ Opal Mesh Hair @ The Crossroads

Body   Maitreya

Bra    Moon Elixir - Caput Draconis  @ WLRP
Harness  Moon Elixir - Caput Draconis @ WLRP
Thong  Moon Elixir - Caput Draconis  @ WLRP
Skirt   Moon Elixir - Caput Draconis  @ WLRP
Sword   Moon Elixir - Caput Draconis  @ WLRP
Tattoo   [White~Widow] Snatch - Copper @ WLRP
Heart chest   Ama. : Forever Yours @ TLC
Boots    [BREATHE]-Rosie Boots  @ TCF

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Another rush jobbie!(Oodles of Freebies).

Sorry, yet again I’m probably the LAST to know of this event and it’s all over today! Boo Hoo, having said that the fact it’s Valentine themed is probably one of the  reasons I had completely missed it but if I had known that almost all if not all stalls have gifties on them you know my cold dead unromantic heart would have been over like a shot. So far all I’ve scored is this balloon but I had litterally just TPed in, grabbed the balloon did a quick cam around the stalls and then TPed home, pulled 2 poses, 2 snaps and 15 mins later VOILA. Again it’s the last day and there is LOTS of stuff to grab so I just didn’t have a time to start grabbing.  This maybe a Valentine themed event but I know it well as the stalls are all selling old and maybe new bargains such as 30Ld Saturdays, etc TBH not too sure on the details but again from memory lots and lots of super bargains from clothes to decor items and not forgetting all the Freebies. Meet me there in 1,2,3… PS I know it’s the 16th but everything is still there and often you will find these things go on for a little bit longer as people need time to pack there stuff up.… Read the restxxxballuse

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top CandyDoll_Selena Top @ Rewind boots _CandyDoll_ Mystie Boots @ Collabor 88 coat Rowne .Olesya Lace Coat – Deluxe. skirt SPIRIT – Linda skirt short hair Rowne Salon.Skylar Hair. skin ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Summer meshhead.LeLutka.Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2

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Sir’s Valentine Special

Happy Belated Valentine everyone. Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, but I was being lazy and spending time with the specials in my life and Second Life. For a couple of days I was trying to figure out how to tell the special people in my Second life how I cherished them how I…Read more Sir’s Valentine Special

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A Quick Kiss.(Freebie).

This is a really quick post because I think that for a very limited time the group for the Ariskea is free to join and I think when I say “limited” I mean just for today.  So I clicked to join and then I clicked to get this wearable and as it turns out rezzable rose. This picture just isn’t really doing it justice, it’s beautiful, but I am in such a rush to get this out before it goes.  I might try to sneak in a better picture later as it really does deserve to be shown off in all its glory.  You only get 1 copy, which is also Trans so if you missed sending a gift out yesterday then this rose today will make up for that.  I, of course, am keeping mine.  When I get some spare time I’m going to see if I can rummage up a nice simple vase to pop it in or just have it lying around because even though it comes with a lovely pose it’s actually only 1 prim. I’m actually logging right back in for a better look at this shop as I had spotted some landscaping items which are tempting me to spend lindens so the rose was just a really nice little treat.… Read the restxxxroseuse

Our Colours are United!

LeftDress - Simone Dress from United Colors (The Liaison Collaborative)Gloves - Bad Kitty Gloves from RealEvil IndustriesArm Cuff - Bad Kitty Cuff from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Mitsuha from Monso (Kustom 9)Skin - Callie Applier from Belleza
RightDress - Sima Dress from United Colors (Kustom 9)Necklace - Energy Choker from BlueberryBracelet - Alegoria Bracelet from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Bun Pigtails from Tableau Vivant (Kustom 9)Skin - Mila Applier from Belleza

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top/skirt Pseudo@ kustom9 jacket Pseudo-Saint Jacket White choker Eclat – Rhinestone Choker@ kustom9 hair #Foxy – Jayden Hair boots  Baiastice_Caty Python Ankle Boots-Pearl skin ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Summer meshhead.LeLutka.Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Doctors? This May Help

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Plastic Surgery Business in Honolulu Plastic surgery in Honolulu is a growing business venture. It has thousands of customers with others even flying in from abroad. Its catchment area includes Canada; Japan and South Korea. The relationship between clients are in high gear. They relate with patients. Top specialists perform more than 100 non-surgical and surgical procedures weekly. Each year, the clinics receive more than 1000 new customers. The number goes higher when returning clients are included. The performance of this business hinges on repeat business as well as word of mouth. More than 30 plastic surgeons carry out cosmetic procedures in Honolulu. Basing on the performance of each year, the business is ever on the increase. The calls and after-surgery care is given without additional costs. Women are the majority customers with nine out of every the patients.
A Simple Plan: Surgeries
Although plastic surgery in Honolulu that includes Liposuction in Honolulu, tummy tuck in Honolulu, and breast augmentation in Honolulu is expensive, it is rarely covered by insurance.… Read the rest

A Beginners Guide To Shops

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All About Shoe Buying Fashion is something most people love, they always make sure that they can get to be fashionable at all times, the major reason for keeping up with fashion is unique, meaning, you need to have something unique in which most people do not have; likewise, you also will be able to stand out thus making sure that indeed you can feel special when wearing your jewelry, clothing or even shoes. When getting to make your decision of how it is that you can always be updated on fashion, you will need first to look for a valid source, meaning, someone who will work towards ensuring you attain credible information at all times, more so, someone who can make sure that you do know what will be great within the fashion industry and also what will not get to work out. When getting to follow everything fashion, you always should have some focus, meaning, it might get to become tedious at times making sure that you can keep up with the ever-changing technologies and fashion, therefore, if you are a woman, there might be something that captivates you about fashion, meaning, if you are a shoe fanatic, stick to always staying ahead on the fashion news about the shoes.… Read the rest

Discovering The Truth About Jerseys

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Good Quality Bulk Sports Apparel Present your team to the fans in the best possible way by wearing uniform that symbolize your unity. You can achieve victory in so many ways and wearing similar apparel with you teammates just might grant you that. Quality options are actually available in the form of bulk sports apparel. Be sure to read this article because it will help you know more of these amazing products. Make sure to research on the ideal products with your team so that you would all be guided accordingly. When it concerns these matters, one has to be aware of the standards which they have to maintain at all times. Those who have successfully purchased them before can give some great advice on the matter as well. When it comes to playing competitive games, everyone seeks a little motivation every now and then. You need that physical and mental boost to get you the point where you’re in the zone. You will be able to put on a good show for everyone and ensure them that whatever happens, you did your best.… Read the rest

3 Options Tips from Someone With Experience

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Common Places to Look to Purchase Masonic Rings If you’re someone who loves learning more about the many secret societies in the world, then you’re probably very familiar with the work of the Freemasons. There are groups of Freemasons all over the world, and they have a lot of unique elements that will make them of particular interest to those who spend a lot of time looking into these types of groups. If you’re someone who has quite a bit interested in the world of the Masons, then you may want to think about buying a couple of Freemason rings. The truth is that the Masons are going to use a lot of rings to mean different things, and this means you’ll have a lot of options to consider. Even if you aren’t someone who spends a lot of time associating with the Freemasons, you’ll discover that there are a lot of different ways for you to get your hands on some great rings. You’ll be able to get a much better sense of how to find the best Masonic jewelry on the market if you can check out some of the information in the following article.… Read the rest

Finding Similarities Between Fashions and Life

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Ways of Going About the Purchase of Women Leggings Leggings are some of the hot items which trendy women wear during different occasions. You will find them on varying colors, designs and sizes. As a result, the fit in almost all body types. Mostly, they are worn during casual occasions. Do not play around with color and decorations if you are not sure about your body type. Another advantage of picking such leggings is the fact that they can match with most of the other colors and clothes. You should be cautious of wearing knee length leggings. This is because, the shape of your legs counts a great deal. The ladies with calf muscles that are large should do away with these leggings. They tend to exaggerate the size of the muscles.
Study: My Understanding of Pants
There is no much difference between finding clothes and leggings. All it calls for is identifying a suitable dealer to buy from.
How I Became An Expert on Leggings
There are reasons as to why you might want to evade second hand leggings.… Read the rest

Lessons Learned from Years with Gear

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What is Hi Vis Workwear? It is important that you have a work wear for every week since you will need that if you work in a establishment. Work wear is to make sure that you are uniformed with other work mates. If you want to keep your safe and work with optimum results, wearing the appropriate work wear is really important since it will give you the needed feel that you desire when working and you will have protection as well. And this is one major reason why a lot of companies are working hard o provide their employees high visibility work wear so that they will be safe when working. There are some companies that do not give a damn about their workers and fail to provide them the best high visibility work wear that their workers will need. If you want to help your workers and you cherish them so you want to give them the best high visibility work wear that you could possibly get, you should consider some important tips so that you will be able to handle the task easier. Focus on Quality You have to work on the best quality uniform so that you will see that your employees are well equipped and ready to work.… Read the rest

Interesting Research on Vests – What No One Ever Told You

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Stay Safe with Hi Vis Workwear The purpose of hi vis workwear is to be able to identify a person in a place where you can be in danger otherwise, and examples of these places are factories, on the road, and other places where there is a need to readily be seen in order to be safe. This attire can also be used during winter times as a relaxation outfit since it has an insulating effect. But after considering all its qualities, it boils down to one important question of how they meet safety usage which is the primary purpose of this outfit. Through the combination of this clothing the safety factor is fulfilled. Some jobs require individuals to wear this type of attire from head to toe, the whole set. It consists of a flexible trouser that is matched with a bust waist coat that is of the same appearance for protecting them against chest and stomach injuries. It also includes a heavy coat that is elastic and is suitable for extreme weather conditions. They can also wear caps or helmets that are tailored to meet the stipulations of the given working conditions.… Read the rest

Questions About Trends You Must Know the Answers To

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Looking Classy and Stylish: Fashion Tips Every man in this world likes being superbly groomed. You need that stylish wear that will first make you comfortable and position you rightly in the society. There are various misconceptions in the market about the high end fashion where a portion of apparel customers take it for the latest fashion trend in the market; the truth is, this is luxurious clothing which will always make you look unique and one of a kind in a million. In other words, this is a design which apart from giving you squeak and classic looks, you will also feel very comfortable and proud of the cash which you invest in the purchase of the apparel. Now you know why you should not just pop into any boutique which stocks fashion of the previous century. As the world is changing tremendously, you also need to shop from the market gurus who outsource high end fashion clothes from various parts of the world. You need a boutique which gives you a vast selection of fashion designs to choose from.… Read the rest

What No One Knows About Socks

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Highly Fascinating Sock Reviews Clothing industries have been highly impacted by the new technology resulting to frequent inventions to enable people to enjoy the best clothes for all seasons to an extent of availing perfect attires that can easily absorb sweat during hot seasons. Due to the extensive research in clothing industry, many socks have been invented to fit all people irrespective of the weather conditions succumbed to making it possible for the general public to enjoy the activities engaged in while wearing the best socks. Thus, it is advisable for all individuals who are willing to identify the best socks in the market with quality features that match all conditions of the environment, to make an effort in reading through the latest reviews so as to access the best quality. Highly reliable compression socks are designed with a synthetic fabric to wick moisture which ensure that all sweat from your feet is completely absorbed since the material comprises of breathable features for aeration of your feet to improve the health of your feet.… Read the rest

Smart Ideas: Sales Revisited

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Why You Need Cool Socks You always get to find that people will always prefer having some socks, this means that it gets to be much easier to make sure that everything works as expected so that the socks can be of use, meaning, that when looking for socks, you do need to understand what it is that you would like from them, meaning that you can find the best and also find some which will be of some use to you. Amongst the things, you need to understand with socks is the various types available, being a man or a woman, you will find that there will be socks for each and every occasion, meaning, you need to have these socks of you get to love wearing socks or even if the situation needs you to, take an example of running, you do need some athletic socks, some who will cushion you. Likewise, when shopping for socks, something else to look for is the color, there are some who will not be fit in certain circumstances, this will not get to apply for men, you do need to go with the color you love the most, this means if you are a man and you would like to wear a light suit, the best color for the socks would be a dark color, this will be a complement, for the darker suits However, lighter colors would be appreciated.… Read the rest
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