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On 29th March 2013 · By Misterio Hombre · With No comments
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So [Ab] has been working on men's clothing.. Thank god! Us guys need some more stores to shop at. Anyways, American Bazaar, tossed out some new men's jeans today that are simply fantastic. Tp is below to get the new dereck pants! [Ab]

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Lyfe of Style is Stylin’

Hey guys and gals!! There is a new round of Lyfe of Style. All items are 75L each. You have until Tuesday April 2nd to grab any and all designs you want. Men, there are quite a few things for you here to be sure you check it out also! Happy Shopping,
Addy Teleport to Lyfe of Style

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Senzafine Colour in Bloom

On 28th March 2013 · By Daily · With No comments
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Happy Thursday everyone! Tomorrow starts the weekend and a holiday weekend at that. So its near the wrap up of the easter hunts and time to move on to the spring releases. Todays post is a several items from Senzafine. The Chairs are from The Nest Hunt and only for a few more days but the Colour in Bloom Chairs from Senzafine will be available in store after the hunt. The Colour in Bloom Table is a Sale item this week for 90L at Senzafine main store. The Colour in Bloom Candle is a Hunt gift at the Spring Fling at Epicosity which only has a few days left so hurry to find your hunt items. The outfit wearing is avail Saturday for 60L so be sure to visit the Senzafine to get yours. Other colors are currently available at the Spring Fling at Epicosity WEARING: Skin: Izzie’s – Asia Skin light Shape: Custom NFS Hair: Alice Project – Victoria – Infinity Eyes: PC Shallow Water Outfit: .:SF:. “Sohma” Tank Tunic Outfit (Turq)  NEW Avail Saturday!Read the restsenzi4

A Bend In The Road

First and foremost, I must apologize for the lack of blog entries over the past ten days.  I have been on a moving adventure in my real life, and so my second life & all of my responsibilities that go along with it were put on the back burner for a while. I am finally (well mostly at least) settled into my new real life home and finding my footing here again in Second Life. I found this picture and the title of this post to be quite fitting.  Ark and I are experiencing a new little “bend” in the road of life as we travel into this new adventure of living in a new place.  It’s been an exciting experience so far.  I’m excited to see what next little “bends” in this path we experience. You know what else I’m excited for? Pose Fair 2013!  The fair runs from March 29th through April 14th and features a wide variety of amazing pose makers & more across the grid.  This adorable bicycle pose set is from What Next, and it is one of the many great items you can purchase at this year’s fair.… Read the rest

Angel (NSFW)

  Warning: there are boobs below and they are naked.  So, here is a cut in case you need it:

  I got this hat and skin from Elysium at a past The Dressing Room Fusion event and, while the skin got some use, I never put the hat to any good use.  When I saw these wings from Sn@tch I thought they would work together.  I put on my new skirt from Sn@tch and thought it looked awesome with naked boobies and, yeah, the whole naughty black angel look just sort of fell together.  I really love my Lush boobs, by the way. I am not a fan of the Tango ones everyone seems to be wearing because I think they look weird and unnatural; the Lush, however, seem to be a more realistic shape.  At least to me, anyway.  I don't make them  huge though so that might make a difference.  Whatever, boobs is all.  Details below!
Skin and Hat: Elysium, past TDR items.  The hat is brown, not black, I just made it look gray-er to match.… Read the rest

*ZD*+~GOLA Industry~+::[annaA]::+WTG+:+-UtopiaH-+Beusy:+/Wasabi Pills/+[SHOCK]+[HUIT] (SIS+Group Gift+Dollarbie+Hunt+Lucky Letter)

Cuerpo/Shape: ::[annaA]:: Skin ” Jamie ” berry -light- [BOX] (Stuff in Stock Discount Event) Piel/Skin: [HUIT] R2 gift (GRATIS/FREE) Cuernos/Antlers: -UtopiaH- Rare Antlers (Cacería Pink Fusion desde el 15 de Marzo al 15 de Abril y cada objeto tiene un costo de 5L$ / Pink Fusion Hunt From March 15 to April 15. 5L$ each object hunt) Pink Fusion Hunt #55 Ojos/Eyes: ::Modish:: Mesh L I V E -LilY- Eyes(M) (Cacería SYSP/SYSP Hunt) Publicado Anteriormente Brillo Facial/Cheek Shiny: Miamai_LesMakeups_EasterColors (Regalo Mes de Abril en el Subscribo- Noticia #1 Mar 23,2013) FREE Aretes/Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Easter Bunny** earpierces (Panel de la Suerte  / Lucky Letter) Debes usar el tag Grupo >AQUI< Costo de Inscripción 200L$  Chaqueta/Jacket: @STUFFinSTOCK ~G O L A  Industry~ RollerBe (Stuff in Stock Discount Event) Lenceria/Lingerie: *ZD*  Luisa Bra & Pantie in Grey (Dollarbie at Marketplace- 1L$ en el Marketplace) En color Blanco/White Color Manicure/Nails: [ S H O C K ] So Cute Nails (Cacería Pink Fusion desde el 15 de Marzo al 15 de Abril y cada objeto tiene un costo de 5L$ / Pink Fusion Hunt From March 15 to April 15.Read the rest*ZD*+~GOLA  Industry~+:+WTG+:+-UtopiaH-+Beusy:+/Wasabi Pills/+[SHOCK]+[HUIT] (Group Gift+Dollarbie+Hunt+Lucky Letter)

Pose Fair 2013 – What Next

I have been covering Pose Fair 2013 over at Hottie Cooterati this week, but wanted to share the great bicycle from What Next here on my personal blog. Today was one of those days where everything piled up on me from worries to my illness, and the most stressful Gabriella being in hospital in pain after a procedure she had to have this week.  I needed to get away, to clear my head and try to recoup my energies so I can continue to be productive and supportive. The Kensington Bicycle Pose Prop from What Next was perfect for me to get away in my virtual world where I am more limited in my real life to take off and clear my head.  This is why I love poses and props, the creations in SecondLife that we can not have or use in our real life, come to us in our virtual life to enhance in my opinion, both worlds. I had fun with the bicycle, recalling days of my youth riding my bike across the sunset desert tapestry of Santa Fe, New Mexico and later back in the swamp lands of Covington, Louisiana.  … Read the rest

New from Ispachi ‘Mason’ full mesh outfit for Fameshed.

On 28th March 2013 · By Sam Laszlo · With No comments
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The new release from Ispachi for the Fameshed event is just stunning, Let's start with the vest that has 24 options in the hud to choose from, different Colours, patterns, numerous options in it, the shirt has 20 to pick from , and the tie 9 options. the matching pants have 6 Colour options, and the shoes 6, and the flat cap 16 options, And they all have their own great looking and fast working hud, this is all to buy separately, But I would highly recommend, to buy the full outfit because you get everything I mentioned then for 949Ls, Which is a total steal for this complete outfit, Taxi to - Fameshed. opens April 1 (no joke) And after the event this will be available at the Ispachi mainstore.

And a close up to show off the great fitting and texture quality.


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Banshee’s dress is old, the apron worn and torn by centuries — or simply by the miserable conditions she lives in. This is an outfit for the characters to whom even peasant clothing is too fancy, those running from the law and fighting over scraps. Or perhaps it’s the perfect look for the vengeful ghost of the past, stuck on this plane of existence to see justice one day done. Either way, do not mistake the lack of fancy clothing for lack of attitude: Banshee will get her way one day, no matter what it takes. The dress is rigged mesh and moves with your avatar, please wear the included alpha layer. In addition to the five standard sizes there are also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M. Please try the demo. If you wish to share how fantastic you look while wearing The Muses, please post your pictures to our Flickr Group. Permissions are M,C,NT.… Read the restPoster Banshee2

Hey Ho, here she goes… either a little too high or a little too low…

… shes got no self-esteem and vertigo, she thinks shes made of candy!  WOO!  I felt like this deserved a candy themed song, as I feel candytastic in pink today! This dress is just sooooo gorgeous, it’s new from SAKIDE for The Black Market and it comes in two colours to choose from, I thought this hue of pink was just delicious though, the cherry blossoms were just a bonus.    Luckily I had the Flamingo Clutch from HANDverk handy, which ALSO matched the hue of the overall look just wonderfully.  I do love HANDverk items, they make such unique stuff!    The bag is available (or was) at L’Accessories, make sure you go look, i’ts available in tons of colours.     Also worn which is new to me today is this .Shi Hair from.. well yeah… .Shi!  It’s available at Limited Bazaar and I was shocked to see hair there, normally it’s some sort of magical clothing (there is clothing too) but HAIR! OMG! HAIR!  It’s so gorgeous, it’s unrigged mesh and comes in such yummy colours, and each “colour” your purchase comes with various options.… Read the restLoTD - 28/03/13

Zaara Aamani Dress NEW Release

I have a bunch of NEW gorgeousness to show you and I think they scream SPRING. New dress by Zaara, shoes by N-core, and hair by Truth.

Dress: Zaara : [Mesh] Aamani wrap dress (S) *print-lilac* *NEW RELEASE*
Hair: >TRUTH< Kasia - seaspray *NEW RELEASE*
Shoes: N-core DELICIOUS "Pink"  *NEW RELEASE*
Jewelry: Donna Flora VENUS necklace and earrings pink
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - Jamaica 09 BL
Lipstick: R.icielli - Lipstick 02/ 12
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Skyfall (M)
Place: Garden of Whimsy

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Pin a Pose

On 28th March 2013 · By Elysium Hynes · With No comments
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Sorry for being brief tonite guys but my keyboard is busted due to an accident involving a cat ad a cup of coffee. So i bring you Pose Fair 2013 thanks to the help of the amazing Asthenia Pinazzo. Good nite everyone i´ll borrow another keyboard at work tomorrow
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Cajsa Fast Five: March 28th

Today there are some event announcements, challenge responses and as always, great fashion, fabulous style and sharp, beautiful photos.    
  1. Got Nothing to Wear Again? I love Caoimhe Lionheart’s clever picture announcing an upcoming clothing event, the Couturier’s Dock which features limited editions of only 50 items. Sounds like a perfect event for folks who want something they won’t see everywhere they go.
  2. Neutral: Destiny Philbin styled two fabulous outfits. In particular, I thought the one on the left showed real brilliance with the accessories. Both outfits are great, but I know I will be looking at that necklace and probably buying it later today.
  3. Hair Fair 2013: Whimsy Winx announced that the Designer Applications are open. So hair stylists, this is Second Life’s equivalent of the Bronner Brothers Hair Show, a be there or be square sort of event.
  4. Amblyodipsas Rosaceae: Elysium Hynes packed a lot into this post with info on three events and a character she created for the Create a Character challenge.
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A New Fundraiser: Arret Le Saigment (Stop the Bleeding)

A fella I met at a Casting sent me a 'Group' joiner request the other day and I had to read his profile to make sure I knew him, how I knew him and to better understand his group request. After he explained his purpose and his goals, I considered it a compliment that he'd sent me the request and passionately sought to help him and the others who worked with him to make his plan succeed.

In his own words, "The Cause: Anti Teen Suicide - The Charity: Kids Help Phone - As virtual development and technology rises, it is clear to see the impact it has on our children's self esteem and mental health. Bullying has been on the rise through "cyber bullying". Self esteem has been taken away by photoshop and unreal expectations (and this is where Second Life can play a negative role in the development of our youth). As these factors rise, more and more young children are taking their lives and I want them to know that they are not alone and there is help."

You can read more about this event on the website:

You are also encouraged to visit the Facebook page and click Like:

Heath Blessed and Llyssa Serupta began this project and will be encouraged by your support.… Read the rest

A Night Out

There was a conversation on Plurk the other day about dating in SL.  Although I won't bore you with the icky sex questions (LOL), it seems like a lot of people would like to date but many do not.  I wonder why that is? I mean, I don't but to be honest I never thought about it much.  Seems like a bit of fun, if you find the right person and activity to dive into.  So, dates?  Why not, I'm a straight forward kind of girl.  I'll ask lol as soon as I find a target! BTW, my dress?  Awesome new release from Zaara!  There's patterns and solids to choose from and you'll probably be there for a bit.  Just sayin.  Oh, and also…Pose Fair 2013 will be open soon so GET EXCITED.  Gonna show off all my new stuff and toss a landmark y'alls way soon Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 07 D Ibanez Eyes – Sylph – Basil L.Fauna Lashes [Fluffy] L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] -Belleza- Eyeliner 1 [e] Unfold w/Flower – Black 04 undefined lilies – pearls n birds (silver/white) Zaara : [Mesh] Aamani wrap dress (S) *pearl* *New Release!* +Half-Deer+ Music Notes Tattoo (chest) Slink Mesh Hand Elegant [MAGIC NOOK] Navajo Arrow Double Ring (Silver) / R Hand [Gos] Grace Sandal – Mirror – XS Bounce This Poses – Out in Style *New for Pose Fair 2013!*

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Valentina E. Isadora

Dress: Valentina E. Couture Isadora by Valentina Evangelista
*Available in 4 colors Hat: *LODE* Magnoli available @ L’accessories
Skin: The Skinnery Sophia Pin Up [honey]
Hair: !lamb Blush [chocolate]
Necklace: Hebenon Vial Clockwork Collar
Pose: Diesel Works Diva My blog:
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LWL for AVENUE Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week (Part I)

  Featuring:  [LWL] Vesuvius (Butterfly) - for the AVENUE Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week! (31st March to 6 April 2013)
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  Dress… check.. (Aamani wrap dress by Zaara, seriously new and seriously gorgeous!)
Hair…. done  (Teddy by Truth, always in style)
Shoes… check (Gos Boutique’s Grace… the best way to walk into a room and have yourself noticed)
Jewelry … check (Cae‘s Love Letters. Not too blatant to distract from the dress, but nicely complementing the awesome with awesome)
Skin … check (Mya by Belleza,  in one of the versions that are out at The Boutique from The Liaison Collaborative right now) So… if I have it all checked and sorted out and look awesome for spring… can we also have some spring weather please? I’m about to have my first white Easter in … well.. 33 years!

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Got Nothing To Wear Again?

Don’t worry about it! On March 29, 2013 at 1:00PM SLT, we are starting a new round of The Couturier’s Dock, featuring creatively minded designers, to you, our creatively minded consumer’s. Welcome to the Couturier’s Dock! We are Salimar Art SIM and it’s time to recycle this fun event and the inventory will disappear quickly and once the current inventory is gone, it is gone. We do not refill stock so don’t miss out on some of the incredible finds at the Couturier’s Dock. We purposely kept our designer’s list limited to some of the designers we feel have niched their own genre of fashion so the items available to you will be unique, limited to lots of 50 units, will be affordable at a price range of 50 to 500 Lindens (50% off the main store price) and we hope what you find will be a treasured addition to your Second Life inventory. We are very happy to have all of these dedicated SL designers committing items to this event and the only thing missing is YOU.… Read the restCan't Find Anything to Wear?