Now at L’APH, the Mia pants. These come in 9 different colors…

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Now at L'APH, the Mia pants. These come in 9 different colors and they all have 3 cuff options so you can match them to heels, flats or barefeet more easy. They have standard sizing and there’s a nice discount if you buy the pack containing all colors. There’s a demo available in the store. SLURL to L'APH Marketplace Store

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I’m tired, therefore you all don’t get a fancy intro to this posting. Dx Elikatira is having a sale until October 1st I believe. So, make sure you head on over and check out the ridiculously cheap hairs! :) Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Hair: [e] Figure – Black 04 *HUGE SALE!!* Skin: *League* Skin Jen Pale -GlamGoth Dress: coldLogic dress – keach.gray Shoes: Slink Cassia Sandals Black   Also, because this is my blog and I’ll post what I want… xd Below you will find my argument for pro PUSSY POWER! Off of my FB timeline: “I wanted to bring this out onto my own timeline, from a rather important discussion being had on my friend’s TL. I think it’s important for as many people as possible to be educated on such “sensitive” matters… So, in case there is one or two of you not on my friend’s TL… allow me to introduce you to the fight for PUSSY.” “Alli’s Fashionblog: Here’s the thing about the word “pussy”.… Read the rest

Adore & Abhor Retirement Sale – Sept. 2012

Adore & Abhor is having a September retirement sale!
No they're not closing, just retiring some older items.  You can pick up this Glitz Dress for $44L or get the Fat Pack of all 9 colors for $149L.
Click image to enlarge.
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Cloud 9 Gatcha Event

  The Cloud 9 Gacha Event is being held till Sept. 30th on the Tamire sim. (Teleport link at bottom of post.) 
They have a little of everything: jewelry, make-up tattoos, clothing, and more. Items for men and women. 
The Gacha's are $10L, $15L, and $20L.
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Summer at the Villa

[ba] villa seville prefabTrompe Loeil - Caparra Wall IvyFiddler's Green Lime tree3D Trees Orange tree (I am addicted to these trees!)
I change homes like I change shoes in SL, but my main home for this summer was the fabulous Villa Seville prefab by Barnesworth Anubis.  This home has everything you could want in a villa, including an open space layout, beautiful archways, plenty of doors that also serve as the lightsource, and a courtyard (I added attached another courtyard to the side).

[*Art Dummy!]  (Brick) Yellow Chair 2.0*Tatty Soup* Drum Table With Willow++LP2++ Soft cushion FNordari me was used rugMelino style stacked leather bound boxes[AG] Short Bronze Vase - Marigold ArrangementThe Loft - CookbooksreBourne  iPod Touch black (plays music)The Loft - Stefan Clock Bronze<> Long Drink Glass "Cristal Clear" // Pure*Tatty Soup* Grunge Rug (gold) on the wallFramed Butterfly Tears by lemachi designs (on the internet)++LP2++ plant020 a**InteriorAddiction** Lillies in Vase (small)Tiki Tattoo - Terracota Agave TikitoTreet TV (hit me up inworld for an updated tv package)

Melino style Firozi seatMelino style Floor cushion Gold *Tatty Soup* Grunge Rug (turquoise)[AG] Purple LadySlipper PlanterLAQ Decor ~ Blue - Glass Cabinet & Bookcase

[ARIA] Lorelei grand pianoUrbanizeD - Deco "Mannequin" C - MasaiThe Loft  - GuitarNordari orange cake rug

Bazar Roya- LoungerBazar Roya- Lounge table (rezzable food){what next} Indian Summer Par (Read more...)

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Zodiac – Virgo

 Zodiac is monthly event brought to you by The Hootie Cootateri Experience with items being designed around signs of the Zodiac.  This month is the cycle of the Virgo.   "Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something."   Zodiac runs from the 23rd of August until the 17th of September so you still have a few days to get some of the fabulous goodies that are available! Your taxi to Zodiac.  Credits:  First Image Skin: {.Essences.} - Virgo - Brunette by Inka Mexicola (Available exclusively at Zodiac)Dress: -AddiCt- - Earth Princess Maxi Dress by  Kianna Noel (Available exclusively at Zodiac)Hair: >Truth< - Carmen by Truth HawkesNecklace: Maxi Gossamer - Jewelled Owl Necklace by Maxi GossamerPose: {Olive Juice} - Butterfly in the Sky by IsabelleaGrace Baroque (No longer available)Location: Happy Mood  Second Image Skin: {.Essences.} - Virgo Brunette by Inka Mexicola (Available exclusively at Zodiac)Top: {Happy} - Purity Top in Blueberry by Alika Lumino (Read more...)

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Solitude my Guide

Heart on a Wire - (Click Here for Larger Image)
I've been a bad blogger - posting this series of pics on my Flickr page with a note that the blog and credits were coming soon, and here I am, two days later trying to think of something to write that can do these pictures justice.  

I Can't Stay Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)
And I'm struggling more than a bit with that.  Because, while working on these photos, they became something greater than a simple fashion review.  There was a story tucked away in the folds of fabric, in the sturdy weight of the pack on my back and the no nonsense boots on my feet that spoke volumes, that hinted at a self-reliant spirit tinged with pain, at a soul longing for solace in nature, and at a journey to come, just a few virtual steps away.
Solitude my Guide - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Something about the combination of beautiful realistic mesh clothing, and the incredible Akasha sim I was exploring, (thanks to the Yse Sliffeuse et gloodeuse blog) brought out an inspiration in me to create the story these photos tell.… Read the rest

New ivy. mainstore <3

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sooo… it happened faster than i expected… but here’s the new mainstore <3 TP to —> ivy. 2 special new releases are awaiting you here: Piercings Sheena and Bloom <3

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[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 9/9/2012

Hey everyone!

I have two new tops out now for Lazy Sunday! They're only L$40 each! Check 'em out:

To see the full list of participants, and to get more visuals, check out Seraphim's post here.

TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

See you soon! ♥

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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New Mainstore coming soon

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New mainstore coming up soon.. The old one just got closed down, but i will reopen as soon as possible and post the new LM here :) New releases coming up with the Reopening:

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Culprits Get Cooking

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In Culprit Furniture, Furniture and Decor, Second Life
I have always loved one thing about Second Life more than anything else..
the ability to create the mundane in the most exciting way.

I swore a long time ago that kitchens were totally unnecessary in SL.. there was/is a plethora of ordinary kitchens .. either just sitting there with no functionality, or jam packed with all sorts of incongruous sex. I am not dissing sex here though.. i mean .. yeah wooopi in the breakfast nooki is all very well and good but at least it could be original and kitchen centric.. like giving it to a canteloup, wild unsalted butter massages, oral sex with roses marmelade or even gettiing it on in an open fridge.. but no .. its always like 120 bonks and gropes that would be just as much at home on a lazy-boy recliner or a sealey posturpedic.. but anyway.

So .. imagine my surprise about a month ago when Humps dumps this aga-type stove on me.. and i get all excited in a textury way.. and shout orders at him for more kitchen stuff while i blacken the stove..… Read the rest

It’s Twisted Time

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Welcome to the Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt!  It's that time again, and I hope you are as excited as I am.  A Netherworld is shop #28 this time around.  Pop by to pick up this makeup set for free.  Just look for that evil little rotating box.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Culprit at the Twisted Hunt.

Culprit has the privilege of taking part in the Twisted Hunt.

We have two lovely (if slightly twisted) items for you to hunt down somewhere within the Culprit Store.  We had a wonderful time making them and hope that you get just as much enjoyment using them.

We are now looking forward to our next store releases (coming very soon) if only to distract Eku from running around the Culprit sims shouting "orf with their heads". 

PS. No animals were hurt during the testing of the guillotine.. the kangaroo snuck in and topped himself while we werent looking.

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Shore Leave

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So I’ve been working on this house for a while (slowly, because I had to go back home a couple of times because of family stuff, and then I’ve beeen on holidays), and I thought it would make a great gift for the Four walls hunt, which starts today. It will definitely be a full price release after the hunt, but for now, you can pick it up for a song. (May I suggest this one?) What you’ll be getting is a light-filled modern beach house with large windows and a sliding door. It features 3 rooms (one at the front, two at the back), all with whitewashed walls and clean wood floors. The front room also features a multiplane glass wall in oceanic tones, which provides a striking focal point. There’s no hint, but that’s because it’s really REALLY really easy to find. I swear. TAXI The hunt is on till the 15th September. Previews, and store SLURLs are available at: Hunt items will be valued at 250L or more, but cost only 10L for the duration of the event
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September 2012 news: specials, sales & hunts!

I've taken a bit of a break over the summer to get my health back on track, but September is already gearing up to be a month full of new goodies, from hunt items to gachas and a 10L sale!

Both the Twisted Hunt and STEAM 7 Hunt are now underway at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village.

Our STEAM 7 hunt gift is an Airship Captain's desk set:

Our Fall 2012 TWISTED HUNT gift is "Veuve Noire" (Black Widow), a travel gown and suit set for Dark Victorian ladies and gents.

Plus, we have a *10L* TWISTED GACHA PRIZE tree in the east side of the shop which features five different sets of "Darkness" inspired black fur slippers:

What else? We have a NEW LUCKY BOARD featuring some fine Noire gowns of the past, and a few exclusives that can't be found anywhere else, including "Noire de Noel," pictured below! The Lucky Board is located in the east side of the shop.

Last but not least, I will be retiring a number of CLEARANCE items at the end of the month, including "La Vendeuse," (which also comes in sapphire and copper) so take advantage --- they are now reduced to ONLY 10L!… Read the rest

No more SL for… well I don’t know.

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In Fashion, Second Life, Sparkly Cupcakes
Hi y'all! Just wanted to let my readers and designers know that I'm taking a very long break from SL. I lost my SL mojo and I have no idea when it'll come back. If you're a designer and you offer me review copies please know that I won't be able to blog them and I apologize.

If you still want to talk to me you can add me on my plurk (I'll be there everyday) or send me an email (

Thanks for reading my blog and being so awesome! <3

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*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve Tops in Ombre

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*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Cool Ombre
Flutter-sleeve mesh tops are now up at *Perception* in-world and on the Marketplace.
*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Warm Ombre
The cool set includes Magical Dusk, Forest Royalty, Glacier, and Land&Sky. The warm set includes Sunset, Black Cherry, Tropical Flower, and Creamsicle. L$145 each or L$485 per fatpack of four.
Standard sizing with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Two alpha layer options are included, as well as full-perm alpha textures for ease in combining and customizing. Demos are available both in-world and on the marketplace.

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NEW: ivy. – Piercing Chai

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Heyas :) Here’s my newest release, available at XYRoom in September.. :3 enjoy your weekend <3 Also the Katanya Colours Pack will be available for 99L at the event only. Aaaand last but not least.. i will be opening my shiny, newnewnew mainstore in about two weeks.. along with cute new releases and stuff ^.^ i’m looking forward to showing you round :3 take care <3

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Restless Laurels…

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Just as us three Culprits were about to rest a wee bit on our laurels.. the fountains began to breed, and before too long, there were two more additions to the collection..

The pebbles had already left to take a spend a dirty weekend in the country (its Friday morning here.. so yes, they were a tad hasty) so our new arrivals sport cracked stone and mosaic..

Culprit Roman Wall Fountain (mesh)

A taste of the older, elegant life...
A deliciously cracked stone fountain with a delicate trickle of water falling into an emerald green basin of water below...

Land Impact 3
250L M/T

Culprit Mosaic Fountain (mesh)

Something a little larger, a little more simple while still being delightful. 2 levels of water, brushed by the breeze.. with a small central fountain spout.

Land Impact 5 (will change with resize up or down)
250 M/T

We are hoping that the pebbles return safe and sound .. (and hopefully bring souveniers..) as we have become rather fond of them already.  But for the next few days at least, us Culprits plan to stay on dry ground and hammer out a few land locked items =^^=
love and chikens
eku.… Read the rest

Culprits wet their mesh a little..

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Humps and I do so love our fountains and wet things...
So we decided to take the plunge and wet our mesh.

First I sent Humps out into the pouring rain .. armed with a brollie and wellies of course.. I am not that sadistic... and told him to gather up lots of river and beach stones.

I thought he would be a good boy and just load his pockets.. but no, he had to highjack a brewery horse and cart and bring back the whole of Brighton Beach..

I stayed at home warm and dry and hammered away at pretty granite .. stuck individual mosaics.. polished the bronzes .. while Yure went out to gather the freshest mountain spring water for our creations..

and here we have them...

Culprit Tsukubai

Artfully chizelled granite with gently lapping water.. resting on a slab of mossy stone with hand picked river stones (i sent Humps out for those.. it was bloodywell raining). Completed by a delicate bamboo water scoop.
Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans

Culprit Pebble Pond

Gorgeous coloured river stones in a lichen covered stone basin.… Read the rest