How I Became An Expert on Clothing

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Saving Money on the Fabric That You Need It isn’t easy to find good fabric. There are any number of stores that sell fabric, but no two are ever identical. As you are no doubt aware, though, it’s very important for you to find fabric that meets your needs. The truth is that your garments are only as strong as the fabric from which they are made. If you’re going to be purchasing wholesale fabric it’s important to evaluate your own expectations. You’ll want to consider durability, but you should also look at texture. Price is particularly relevant. Be aware that reliable fabric doesn’t need to cost a great deal of money. If you do your homework, you can find wholesale fabric that fits within your budget. As you may know, good fabric is actually very versatile. Event planners need fabric, but it can also be used by designers. You may want to go online if you are looking to buy something from a wholesale fabric retailer. There are a number of pages on the Internet that specialize in wholesale fabrics.… Read the rest



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⊁∔ ȽickinǤ yoƲr ƀȽooȡ ∔⊀

poses- ROQUAI's
hair-[NANI] Sweet.Peach (Hair Gacha) @Whimsical  ((NEW))
headphones-[The Forge] Phonics Headphones ((NEW))
eyepatch-[The Forge] Desolate Wasteland
pet head- *Drot* Resting Sphinx @Whimsical  ((NEW))
short-Moon Elixir - Vampy Corset Bodysuit
leg bag--DRD- Legpouch - Fully loaded RARE
tail--Dimensional-Mechanical Tail 3

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Opening Doors

So, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude these days.  In Second Life and in Real Life.  It has me thinking about doors.  Opening doors on the future, closing doors on the past.  Moving forward.  So that’s the theme of this post.   Lots of beautiful things to be had in SL these days.  I needed all new makeup for my new Catwa head, so I purchased the February Powder Pack Subscription Box.  Buying it before the deadline is 1/2 price – now it’s at full price.   I thought it was a good deal, gave me lots of cool make up for a low price.  Quality varies, so caveat emptor!  The shoes are from Livalle, and you really cannot beat the deal, which was a FATPACK for $50L for Fifty Linden Fridays.  You can view all my photos, past and present, on my Flickr account.  As usual outfit credits with SLurls are below. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Monso “Mitsuha”
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Makeup – okkbye (Powder Pack February = Babydoll Lashes)
Makeup – Pink Fuel (Powder Pack February = Lipstick applier; Juicy Drop)
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana Milky”
Eyebrows – League “Ella”
Eyes – Buzzeri “Elysium Winter”
Jewelry  – Purple Moon “Romanza Earrings -blue-”
Skirt and Matching Top – Indyra “Aubrey Knit Top & Skirt in Texas”
Handbag – S@BBiA Gatcha “Leather Circle Bag #05”
Shoes – Livalle (Read more...)

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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Homes

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The Benefits Of A Home Loan A home credit is a progress or money that is acquired from a cash related establishment to help an individual buy a home. There are numerous budgetary establishments who offer its customers with home credits at a loan cost to empower the people purchase a home for themselves and their families and they are regularly alluded to as home loans. Taking up a home loan so that one can be able to buy a home is deemed to have a couple of benefits to the individual in that it is considered as a cost effective way to buy a home this is because repayment of the loan is usually spread over a number of years hence this means that the individual can be able to make monthly repayments of the loan while they are in their own home as opposed to saving money so as to build a home as it is often considered as not being cost effective. One can likewise have the capacity to meet their family’s essential needs while reimbursing the home credit in the meantime this is on the grounds that an individual is required to pay a less measure of cash henceforth this implies the reimbursement mode is adaptable guaranteeing that the individual does not feel depleted fiscally.… Read the rest

Girl crush

Pose: Then I drift away - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Vanessa - Wasabi pills
Head: Tumble - Catwa
Skin: Ella - League
Eyes: Soul II - Banana banshee
Body: Lara - Maitreya

Dress: Corset dress - Coco
Wraps: Asling.wraps -

Waterfall glitter - Keke
Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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Giving up, giving in! (Super Bargains “N” Freebies).

This is an update on that super stunning dress from my last post.  I logged in late last night just to check this event out and it looked like every bloddy else had the same idea because the landing place was packed and so LAG HELL! So I just did a quick cam around, snagged the ivory dress, a few of the gifts and even bought 2 other 30lds before I gave up and logged off for the night. It was a lot quieter this morning so I naturally went click crazy BUT not just for the freebies but I actually ended up buying an awful lot of the 30Ld offers as well as trying my hand a few of the gachas.  A really nice mix of clothing, jewelry, home/garden decor, something for everyone. This is the FREE dress from Belle Epoque, you only get the one size but it looks like it’s a classic 1 size fits all. Just another picture of the amazing Junbug 30Ld dress.  I had to edit the picture in my last post as it was so dull but I love the way the window light on this sim hits those folds.  The skirt of the dress is classic ball gown in style but the bodice is a tight modern high neck look.  … Read the restxxxanniversaryuse

Shadow Puppets!!

The LookHair Truth Chair Group Gift FebTop Rebel Girl  Kelsey Mohair Jumper  @ Rewind EventWatch Kunst Corey Watch @ Kustom 9 Hands Vista Animations Bento Hands ProhandsPose Roquai Shadow Puppet Puppy with Light Requies Bento Hands 

Pose Roquai Shadow Puppet Bird w/Light  Requires Bento Hands

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igotdressed 2017-02-19 06:50:52

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hair TRUTH HAIR Delaney choker  Seul – Pearl Locket Choker – Silver @ Whimsical bag imbue. studded fringe bag – slate @ Whimsical top – RINKA – Rayne Top  @ Whimsical eyes LOTUS. Formation Eyes – 21 RARE@ Chapter 4 jeans Ricielli – Jeans Leggings boots Baiastice_Caty Python Ankle Boots-Pearl skin ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Summer meshhead.LeLutka.Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2  

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All on the cheap! ($7L – $75L)

Stars Fashion has a great offer on a new outfit for you – just $50L for the jeans & gorgeous little top! You get a Hud with four tones for the jeans and four tones for the top – brill! This is a limited time promotion so get yer skates on. Boots are from the Ricielli hunt, each prize is just $15L and there is a sign so you can see which you might want to find. I went for alllllllll the shooz! These are the “Allegra”boots, and you actually get two colours – so thats uhm – $7.5L per pair?! My hair is from the latest round of Whimsical, its by Doe and I absolutely adore it. $75L a pop, I won the pastels which had amongst others, this lully blonde shade, I also won the brown pack which I passed to Zan (because she’s so lovely awww). Whimsical Stars Fashion Ricielli
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Pure EVIL!

Drool over this.. How cruel in that you’re going to have to wait for the details for this, 30Lds, dress but it’s Sunday morning and my second cup of coffee hasn’t kicked in and I’m as rough as bulls lugs because one of my cats spent the best part of the night singing the song of his freaking people! Don’t panic as this isn’t a rush job as far as I know the event I scored this one from is new which means it was LAG HELL! Anyhow have a lovely Sunday morning, treat yourself to a big bowl of cereal and I will see you later.
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The Path To Finding Better Trends

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Guidelines on Purchasing Mens Belts Old fashion belts are no longer trendy these days, the more modern ones are what most people are after. These accessories are fashion statements which people use to improve their look. There are so many people who are after mens belts because of the amazing designs they usually have. When it comes to things like this, you really have a lot of things to ponder on. These accessories will improve your attire in more ways than one. While going for all kinds of fashion looks, you can use mens belts to keep your lose trousers in place. The ones made of leather are what people are usually after. You may want to purchase products from reputable manufacturers out there as well. Give them a try because they will definitely help enhance your look. While these are mainly for men, women can also go for them as well. They have to go for the smaller sizes as this is usually what fits them more. You have to consider the size of the belt and how proportional it is to your body.… Read the rest

Interesting Research on Fashions – What You Didn’t Know

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Choose the Best Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver accessories are some of the bestselling jewelry on the market today. The term sterling was first coined during the early English period. The word by that time meant a little star which was spelled as steorling. From the year nineteen fifty, the metal shook the jewelry industry with its rising market and up to date it has a broad market to purchase its accessories. If you feel like, you can still call silver standard. Silver dominates the composition of the sterling metal with the others coming in minuscule percentages. For greater usefulness and tangibility, sterling jewelry has a tiny percentage of other metals other than silver. Most of the alloy is the copper metal. The percentage of silver metal in the sterling silver jewelry is the largest. When silver is mixed with gold the accessory made is the one known as the “gold over sterling” jewelry. As much as the standard silver jewelry is a bit affordable than the white gold accessories, the look is much the same.… Read the rest

Looking On The Bright Side of Presents

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Unique Gift Ideas for Men: Novelty Socks A man has a significant role both in the home and the society as well. As such, they experience lots of stress during the day which often causes restless nights. He may be working as a manager of a business, in the construction industry, or saving lives as a policeman or firefighter. Additionally, being a father comes with added responsibilities. For this reason, It is obvious that the men in our lives deserves nothing but the best. They work hard all year round just to give everything for us. Because they deserve something special; you must give them a gift that speaks for itself. Novelty socks make an excellent gift for any man on all kinds of occasion. Today, various fashion designers have brought a revolutionary in socks and other accessories for men. The good thing is that there are cool socks for men to suit every type of personality imaginable.
The Best Advice on Presents I’ve found
A pair of socks is a suitable gift for any man.… Read the rest

The Seraphim Yardsale is preparing for a new round!

Back by popular demand…the Seraphim Yardsale! The group is now open to join for the March 2017 round. The rules are below. If you would like to join the group, please copy the following code and paste it into your local chat window in-world. It will provide you a link to click on that will let you join the group. We are looking forward to another exciting round!!


Please be certain you have read and understood to rules before joining the group. Seraphim maintains a no-refund policy.

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Taking a walk

Seriously, this week has been awesome. Despite post surgery stuff, sleeping lots and feeling pretty meh on and off, the opportunity to have a week to myself with no place to go except SL, to explore and rediscover and actually for the first time in months really enjoying myself again while doing so is pretty great!
Today I went to this beautiful sim, Le Sixieme Sens, for a bit of exploring, and while the name is French, the landscape is definitely Tuscan. Sunflowers and poppies covering gentle hillsides, a desolate old Rustica amidst vines and thick, centuries old olive trees take me straight back to the area around Arezzo and Siena. For the walk I am wearing: Hair Delaney by Truth
Mesh head Simone 2.4 by LeLutka
Facial applier Thabita by Glam Affair
Mikael glasses by Balaclava
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Paddington sweater by Alt by Truth
Romanoff denim skirt by Emery
Boho scarf by Petite Mort
Kismet overknee socks by Luxuria
Hax combat boots by Livalle (Look how awesome those are!!)

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This Land was made for You and Me

Spring is in the air! Don’t you just love this time of year?! I am going to have 8192 sq m of land available on Lo Lo coming March 1st. It could possibly be made into larger parcel. Currently you will get 2500 prims with the land. Message Caroline Apollo or stop by the sim … Continue reading This Land was made for You and Me

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NEW–Crack Skull Tattoo

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**Urban Street New**
Crack Skull TattooEvent--Suicide DollzLM --> @Suicide Dollz

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How I Became An Expert on Trends

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Examples Of Lingerie These fashionable and good-looking lady’s undergarments are called Lingerie. Lingerie undergarments normally use certain material to make them. These materials can include elastic, absolute stretchy, or decorative material equal to polyester, satin, nylon and lace. Certain synthetic or cotton undergarments are also lingerie. The perception of lingerie as a visually attractive undergarment was first developed during the late in the recent century. A certain lady from Lucile was a pioneer at coming up with lingerie that freed women from more restrictive corsets. In the first half of this century of coming up with the lingerie, ladies wore underwear for particular prime reasons, to alter their shape outwardly, for hygienic reasons or for modesty. Ahead of the discovery of crinoline, women’s pants were often very bulky and large. During this late century, corsets became astringent, smaller and less bulky.… Read the rest

Study: My Understanding of Cars

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Things to Know About Salvaged Cars for Sale If you are a person who is really conscious regarding the expenses and you are searching for a car, then you may look for the brand-new car or a fantastic secondhand vehicle, depending on your budget and preference. When such options seem out of reach for you, then there is such financial option of the salvaged auction cars for sale which include accident damaged vehicles. This is best for the people who would relish the challenge to make money from nothing. Damaged motorcars are among the cheapest vehicles available that you can select from in the marketplaces currently. Newfangled motorcar would lose a triple less than the worth when such is driven on the road for the first time. Moreover, the accident damaged cars for sale have really lost a big majority of the market price for several years of torment or after a certain unpleasant incident. Value is really proportional to the things which are performed on the damaged car.… Read the rest

What I Like #1

Without making promises about frequency or regularity, WHAT I LIKE is back. Gothic Queen by Mononoke I like this head shot by Tarja Haven called Gothic Queen. It’s a great use of shadow and darkness to create a mood and highlight her face. The angle she holds her head makes the shot more intriguing and the way the sunglasses fade into the shadow adds mystery and intrigue. 3445 by Tamary I love how this picture from tᾳḿἀṙỵ+++ tells a story of sight-seeing in the city. The composition is intriguing because he is blurred. The focal point is her and depth of field makes that clear. If we didn’t already know she was the focal point, we could tell because the cat and the man are looking at her. She’s also placed by the rule of thirds. It’s all about her, but we only catch a bit of her, the cropping, though deliberate, suggests a snap capturing a fleeting moment, not the painstaking posing that goes into composing a screenshot so perfectly executed as this.… Read the restGothic Queen - Mononoke
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