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Get Wicked!

The Wicked Peach has some seriously wicked makeups at some awesome events just waiting to jump into your inventory and onto your face.

Raider - with four styles in three colours (Earth, Black and White) in each one, you will have fun at the Gorean Gacha collecting them all!  Skin - Eva TLC 08 from Belleza, Hair - Fiona from Analog Dog.

Black Magic eye-makeup and Onyx mani/pedi - stunning makeups and nails are waiting for you at the Black Fashion Fair, opening April 17th, so get ready to look amazing!

Virtuous - stunning eye makeups available now at The Countdown Room.

Amadeus - intriguing and colourful makeups evoking visions of days long ago.  They are waiting for you at the Kawaii Project.

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April 2015
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Grab your bestie and have fun with some fabulous poses just perfect for some girly time and be sure to go shopping at Klepsydra to find some yummy stuff to wear!

Lacy Panties and Princess Tiara from Klepsydra - both these cute items are dollarbie gifts instore now.  Swing by and snap them up before they disappear.  Beautiful Feeling pose from Ma Vie - at the Pose Fair now!

Victoria Dress and Lorelei Dress from Klepsydra - two gorgeous long dresses sure to sizzle this season.  Victoria is full mesh and Lorelei is partial mesh with system and applier layers for the top.  Ivy & Neet pose from Ma Vie - available at the Pose Fair.

Angie Top and Zenaida Skirt and Lilly Top and Lilly Skirt from Klepsydra - another dollarbie is the super cute Zenaida Skirt, so while you are there grabbing it, pick up a super sexy top to go with it and check out the Lilly tops and skirts and add to your wardrobe for the new season.  Strength pose from Ma Vie - at the Pose Fair now.… Read the rest

Heating Up Spring

It's another one of my infamous catch up posts with some gorgeous new stuff from some fabulous stores and events.  Enjoy shopping and adding to your bulging inventory!

Hanky Panky from Blacklace - grab this uber sexy set at a special price now and stun your loved one when you slip into it for them.  Skin - Eva from Belleza, Hair - Fiona from Analog Dog.

Absinthe Dress from GizzA Creations - coming soon to the Black Fashion Fair is this sexy dress that comes with a HUD to change the lining colour.  Look for it when the fair opens April 17th.  Skin - Eva from Belleza, Hair - Rose from Wasabi Pills.

Absinthe Dress and Leggings from GizzA Creations - also at the Black Fashion Fair is another version that comes with leggings as well as the HUDs for changing the lining.  Skin - Eva from Belleza, Hair - Things from Magika.

Boho Dress from Tentacio - flowing and gorgeous, this dress is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe for this season.… Read the rest

Eva Forever

Out now at The Liaison Collaborative is an old favourite from Belleza, but in glamorous new makeups fresh for the new season!

Welcome back Eva, one of Belleza's most gorgeous skins.  It is available in three skin tones - Pale, Medium and Sunkissed.

The eight makeups are the simply stunning and so fresh for the new Spring season, and like me, will be unable to choose a favourite.

As always, hairbases, brow colours, cleavage, blush and lips in matte and gloss are included.  Also for sale at the event is the Eva shape (not shown), just perfect to go with your new yummy skins. 

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Yummy Event Goodness

Once again its time to share goodies from some of the events going on right now, so be sure to check them out and enjoy the amazing stuff our creators have waiting for you.

Skull Post from Stockholm & Lima and Eli Dress from Peqe - play for both at the Gorean Gacha event now!!!
Satire from Haste - headpiece, cuffs, bracelets and top, play for them in several metals at the Gorean Gacha.
Teddy from Haste - grab it now at the mainstore before Romp finishes for this month.
Spiked Leather Jacket from GizzA Creations - available in eight colours with a HUD to change the Tee colour, you will find this at On9 now.
Marisa Headpiece from Bauhaus Movement - gorgeous blossoms and ribbons make up a stunning accessory to complete any look.  Find it now in a choice of colours at The Season's Story.

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To Infiniti and….Rawr!

It's almost time for The Pose Fair and I am super excited about that!  Here's a preview of the goodies waiting there for you from Infiniti Poses.

Never Letting Go - Some people you will just follow wherever they will lead you, so why not have the pose to show it.  Look for it at the Infiniti Mainstore.

Servitude - Cos sometimes being on your knees is just so yummy!  Look for this pose at The Pose Fair, opening April 11th.  Cuffs my own.

Wrap Me Up - This has to be my favourite pose ever.  Sweet, loving and just a little bit naughty, its the perfect pose for sharing with the one you love.  It can also be found at The Pose Fair.

Long Day Chair - A must have for your pose/prop collection is this awesome chair that comes with 15 built in poses, and you can also change the wood and cushion textures to suit your decor and picture needs.  Look for it at The Pose Fair.

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Beautify Yourself!

It's time to show off a few more goodies from two awesome events just opened that are sure to beautify yourself and SL.

Pretty Reckless I from Tableau Vivant - this gorgeous unisex style is available in two versions, frizzy and standard colour HUDs now at Collabor88.  Skin - Tess from Belleza

Pretty Reckless II from Tableau Vivant - another gorgeous style available now at Collabor88 that you are sure to love.  Skin - Tara from Belleza

Cocktails Mani/Pedi from The Wicked Peach - add some glam to your nails with these stunning polishes for your Slink, Belleza and Maitreya hands.  You will find them at On9.  Skin - Jia from Belleza

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Gorgeous Goodies!

Here are some more gorgeous new items out now, either in store or at one of my favourite events.  Be sure to check them out and love them as much as I do!

Emilia Dress from DE Designs - with versions for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and System bodies, this is a sexy dress available in six colours and includes a HUD to change zipper and lace colours.  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Ravish Lingerie from Blacklace - if you need a reason to join the Blacklace Group, this is it!  It's the latest group gift available now!  It comes with five colours and mesh body appliers.  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Celestine Gown from Gauze - its a gown with a difference and includes underwear appliers for your mesh body...

...and it looks amazing from the back too!  Grab it now at We <3 Role Play!  Skin - Tess from Belleza, Hair - Iola I from Elua.

Sleep Under the Stars Bed from May's Soul - whether you have it inside or hanging from a tree in your yard, this is an amazing bed that comes with single sleep, romantic couple and sexytimes anims,  Check it out now at We <3 Role Play.… Read the rest

Get Eventing!

Its a new month and all the events are starting up again with come great stuff just waiting for yo uto add it to your inventory and your SLife.

Wild Fur Coat and Wild Panties (sold seperately) from !gO! - available now at We <3 Role Play
Namiriel hair from Tableau Vivant and Leaf Armour from Una - available now at We <3 Role Play
The Duchess makeup from The Wicked Peach and Sweetpea Collar from Noodles - available at We <3 Role Play
Melanie Outfit from GizzA Creations and Lapis hair from Elua - available at The Chapter Four
Mokuzai hair from Tableau Vivant - available now at Xiasumi School Festival

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Really Cool Stuff

Its incredibly hard coming up with blog titles sometimes, and I admit its a thing I am failing bigtime at.  However, the stuff I am showing off today is awesome and definitely not a fail in any sense of the word!

Lysistrata from GizzA Creations - a sexy outfit to play for in a gacha, available in gold and silver, coming soon to The Chapter Four.
Draped Dress from GizzA Creations - available in packs including two colours, this is gorgeous.
Chain Top from Haste - available in a choice of metals, out now at faMESHed.
Heart Tank Top from Haste - available in a choice of colours at Xiasumi School Fair, opening April 4th.
Camille Skirt from DE Designs - a super cute skirt available in plaid, leather or fabrics with four colours in each pack at a super special price.

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Belleza’s Beautiful Beth

A favourite mini release at a few events, Belleza has now released a full version of Beth, and its just gorgeous!

Beth is available in all the standard Belleza tones and works perfectly with your Venus body!  Above Tan.  Hair - Glass Leaf from Little Bones

There's ten gorgeous makeups to try to choose between, or give in and grab the fatpack and have them all!

Also included are all the layers you have come to expect from Belleza (cleavage, hairbase, freckles, blush and lipsticks in matte and gloss) as well as brow colours.  Be sure to demo the new Beth skins now!  Hair - Friday from Magika

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Gorgeous New Goodies!

Just got time for a very quick catch up post today with goodies from skins to jewellry and lingerie, and they are all super gorgeous!

Jia skin from Belleza - available now at Uber
Jia is available in three skin tones - Pale, Medium and Sunkissed - and eight gorgeous makeups.

It comes with a choice of brow colours, gloss and matte lipstick versions, cleavage, hairbases and cleavage layers.  It's just gorgeous.

Mrs Hill Skirt and Nanny Necklace from Bauhaus Movement - available now at Shiny Shabby

Lisa Lingerie from DE Designs - available in a choice of colours with appliers for your mesh bodies.

Cotton Candy Lingerie from Blacklace - this week's TGIF, save big now!

Chelsea skin and Eyeshadows and Lipsticks from Adam n Eve - available now at The Skin Fair

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More Event Shopping

Its time for another quick event round up with some great stuff out now at some of my favourite events.

Boho hair (frizzy) from Tableau Vivant - available in two versions, plain and frizzy, this style will bring some boho chic to your SL.  Add the Good Feeling Long Dress from BCC and you have a gorgeous look you are sure to love.  Both are available at Shiny Shabby.

Cara Dress from GizzA Creations - gorgeous and lacey, this dress will bring out the girly side of anyone and you will adore the choice of colours available now at Shiny Shabby.

Mae Lingerie from Lacuna - with appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza bodies, as well as your Lolas and system bodies, this lingerie brings some rockabilly sexy back to your special moments.  Its available in a ton of colours at My Attic.

Succubus Eyemake from The Wicked Peach - with eight stunning makeups in this pack, you will bring out your inner succubus, and he will love it!  It's out now at The Fantasy Collective.… Read the rest

On The !gO!

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Its not a new store to me, but a fairly new one I am sharing through my blog, so I thought I would do a little showcase of some of my favourite items from a favourite store of mine - !gO!

Naughty Chemise - sexy and a little bit naughty and available in a range of stunning colours.

Bohemian Bride - a gorgeous and simple bridal dress available in a choice of colours and does come with a veil, but I chose to go with the one for the hair I am wearing instead.

Khaleesi Dress - yes its almost Game of Thrones time again and I'll be ready in this stunning dress...just need some dragons!

Jasmin Dress - I'm in love with this dress...the lacey fabric, the fit, how adorable I look in it - what's not to love?  You'll love it too!

Steffi Dress - stylish and elegant, this is a dress you can slip into and dress up or down for any occasion.

Bess Dress - you could almost be a ballerina in this adorable dress or just look amazing.  It will become a firm fave and always have you looking your best.… Read the rest

A Yummy Smorgasbord

A quick top up tonight of some great new releases from some great stores out now!  There's bound to be something you will love adding to your wardrobe!

Army Denim Dress from GizzA Creations - available in four denim colours.
Rena Jeans from DE Designs - available in five denims, fits for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and system bodies and a HUD to change the back poket design.
Human Overalls and Human Belt (sold seperately) from !gO! - available in a choice of colours at The Secret Affair.
Venus from !gO! - available in several colours.
Kaorinette Corset from Tentacio - available in five fabrics at IDK.

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I Love Event Shopping!

It's a great time to break out the wallet and hit the fabulous events and stores and snap up some gorgeous new stuff out now!

Erin Shirt and Girl Scout Kilt from !gO! at their mainstore and Nora hair from Entwined at The Secret Affair.
High Panties Silk Skirt from Zenith at The Secret Affair.
Faux Dreads, Fringe Leather Collar and Leather Skinnies from Tableau Vivant at The Secret Affair.
Riveria Swimsuit from Haste at The Liaison Collaborative and Lavender hair from Little Bones at The Secret Affair.
Viky Shirt from Tentacio at Kustom 9 and Lavender hair from Little Bones at The Secret Affair.
Sheer Dress from Pixicat at Kustom 9.

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Another Quicky!

Just doing a quick post today with a couple of yummy goodies that are gorgeous and well worth checking out.

Pansy Sweater and Pansy Skirt from !gO! - super elegant with a dash of sexy, this sweater and skirt will dress up your look and have you looking amazing.  They are sold separately and in a selection of colours, so you can mix and match or go solid.

Laila Dress from GizzA Creations - cute but with just the right amount of spice, this adorable dress comes in four colour packs with two dresses in each one.

It's a Sin Makeup from The Wicked Peach - the seven deadly sins are loose at The Countdown Room this month and you can snap up a gorgeous pack of sinful makeups that have all seven represented.  They come in a full, brows only and makeup only versions so you can decide how you want to look.

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Catching Up Again

I'm playing catch up yet again with some great stuff from some amazing stores and events out on the grid now.  They are well worth a look and adding to your inventory.

Sherilyn hair (Frizzy) from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88Alice Lovely Day 04 skin from Glam Affair at Collabor88
Sherilyn hair from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88Alice Lovely Day 06 skin from Glam Affair at Collabor88
Kirsty Lingerie from Blacklace
Louise Heels from Ingenue at The ArcadeLady in the Moon from AncLtd at The ArcadePrimavera in Toscana Chest from 8f8 at The ArcadeSpring Reading from Dust Bunny at The ArcadeKitty Artisan Cookie Jar from Lost Junction at The Arcade
Shaleene Flats from Pure Poison at The ArcadeHeadband Antlers from Ariskea at The ArcadeForgotten Bed from Tarte at The ArcadeRaincloud Light from Tarte at The ArcadePlate of Desserts from Erratic at The Arcade

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Skin Fair – Belleza

The Skin Fair opens in less than a week and it's always full of sexy new looks and skins from your favourite skin makers.  Here's a quick preview of the new skin coming to the fair from Belleza.

Available in all skin tones, Tess is a stunning fresh face perfect for the new season.  Above - Sunkissed 07.

Tess comes in 10 gorgeous makeups and includes a variety of brow colours, layers for cleavage, hairbase, blush, freckles, moles and lipsticks in matte and gloss.

If you make it to the fair, be sure to demo this skin!  It's well worth battling the crowds for!

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Event Catchup Post!

I'm having a massive event catch up post today.  There's just so much on and so much good stuff begging to find a home in your inventory that you will go totally nuts and buy all the stuff!  Or should anyway!

Fur - Fur Stole from GizzA CreationsHeadband - Pot Pourri Headband (rare) from Ariskea at The ArcadeHair - Iola 2 from Elua at The Chapter FourShoes - Chantal Leather from Just Design at The Chapter FourChair - Primavera in Toscana Armchair from 8f8 at The ArcadeBooks - Garden Old Book from AncLtd at The ArcadeRose - Garden Rose from AncLtd at The ArcadeRug - Kicked Rug from Tarte at The Arcade
Dress - Glimmer Cocktail Dress from BlacklaceHair - Iola 1 from Elua at The Chapter Four
Dress - Louisa Dress from GizzA Creations at The Chapter FourHair - Clio from Tableau Vivant at We <3 Role Play
Lingerie - Paula Lingerie from DE DesignsAccessories - Japanese Treasures from May's Soul at We <3 Role Play
Gown - Mirel from Peqe at We <3 Role Play
Shoes - Reishy Sandals from May's Soul at The Fantasy RoomHair - Calliope from Tableau Vivant at We <3 Role Play

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