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Gorgeous Newness For You.

Time for a quick few new releases which are sure to make you smile, or will make excellent Xmas presents for your loved ones! Lula Jacket and Lula Pants from GizzA Creations – the jacket comes in six colours and there’s a HUD to change the shirt textur…

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Gorgeous Goodies for the Season!

It’s Xmas gift time at Belleza and for group members there are two gorgeous skins for her and two sexy skins for him!  Its always well worth the price of joining this group for the gifties you receive, so check the group notices or pop instore to …

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Winter Goodness from Rack and Haste

Just a quick post full of fabulous stuff from Rack Poses and Haste at a couple of wintery events.  Make sure you check them out soon!Winter Faun from Rack Poses – coming soon to the Mid Winter Fair, these gacha poses are perfect for some whimsical…

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To Infiniti….and GizzA…

A gorgeous gown and fun poses – both perfect for this time of year.  Have some seasonal fun and look stunning while you do it!Griselda Formal Dress from GizzA Creations – a super sexy strapless, low back gown perfect for your holiday parties, or w…

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So Much Gorgeousness!

Got another catchup post today with some absolutely stunning goodies from some great stores and events, so snatch up your lindens and enjoy your shopping! Mae skin from Belleza – back for this round of The Liaison Collaborative, this gorgeous skin is o…

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Skating Into Winter

It’s almost time for the new round of The Liaison Collaborative and Rack Poses has teamed up with Ispachi to bring you some awesome skating poses perfect for these wonderful winter days and pictures!  Look for this great event opening soon!Let’s S…

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I Suck at Blog Titles

Time for some gorgeous new releases and a couple of sexy freebies all waiting to jump into your inventory now!Tyrell Dress from May’s Soul – comes in 5 colours with two versions in each one – patterned and solid available at Tales of FantasyElven …

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Just a Quicky!

I’m sharing two fabulous releases from two fabulous stores tonight just as a quicky before bedtime!Julie Dress from DE Designs – available in four solid colours as well as a multipack with fits for Slink and Belleza bodies, as well as the standard SL o…

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Obsessed About Slink

Its another month and another round of My Slink Obsession has started.  Once again it is full of goodies for your Slink body parts.  Here’s a look at some of the goodies just waiting for you.Folded from Miamai – available in six colours with …

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Getting Ready for Xmas

Christmas is coming fast and if you enjoy decorating you Second Life as much as you do your first life, then check out some of these fabulous goodies bound to make your second Xmas as stunning as your first!Tree Light Picture from Kaerri – available at…

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Looking Good with Tableau and GizzA

Here’s a few goodies from some fabulous events on at the moment.  A stunning dress and some fabulous hair you will just adore!Lolita Dress from GizzA Creations – available in three fabric packs (pastels, florals and denims) with a HUD included for…

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A Blacklace Xmas

Blacklace has released some stunning lingerie for the Christmas season sure to dazzle and delight both you and your loved one this sexy silly season!Symphony – a sexy set available at the Winter Trend FairAll Strung Up For You – this week’s TGIF specia…

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Loving Role Play!

It’s time for another round of We <3 Role Play.  It’s chock full of wonderful clothing, accessories, poses and more for enhancing your Second Life with everything you need to bring out your creative side and have some fun!Bess Dress from !Go!Sn…

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Great New Stuff!

Time for another grab bag of goodies from a few amazing stores sure to make your SL so much hotter…which is good in this wintery season…and least its wintery in SL.  Here in the Southern Hemisphere its warming up quite nicely!Heidi Lingerie fr…

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Yummies for Winter

Today I’m previewing some great stuff – a new release from GizzA Creations and some fabulous goodies coming soon to the Winter Trends Fair which opens December 5th.Asymmetric Leather Tank and Snakeskin Leggings from GizzA Creations – Both come in a ran…

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The Arcade Preview 2

I’m sneaking in another sneak peek at more goodies from The Arcade’s December round.  Get ready, cos its not long now until it opens!Choreographer (jacket, leotard and violin) from TentacioWoodland Wonderland Peacoat, Fur Muff, Bunny Bag and Kitte…

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The Arcade Preview 1

It’s almost Arcade time again and everyone is gearing up for the madness of gacha, yardsales and empty linden balances!  Here’s a few of the goodies waiting for you to play for them!  More to come…Leigh skins from The SkinnerySelenia hair f…

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DE and Belleza Hotness!

Today I am taking a sneak peek at the new skin coming to Uber from Belleza, and two sexy new dresses from DE Designs, all sure to heat up the grid!!!Eva from Belleza – coming soon to the next round of Uber!  This stunning skin is available in Pale…

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In The Kitchen With BadEddy

On 25th November 2014 · By Jordan Whitt · With Leave a comment
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BadEddy has been at it again and this time has a kitchen perfect for your home and chock full of animations to make cooking so much more fun.So nice of him to relax with a cold one while you do all the hard work……but there is always time for a quic…

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Quicky Grab Bag Catchup Post

Yes its another catch up post filled with goodies from some fabulous stores, goodies you are sure to need in your lives.  Be sure to check them out and add some fun and sexiness to your second life soon.Celestial Dark eye makeup from The Wicked Pe…

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