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gO For Gorgeous!

Just a quickie with the gorgeous new releases from !gO! that you neeeeeed in your Second Life!

Dryad - this stunning top and skirt will bring out your inner nymph and add a touch of magic to your SL.  It is out in three versions now at The Fantasy Collective.  Hair - Lola from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Lila Bikini and Lila Shirt - sold separately, these come in a range of colours for you to have fun mixing and matching to create your favourite summer look.  Look for them in the !gO! Mainstore now, with one colour at 50% off for a limited time.  Hair - Tomoe from Argrace.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

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Unleash Your Fantasy!

The Fantasy Collective is here again chock full of gorgeous and creative stuff sure to add some magic to your SL.  Be sure to check it out asap and indulge your fantasies.

Harness - Ashie from HasteTattoo - Paziah from ThingsHorns - Jewelled Arachnid Horns from La BicheWings - Galaxy Fairy Wings from La BicheButterflies - Pet Butterflies from TightHair - Ella from Entwined
Dress - Dark Nymph from Valentina EJewelry - Romana from UnaHair - Ella from Entwined
Wearing - Beriawen Tunic and Skirt from SenzafineNecklace - Necklace Fea from Salt & PepperBow - Heartseeker Bow from The ForgeHair - Ella from Entwined
Top - Emilia Top from LazybonesSkirt - Native Leather Skirt from YasumHair - Ella from Entwined

Dress - Ellaria Dress from Dead DollzJewelry - Leafs Headpiece and Bracelets from ClockhausHair - Ella from Entwined
Wearing - Woodland Gypsy Dress & Cuffs from Cellar DoorHair - Ella from Entwined

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Uber Amber!

Belleza has released a gorgeous new skin and you will find it out now at this month's round of Uber.

Amber is just stunning and is available in two skin tones - medium and sunkissed.  Be sure to grab a demo and try out this skin asap!  Hair - Suffer Well from Magika.

It comes in six delicious makeups and includes eight brow colours, hairbases, matte and gloss lipsticks, blush and cleavage options.

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There are some truly epic events going on right now and fabulous goodies waiting for you to add them to your collection.  be sure you don't miss out!

Madelyn Dress from GizzA Creations - this super cute dress comes in four solid colours and two patterned and is just yummy!  Hair - Fabiola from Tukinowaguma.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Cake Gown from Peqe - a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe and comes in six great colours.  Look for it now at No21.  Hair - Walking on Sunshine from Exile.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.
Isabeau Dress from Dead Dollz - sexy, yet demure, this lovely dress comes in eight colours.  You will find it, along with the Koca Hair from Tableau Vivant at Shiny Shabby.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Koca Hair from Tableau Vivant - this hair, also worn in the pic above this one, comes with hat and no hat versions.  There is also a 10 colour texture HUD for the hat.  Its out now at Shiny Shabby.… Read the rest

Rocking in 2.0 Five!

Have you discovered 2.0 FIVE yet?  Well if you are a Ducknipple fan you will know it, if not, well get ready to meet a new great store to shop in!

Pully Tank and Adri Skirt - both come in standard mesh sizes and include a five colour change HUD.  Hair - Lola from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Ingrid Jacket and Mini Shorts - the jacket and shirt can be worn seperately, come in standard mesh sizes and includes a five colour change HUD for the shirt.  The shorts have a five denim colour change HUD.  Hair - Lola from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza. 

Sofia Romper - a cute playful outfit that includes a five colour change HUD and comes in the standard mesh sizes.  Hair - Lola from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Mari Bikini - a great fitting bikini in the standard mesh sizes and has five colour options via the HUD.  Hair - Kinsley from Truth.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Marilyn Bikini - a retro inspired bikini with five colour options via HUD and the stadard mesh sizes.… Read the rest

A Shiny Shabby Epiphany!

It's almost time for the next round of Shiny Shabby, and White Widow has a gorgeous new tattoo releasing there that is just stunning, but while you wait, hit The Epiphany and play the gachas for the gorgeous stuff from Haste.

Tesis Tattoo from White Widow - a stunning tattoo covering the front and back of the torso, hips and bands around the thighs.  It comes in two version - black and white, and works with mesh bodies/appliers, as well as system bodies.

You will find this gorgeous tattoo at the next round of Shiny Shabby, opening soon.  Hair - Noah (top) and Lapis (above) from Elua.  Skin - Amelia from Belleza.

Colbie Bikini, Colbie Bracelets and Colbie Armbands from Haste - get playing the gacha at The Epiphany and you can collect all the parts of this great set.

Colbie Coverup from Haste - this super sexy rare comes with HUDs for colour changing to match your mood.

Colbie Harness from Haste - now if you don't know how The Epiphany works, well its like a normal gacha but with one exception.… Read the rest

Go Gladiator at The Secret Affair!

The Secret Affair has gone back to a time when the ancient Gods were worshipped and gladiators were the superstars of the day.  Be sure to stop in and enjoy a blast from the very distant past.

Roman Tunic from Cellar Door - a sexy tunic in a choice of colours that comes with the leggings.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.

Antiope from !gO! - bring out your inner slave girl or warrior with this uber sexy set.  Hair - Hortensia from Tableau Vivant,  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.

Minerva Set from May's Soul - this set can be worn on the back, or separately with the spear on the back and shield in hand.  Hair - Miriam from Elua.

Aphrodite (gacha item) from Aisling - I swear these gachas see me coming and chortle in glee.  This set comes in three colour versions and has two rares - head and chest pieces, and three common pieces in each colour - bracelets, bra and panties/belt.  Hair - Hotaru from Argrace.  Skin - Cassia from Glam Affair.Read the rest

Hot New Stuff!

There's some yummy new stuff out from two amazing stores sure to make you look incredible and feel great when you wear it.

Beth Lace Tank and Fala Skirt from DE Designs - the tank comes in seven colours and has appliers for mesh bodies.  The skirts come in three packs - leather, fabric and plaid - and includes a HUD with four colour options.

The tank looks even better from the back too!  Hair - Birthday Babe from Rezology.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Tiffany Romper and Tribal Set from GizzA Creations - this sexy romper comes in ten colours and includes a belt with six colour/two metal options via HUD.  The jewelry set includes a four leather/two metal colour HUD so you can mix and match and create your own look.  Hair - Uriza from Elua.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Sidney Blazer Set from GizzA Creations - this gorgeous set includes 15 shirt colours via HUD and comes in six colour sets.  Hair - Uriza from Elua.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.Read the rest

More Hair Fair Faves

Here's just a couple more of my favourite hairs from this year's Hair Fair.  There's just so many there that I'm sure you have your faves too!

Cynthia from enVogue.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.
Inna - a gift from enVogue at the Hair Fair.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.
Tomoe from Argrace.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.
Sono from Argrace.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.
Anise from Wasabi Pills.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.
Pepper - a gift from Wasabi Pills at the Hair Fair.  Skin - Katra from Glam Affair.

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My Hair Fair Faves 1

There are some truly epic hairs at the Hair Fair this year.  Here's a look at a few of my favourites that I can't live without, and maybe they are on your "must have" list too!

Siren's Call from Exile.  Skin - Sia from Glam Affair.
Walking on Sunshine from Exile.  Skin - Sia from Glam Affair.
Jill - free gift from Exile only at the Hair Fair.  Skin - Sia from Glam Affair.
Crave You from Lamb.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.
Cosmos from Little Bones.  Skin - Brandi from Glam Affair.
Grace from Mina.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.
No Trouble from No Match.  Skin - Grazia from Glam Affair.

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Amacci at the Hair Fair

Have you hit the Hair Fair yet?  If not, here's the goodies waiting there for you from Amacci!

Amelie - a super gorgeous updo that you are sure to fall in love with.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Desire - another gorgeous updo with two versions included, side swept bangs and straight across.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Alva - this stunningly classic hair knot (with hairbase) is the free gift waiting at the Amacci store to celebrate 10 years of Hair Fairing!  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Maud - a perfect flowing down style great for the summer.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Jasmine - this cute ponytail comes as an attachment with hairbases.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Aurora - this ponytail style comes with two versions, side bangs and straight.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

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Tableau Vivant at Hair Fair

The Hair Fair has opened and is full of gorgeous hair to add to your collection.  Here's a preview of hairs from Tableau Vivant that you will find waiting for you there.

Last Train Home - This uber hot style comes in male and female versions and is just yum!  Try the demo and check out the new textures and colour HUDs now!  Skin - Summer V3 from Glam Affair.

Ten - if you like your hair straight and sleek, then this is the one for you.  It also comes in male and female versions.  Skin - Summer V3 from Glam Affair.

Cara - a long flowing style with top knot, this is a style sure to impress.  It includes a "svelte guy" version too.  Skin - Summer V3 from Glam Affair.

Scarlett - this glam chignon includes two versions...with the big hat...  Skin - Alice Lovely Day from Glam Affair.

...and without.  Either way you wear it, it's fabulous.  Skin - Alice Lovely Day from Glam Affair.

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Ducknipple Shoes!

Ducknipple doesn't just have awesome clothing, but also some amazing shoes!  These shoes work with Slink feet and some also of the mesh body ones, so be sure to check carefully before buying.

West Heels - these sexy heels include a 12 colour HUD to change the straps and the base of the shoes.  Hair - Suzuna from Argrace.

Macca Heels - cute ankle boot heels with a woven texture and 12 colour HUD.  Hair - Saki from Argrace.

Raider Heels - gorgeous strapped shoes with deadly heels and a 12 colour change HUD.  Hair - Suzuna from Argrace.

North Heels - intricate weaving decorates these heels which you can mix up with the 12 colour change HUD>  Hair - Haruka from Argrace.

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Gorgeous Newness from White Widow

I am just in awe of the gorgeous tattoos coming from White Widow lately.  They are not only stunning works of art, but they work with the mesh bodies too.  Here's the latest releases from this amazing store, alone with the yummy new Tableau Vivant hair.  Check these out as soon as you can!

Belle Eye Makeups - these can be worn with or without eyeshadow, are compatible with mesh heads and come with five colours!  You will find these now out at On9.  The gorgeous hair is Marea from Tableau Vivant and is out now at Collabor88.  Skin - Amelia 00 with 01 Lipstick.

Tombstone - another awesome tattoo in versions for him and her, also compatible with mesh bodies...

...which looks just as good from the back too.  It is out now at anyBODY.   Hair - Sheena from Lelutka.  Skin - Amelia 07 from Belleza.

Insidious - this stunning tattoo comes in versions for him and her, is compatible with mesh bodies and will be available at The Wizarding Faire, opening July 12th.… Read the rest

My Slink Physique Obsession!

My Slink Obsession has opened its doors and is full of great stuff for your Slink hands, feet, bodies and heads.  If you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you drop by and snap up some goodies soon!  Until then, here's some fab stuff for the Slink Physique body.

Lovestruck Dress from Has Been - this cute dress has a fit for the Physique body and HUD with 18 colours for mixing up five dress parts.  Hair - Akami from Argrace.  Skin - Isla from League.

Cranial Trim Top from Somnia - this top comes in two versions - lights and dark, and each one had a HUD with eight colours.  Hair - Needles from Little Bones.  Skin - Isla from League.

Floral Bikini from Hopscotch - a sexy little bikini with a HUD including five colours to have you looking hot this Summer.  Hair - Bronwyn from Truth.  Skin - Isla from League.

Pulled Up Tank Top and High Waisted Skater Skirt from Forze - the top has two versions - sheer and cotton - and includes a HUD with 12 colours.… Read the rest


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It's the event most of us look forward to each year....The Hair Fair!  Once again there will be awesome new hair from SL's fabulous hair makers with a percentage of each sale being donated to Wigs for Kids.

As usual, there will be a Hair Fair Demo Group where the hairmakers will send through demo packs BEFORE the event so you can try them out at home and make your "to buy" list before hitting the event, cos we all know how laggy it is going to be and how hard to try on hairs while you are there.

Be sure to pick up a Bandana when you are there.  These are created by residents from all over SL with 100% of the proceeds going to Wigs for Kids,  These are only on sale during the event and perfect for wearing during Bandana Day on July 26th.  These are transferable, so buy one for your loved one and for your friends and show you care by removing your hair and wearing them on Bandana Day!

The Hair Fair opens July 11th and closes July 26th, so start scraping up those lindens and be ready to buy all the hair and support this wonderful cause!… Read the rest

A Sundae Fad!

FAD is in full swing with it's super cute Sundae theme for this month.  Bounce on in and enjoy the tempting goodies in the colours of Summer.  Hair - Boy 61 from Dura (at TMD now).  Skin - Amelia Mix from Belleza.

Loletta Outfit from Me Sew Sexy - available in six colours, this is a supercute look for summer.

Joelina Dress and MarieAnn Necklace and Earrings from Baboom - you have a choice of colours for the dress and the jewelry, so mix it up and have some fun with your look.

Fudge Dress from Tashi - this super fun dress includes a HUD with six colours so you can make your own super sundae look.

Balloon Dress from Rapture - with a unique geometric design and four gorgeous colours, you will enjoy this dress a lot!

Ruffle Tube Top and Alex Gypsy Skirt from Trinite - there's nine coloured tops and five gorgeously coloured skirts just great for hot summer days.

Coco Onepiece from Oxi - with solid or two tone versions in each pack, you will heat up the beach in this sexy swimsuit.… Read the rest

NSFW Poses!

Cover your eyes if you are sweet and innocent....or at work.  It's Romp time and there's some uber yummy poses there sure to make picture taking with your loved one so much fun!  Here's three of them that you need in your collection!

Breathe Me from Infiniti Poses - a very sexy and naughty pose out now at Romp.

Deep Satisfaction from Rack Poses - another sexy and naughty pose, complete with collar for her and chains for him, it's also at Romp.

Who's Are You from Rack Poses - a yummy pose complete with handcuffs sure to let everyone know exactly who's you are.  Out now at Romp.

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Mad Dash Catch Up!

I'm playing catch up with my blog folders and all the goodies sitting in there just waiting for me to throw on and share with you all.  I have to admit, today's post has some of my fave new items, and I hope maybe yours too!

Desperado tattoo from White Widow - this fabulous tatt comes with mesh body appliers and the best part - ITS FREE in the Body Art Hunt, on now till July 30th, so get hunting and add this awesome tatt to your collection!  Hair - Minami from Argrace.  Skin - Amelia Mix 03 from Belleza.

Music Box tattoo from White Widow - this is an extremely glamorous and elegant tattoo, and comes in three colours.  It looks gorgeous from the front...

...and just as amazing from the back.  It's out now at Event@1st.  Hair - Hotaru from Argrace.  Skin - Amelia 02 from Belleza.

Baley Dress from DE Designs - a cute summer dress in mesh body compatible sizes and two versions - patterned and solids - with four colours in each, this is a comfy dress for these hot days.… Read the rest

Mega Shopathon!

It's time to dust off the wallet and hit the grid and shop till you drop with all the awesome new releases and events going on right now!  There's just so much to see and buy, so get shopping now!

Amelia skin from Belleza - there are six gorgeous new makeups with all skin tones available in each pack along with the usual lipsticks in matte and gloss, cleavage, brow options, freckles, hairbases and blush.  Its part of the Mix event, on now!  Hair - Curls Curls Curls from Rezology.
Miriam hair from Elua - a cute braid style also part of the Mix event, at a nicely discounted price.Bianca Top from Tee*fy - sexy and flirty, this top comes in a ton of colours and sizes for the Mix event.Miri Leather Skirt from Blueberry - also part of the Mix event, this skirt comes in ten colours and is just yum!Sweet Pose from Infiniti - you will find these super sweet poses at The Candy Fair, on now.Skin - Amelia Mix from Belleza.
Beauty Lace Gown from Peqe - a special edition, never to be sold again, version of a lovely gown for the Mix event.… Read the rest