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The Art of BadEddy

Time for a bit of naughty to make SLife a bit more fun!  Today it's coming from a store I very much enjoy, BadEddy's.  He's released some awesomeness lately, including a Pillow Fort which comes in PG and XXX versions - and you have to check it out to believe how fabulous it is!  Also new out is a fabulous piece of art sure to liven up your home.  I put my neglected M-alt to work and test drove it...which was entertaining for me as he lacks a part of anatomy sorely needed to enjoy this one.

The Art of Blow Job is a lovely modifiable piece of art the man in your life is especially going to love!  Don't like the picture?  Change it, but I think its pretty cool!

Filled with oodles of yummy anims, it also has some fabulous intimate ones to get you in the mood for what is to come.

Get close, give him a little tease and let him know something good is in store and he'll love it!

Just unzip him, sink to your knees and you are ready for some of the hottest oral action on the grid!… Read the rest



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Arcade Preview 1

It's almost time for the March round of Arcade to open, so I'm kicking it off with some gorgeous goodies you will just go nuts over!  So stock up your lindens and get ready to get playing till your fingers bleed!

Skins - Christy from The SkinneryHair - Take (top) and Give (bottom) from Exile
A - La Bella Donna hair from ClawtoothB - The Daisy Hair from Olive with Magnolia II Single from LodeC - Healy hair (common) from Tableau VivantD - Healy hair (rare) with hairpin from Tableau Vivant
A - Magic Ride Coinchain and Magic Ride Necklace from Enfant TerribleB - Magic Ride Crown (rare) from Enfant TerribleC - Magic Ride Dress, Magic Ride Necklace and Magic Ride Headflower from Enfant TerribleD - Magic Ride Dress, Magic Ride Belt (rare) and Magic Ride Headflower from Enfant Terrible
A - Wee Beastie Rings from SchadenfreudeB - Dead Head Ring, Ear Cuff and Septum Ring from SwallowC - Wonderland Dress nr2 and Cat Basket (rare) from PixicatD - Wonderland Dress nr1 and Wonderland Cat nr 1 (rare) from Pixicat

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Post 701!

I'm quickly clearing the decks before Arcade bloggage starts, so here's some gorgeous releases that have been hiding away in my inventory just waiting to jump into yours!

Tori Pants from DE Designs - with fits for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and system bodies, these pants are great and come in three leather colours and three fabrics.  Try them now!

Corsette Top from Peqe - sexy and elegant, this top comes in six colours and includes a HUD to change the shirt part from white to black.  Grab it now at The Fantasy Collective.

Twentyone Blouse from Peqe - available in six colours, this fabulous blouse is great dressed up or down and includes a HUD for changing up the fur colour.  Grab it now at No21.

Twentyone Dress from Peqe - or go full length with the dress and look amazing.  Also available in six colours with the HUD, you can grab this at No21 too.

Shabby from Tableau Vivant - with new frizzy textures and an amazing accessory, this hair is simply gorgeous and you'll love it.… Read the rest

Mixed Bag of Yum!

I'm just in love with the goodies I am sharing with you today.  Whether you love glamour, casual, or sexy, there is something for everyone!

Dream Of from Dead Dollz - just yum!  This stunning gown comes in four gorgeous colours and comes with two versions in each pack - solid and sheer top.  Snap it up now at The Seraphim Social.  Skin - Brandi Sweet from Glam Affair, Hair - Carmella from Analog Dog.

Carrie Sweater from DE Designs - comfy and casual, this sweater looks good worn with anything.  It comes in versions for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies, as well as your classic system one.  Skin - Celeste TLC from Belleza, Hair - Chill from Lelutka.

Lolita Sweater from Tentacio - cute with a dash of sexy, these sweaters will add a touch of sweet innocence to your wardrobe.  Look for them, in nine colours and include a HUD for changing the back bow colour, at Kustom 9 now.  Skin - Celeste TLC from Belleza, Hair - Sylvie from DeLa.Read the rest

Wickedly Peachy Events

Its a catch up post featuring all the new goodies from The Wicked Peach that you will find at a few of the amazing events on the grid right now.  Add colour and sexiness to your looks with these amazing makeups and accessories.

Passion Eye Makeup - eight gorgeous colour mixes make up this sexy set sure to add some passion to your life and your look.  Find it at the Cosmetics Fair now.

Love Like Valentine Eye Makeups and Romance Mani/Pedi Nails - with six fabulous eye make ups you'll feel the love every time you wear them.  The nails come in reds, pinks and purples, from light tones to dark and have appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza hands.  You'll also find these at the Cosmetics Fair.

Evil Queen - play the gacha at The Fantasy Gacha for the Evil Queen eye makeups from The Wicked Peach or luck out and get the rare side mask from Haste.

Snow Princess - or you might luck out and get the Snow Princess eye makeups from The Wicked Peach or a gorgeous circlet from Haste.… Read the rest

Gorgeous New Celeste

Coming to the next round of The Liaison Collaborative is more fabulous skins in the Celeste range from Belleza.

In three tones - Pale, Medium and Tan - this gorgeous skin comes with a variety of brow colours, layers for cleavage, blush, hairbases and the lips in matte and gloss versions.  Hair - Grace from Catwa.

There are eight new makeups that are glamorous and will become skins you love to wear for a special occasion or just cos they are delicious!  Hair - Choko from Tableau Vivant.

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Yummies for V Day

Get ready to make your Valentine's day with some more gorgeous lingerie and goodies just waiting for you, or her, now.

Monika Lingerie from DE Designs - super hot and just in time for Valentine's Day, this lingerie set comes with Belleza, Slink and Maitreya body appliers, and ones for your Lolas, as well as for your system body.  Choko hair from Tableau Vivant - a unisex group gift available now. Skin - Valentine from Belleza.

Cleo Lingerie from Lacuna - snap up this special Valentine's coloured set with appliers for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies, as well as Lolas and the system body.  Hair - My Love from Tableau Vivant, Skin - Valentine from Belleza.

Whimsical from Haste - play the gacha at The Fantasy Gacha and collect this gorgeous set of arm and leg bracers, belt, harness (rare), headpiece (ultra rare) and rings.  Hair - Illuminate from Lamb, Skin - Valentine from Belleza.

Erynil Cape from Peqe - add some glamour to your look with this gorgeous cape from The Fantasy Gacha.… Read the rest

My Gacha Fantasy!

Its Fantasy Gacha time again and I have gone for broke hitting the machines after some of the most gorgeous items you could gacha for!  And I'm throwing in the gorgeous new corset from DE Designs!

Val Corset from DE Designs - a sexy mesh corset in four colours and all the standard sizes that looks great with a fabulous skirt or a great pair of pants.  Hair - Grace from Catwa, Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Dangara from Aisling - well worth going broke for, this sexy dancer set will make you lose your mind when you hit The Fantasy Gacha.  Hair - Kaede from Argrace, Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Forest Tales from May's Soul - your inner nymph will love this fabulous set when you get your gacha on at The Fantasy Gacha.  Hair - Lana Stormy from Emo-tions, Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.

Mockingjay from Go - play for this awesome leotard and tail set at The Fantasy Gacha.  It looks amazing with the Anais Headscarf from Bauhaus Movement, which you will find at Collabor88 this month.… Read the rest

Heating Up V Day

It's almost Valentine's Day - a day of pink and red, lingerie and roses, romance and sexytimes.  Here's some sexy ideas to jump start the day of love from Blacklace and The Wicked Peach.

Cotton Candy from Blacklace - super cute and sexy, this set comes with system layers and Omega, Slink and Gos appliers.  TMP appliers sold separately.  Grab it at the With Love Fair now.  Hair - Selenia from Mina, Skin - Mae Desire from Belleza.

Sinnocent from Blacklace - heat up the bedroom with this stunning set, available in pink and red sets at the With Love Fair.  It also comes with system layers and Omega, Slink and Gos appliers, with TMP appliers sold separately.  Hair - Selenia from Mina, Skin - Mae Desire from Belleza.

Maddy from Blacklace - this week's TGIF set is a gorgeous pink set including bra, panties and cincher with all the usual appliers and TMP appliers sold separately.  Hair - Selenia from Mina, Skin - Mae Desire from Belleza.Read the rest

Your Hottest Fantasy!

Get your sexy fantasy on with Haste and Peqe now.  Just when I think these two stores can't get any hotter, they outdo themselves with awesome releases.  Check these out now!

Djinn from Haste - a super sexy exclusive item coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha.  It comes with the dress, thong, collar (not worn), headdress and body chain.  Its available in a choice of colours and will be sold in a selection of packs with limited copies available, so snap this one up asap!

Exhibition from Haste - another super sexy outfit sure to bring out the temptress in you.  It includes bra, thong and skirt with collar.  Grab your favourite colour now at Fresh which runs until Feb 19th.

Briar Rose Harness from Haste - a studded leather harness for the naughty sexy girl with little colour changeable roses decorating it.  Its also available at Fresh now.

Domen Dress from Peqe - gorgeous and sexy, this dress is a jaw dropper and you will look amazing in it.… Read the rest

Beautifying Your SL

There's some yummy skins and makeups available from Belleza and The Wicked Peach that are going to make your SL more beautiful.  Check these out now.

Belleza has released a new Mae skin in new makeups that are just yummy.  You can find these at the Love is in the Air event until Feb 14th.

The Desire Edition of Mae comes in 6 glamorous makeups with a variety of brow colours and all the usual layers, along with the matte and gloss lips options.

Yes Mistress makeups from The Wicked Peach - with two packs available in gold and silver with six colours in each pack.  They are available at Romp until February 19th.

Pixie Dust makeups from The Wicked Peach - with six gorgeous makeups in the pack, these will add some colour and sparkle to your looks.  Grab them now at The Fantasy Room.

Love Hurts makeup from The Wicked Peach - with running mascara and a red nose, this is the perfect makeup for those times when you are not in your happy place.  Grab it now at a special price for Lazy Sunday.… Read the rest

Another Quicky Catch Up

Another catching up post with some gorgeous and sexy stuff sure to make your inventory bulge!  Have fun shopping and look gorgeous in your SL.

Colette Outfit from GizzA Creations - this elegant top and skirt set includes the cap and comes in two colour packs at The Chapter Four.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Azusa from Argrace.

Colours of Love Padded Coat from GizzA Creations - there are ten beautifully coloured coats to collect, with two multi-toned rares and a cute tennis skirt in white or pink.  Play for these in the gacha at The Chapter Four.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Grande from Truth.

Sandra Lingerie from DE Designs - available in 5 colours, this gorgeous lingerie comes in system layers and includes appliers for your Slink, Maitreya and Belleza bodies.  Lupe hair from Tableau Vivant - tousled and hanging free, this sexy hair can be found at We <3 Role Play this month.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair.Read the rest

I’ll Be Your Fantasy!

I cannot wait for We <3 Role Play to open later tonight cos its gonna be awesome!  Well it usually is and always eats up my lindens.  Here's some previews of some things you will find there, and a pose set from the With Love Fair from Rack Poses.

Provoking from Haste - available in eight colours, this harness is yummy with a spoon and will drop jaws when you wear it.  Look for it tomorrow at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Vanity Eros from Little Bones.

Madonna Dress from May's Soul - available in six colours, this dress is classy and will look good if you wear it for a casual occasion or a more formal one.  Look for it tomorrow at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Amberly II from Glam Affair, Hair - Claudette from Emo-tions.

Madonna Fur from May's Soul - now I am not 100% sure if this is sold separately or comes with the dress, but I suspect its sold separately in six furs, small and large sizes.  It's also at We <3 Role Play.… Read the rest

Fantasy Goodies

Get ready for some gorgeous fantasy items sure to beautify yourself and your SL.  Have freebie fun with Enchantment and make up fun coming soon to We <3 Role Play.

Beast Horns from May's Soul - these super awesome horns are part of this round of Enchantment.  If you don't know how this works, when you buy these horns, you get a stamp card with the purchase.  Wear it and TP around all the stores participating in this event and click the stamp machine.  When you have visited all 20 stores and have collected all 20 stamps, you get to go to a special place and choose a free, never to be sold gift.  The rose patch and choker are the gift from May's Soul.  Skin - Grace from Belleza, Hair - Electra from Entwined.

Seelie Eye Makeup from The Wicked Peach - there are six gorgeous makeup colours in this pack just perfect for a bit of fantasy in your look.  Watch for it at We <3 Role Play, opening Feb 4th.  Skin - Grace from Belleza, Hair - Vanity Eros from Little Bones

Unseelie Eye Makeup from The Wicked Peach - a bit bolder and brighter, there are also six colours in this pack.… Read the rest

Catching Up Quicky!

I've been taking some time off lately and that means I'm falling behind in sharing some awesome stuff with you, so here's a quick catch up from a few great stores!

Valerie Trench Coat and Valerie Cropped Pants (sold separately) from GizzA Creations - the coat comes in ten colours and includes a HUD for changing the shirt colour, there are thirteen colour choices for the pants so you can mix it up and look amazing! Skin - Celeste from Belleza, Hair - Riley from Argrace.

Frida Inspiration from GizzA Creations - this gorgeous set inspired by Frida Kahlo comes with the stunning headdress and lilies with or without the hold pose.  Skin - Grace from Belleza, Hair - Jessie from Catwa.

Megan Leathers from DE Designs - these sexy leather pants come with a HUD for changing the garter and hardware colours and are just uber hotness!  Skin - Grace from Belleza, Hair - Jessie from Catwa.

Cleo Lingerie from Lacuna - available in seven colours, it comes with Belleza, Maitreya and Slink appliers as well as system layers and Lola appliers.… Read the rest

Sexy Celeste

It's almost Uber time again and Belleza will be there with a brand new skin sure to bring out the fantasy side in you!  Look for it opening soon and enjoy a fantastic new you!

Celeste is just stunning!  Available in three tones - Pale (above), Medium (below) and Sunkissed (not shown) - its the perfect skin to add to your collection if you like makeups that a bit more avant garde and extreme.
Celeste comes in ten makeups, and it is incredibly hard to pick a favourite as they are all just to die for.  
Makeups 1-8 come with a choice of brow colours so you can match your hair, and also hair base, cleavage, blush and gloss/matte lips.
Makeups 9 and 10 come with no brows and are totally out of this world!

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Hot New Looks

With so much going on right now, there is always something new and gorgeous and exciting to add to your wardrobe to create new and fresh looks for yourself.  Here's some new stuff out now that needs to be in your inventory!

Lilith Dress from DE Designs - comes in three leather and fabric versions and multipacks of both.  Look for it Inworld and on Marketplace now. 
Heather Lingerie from DE Designs - super sexy, this lingerie comes in three colours and a multipack with appliers for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya bodies, as well as standard system layers.  Check this out Inworld or on Marketplace.
Zoe Double Breasted Dress from GizzA Creations - stylish and sexy, this dress comes in six colour packs which include two dresses per pack, and feature a snakeskin top or checkered.  Try it Inworld or on Marketplace now.
Siren Dress from Haste - with sexy cutouts, this dress is just hot and available in ten colours at The Fantasy Collective now.… Read the rest

Grab Bag of Awesomeness

I'm catching up today with some totally amazing releases from great stores, some you will find at events around the grid, and one at their mainstore.  Be sure to fall in love with these soon!

Olwen Gown from Peqe - available in six gorgeous colours and the Savage Winter Headdress from Aisling - both available at The Secret Affair
Adasser Skirt from Peqe - available in five colours, and comes in versions with or without the peplum layer at The Liaison Collaborative
Brooke Draped Vest from GizzA Creations - a sexy vest available in eight yummy colours Inworld or on Marketplace
Maochi Vest from May's Soul - a super cute fur vest available in ten colours at The Secret Affair
Danna Shirt from Tentacio - a super cute oversized shirt/jacket combo which comes with a HUD to change jacket colour and a scarf (which I forgot to wear) available at Kustom 9
Siren Eye Makeup from The Wicked Peach - comes with six dazzling makeups at The Fantasy Collective (opens Jan 20th)
Amorous Eye Makeups and Laura Beauty Marks from The Wicked Peach - each pack has eight variations for you to mix up your look and is available at The Liaison Collaborative

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Sexy It Up!

We're getting a bit sexy today with some fabulous new stuff out at events and instore now.  Be sure to check them out and enjoy adding some hotness to your look.

Ashly Leather Tunic from GizzA Creations - available in eight colours, this sexy tunic will be a fabulous teamed with whatever you want to wear it with.  Check it out Inworld now.
Morrigan Vest from May's Soul - available in four fur colours, it includes a hud to change up the ribbon colour.  Grab it at The Countdown Room while you can!
Make Me Blush and All Mine from The Wicked Peach - these hot layers are perfect for adding some sexy to your look with blushes for the face cheeks and hot slap marks for your butt cheeks.  Grab these packs at The Countdown Room now.
Squidgy Jumper, Cheerio Skirt and Bees Knees Socks from Somnia - all these items are sold separately and include a hud for easy colour changing so you can mix and match to your hearts content.  They also come in lights and darks packs and are available at the Leaf on the Wind fundraiser event now.… Read the rest

Obsessing With Slink

My Slink Obsession has opened for January with more fabulous things for your Slink bodies, hands, feet and heads.

Nails from Somnia - they come in three separate packs (as shown above) and will also work with your Belleza hands too
Lacey Tanks and Criss Cross Waders from Somnia
Gabriella Boots from Klepsydra - for Slink high feet
Leg Corset Tattoo from Stellar
Garter Tights from Stellar - available in three colour packs
Suede Ankle Boots from Fission

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