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Twisted Time! Grim Reaper Bumper Cars and Whack-a-Noob Game


Weather! or not? is proud to be a sponsor for this round of the Twisted Hunt, and we've gone all out making our prize and gacha. Everything (minus the noob head sculpts!) was built meticulously from scratch and we poured a ton of work into making these things as awesome as we possibly could with custom mesh, sounds, animations, lights, and scripting.

First is our prize - the Whack-a-Noob game.

 Admit it, everyone has wanted to whack a noob at some point or another, and now you can! Complete carnival game with counter, effects, and all the bells and whistles.

Then we have the Grim Reaper Bumper Car Gacha! These bad boys come in 18 different color and finish combos including bone and chrome, will seat 1-2 avatars, and come chock full of sound and light effects. Totally original design and built from the ground up with twisted attention to detail. $L75 a play with two rare Twisted Carnival mods.

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May 2019
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Genre Parasols in gold and silver, materials enabled with lots of extras

Gorgeous Spiral Parasols for Genre this round in silver and gold with numerous poses, color options, and particles all scripted for your customization.


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Full color range for Fire ElemenTrees released by Weather! or not?

Weather! or not? presents the full color selection release of the ElemenTree Fire. These trees come in a flame version, but also five other colors and are intentionally fantastical in their appearance as opposed to realistic.

Each pack is $L450 but for one day, Woeful Wednesday, the ash color pack only will be a mere $L50!


12 different styles and sizes in each pack with a deletable control script to tailor your glow and particles how you like them, including all off. These are copy and mod as well, so you have a lot of customizable options and can use them as a major element in your landscaping or a touch of something different.

With a MATERIALS enabled viewer there is almost no alpha flicker in the softer version, absolutely zero flicker in the sharper version.

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New ElemenTrees Fire on sale today only for The Neighborhood

Four different styles and sizes with a deletable control script to tailor your glow and particles how you like them, including all off. Scripts can also be easily deleted once trees are set how you prefer. On a materials enabled viewer there is almost no alpha flicker. More colors will be coming soon but this one only on sale this Saturday for Weather! or not?'s  first round in The Neighborhood. $L200 today, price will increase after today.


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Flux Flamingos + RLM and Woeful Star Pillows from Weather! or not?

Now available at Flux - Lawn Ornament and Mighty Big Pose Prop Flamingos in both traditional pink and, because we here at Weather! or not? have a bit of a goth streak... also black.

We also have this week for just $L45 some Starfish Pillows for the Royal Living Seashore Hunt. Very easy to find our hunt object not too far from the sign at our Main Store.

And because we liked the design so much, we are also releasing a different version of the pillows on sale for one day only for this upcoming Woeful Wednesday at $L50.



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Fireflies and Dragonflies

Hello folks!

Cookie Jar is having a Summer Garden Party event and we've got some goodies for ya.

For $L50 we have a new release, some lovely fireflies for your garden that have a complex and mesmerizing flight pattern that's never the same twice.

Also, if you are or become a Cookie Jar group member, you can pick up our free Dragonfly Head Pet gift.

Both of these available right near the landing point at the main store.

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Weather! or not? does the Food Fair

FOOD FAIR OPENS JULY 19th - Teleport!

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Weather! or not? is on a balloon and insect kick

New stuffs from Weather! or not?....

First the cheap and charming Sun Balloon! Only $10L and TRANSFER if you to give a fun little gift.

Second we have the Dragonflyer Wearable, an exclusive for the Summer Break Fest for $L99 that features a friendly dragonfly that will help you fly about. Comes with a floating/flying animation, dragonfly sounds, and a control HUD to turn it on and off.

THIS SLURL HERE should get you to the Weather! or not? stall if you double teleport where you can find both the balloon (in the pink water toy on the roof and the dragon flyer. :)

And then there is Flux Americana, which I have yet to send a notice about though it opened a while ago. There we have the Red, White, and Balloon Dangler... a fun attachment with three different pose choices that has you floating around by a pack of balloons! Also with control HUD and sounds.... and it's mod so it's easy to retint the balloons how you like :) $L200 available:


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Some awfully big insects

So you know when you look down at your arm and discover there's a mosquito biting you and you smack it and it dies?


Nope, what we have here is large and unreasonably enormously huge large bloodsucking mosquitoes.

Dare we say MEGA? Yes, yes we do.

There are two versions, the big ones are a hunt freebie throughout the month of July. The REALLY big ones are on sale for Woeful Wednesday for $L50 and then go up to normal price.

These insects are sure to do at least one of the following:
1. freak people out
2. make them laugh
3. make them look at you funny

I say whatever happens, that's money well spent!


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Weather! or not? for The Home Show

The Home Show is open!

Weather! or not? has three new releases available exclusively throughout the event. The first is the very fun and whimsical Balloon Chair.

This fun addition is packed full of poses for one or two avatars at once. There are various sits as well as holding on for dear life. You can even meditate on top of the balloon if you like! Made of all original mesh with a materials bonus on the balloon.

Then we've also created more glass room divider screens to go as a compliment to our previous release. These also use materials in the glass and metal original design, and because it's Weather! or not? we went for a rain theme to go with the previous sunburst.

Come see our new releases here:



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Deco Sunburst Screen by Weather! or not? enhanced with new materials for Genre

This new release from Weather! or not? features new materials rendering! They look great with current standard viewers but even better with the the enhanced materials detail.

(For full effect you can use the beta viewer and enable Advanced Lighting Model. Additional info inside the notecard.)

These will be for sale at the Genre event starting on the 15th of June for $L100 each. The designs and construction are entirely original in every detail, from mesh, to pattern, to materials.

You can easily set the angle you like too by just clicking on them.

Thank you,

Further Monday

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Weather! or not? for The Wash Beach Party

I figure you're going to have plenty of selection at The Wash Beach Party of teeny weeny bathing suits, so I say why not provide the public with some alternatives?

Sometimes the beach isn't all sandy... so we made this Rocky Resting Spot with 5 animated poses for one avatar on exclusive special at the Beach Part for $L50.

... and for only $L10 you can gag on an cephalopod! What a bargain, right? Octopus Inside comes in four different colors and includes the backwards head tilt and open mouth anim when you wear it.

Visit our location at The Wash Beach Party - click this link (opens June 5th)

After the very successful end of the World Goth Day event in SL, we are now releasing the Doom Cloud Wearable in our in-world and marketplace shops.

Speaking of Main Stores, have you been to our new location yet? - click here to check it out!

And find us on Marketplace here.

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Weather! or not? 2013-06-03 05:34:00

So much news!

OK, let's start off with the fact we have changed location and have a brand new floating island build with a bigger better shop. We say farewell to Hobb's End and hellooooo Steelhead!


Next, let's talk about the free gifts available there - one set of Warning Signs for the Burner community, as well as a mini set for the Cookie Jar Hunt.

Then we also have three other sets of new Warning Sign releases ( I know, I went a little crazy with them but what can I say, I was on a roll!)... Oz, Pacific Northwest, and Australia themed.

Coming soon watch out for new releases for the Beach Party at the Wash and the Thrift Shop at Depraved Productions...

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New Release – FireFlybrella

I can't believe as long as I've been strange and unusual umbrellas that I haven't made a firefly one before now!

But here it is... lovely animated glowing fireflies gently swarm about this new weather effect umbrella. Copy mod in two versions, with hold pose and without. Color change fabric as always :)

Weather! or not? Main Store

Weather! or not? Marketplace

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Full FX Shiny Shiny Disco Ball Earrings from Weather! or not?

Oh yeah, these babies are chock full of effects and controls and they are ready to party!

Either together or separately you can change:
the metal color, light color, sparkle effects
light beam animation, rotation and speed

So many fun options to take out for a night on the town. Yeah, they are blingy it's true... but after all, they are DISCO BALLS. You wouldn't want any less would you? We didn't think so.

Get out there bling it like you mean it, party people.

Normally $L180, I'm offering these at an introduction special price of $L60 this weekend only until Monday morning SLT at 3am.

Weather! or not? Main Store
Buy them on the Marketplace

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Weather! or not? Doom and Gloom for Woeful Wednesday

Only 50L$  (normally 265L$)

The Little Fluffy Cloud Couch doom and gloom edition doesn't even remotely pretend to be cheery... it's all about bad weather and a rotten attitude. Mope about all you like on this doom cloud, complete with awesome thunder and lightning effects... which you can turn off if you are just too grumpy to handle it. :P

This celestial seating comes with multiple animated avatar poses for both men and women, as well as couples poses if you want to get cozy with someone.

Come try it out at our main store location!

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Weather! or not? for Fluid, ZombiePopcorn Carnival, and Paranoia

ZombiePopcorn Carnvial


Fluid - first rotation

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Disco System release and Expo RFL items

So have you ever been disappointed that with all those disco balls floating around, you never get the actual lighting effect moving on the walls of the club around you? Well, we've changed all that!

With the Smooth Disco Room Lighting System your whole environment will be lit up. It creates an amazing party space, and the control system offers numerous options on tailoring the effect to your specific desires. You can easily switch colors, control the speed and rotation, toggle the spotlights, light beams, wall effect, and sparkle particles. The system also has configurable access settings, allowing it to be used by owner only, group, or public as desired. Furthermore, any purchase includes lifetime updates to the product as new features and improvements are added.

You can see a demonstration model at our home store location and try out the controls yourself.

Weather! or not? Main Store

Also out this week are two exclusives for the Home and Garden Expo - 100% donation items during the event for the American Cancer Society:

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Weather! or not? does Culture Shock

Weather! or not? does Culture Shock

I'm not even sure what to say about this first offering, other than it's a very lovely jewellry set with a very definite twist.... I think I'll have to let the image speak for itself really.

.... and then ..... it's a belt, but it's an asteroid belt, but it's an asteroid field, but it's a belt. Also, unisex! The rocks all tumble around at different rates and there's a really nifty starry particle effect and you just gotta see this one animate, trust me.

Both items are 50% donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres charity during the event and available only on the Culture Shock sim. The following SLURL will take you to the main landing point first, then click again to tp right to our location.

Weather! or not? at Culture Shock

Keep it surreal, good people.



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Weather! or not? 2012-04-22 02:12:00

Weather! or not? loves the Fantasy Faire, so we've gone all out with new releases and RFL exclusive items. Transform your avatars into magical Genies, get friendly with some sea life with our new versions of the Octohairs and Octochokers, and relax in an outdoor Gazebo especially sized for Petites!
Two new releases...

and two releases designed for Petite Mesh avatars!

RFL exclusive items, all recolors of the Octohairs and Octochokers, available only during RFL season, then retired:

I had a lot of fun designing the shop build on the Fantasy Faire sim, and I think you'll really enjoy a visit, it's pretty unusual! Besides, you can check out all of the amazing builds and creativity from the most imaginative minds in SL at this event, so go take a look ...

One click will take you to the Meanderville sim, a second will take you right to our shop there!
Weather! or not? at Fantasy Faire

Or if you prefer, you can also find the same products released in our main store location:
WorN SLurl

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