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20,000 Adorable Babies Birthed in Secondlife®

The Meeroos™ open beta started this weekend with the first round being the challenge of delivering thousands of the HUD devices used to manage and control these cuties. Today around 20,000 babies were delivered to squealing delighted beta testers. And they sure are cute. And, just like real babies of all mammal species, they need […]

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Psychopathic Narcissists and You

No doubt a lot of people in Second Life® are waking up today only to discover they have been preyed upon. Note that LL/SL security was not breached. Only people that were logging into what is now apparently known as a malicious website are affected and need to change their passwords. And they need to […]

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Second Life® Privacy Next Steps

Linden Lab took some action to placate the rage over privacy invasion in Second Life® yesterday but the harvesting and collecting of data about other users without consent, disallowed under the Second Life Terms of Service Section 8.3(i) continues unabated and avatar names associated with IP addresses are still being collected by the same person […]

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Submit to Probe or be Denied

Ah Second Life®! So welcoming to new users! Welcome Resident! Please note that to remain in this venue you must consent to a probe scan that will load publicly available information about your avatar, including your avatar name, your IP address, UUID, and status of payment information, on to a third-party web site outside of […]

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Redzone is KAPUT!

That is worth a watch. A little humor is great medicine during a dark period in Second Life®
Itazura Radio rocks!
Don’t forget to watch and vote for Establish a do not track opt out system

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Unique Needs! Twisted Hunt Prize

I give you Cthulhu.
Enjoy the hunt.
Click for full Resolution Image of Cthulhu
Twisted Hunt Website

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Death Stalker Skirt Outfit

A sexy complete outfit based on the popular Death Stalker Belt by Ann Otoole. The belt has been updated and made into a micro mini skirt! Includes the black leather corset and leather garter belt and two pairs of fishnet stockings. One pair ripped and one pair normal. Also includes the combat boots, necklace, and […]

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Wide Chain Outfit in Gold

Sparkle without bling! Decorate yourself in gold with wide chains. A wide chain belt with or without leather silks and a chain armor bra/top accentuated with a wide chain drape necklace. Included are a pair of matching non scripted wrist bracers as well as matching Lockmeister compatible wrist and ankle cuffs. This set can be […]

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Welcome Back Phillip

Yesh. We did. Welcome back Phillip Rosedale.
May the future of Second Life be mutually successful and awe inspiring.
If we residents can help than all you need do is mention it and we will by all means be all hands on deck to help.

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Linkset Resizer w/Menu w/Self Delete

Script Limits are coming. Are you ready? Are you still using old resizers that take a long time to work? Worst of all is your resizer one of those that leaves a script in every prim? Such scripted objects really cause a lot of lag in Second Life® so you should consider using a script […]

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