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Mischa Ethereal Islands & Loungers for Uber February

A magical escape for ground or sky – the Mischa Ethereal Islands and matching Loungers for Uber’s February round! The Mischa Ethereal Islands are a three-tiered floating island system with flowered grass tops and glittery gem-like stone below. Marble ballisters and steps, water fountain with animated water and mist effects, candle arrangements and whimsical lamp posts complete the scene! A perfect instant setup for your sky platform – or sink it into the ground for a beautifully landscape hillside arrangement. We include models with and without linked lighting, plus lighting separates so you can create your own unique look.
Plus, the matching Mischa Loungers make the perfect place to relax and take in the scenery – we include Natural and White wood finishes, with tons of animations for singles and couples in two maturity choices! Only at Uber’s February round!

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Marin Lighthouse & Savonarola Chairs for Collabor88 February

Find your way home to a gorgeous nautical getaway – our Marin Lighthouse, exclusively at Collabor88’s February round! This single-room lighthouse features working beacon light, exterior lighting, locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system. What an escape for your seaside lifestyle! Don’t miss the great Collabor88 sale pricing, too! Plus, pick up the perfect accent seating at great C88 pricing – our Savonarola Chairs bring old world craftsmanship and heirloom style to any room! We include four leather colors and plenty of animated poses. Check out the display models only at Collabor88!

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Beloeil Cabine & Hot Tub for FaMESHed February

Escape to your very own forest retreat with Trompe Loeil’s new Beloeil Cabine and Hot Tub, exclusively for FaMESHed February! The Beloeil Cabine is a 2 story, 4 room log cabin with privacy windows, exterior lighting, stairwell, and our *home control system – we include optional stairs and deck versions too! At home in the woods or on the water, the Beloeil Cabine will be your favorite rustic retreat. The Beloeil Hot Tub is a rustic treasure – a wood-fired barrel boiler (with working doors and fire with smoke) powers this hot tub that seats 4 singles or 2 couples, with animated water caustics and jet-powered effects, steam, and sound! Plus, we include its own optional deck in your choice of two colors to match the Beloeil set! Check out the on-site display only at FaMESHed!

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Huron Cove Cottage for Collabor88 January

A new year, a new place to call home! Our Huron Cove Cottage is made for daydreaming away long days on the river or lakefront – and its only at Collabor88’s January round! This single room, split-level cottage features built-in custom walkable hillside, landscaping stones, patio walkways, three entrances, privacy windows, exterior lighting, our *home control system, and a gorgeous wood shingled exterior with beautiful beachy white and natural neutral woods inside. Not ready to let go of winter? Get the matching Snow Add-On pack including custom snowy mesh ground texture replacements – its available at a low C88 price as well! Check out the on-site display, only at Collabor88’s January round!

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Odette Topiaries and Planters for FaMESHed January

New Year’s resolution: spend more time outside, in manicured landscaping you call your own – with our new Odette Topiaries pack and matching Odette Planters, at FaMESHed! This topiary set has everything you’ll need – carefully crafted models with depth and style, 13 shapes from simple ball and square up to rabbit, lit/unlit/scripted lit versions, and snowtoppers for those winter months! Our matching Odette Planters make the perfect home for these evergreen beauties – we include natural and white wood, and 3 models (square, rectangle, and corner). Grab everything at a discounted rate at FaMESHed’s January round!  

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Finley Kitchenette for Uber December

Neat and tidy, with charm enough for any style – our Finley Kitchenette at Uber will be the centerpiece of your home or apartment! This fully-stocked kitchenette is ready to go with 7 paint and natural wood tones to choose from via scripted menu. Mix and match with separately scripted cabinet doors for a unique look that’s all your own! Brass hardware and working sink add an extra level of class, and complete the look with the scripted teakettle color options. Touch the built-in window for projection lighting no matter where the kitchen is placed! Plus, we include saddle seats in the same matching leather colors for the guests you’ll be entertaining. Mirrored versions included, as well as AO maps for the lower cabinets for creating your own custom cabinet creations! Check out the on-site display demo at Uber’s December round!  

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Haldis Skybox, Fireplace, Holiday Tapestry & Floor Lights for Collabor88 December

A loft retreat in all white, with the mountains outside and just a bit of snow – get away for the holidays in Scandanavian style, with Trompe Loeil’s new Haldis Skybox, Fireplace, Holiday Tapestry & Floor Lights for Collabor88 December!   The Haldis Skybox is a single room lofted structure crafted in whitewashed shades of metal, wood, and brick. We include with and without a mountainous panoramic sky surround with gently falling snow effect – and both versions feature projection lighting from the windows on-click to add a great realistic lightbeam effect on the floor and walls! Don’t forget the furniture – our Haldis Fireplace includes empty and birch log versions, with optional candleholder and scripted or unscripted candles with a gentle light and glow. Place it on any wall for instant drama! Plus, the Haldis Holiday Tapestry and Floor Lights package includes 12 designs on touch plus AO map for making your own tapestry creations, and always-on ornamental floor lights that make a bold modern statement any time of the year.… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Haldis Fireplace and Candleholder Promo

Xeni Armchair for FaMESHed December

Need a classic style with impeccable tailoring and taste – but with tons of color and fabric options too? The Xeni Armchair makes a statement in any room, and we’ve included 19 leather colors and 26 blanket textures for a look that fits any decor! Available in your choice of two maturities, the Xeni Armchair will be the style focal point of your living room or bedroom set. Pick it up today, only at December’s FaMESHed round!

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The 2015 Advent Calendar at The Arcade December

Its the most wonderful time of the year – Trompe Loeil’s Advent Calendar is back for The Arcade’s December round! The 2015 Advent Calendar features a decorative display of boxes with a big-city feel – a skyscraper with 12 floors that light up with each key, and give a fabulous decor gift perfect for the holidays! As always, each Gatcha play is only $L25 with no rares, and the display calendar is free! Grab both at The Arcade through the month of December, or if you need a new copy of the display calendar, head to the Trompe Loeil Mainstore and pick one up from our in-store display. Happy holidays from Trompe Loeil!

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Jayden Bed in three finishes for Uber November

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Cozy up and beat those winter blues with our stylish iron-framed bed that comes in three color finishes, stringlights, and a fantastic selection of textures – the Jayden Bed, only at Uber’s November round! We include so many options for different looks, this bed will be your versatile go-to for any decor setting. 43 blanket textures, 30 sheet textures, 3 frame colors (unpainted, white, and red) and your choice of PG or Adult maturities. Check out the demo at Uber today!

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Black Friday 2015 – 50% Off Gift Card Sale Nov 27, 28 & 29

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  Its that time of year again! Trompe Loeil’s famous 50% Off Gift Card Sale is back for Black Friday weekend – this year we’re holding the savings over for three full days! Stop by the inworld Mainstore starting at midnight SLT on November 27 and grab our Gift Cards for 50% off the listed value – then use them immediately on any vendor in the store (gatchas excluded), or save them to use throughout the year! Plus they’re transferrable, so they make the perfect gift! ———————————————————– Details: Read the restTrompe-Loeil---Black-Friday-2015

Snow Add-Ons for the 2015 Prefab Line now at the Mainstore & Marketplace

Its time for a winter wonderland! Add the perfect seasonal touch to your favorite Trompe Loeil prefabs from the past year with our exclusive Snow Add-Ons – made to fit perfectly and easy to install! Nine of our most popular prefabs from 2015 have their own Snow Add-On packages. Available inside the Mainstore, by the inworld display models, and on the Marketplace!

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Josette Boutique & Settee for Collabor88 November

What could be finer than window shopping along a quaint boulevard in the crisp autumn air? Setting up your own studio apartment above the best boutique, of course – our Josette Boutique and matching leather Settee, only at November’s round of Collabor88! The Josette Boutique comes in four trim colors (blue, black, boysenberry magenta and green) and features two full single-room stories, a working fireplace, lockable doors, exterior lights, and our *home control center system. Don’t forget to pick up the Snow Add-On pack as well for winter decorating!   The perfect touch for any shop or living room? Our leather Josette Settee, in 12 solid and matching duo colors, your choice of maturities, and seating for up to 4 people! Available at a great Collabor88 price for November’s round – check out the on-site display!  

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Tulia Greenhouse & Bath Set for FaMESHed November

Just because its November doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors – keep the sun streaming in all year round with our new Tulia Greenhouse and matching industrial rustic Tulia Bath Set, only at FaMESHed November! Available individually or as a discounted set, the Tulia Greenhouse features reclaimed wood construction with plate glass windows and decorative drapes with 4 fabric options on touch, and sparkling stringlights adorning the exterior. The stainless steel Tulia Bath fits two, and is available in PG and Adult versions. Round out the collection with the animated Tulia Sink, Tulia Stools with 6 metal seat colors, and working Tulia Floor Lamp with antique bulb and hardware lighting and beam effect. Check out the on-site display demos at the FaMESHed November round today!

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Ceres Outdoor Scene & Props for Uber October

Some days you just want to enjoy the colors of autumn with minimal fuss – curl up with a blanket on a bench, or sit in a tree swing, and watch the peaceful stream flow by. Make it happen, with Trompe Loeil’s new Ceres Outdoor Scene and Props for Uber October!   The Ceres Outdoor Scene is a fully self-contained arrangement of autumn’s greatest hits – colorful pumpkins, a gently rounded foot bridge over a peaceful stream,  a mighty tree with a hanging swing, and an adorable outdoor shack with rustic bench and a colorful throw blanket and pillow waiting for you! Add a few stringlights for sparkle and a lamp post in the woods to light the way, and you have the perfect seasonal retreat for your yard or outdoor gathering area. So easy and so cute! Plus, all the individual elements of the Ceres Outdoor Scene are available on their own – mix and match just your favorites – or get the full Scene and use everything, we include individual backups!… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Ceres Outdoor Scene + Props promo 1

Winter River Chapel for Collabor88 October

The peaceful town of your autumn dreams has the perfect meeting place, waiting to be your new studio home or event center – the Winter River Chapel, exclusively at Collabor88! This single room chapel features stained glass windows, tower topper with glowing window in your choice of several colors on touch, and our *home control center system. Plus, we’ve included our Winter River Chandeliers and Pew in the pack as well! The Winter River Pew and Chandelier are also available separately – only at Collabor88 October!

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Nesting Beds for Arcade and Rhonda Chair & Table Set for FaMESHed September

Get ready for autumn! As the weather cools our thoughts turn to curling up with a good friend, or hitting the books with classic collegiate style – Trompe Loeil has both covered, with our new Nesting Beds at Arcade, and the Rhonda Chair & Table Set at FaMESHed!   Our Nesting Beds come in 9 fabulous fabrics and 3 whimsical wicker colors, and all are adorned with stringlights, with a manually adjustable rope length at the top and 14 PG animations for singles and couples. As always, plays are only $L25 each! (Prizes are transfer-only and due to their low price per play, are not tradeable for mod/copy versions, sorry.) After playing for your favorites at Arcade, head over to FaMESHed and get ready to hit the books with style – our new Rhonda Chair & Table makes a classy midcentury statement in any room! The Rhonda Chair comes in two maturities with tons of animated poses and 18 retro-stylish fabric patterns and colors to choose from. The Rhonda Table is really a table and lamp in one, and includes 6 metal shade colors and lightbeam/hardware lighting effect on touch.… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Nesting Beds Promo

Surf Shack + Surf Shack Separates for Uber August

Don’t let summer slip away without catching one last wave -Trompe Loeil’s new Surf Shack for Uber’s August round gives you the perfect August HQ to hang with friends before and after you hang ten! This full scene is built on a walkable sand dune lined with boulders and seaside plants. We include an animated hammock for singles or couples with texture options on touch, animated surfboard bench that seats 2, animated picnic table that seats 4, stringlights, candles, palm tree, and a cozy driftwood hut with thatched roof! Animated hammock and bench are available in PG or Adult maturities. All the animated furniture items are also available as individually baked stand-alone pieces as well – create your own surf-side arrangement with ease!   Check out the on-site demo and pick up your own Surf Shack before summer’s over – only at Uber August!  

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Willow Tree Bed and Outcrop Hut for Collabor88 August

Collabor88‘s 3rd birthday is here! Three fantastic years of the best sales on the greatest items, and still going strong! For this birthday round, we have whimsical beds and outdoor spaces sure to turn heads – our new Willow Tree Bed and Outcrop Hut! The Willow Tree Bed features stylish willow tree cutouts that function as the posts of this queen size bed. We include worn white and dark wood versions to fit your mood and decor, and both include tiny stringlights wound through the leaves to form a sparkling canopy! Thematic prints and patterns via menu round out your options, as well as your choice of animation maturities. Grab these at fantastically low C88 prices only during August’s birthday month!   A simple space that makes a statement on land or at sea – our Outcrop Hut is simple summertime living at its rustic best. The bamboo frame supports a linen roof drape and twinkling stringlights, and its set atop a built-in rocky outcrop with functional bamboo and driftwood steps for easy access.… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Outcrop Hut for Collabor88 August

Laney Dining Room Set at FaMESHed August

Enjoy rustic country style in the dining room! Trompe Loeil’s new Laney Dining Set includes three versatile wood finishes, 16 worn and wonderful fabric options, tons of single, couple, dining, and adult animation choices with props, and matching pendant lamps in 9 metal colors – all available individually or as discounted packs – only at FaMESHed‘s August round! The Laney Dining Tables & Place Settings are the centerpiece of your country kitchen or dining room. We include white, natural, and dark wood finishes in a lovely shaker-style table, and the place settings are versatile with multiple options including low and high LOD flatware models, napkin and plate sets, and 16 lovely patterns that match the seating sold separately. The Laney Dining Chairs also include the three coordinating wood colors, and 16 lovely worn fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns for the seat. Keep it unified or mix and match for a homey look – and choose from PG or Adult versions, both of which include dining animations and attachable props!… Read the restTrompe Loeil Laney Dining Set for FaMESHed August 1