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Deja Beach House & Deja Hanging Lounger for Collabor88 May

Enjoy spring and summer breezes from any room, or the great outdoors, in marvelous boho style – the Deja Hanging Lounger and Deja Beach House covers all summertime bases! The Deja Hanging Lounger is a wood and rope structure that supports a fabric/leather seat suspended in the air. We include standalone base structure for positioning anywhere you please. Two models are included – with and without sheepskin throw. 24 fabric patterns and tons of animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities! Plus, it looks perfect on a unique getaway for bohemian shoreline get-togethers – the Deja Beach Cottage for Collabor88 May will stand out from the crowd! The Deja Beach Cottage features a circular semi-enclosed patio perfect for hosting, with a mix of privacy and landscape views made for the water. Enter the upstairs living quarters and enjoy floor to ceiling wraparound windows to keep the view going! We include exterior lights, locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system.… Read the rest




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Beiwen Flower Tent & Firepit Rock for FaMESHed May

A fantastical escape for the young and the young at heart – the Beiwen Flower Tent and matching free Firepit Rock at FaMESHed May will fill your natural hideaway with magic! The Beiwen Flower Tent is an ultra-rustic twig and branch structure that uses delicate floral textures to create an intimate hideaway, with wooden pallet floor, throw rugs, and pillows that feature a variety of pattern and color options on touch menu. Always on decorative pendant lights and twinkling tiny lights are interwoven in the foliage for a delicate glow. Animated for singles and couples in your choice of maturities! Plus, we include the matching Beiwen Firepit Rock – carefully arranged and polished stones craft a floral mandala on a flagstone base, with a central fire burning bright. Grab it on its own, if you like – its your free gift for FaMESHed’s birthday round!

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Cagivi Industrial Skybox & Bed for Uber April

After a long day on the road, aim your bike back to the stylish industrial loft in the heart of the city you call home – the Cagivi Industrial Skybox and matching Bed at Uber’s April round! The Cagivi Industrial Skybox is a large, single room studio skybox with open-air sleeping loft (also makes a great office or study!) and working fireplace with animated fire and light effects. Huge arched windows look out to your privacy brick wall and the city beyond. We even include matching hanging pendant lights that turn on and off on touch! City photo surround and non-surround versions both included. Plus, the matching Cagivi Bed is topped off with luxe styling – leather headboard cushions in 5 colors on touch, plus 13 coordinating linen sets for blanket, pillows, and accent blanket on touch menu, available in your choice of maturities! Only at Uber’s April round!

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Knoxlane Cottage & Barrel Bench for Collabor88 April

Come home to rustic country simplicity – repurposed worn woods, weathered stone walls, and the warmth of natural fire in every corner to keep the spring chill at bay – the Knoxlane Cottage and matching Barrel Bench for Collabor88 April! The Knoxlane Cottage is a two story stone country cottage, with front and back entrances, covered flagstone patio, three fireplaces, bay window dining nook, built-in shelving, open upstairs loft, exterior lighting, locking doors, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Plus, our matching Knoxlane Barrel Bench is a fun and unique style for any country, rustic, or rural setting! 19 accent pillow textures and tons of animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Only at Collabor88’s April round!

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Haider Elevated Cottage for FaMESHed April

Sleekly modern with a touch of Eastern flair, designed for rocky terrain or shoreline – Trompe Loeil’s new Haider Elevated Cottage for FaMESHed’s April round will be a jewel-toned standout in the neighborhood! The Haider Elevated Cottage is a single story, dual wing layout with connecting skybridge. Add in two decks, two fireplaces, and a 4 room layout and you have an endless array of possibilities! Red and blue exterior color options included – only at FaMESHed’s April round!

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Oria Beach Hut & Rowboat for Uber March

Sometimes all you need is your own cabin – with the private island included! Trompe Loeil’s Oria Beach Hut and matching animated Rowboat for Uber’s March round will have you casting aside your cares for the castaway lifestyle! The Oria Beach Hut is a rustic, single room cabin with covered porch perched atop a custom walkable stone island that fits in a variety of surrounding landscapes. Enter from water level onto the two lower wood decks, and then up to your home for a view that lasts for miles! We include privacy windows, locking double doors, exterior lights, and our *home control system. Models with and without the island base are also included, for use of the prefab on regular landscapes – and a selection of specially-baked deck pieces with ladder combinations for your expanded landscaping plans! Plus, the Oria Rowboat is a non-vehicular animated boat prop animated for singles and couples in your choice of maturities, a perfect addition to park by your new dock.… Read the rest

Nevaline Garden Bar and Bar Stool & Table for Collabor88 March

Three-season outdoor entertaining has arrived early – the Nevaline Garden Bar and matching Bar Stool & Table will set the stage for endless open-air delight! The Nevaline Garden Bar is a pavilion-style brick-paved structure with built-in flowerboxes, stringlights, hanging pendant lights that turn on and off on touch, bottle props, and tons of singles and couples animations at the bar – plus a third spot for the bartender! Available in your choice of maturities, scripted with the AvSitter2.2 system for full customization in positioning – arrange the included animations however you like, wherever you like, with no memory limits! We include empty and full models, plus lights-only and lights and bar props only models for your own equipment and foliage. Plus, the matching Nevaline Bar Stool and Table makes your bar into a bistro! 13 singles animations plus auto-attach drink props for fun accessorizing. Only at Collabor88 March!… Read the rest

Oakley Pallet Beds for FaMESHed March

Elevate your shabby chic, rustic charm style with the new Oakley Pallet Beds at FaMESHed March! The Oakley Pallet Beds include natural and white painted wood models, with glowing old fashioned stringlight bulbs woven through both the base and headboard, and projection lighting for an entrancing effect. We include 62 fabric patterns for quilt and pillows, and 27 coordinating color options for throw blanket, sheet, and mattress fitted sheet – coordinate everything from subdued to floral, retro to refined! Plus, take advantage of our AvSItter 2.2 upgrade – we include the option for owners to custom-set their own animation position defaults! If you like to customize each position for each animation, you won’t have to worry about memory limits again! Check out the demos inworld at FaMESHed’s March round!  

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Sedgewick Cottage & Chair for Uber February

That 60s mod style is an evergreen classic – bring its clean lines and color pops to your neighborhood with the Sedgewick Cottage and matching leather Chair at Uber’s February round! The Sedgewick Cottage is a compact, open floor layout midcentury modern home with dual wood slatted siding and poured concrete walls. We include three bright color combinations for the doors! Marble tiled fireplace with working fire effects, midcentury mod exterior sconce lighting, front and back patios, and built-in wood slatted planters with 7 ground texture options on owner touch (grasses, sand, and wintery ice) round out the features. Plus, the matching Sedgewick Chair is a fun accent in any corner, with 11 coordinating leather colors on touch and tons of animations for singles and adults. Only at Uber’s February round!

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Trompe Loeil – Salinger Barn, Snow Add-On, and Woodstoves for Collabor88 February

A repurposed barn is the perfect place to dream of spring rainshowers – the Salinger Barn, matching Snow Add-On, and standalone Woodstoves at Collabor88’s February round will keep you dry and toasty until the first shoots of the season! The Salinger Barn is a weathered, repurposed barn structure with a wraparound stilt-style loft inside for two stories of access. An attached shed is great for your garden items! Sliding door effects add to the ambience. We include privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights, a built-in woodstove with animated fire effects, and our *home control system. Pick up the optional Snow Add-On for year-round use! Plus, the matching Salinger Woodstoves are standalone designs made to fit against any wall in your home. We include three metal colors for a variety of styles! Check out the Salinger set only at Collabor88 February!

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Trompe Loeil – Margaux Skybox & Photo Backdrop for FaMESHed February

The city of love awaits you for February’s FaMESHed round – Trompe Loeil’s new Margaux Skybox and matching Photo Backdrop with custom exclusive poses! The Margaux Skybox is a Parisian classic – whitewashed plaster walls with intricate detailing, floor-to-ceiling windows, patterned inlay wood flooring, and the city skyline beyond above the trees. We include versions with and without optional sky surround. Plus, the matching Margaux Photo Backdrop is our first venture into backdrop offerings – same Paris style in a 3/4 cutaway build for easy photo taking, plus its animated with 8 custom exclusive static poses to get you started! Poses also included separately for use in your own photo animation rig of choice. Buy your favorite, or get both in the Margaux Collection at a discount – only at FaMESHed February!

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Cobi Lodge & Chair for Uber January

A graceful modern lodge with an arc as huge as the horizon, and matching mod armchair for lounging by the fire – the Cobi Lodge and matching Chair for Uber January will start your new year off in high style! The Cobi Lodge is a 2 story build with double covered stone paved decks, double-sided first floor fireplace, upstairs loft that overlooks the main room, exterior lighting, privacy windows, locking doors, optional Snow Add-On, and our *home control system. A perfect mountain hideaway or ski lodge for those long weekends! Plus, the matching Cobi Chair will wrap you up in tons of colors and patterns, in your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Only at Uber January!

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Emiko Courtyard Cottage, Snow Add-On, Couch & Chair for Collabor88 January

Tranquility abides with a gentle flow between outdoors and in – our new Emiko Courtyard Cottage, with optional Snow Add-On and matching Couch and Chair set, sets the foundation for perfect harmony! The Emiko Courtyard Cottage features a partially enclosed design, with elevated roofed wraparound walkway sheltered by paper screen walls and a sunken tiled central courtyard open to the sky. Along the back, find privacy in the single full-length room with locking sliding privacy doors. Exterior sconce lighting, privacy paper screen walls, and our *home control center round out the features. Grab the optional Snow Add-On for a year-round retreat! Plus, the matching Emiko Couch and Chair set feature ornate armrest detailing and luxurious oversized velvet corduroy pillows, scripted for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Only at Collabor88 January!

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Nicolina Pavilion, Bathing Tub, and Snow Add-On for FaMESHed January

A new year means a fresh start, and nothing’s better to wash away the old than a long soak in a stylish tub with all the bubbles, steam, and rose petals you could need – our new Nicolina Bathing Tub and matching Pavilion with Snow Add-On, only at FaMESHed January! The Nicolina Pavilion is a two story open air structure with loft, staircase, and working fireplace with animated fire effects. Grab the optional Snow Add-On for year round style! Plus, the Nicolina Bathing Tub is a hammered steel with copper inlay soaking tub in two models (with and without hurricane lamp), with animated water, bubbles/foam, rose petals, and steam effects via touch menu, scripted for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Welcome the new year in warmth and freshness, only at FaMESHed January!

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Maisie Cabin and Snow Add-On for Uber December

Home for the holidays was never so rustic and cozy! Our Maisie Cabin and optional Snow Add-On will be the perfect place to call your own every wintery morning! The Maisie Cabin is a two story rustic cabin with exterior hurricane lamp lighting, optional stringlight model, pass-through interior/exterior fireplace with animated fire effects for inside and out, locking doors, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Grab the matching Snow Add-On for a wonderful winter look to take you through into the new year! Only at Uber’s December round!

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Nysa Conservatory, Trident Loveseat, and Snow Add-On for Collabor88 December, now at our Mainstore

Winter can’t stop a soaring conservatory filled with your favorite greenery, and a relaxing loveseat to take in the stars above – the Nysa Conservatory and Trident Loveseat! The Nysa Conservatory is an aged metal and glass build with exterior lighting and locking doors, with our *home control system. (Note that windows do not tint or provide privacy options.) The matching Trident Loveseat features seating for three singles or one couple, in your choice of animations, with lots of coordinating fabric patterns and velvet pillow colors to pick from! Now at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore location!

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Shoemaker Cottage, Hammered Silver Sleigh, and Snow Add-On for FaMESHed December, now at the Mainstore

A northeastern classic for the holidays! Trompe Loeil’s Shoemaker Cottage, Snow Add-On and animated Hammered Silver Sleigh will craft the coziest of winter getaways for the ones you love! The Shoemaker Cottage is based on a Revolutionary War era style found in early northeastern colonial settlements – rustic, charming, and always welcoming. Featuring two levels, roaring fireplace with animated fire effects, privacy windows, locking door, exterior lights, and our *home control system. Grab the optional Snow Add-On and snuggle under a blanket of freshly fallen snow! Plus, our Hammered Silver Sleigh is a delightful seasonal addition to your yard – we include animated poses for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Now available at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore location!

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Tuva Minimalist Cottage & Bed for Uber November, now at Mainstore

An ultra-sleek Scandinavian escape for the winter! Trompe Loeil’s new Tuva Minimalist Cottage sets the stage for your personal style and the great outdoors beyond! The Tuva Minimalist Cottage is a single elevated room, modern style Scandinavian build with whitewashed wood interior and floor, dark exterior cladding, entry level deck and stairs, built-in woodstove with animated fire effects inside, floor-to-ceiling privacy picture windows, and our *home control system. To celebrate this winter style, we include the snow add-on for free! Plus, the Tuva Minimalist Bed is as simple as can be – handmade mattress, scattered comforter and pillows, and a frameless design for that boho effortless style! Available in your choice of maturities for singles and adults. Now at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore location!

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The 2017 Advent Calendar for The Arcade December

Back for our sixth year – the 2017 Advent Calendar is exclusively at The Arcade’s December round! This year’s calendar is a graceful solarium design that will be a beautiful design and focal point for your home year-round. As each key is won and placed by the calendar, the corresponding number will light up and a plant or decor item inside the solarium will reveal itself – succulents, branches, pine cones, river rocks, and lights! This year’s prizes include everything shown – a tasteful roaring fire and mantle to place against any wall, animated floor pillows for singles and couples, indoor and outdoor decor items for walls and floor. Plus, all of our previous Advent Calendars are still available to play and win at our Mainstore location! Get your 2017 Calendar for free at The Arcade (click the Demo button on the machine) or at our Mainstore and start winning on December 1 – and happy holidays to all our wonderful customers, friends and fans from Trompe Loeil!… Read the rest

Black Friday 2017 50% Off Gift Card Sale Nov. 24-27

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Our famous annual Black Friday Gift Card Sale is back for another holiday season! November 24 through 27, Trompe Loeil Gift Cards at our Mainstore location are 50% off the listed value! Grab them for yourself, give them for gifts – they never expire and can be used throughout the year!     The Gift Card boards will be located at the Mainstore main desk. Gift cards are transfer-only, and can only be used inworld. Gift cards will work at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore location and may or may not work at special event locations, depending on the event’s script settings. Gift card top-up purchases are not included in this sale. Sale pricing runs midnight to midnight on the dates indicated. 

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