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Draped Living Room for FaMESHed October

Its getting chilly outside – time to cover up with our new Draped Living Room Set at FaMESHed October! The Draped Living Room is just the thing for bloggers looking for that transitional, cluttered look, or anyone who loves the raw lived-in style that a simple fabric drape brings. We include your choice of maturities or a non-animated set at a deep discount perfect for photo props, plus each version includes clean cloth, clean burlap, and painted cloth versions plus full permission copies of the cloth and burlap drape textures so you can make your own unique look! Only at FaMESHed October!

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Gillian Cottages & Schoolhouse Benches for Uber September

High ceilings, rich autumn colors, and a front porch ready for decorating – the Gillian Cottages and matching Schoolhouse Benches for Uber bring the coziness and style of autumn home!
The Gillian Cottage welcomes you with a beautiful covered porch and gently glowing exterior lights on either side of the wooden double doors. Inside is a huge, single room with double-height windows just perfect for a studio layout – and for added interest, a sunroom in the back makes a perfect reading nook! We include privacy windows, locking doors, our *home control system, and 3 beautiful colors in the pack – rich red, jewel-tone blue, and natural brown! Plus, the matching Gillian Schoolhouse Benches are an antique heirloom you’re sure to love. We include short and long models, empty and blanket/pillow models with 12 fabric pattern options, and natural brown and white wood – all in your choice of maturities! Check out the Gillian Cottages and Schoolhouse Benches only at Uber’s September round!… Read the resttrompe-loeil-gillian-cottages-schoolhouse-bench-promo-01

50% Off Sale October 8 & 9 – Thank You for 4 Rezzie Awards!

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Wow! We can’t thank our fantastic customers and friends enough for voting for us – we’ve won 4 Rezzie Awards for the 2016 voting cycle! Best Outdoor Structures, Best Living Rooms, Best Prefab Homes & Cottages, and our favorite – Best Customer Service in Home & Garden! And as our way to say thank you, everything in our Mainstore is on 50% off sale October 8 and 9! Just purchase whatever catches your eye – 50% of the purchase price will be instantly refunded to you. Gift cards, gift card top-up payments, and current event releases are excluded from the sale. All other standard customer discounts are temporarily suspended, but will be re-instated after the sale. Sale ends 9PM SLT on October 9th – so hurry in, and thank you all again!

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Trompe Loeil nominated for 6 Rezzie Awards – vote through September 27

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We are so honored to have been nominated by our fantastic customers in 6 categories in the 2016 Rezzie Awards! Voting is open through September 27 and Trompe Loeil is nominated in the Best Outdoor Structures, Best Living Rooms, Best Prefab Homes/Cottages, Best Kitchens, Best Bedrooms, and (our favorite) Best Customer Service categories. Be sure to stop in and vote for all your favorites before September 27 and look for winners on October 1!

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Kenna Cabin, Cot & Woodstove for Collabor88 September

Cool flagstones keep the chill in the air at bay when your forest escape is a cozy cabin with an outdoor fireplace built for entertaining – the new Kenna Cabin, Cot, and Woodstove for Collabor88 September! The Kenna Cabin is a single room stone cabin with oversize exterior fireplace, interior fireplace or alcove (your choice), oversized arched windows, privacy feature, exterior lighting, locking door, and our *home control system. Plus, the Kenna Woodstove features always-on projection lighting and 7 color options on touch! We include short and tall stack to fit most structures. Don’t forget the Kenna Cot, a camper’s dream with tons of pillow and blanket texture options, built for two in your choice of maturities! Grab them at great C88 prices during September’s round!

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Shelby Creek Lodge & Shelby Couch for FaMESHed September

The brink of autumn requires a treetop view of the changing leaves, a rustic retreat with eternal style in the natural colors of the season – the new Shelby Creek Lodge and Shelby Couch, only for FaMESHed September!
The Shelby Creek Lodge is a two-story stone and wood post home with both traditional and plate glass floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the scenery. Privacy windows shutter on the bottom and wall on the top in the matching red painted wood boards for a seamless look and tons of variety. External lights, locking door, and our *home control system round out the features. Plus, the Shelby Couch is a midcentury modern treasure that looks at home in a hunting lodge or a downtown apartment – we include 4 leather colors and your choice of maturities. Check out the on-site display at this month’s FaMESHed round!

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Eloise Conservatory & Dining Set for Uber August

Don’t say goodbye to summer yet – make the poolside memories last year-round with the Eloise Conservatory and matching art deco Dining Set, only at Uber August!
The Eloise Conservatory lets the sunshine in through floor-to-ceiling privacy windows – use the empty model for your favorite greenhouse decorating, or the pool model for a sultry experience with a friend through the autumn months – we include both! Exterior lights, locking door, and our *home control system round out the features. Animated pool seats two with sitting, swimming, and couples animations in your choice of maturities. Plus, the Eloise Dining Chair & Table set fits perfectly in your new Conservatory, with classic art deco style and lots of functionality! We include 10 coordinating fabrics, 3 tabletop mosaics, and your choice of maturities. Let the sunshine in only at this month’s Uber round!

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Xaviera Villa and Lounger for Collabor88 August

The warmth of summer leads to thoughts of Tuscan hills, with gentle breezes that wander across the tiled patio and carry the scent of the ocean – the Xaviera Villa and matching Lounger at Collabor88 August are waiting for you!
The Xaviera Villa is a versatile escape – use just the Villa model, or the Villa + Pool for the full experience. Artisan tiled flooring, wood and marble archways, animated pool for singles and couples in your choice of maturities, privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights (including accent lighting in the fountains), and our *home control center rounds out this luxurious retreat. Plus, the Xaviera Lounger is your oasis in the sun! With fabric awning and room for two in your choice of maturities, it’s made to look great on your Xaviera Villa patio. Check them out at this month’s birthday round of Collabor88!

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Tiena Caravans & Chesterfield Couches for FaMESHed August

A traveling vagabond, a fortune teller in the deep dark woods, or the funkiest campsite at the summer festival – the Tiena Caravans and coordinating Tiena Chesterfield Couches will set the stage! The Tiena Caravans sparkle in three coordinated color versions – seaside, earthen, and sylvan – with matching glass pendant lights and delicate stringlights to light the way. Each single room caravan includes locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system. The matching Tiena Chesterfield Couches are a vintage find in both linen and leather finishes, with tons of color and pattern options and your choice of maturities for 2! Now available at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore!  

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Afton Raft Travel Set – Weekend Sale Aug 27-28

Don’t let the end of summer get you down – you can fit in a last-minute vacation this weekend, with our new Afton Raft Travel Set! Originally for Uber’s July round, its at our Mainstore now – and August 27 & 28 only, its 50% off! For camping, a unique retreat, or the most rustic of houseboats, the Afton Raft Travel Set evokes the summertime nostalgia of a carefree river adventure!
The Afton Raft is animated to seat 2, with 11 PG animations to dangle your toes in the water. We include 11 textures for tent and sail, plus AO maps so you can create your own unique look! The Afton Bedroll comes in your choice of maturities, with 16 texture options plus AO Maps for even more customization. The Afton Chair includes 5 leather colors and your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Finish your supply list with the Afton Travel Props – texture change suitcase stack, two barrel models, and a shipping crate with two branding options plus plain wood for the kind of clutter you’d expect from a river adventurer!… Read the restTrompe-Loeil---Afton-Raft-Travel-Set-promo-01

Pomeroy Glen Cabin and Chair & Ottoman Set for Collabor88 July

The cabin that’s been in the family for years, the vintage chair and ottoman that’s always been in the corner waiting when you arrived at camp – July’s Collabor88 is nostalgia-fueled with our new Pomeroy Glen Cabin and Pomeroy Glen Chair and Ottoman set! The Pomeroy Glen Cabin is a two story modified A-frame design, with dual front and back raised decks and inside loft with staircase. The decorative fireplace is waiting for your candles or lanterns! Locking doors, exterior lights, privacy windows, and our *home control system round it out – and we include both robin red and hunter green exterior paint colors in the same pack! Plus, the Pomeroy Glen Chair + Ottoman set packs a retro punch with 24 fun and funky plaid patterns, from wild to subdued, and your choice of maturities for singles and couples (ottoman included in PG only). Only at Collabor88’s great July sale prices!

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Selah Rock Bath Set & Rattan Chairs for FaMESHed July

Modern or rustic, indoors or out – the Selah Rock Bath Set and matching Rattan Chairs for FaMESHed July are bold statement pieces like you’ve never seen! The Selah Rock Bath, Table, and Shelf are carved from rough individual boulders, with raw exteriors and polished interiors. The working bath seats 2 with singles and couples animations in your choice of maturities, with water that slowly raises and lowers with a touch of the metal piping. The accompanying low table looks great in any room or as a remarkable display piece for a store or business, and the three-slot shelf includes removable bath accessories to round out your room. The Selah Rattan Chairs include tan and dark versions, in both plain and stringlight models, with 21 texture options for the cushion as well at the cushion AO map for creating your own patterns! Try them all out in person at this month’s FaMESHed round!

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Zohra Oasis and Chair with Ottoman for Uber June

Don’t wait until midnight – the oasis calls any time with our new Zohra Oasis for Uber’s June round! The Zohra Oasis is the perfect sun-soaked relaxation station, a beautiful blend of natural sandstone outcropping, animated waterfalls, and sheltered tiled patios set aglow with glass lanterns in rich jewel tones. The animated pool seats 4 singles or 2 couples with a wide variety of swimming, lounging, waterfall, and couples poses. The patio tent includes 11 thematic patterns on touch. Pick your choice of maturity levels and bask in the desert sun in style! The matching Zohra Chair + Ottoman are a paired design that make a luxurious and on-trend lounger for singles and couples. Both the Oasis and Chair + Ottoman are available in your choice of maturities. We include XX fabrics that evoke the desert sands and fit in any decor!

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Stella River Barge & Folding Chairs for Collabor88 June

Why relax by the water when you can be on it? The Stella River Barge and matching Folding Chairs for Collabor88 June evoke long summer days on slow moving rivers, with adventure around every bend! The Stella River Barge is a non-vehicle barge animated for singles and couples – dangle your feet in the water from the deck, flirt around the support beam, or be whisked away to the crow’s nest! Plus, we include two hammocks, both in your choice of maturities, with tons of singles and couples animations and 20 patterns to choose from. Lots of exterior lights that turn on and off on touch finish the look! Plus, grab the Stella Folding Chairs and set them up on the observation deck for sunrise and sunset – your choice of maturities, 23 fabric patterns, and a classic look at home anywhere! Only at June’s Collabor88 round!

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Triton Deck Set for FaMESHed June

Add a touch of class to your sun-filled afternoons with our Triton Deck Set, only at FaMESHed’s June round! Our Triton Deck Set includes three stylish pieces – the Triton Chair includes 4 models with blanket and pillow variations, the Triton Lounger seats 2 with tons of single and couples animations, and the matching Triton Table finishes the look. Chair and Lounger include 21 fun texture options and free AO maps for making your own customized look! Check them out at FaMESHed’s June round!

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Natalia Treehouse & Ringchair for Uber May

High above the trees is the place to relax this summer – the Natalia Treehouse and matching Ringchair are stairways to heavenly tranquility! The Natalia Treehouse is a single room structure that sits nestled in the boughs of a tree with 7 leaf color options on touch, with exterior hurricane lanterns, stringlights, privacy windows, locking door and our *home control system. A beautiful retreat for any season! The matching Natalia Ringchairs hang gracefully from any branch or beam, with 3 rope lengths included, two maturities for singles and couples, texture change pillow, blanket, and cushion, and AO maps included so you can customize it just how you like! Check them out at Uber’s May round, finishing June 23!

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Pop-Up Camping Sets at The Arcade June

Get outside with style and ease! Our new Pop-Up Camping Set Gatcha includes everything you need – including terrain – and they’re only at The Arcade’s June round!   A flagstone circle surrounds your campsite, ready to sit 3 campers with animated poses to choose from, a working fire and hurricane lantern, and styles to fit any season – from the brisk January ice and snow to July’s sunny beaches, and all the green and colorful spring and autumns in between. No rares, $L50 per play, and only available at The Arcade’s June round – don’t miss it!

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Fisher Point Cottage & Beds at Collabor88 May

What a time to get away! To that lakeside or mountain cottage passed down through the generations – the original fireplace, and the extra room for the loft added a few decades ago – with big glass doors to take in the view and a fire to chase away the chill, the Fisher Point Cottage at Collabor88 May is waiting for you! This single room cottage features a suspended sleeping loft with staircase, fireplace with working fire, exterior hurricane lamps, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Plus, the matching Fisher Point Beds in your choice of maturities and two included wood colors are reclaimed masterpieces! We saved the barn door and turned it into a headboard and footboard, kept the original hardware and latch, and added on his and hers hurricane lamps for keeping cozy. Check the Fisher Point Cottage & Beds out exclusively at Collabor88’s May round!  

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Keliana Summertime Set for FaMESHed May

Get excited for summer – our Keliana Summertime Set at May’s FaMESHed round has everything you need for long sunny days by the water! Set up the Keliana flagstone above-ground pool with built-in waterfalls, and 4 singles or 2 pairs of couples can have a splash! The Keliana Summertime Set includes pool with animated water effects in your choice of maturities with tons of swimming, floating, bathing, and couples animations – plus the Keliana Loungers for singles and couples in lots of great fashion patterns, Keliana Sunbathing Towel with two models for singles and couples, the FREE Keliana Umbrella as a special FaMESHed birthday gift, and a huge discount for set purchases! Check out the on-site demo at FaMESHed and our mainstore today!

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Hannah Cottage, Bench & Table for Uber April

A light-strewn country cottage with plenty of shaded outdoor space for your favorite wagonwheel bench for two – what could be better? Discover relaxation with the Hannah Cottage, Bench & Table at Uber’s April round! The Hannah Cottage is a single room structure with three covered patio decks with terra cotta brick paving, stringlights, exterior candle-lit lanterns, privacy windows, locking doors, our *home control system, and charm to spare! Plus, the Hannah Bench and matching Table add loads of country style – seats two with singles and couples animations in your choice of maturities, we include plain and stringlight versions! Only at Uber until May 21!  

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