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Jenica Cottages and Wicker Chairs for Collabor88 March

We firmly believe there’s no such thing as too cozy – our Jenica Cottages and matching Wicker Chairs for Collabor88 March showcase the comfort of timeless classics!
The Jenica Cottage is an open floor plan, single room cottage with extra high ceilings and a gorgeous all-white interior with subtle texturing, a perfect backdrop for your most favorite decor. Walls tint easily too – make it your own! Privacy windows, exterior lights, our *home control system, and blue and red exterior colors are included. Plus, the Jenica Wicker Chairs are a light and airy take on the classic papasan model, with two versions (plain and pillowed) and two colors (dark and light) included, plus plenty of colors and pillow patterns for mixing and matching! Available in your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Only at Collabor88 March!

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March 2017
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Nixie Beach Hangout & Beds for FaMESHed March

Is it too early to be dreaming of the beach? Never! Trompe Loeil’s new Nixie Beach Hangout and matching Beach Beds will sail you and a friend away to warm sunny shores!
The Nixie Beach Hangout seats 2 in your choice of maturities with singles and couples animations, 15 fabric patterns, matching pillow colors, color change starfish and life preserver, driftwood sign with fun messages (or blank), working nautical lantern, and AO maps for the sand base, blanket, and pillows so you can customize it exactly how you like! We even include the matching sand texture for use on your region! Plus, the matching Nixie Beach Beds share the same nautical look and accents in a full display or individual flat model – we include both! Also available in your choice of maturities. Check them out at the March round of FaMESHed!

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Kaede Cabins for Uber February

Just outside the Neo-Tokyo city limits hides an equally modern take on the beauty, tradition, and instantly recognizable style of Japan – the Kaede Cabin, only at Uber February! The Kaede Cabin is a modern A-frame with a distinctive Pacific flair. Dual decks host a fountain with animated water effects on one side, and a minimalist fire pit with working animated flame and lighting on the other. Inside, discover two floors of room with an open-air loft. Floor to ceiling picture windows and skylights can switch to privacy mode with delicately decorated paper shades on a touch, or through our *home control system. Locking doors, exterior lights, and two exterior colors (ocean blue and natural brown) round out the features! Truly a home with distinction – see the on-site demo at the new Uber February round!

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Anastasia Cottages for Collabor88 February

A cozy escape out of your favorite storybook – the Anastasia Cottages for Collabor88 February are bold, colorful, and a hideaway to tell a tale about!   The Anastasia Cottages include 6 fantastic exterior color versions for one low C88 price, with a single-room layout, gorgeous river rock detailing, exterior porch light, privacy windows, locking door, and our *home control system. Only at Collabor88’s February round!

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Larcadia Cottage and Larcadia Chair for FaMESHed February

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Modern and classic all wrapped up in 4 shoreline colors and a bevy of fashion fabrics – take a permanent vacation with the Larcadia Cottage and Chair at FaMESHed February!
The Larcadia Cottage is an elevated design that adapts to placement perfectly on a hillside or along the water’s edge. Dual decks allow you to overlook scenic vistas, and sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows bring the view indoors. Two generously sized rooms are connected by a floating hallway, and privacy windows, exterior lighting, and an included 4 exterior siding colors round out the options. Plus, the Larcadia Chair continues the modern/classic sensibilities with curved form and 42 fabric options, in your choice of maturities for singles and couples! Pick up both only at FaMESHed!

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Aveline Kitchenette for Uber January

Fresh and functional and oh-so-customizable – our Aveline Kitchenette for Uber January is a look that’s on-trend!
The Aveline Kitchenette includes animated sink in your choice of maturities with working water effects, subway tile backsplash, and cupboard arrangement with included props inside, plus matching prop refrigerator and range with 4 fashion color options on touch, hanging pot rack, individual cabinet/counter section, and 3-level wall shelf. We include an easy-to-use self-installer for the arrangement shown, plus all individual pieces so you can mix and match to fit your space! Only at Uber January!

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Camden Cove & Camden Couch + Chair Set for Collabor88 January

Isn’t it time for sunnier shores? Escape to the beach with our new Camden Cove wraparound cottage and matching Camden Couch and Chair set for Collabor88 January!
The Camden Cove is an inviting seaside cottage in a wraparound style, with elevated driftwood deck, fireplace with working fire effects, privacy windows, locking double sliding glass doors, external lights, and our *home control system. We include a version with a decorative surfboard with 4 fun designs on touch as well! Plus, our Camden Couch and Chair set brings a fun yet classic look indoors and out, with tons of colors and pillow patterns to choose from, in your choice of maturities. Only at Collabor88 January!

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Belvish Pool for FaMESHed January

Fancy a little magic to ring in your New Year? We’re stretching out to try something a little different, a little whimsical, and a whole lot of fun – our new Belvish Pool for FaMESHed January!
The Belvish Pool is an all-in-one outdoor decor focal piece – the sunken built-in lounger is the perfect place to cuddle and look at the stars, the animated pool water and fountain falling water sets the stage for soaking or bathing, the gentle light from the magical fire torches and swirling pendant lights casts a gentle glow over all, and built-in trees and flowering ivy freshen the air! Coordinating fabric patterns on touch for the cushion and pillows help you personalize the look. We include tons of animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities too! Check out the on-site demo only at this month’s FaMESHed!

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Noelle Cottage & Sofa for Collabor88 December

The winter season is the best time to get a little fancier, a little more vintage, a little richer in taste – transport yourself to a more classic time with our Noelle Cottage and Noelle Sofa, only at Collabor88 December!
The Noelle Cottage is a single room, double height structure with ornate detailing, locking double doors, privacy windows, exterior candlelit lanterns, and our *home control system. Grab the Snow Add-On while you’re there! Plus, our Noelle Sofa evokes turn-of-the-century upper crust style in a well-worn vintage finish, with 5 leather colors on touch and your choice of maturities. Only at December’s Collabor88 round!

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Easton Restored Barn & Easton Wingback Chair for Uber December

The year is closing out, but that doesn’t mean everything starts over new – save the best and restore it to a new luster, with our Easton Restored Barn and matching leather Wingback Chairs for Uber December!
The Easton Restored Barn is a two-story, lofted build with an open floor plan. Reclaimed wood throughout adds texture and personality, as well as the working decorative sliding barn doors! Double doors match the rest of the oversized windows perfectly for a clean look. Includes privacy windows, locking double doors, exterior lights, and our *home control system – optional Snow Add-On also available. Plus, our Easton Wingback Chairs are a masculine and stylish touch to any office or library – we include 13 leather color options and your choice of maturities! Only at December’s Uber round!

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Winery Barrel Showers for Uber November

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*Note: at the time of posting these are now available at our Mainstore location! An upcycled rustic dream for indoors or out – the Trompe Loeil Winery Barrel Showers transport you to a vino-filled paradise! The Trompe Loeil Winery Barrel Showers feature a repurposed wine barrel as the base for a luxurious bathing experience. We include working showerhead with particle water effects and sound on touch, 24 curtain fabric patterns, mirrored left and right versions, and single and couples animations in your choice of maturities. Originally at Uber November and now available at our Mainstore!

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2016 Advent Calendar Gatcha at The Arcade

The most wonderful time of the year is back again! Our famous Advent Calendar Gatcha is back for its 5th year with marvelous holiday-themed home decor prizes to delight! This year’s free Calendar is styled after a rustic church set in a wintery tableau. Rez each of the 12 Keys (won playing the Gatcha at The Arcade) by your Calendar to light up a numbered window, a portion of the Calendar build, and win a prize! From reindeer to Father Christmas’ sack of presents, gentle lighting and sleighs full of gifts, there’s plenty to inspire holiday cheer. Head to The Arcade and grab the free Calendar from the “DEMO” button on the machine, then play to win Keys! Unused Keys can be traded or gifted – see our Instructions & FAQ page for all the details. As always, the Advent Calendars from previous years are available at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore – with 5 years worth of holiday decor presents to win, there’s sure to be a special something to make your night merry and bright!… Read the resttrompe-loeil-the-2016-advent-calendar-promo-01

Elina Cabin and Shelby Chair for FaMESHed December

A little unique, a little rustic, and plenty of style – our Elina Cabin at FaMESHed December takes you there! This extra-large cabin features an open living area and second-story loft, with built-in woodstove with always-on animated fire and soft projection lighting, exterior light, locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Snow add-on also available! Plus, we’ve had so many requests for a chair version of our popular Shelby Couch from September that we couldn’t resist! The Shelby Chair matches the Shelby Couch (available in our Mainstore) perfectly, with 4 leather options and tons of animations in your choice of maturities. Only at FaMESHed December!

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Black Friday 50% Off Gift Card Sale November 25-28

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Its back! Our famous annual Black Friday Gift Card Sale is coming! November 25 through 28, every Trompe Loeil Gift Card you purchase is 50% off the face value! Grab them for yourself, give them for gifts – they never expire and can be used throughout the year! Our Gift Card sale is only at our Mainstore location, and will only be running from November 25 to 28!    

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Snow Add-Ons for the 2016 Prefab Models + New Superfan Group for exclusive discounts

The winter decorating season has officially arrived! The Snow Add-Ons for our 2016 prefab models are in the Mainstore entry room now! (Older snow add-ons are still available – look for the vendor at the southern dock.)
Plus, big news and a special invitation just for Trompe Loeil superfans! Back when we started creating the prefabs and furniture you love, group slots were severely limited, so we used a third-party database to send news and updates. However, this method is no longer needed, and is showing its age – its hard to join and leave, and it doesn’t work with our vendor database to offer you exclusive deals and discounts. So the old update database is being retired and a new group is available to join now, for free – the Trompe Loeil Superfans! Join the free group and get notices when Trompe Loeil releases new items at the Mainstore and your favorite events – plus, every month, get 50% off a selection of four classic Trompe Loeil products on the Superfan group board at the front of the store!… Read the resttrompe-loeil-snow-add-ons-for-the-2016-prefab-models-promo-1-smaller

Reiley A-Frame Cabin and Net Chair for Collabor88 November

Winter is fast approaching – celebrate the last of autumn with friends and family in a classic A-frame cabin with warmth to spare: our new Reiley A-Frame Cabin with matching Reiley Net Chairs on the wraparound deck, only at Collabor88 November!   The Reiley A-Frame Cabin features an L-shaped layout with two lockable doors, hugging a wraparound deck with tons of space for decorating. Inside you’ll find a brick fireplace with tiled mantel and a roaring birch fire that turns on and off on touch. Pick your favorite – we include 4 exterior colors in the pack! And matching Snow Add-On is available as well, for those who just can’t wait to make it snow! Privacy windows, exterior lights, and our *home control system round out the features. Plus, the matching Reiley Net Chairs make the perfect statement piece to cozy up and watch the world go by – 12 fabric colors included, with animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities.… Read the resttrompe-loeil-reiley-a-frame-promo-01

Saskia Furniture Set for FaMESHed November

A little rustic, a little polished, a little Scandinavian – the Saskia Furniture Set for FaMESHed November are statement pieces to show off!   The centerpiece of the Saskia set is the Saskia Bed – framed in raw driftwood, this platform-style bed includes three models (plain, dangling lights with individual on/off function on touch, and always-on stringlights with a delicate glow) and tons of fabric colors and patterns for pillows, blanket, and mattress. The matching Saskia Chair and Couch include two models each (plain and with blanket or pillows) and matching fabric options to make a complete, coordinated look. All items come in your choice of maturities and are available individually or as a set for big savings! Only at November’s FaMESHed round!  

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Dyani Park Ranger Tower & Chair for Uber October

Take in the view the way it was meant to be seen, from mountaintops down through the valleys below – the Dyani Park Ranger Tower at Uber’s October round is your eye in the sky!
The Dyani Park Ranger Tower is a two-story build, featuring a ground-level deck and laid-stone windowed courtyard perfect for outdoor entertaining. Climb the stairs to the second floor deck and into the single-room upstairs cottage, lined with windows, perfect for leaf peeping autumn afternoons or star-filled evenings. We include exterior lights, locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Plus, the Dyani Park Ranger Chairs for singles and couples in your choice of maturities are perfectly at home at the campsite, on the porch, or as the rustic accent piece in any room! 5 leather colors on touch are perfect for mixing and matching. Only at October’s Uber round!

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Mia Glass Cottage for Collabor88 October

Let the woods be your walls – the Mia Glass Cottage at Collabor88 October is the perfect rustic conservatory, garden house, or studio that lets the sunshine in!
This single room cottage features a built-in rock-lined paved patio walkway leading up to the lockable door. Inside, spin around and enjoy the view from every angle – its all floor to ceiling privacy windows! Close the ones you wish for a unique look. Exterior lighting and our *home control system included. At fabulous Collabor88 pricing through the month of October!

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Draped Living Room for FaMESHed October

Its getting chilly outside – time to cover up with our new Draped Living Room Set at FaMESHed October! The Draped Living Room is just the thing for bloggers looking for that transitional, cluttered look, or anyone who loves the raw lived-in style that a simple fabric drape brings. We include your choice of maturities or a non-animated set at a deep discount perfect for photo props, plus each version includes clean cloth, clean burlap, and painted cloth versions plus full permission copies of the cloth and burlap drape textures so you can make your own unique look! Only at FaMESHed October!

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