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Short Hair Rules!

I'm about to embark on a great adventure...with my hair.  There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to get highlights.  My time has come.  I've been doing research on salons around my area and I've decided that I want to go to this trendy shop that gets high praise on yelp (Yeah, I know, you can't always trust yelp).  I'm going to get my hair cut too and hope that I leave there

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Hair Fair 2014

I am always so late on blogging these events.  *sigh*  Here are some my favorites from Hair Fair. More to come... hair (from top to bottom):  [kik], tasha; Eaters Coma, hair 52, [INK], mary; .Shi, chic; @ Hair Fair through tomorrow, July 27 dress:  Sn@tch, callie doll-50%-75% sale through July 28th!! skin:  *YS&YS*, jenie pose:  EverGlow-50% Summer Sale!

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Summertime Breedables Fair 2014

Hello!  The Summertime Breedables Fair is back and starts July 2 through July 16, benefiting Relay for Life.  This is your chance to test the waters for new furry friends. Step out of your Kittycat comfort zone.  The theme for this summer's fair is The Wizard of Oz-If I Only Had a Cure so expect a lot of yellow brick roads and flying monkeys.  I especially like the row of lollipops.  

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I somehow lost my entire blog list and store list.  If you want to exchange blog links let me know and I'll add you to my list! dress and shoes:  Has Been, nostalgia dress and dizzy peeptoes @The Monochromatic Fair hair:  Truth, lottie skin:  League, aria hands:  Slink pose:  Focus Poses place:  Imagin@rium

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sometimes I feel irrelevant. when Nelson Mandela passed, a friend and I were discussing how we wanted to make an impact on the world.  Not for the recognition but personally, we wanted to make the world a better place. Of course, as an individual, I know I could never have an impact like Madiba but I can make my own community a better place to live.  I can treat the person standing next to

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Poetica, Ivy Tower and The Arcade

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The Arcade for September is ending tonight.  I'm finally getting around to blogging all the fun stuff this round (which I'm sure you've seen in a million other posts.).  Also, I've been meaning to post about Poetica's Ivy Tower.  It's lovely!  

Ivy Tower:  Poetica
dogwood and arcacia trees (New!), tiger lilies:  [Organica]
grass:  Kidd Creation

First FloorThe Arcade-September
craft center-*Second Spaces*, stools-Aria, lamps-, bookshelves, "quote" wall art, tots tv-The Loft, sitting dolls-u.f.o, trunks-barnsworth anubis, books-Lark, jute natural rug-Apple Fall, hanging elephant and beads-Zigana, chandelier silhouette-Common Grounds, cookies, strawberry milk and glasses-Pilot

coffee:  o.m.e.n @TheSeasonsStory
charlotte woodburning stove:  {what next}
rustic pantry and scraps table:  *Second Spaces*
plank table and crates, and grey flowers rug:  BoatHouse
glass picture set:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
summertide sofa:  [*Art Dummy!]
phone and seahorse candle:  %Percent Furniture and Lighting

Second Floor
The Arcade-September
bed-Art Dummy, sideboard and cabinet, plant, boat, vanity and decor, jute natural rug-Apple Fall, record player-Floorplan, trunks/boxes-Barnsworth Anubis [ba], novelty nightlights-Intrigue Co., bon voyage clock radio and memo boards-Tres Blah, bookshelves-Alouette, wall art "quotes"-Sway's, books-Lark, stools-[Aria], lamps-Trompe Loeil, porcelain fairies-Baistice, studio chair-Hucci, sitting doll-u.f (Read more...)

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skin:  Glam Affair, shanna @Collabor88
hair:  Truth, lyma
dress and jacket:  (NO), buffalo plaid maxi dress and denim jacket @Collabor88
necklace:  Kosh, tricos necklace
hands:  Slink
nails:  Flair
poses:  Purple Poses, vivien

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A butterfly and a Beetle

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A butterfly and a beetle were hanging out one day...

beetle:  I never met a butterfly I didn't like
butterfly:  I've never met a beetle I liked but you're different.  I like you.
beetle:  I like you too.

butterfly:  Would you mind singing "Strawberry Fields Forever" for me?
beetle:  Wrong beetle sweetie.  But I still like you.
buttefly:  *blushes*

@The Arcade-September
bug costumes, mushroom and flower:  BoOgErS
clogs:  HANDverk
hair:  Clawtooth, heck on wheels (on the butterfly)
skin:  [theSkinnery], alice (on the beetle)

denim:  Milk Motion, boyfriend jeans
tee:  Beetlebones, casual tees-FREE
skin:  *League*, aria

tee:  Sn@tch, mesh cropped baby tee-New
hair:  [kik], Gemma
shorts:  Kaithleen's, plaid shorts w/belt

tree:  Clary Craft, elfin woods blooming tree
grass:  KIDD Grass Garden, grass, meadows and flowers

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dress:  Kim, long summer dress @The Black Fairnecklace:  -UtopiaH-, abstract choking necklace @The Black Fairskin:  [the Skinnery], ming-black mamba @The Black Fairhair:  eXxEsS, sarosaeyes:  IKON, kaleido-metalposes:  delmayplace:  Annon, The Gate

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Grid Talk: Familiarity, Recognition and Remembrance

It's funny how ideas for blog posts just magically appear out of nowhere.  I was on my way to someplace important recently.  Well, I was headed to starbucks which in my mind is important (double chocolate chip frappucchino, 2 pumps mocha-thanks for asking).  As I was driving by a gas station I saw this:

which reminded me of this:

and I immediately thought of blog fodder (and yeah, I know I'm blogging the teardrop trailer that came out months ago at the arcade).  I originally called this post Deja vu but changed it because it's not exactly what I will be talking about.  What experiences, places, objects in rl remind you of sl?  It can be simple like the example above or more complex. I thought of many things after I saw that rl teardrop trailer.  I want to focus on rl to sl stuff not sl to rl (meaning what in sl reminds you of rl).  However, this post might get a little muddled so I'll probably end up mixing the two.  I'll at least keep each of my thoughts in separate paragraphs so there's some order to the chaos.… Read the rest

Prefabulous: Voronoi House

So I had a whole bunch of stuff from the h&g expo that I unpacked but haven't been able to blog (sorry creators!).  And just because the expo is over doesn't mean we all still can't go crazy with house and furniture hoarding, right?  [bauwerk] created an interesting house for the event and though it's a little too modern for me, I still like the lines and shape of this build.

I took a beginning building class with DeAnn Dufaux (Park Place) at Builders Brewery. She was a great instructor, easy to follow and patient with all the follow-questions.  And no, I haven't built anything since the class.  *sad face*

There were a couple creators and shops that were new to me at the expo but then again, I'm a little behind when it comes to sl current events.  I should log in more often.

One thing I have a plethora of in my inventory are zataku tables.  Whenever I see one I like, I always get it-Always.  And screens/room dividers, I have a lot of those too.… Read the rest

Prefabulous: Sandpiper Cottage (or summing up the Home and Garden Expo 2013)

Have you ever noticed how time is slipping away?  Or is it just me?  When I was younger, I thought time went by soo slowly.  Like "how am ever going to get through 6th grade?" type of slow.  But now, time just flies by.  I wish I could go back to my 6th grade self and tell her to savor up every minute because tomorrow it will just be gone.  We can't stop time so we might as well embrace it.

Anyhoo, for some reason, I thought I had another week for the h&G Expo but nope, it ends tonight probably as I write this.  But I still have so much stuff to blog!  So instead of giving you the slurLs of the expo, I'll just provide taxis to the main stores.

On to the important stuff.  I love *Funky*Junk's Sandpiper Cottage.  But then again, I love all her homes.

I've been an admirer of Carlotta Ceawlin and her shop Dreamscapes Art Gallery. Remember that event that happened every Monday?  I think it was called Moody Mondays.  My favorite items were always from Dreamscapes.… Read the rest

SL’s Home and Garden Expo 2013-Two Moon Gardens

The Home and Garden Expo is my favorite sl event of the year.  I'm a bit of a house and furniture hoarder so it makes sense.  The expo opens tomorrow, Friday at 12 noon, May 24 and runs through Sunday, June 2 so you have plenty of time.  There will be over 100 exhibitors displaying the best in landscaping, decor and homes.  There will also be two sims devoted to breedables!  The expo raises funds for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society-another great reason to attend!  For complete information, go to Home and Garden Expo 2013. You will find all you need there including entertainment schedule and participating stores.  I'll also be blogging the expo several times before June 2 (including slurls).

I was happy to see that Two Moon Gardens was participating this year.  I have several of Bunnie Badger's items in my inventory.  She makes lovely lakes and other landscape items.  Sitting by the Violets is her hunt gift.… Read the rest

Grid Talk: My 7 sl Facts Meme

I kinda love Strawberry Singh's meme posts even though I haven't participated in any of them.  But since I've been in a blog slump of late (I seem to write about my blog slump in every post.  oh well), I decided to write seven things about my avatar.

1.  This isn't my first avatar.  Wow-big surprise there, right?  I used to be into the whole alt thing.  I had several.  All looked different, all acted different but in the end, they were all just me.  All are gone now-sent to wherever dead avatars end up.  Today, all I have is Epione, and another female and a male (both are used mainly for blogging purposes).

2.  I came on sl to to join a specific support group.  The support group dissolved. I stayed.

3.  I never owned land.  I currently rent a plot.  I love to live up in the sky.  My biggest sl renting pet peeve is to look at a gazillion other platforms in the sky especially right above me.  I've actually moved twice because of that.  I just don't want to look up and see your ugly skybox (they're probably thinking the same thing about my sky platform)! 

4.… Read the rest


Warning:  Walking Dead spoilers below.  DO NOT read if you're behind on Season 3.

I'm a huge Walking Dead fan and I've wanted to do something walker/dead inspired for awhile now.  I wanted to post this right after the episode "Clear" from several weeks ago but blablabla, I never got to it until this morning.  Now on to Michonne and Morgan.

I love Michonne but it took me awhile to warm up to her.  There was so much hype about the Michonne from the comic but I was kind of disappointed with the Michonne from the show (I haven't read the comics).  At first I wanted to make Michonne look exactly like she is portrayed by Danai Gurira but I kind of gave up on that because I couldn't find exactly what I needed.  So this is my version of Michonne.  And btw, aren't you glad she's talking more?  Michonne (the character) seems like someone you could have interesting conversations with at some dive bar or at Starbucks.

"Clear" is my favorite episode so far (the other being "Seed").… Read the rest

All these Places have their Moments

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Ahern, Morris

I've been in a bit of a blog funk.  Actually, I've been in a bit of a SL funk, not really wanting to log in much anymore.  I mainly come on to feed my kittycats (and yes, I still bread even though most of what is born goes straight to the menagerie.  I guess I still don't get the whole breading thing.).

So I logged on early this morning and thought I would visit some of the places I went to when I first came on sl.  Most of them are gone but I did find a few that are still around. 

Morris or Ahern

Back in the day there were many welcome centers (as there probably are today).  I spent the first couple of months of my sl life in welcome centers.  The hubs I went to were always filled with people but some of the ones I visited this morning are practically deserted.  Nothing like I remember but maybe it was due to the time of day.

I don't know how I ended up at sunshine therapy Garden-maybe I looked up gardens in search.  Or maybe I looked up therapy or sunshine.… Read the rest

Year of the Snake

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The year of the Snake officially arrived on February 10.  Technically, it's the year of the water snake or black snake but I didn't know that until after I took these pictures.  I still would have gotten a blue snake regardless.

Chinese wisdom says that if you find a snake in your house it is a good sign because it means you and your family will not starve.  Hmm, I'm all for not starving but I don't think I want to find a snake in my house.

The year of the Snake will be a time for you to focus on your goals with a close attention to details.  All those years that passed you by where you had no set direction or path is about to change in 2013.  It's time to get serious and be very disciplined.  You will surpass the goals you have set for yourself if you have a course of action.  It won't be easy but it can be done.  I believe in you!
If you were born in the year of the snake you are thoughtful and wise and you face obstacles with a clear mind, sorting out problems rationally and logically, never by instinct (in other words, you are not a Fool) which leaves me out.… Read the rest

Love is all Around

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dress:  Sn@tch, have a heart/mixed mesh-New, snatch and grab this week!
hair:  Truth, ursula-kinda new
necklace:  LouLou&Co, nemo@Zodiac-kinda new
tights:  Secret Store, grey wool tights
shoes:  lassitude&ennui, sugarskull (yeah, I know I wear these in almost every post but I love them!)
skin:  Glam Affair, lilith-artic
pose:  Purple Poses
place:  X-Zone

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Single Frame Stories-Four Prompts

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So, I'm still doing Single Frame Stories.  This is a weekly challenge which you can read about it here.  Basically, there is a new prompt each week that will hopefully inspire you to create a fabulous single frame story.  There is an optional 150 character limit.  Most of the images are from SL but feel free to use any form of expression- drawing, painting, rl photos etc.

*this started to get long so I split it up into two posts.  I hope you have the patience to read them both (xxoo).*

I really enjoyed the challenges when they first started back in August but then I felt my inspiration slipping away after the sixth prompt.  I wasn't really happy with several of them.  The ideas were probably good but the execution seemed off to me.  I've only included the stories that I like here.

Challenge 4:  Positive
"At least I have fabulous shoes." 

This was inspired by a flash fiction piece I wrote (and that I'm now submitting to various contests) about a homeless woman who always manages to look at the positives in her life.… Read the rest

One Last Holiday Post

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I decided to do one more holiday post before I pack up all the trees, ornaments, presents, snowmen etc.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year.  I had a pretty good day-the highlight being that I met three infant goats. They were adorable and it is true, that goats do indeed frolic.  My friends are going to make cheese out of them.  Oops, that sounded kinda funny and gross-I meant that they are going to make cheese from the goat milk.  

I have a feeling of dread because my computer has been acting up.  SL has never run well on my mac but tonight especially...I couldn't get any good lighting which is why most of these pics seem dark and grey looking (which is nothing new with my sl photo skills). Please save me windlight settings!  And please don't die on me macbook pro!

Yay!  We've almost made it through the holidays!  I plan to hit all the sales tomorrow.  Are you?  I hope I get some great deals.… Read the rest