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I am an Aries (Zodiac)

It’s a true fact but it wasn’t until recently that I really paid much attention to what exactly being an Aries meant.  I was surprised to find out I am of the sun sign, I’m a leader and I tend to not get things done while starting many things.  Apparently, I’m blunt and to the point and will take on just about anyone not to mention having a competitive streak a mile wide.  It kinda explains a lot, except that part about being competitive, of which I am most certainly not.  I’m also not very me oriented (although that might be the result of having children because I used to be very me oriented…as in ‘me needs more sleep’ or ‘me needs more coffee’).   I do enjoy getting things going but I have a horrible habit of not sticking around until the end and I do adore a good day of procrastination (like right now, should be cleaning my house…I started with the kitchen and then got side tracked and came to blog). … Read the rest




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Stipend Tuesday (otherwise known as the day without shoes OR pants)

This little adventure is certainly forcing me to be a bit more creative with pictures.  Nothing like trying to hide the fact that I am shoeless again  but worse…pantless.  I did end up with 29L which will go towards next weeks shopping spree and really, I blame the entire thing on Frozen, which had modeling poses out at Stuff in Stock (not to be confuse with Stuff in a Sock, my name for it that does not even remotely exist but what a cool name for an event!) that I needed because it added 5 new poses to my goal of 10 before I can stop buying poses.  See how this is working?  (more after the cut including one well placed not exactly nude but yep..halfway nude NO PANTS picture–just saying))    

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Stipend Tuesday (otherwise known as ‘no shoe day’)

This starts my new Tuesday adventure called “Stipend Tuesday.”  It’s where I take my alt and try to find a complete outfit and a pose with just the 300L’s that she receives every Tuesday morning.   Whether I complete the outfit or not, I blog it.  I know many of us are on tight budgets and those budgets are based on what we get each Tuesday while occasionally popping a few extra lindens in for good measure (I usually do that with my main account once a month and that has to  last me all month).  I have to say, this was a little harder then I thought and took some careful considerations as to what I was going to buy and what I wasn’t.  (more information after the cut, including the rules I established for myself)    

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SLBuddy Walk (Amacci, Immerse from SLBW & a side of Tameless hair)

The other day, I was cruising blogs and found the Goofnutz blog which was showcasing items from the SL Buddy Walk event that is raising awareness and funds for Down Syndrome.  The fair goes from March 16-31st and has some great designers participating with  many great items donating 100% to the cause.  (more after the cut including credits and some rambling)

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If you give Misty a link…..(lassitude & ennui, arcade, clawtooth, diesel works and more)

Sometimes, I manage to amaze myself with my ‘ooh look shiny thing’ abilities.  Lassitude & ennui is definitely making clothes (in case you didn’t already know this but I bet you did!) and will have this absolutely amazing corset, Elena, for sale at the Adore and Abhor Five Year Anniversary Event available in many different colors.  The event starts on March 16th and has not just lassitude and ennui but many other designers as well to help celebrate Adore and Abhors 5 years of creating.  Therefore, you should go.   But before you go, you have to head over to  free*style shop and pick up the free (yes, it’s free!) pearls necklace also from lassitude & ennui.  (more after the cut including my shiny moment and a visit to the arcade because of said shiny moment…plus pictures)

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Divine Miss M Benefit with items from Fashion for Life (Faerycat Designs, EMO-tions, Phenix, Bliensen&MaiTai, Pin Me Down & Scarlett Rage)

Alrighty then, the SLU benefit, Divine Miss M, is fully underway with many many things out from not just people’s inventory that happens to be no copy and re-sellable but also from some amazing designers.   You can read about why we are having the benefit here on SLU.   Today’s post is a mix of new items from both Fashion for Life as well as the benefit.  (more after the cut)

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Divine Miss M Fundraiser and Yard Sale

This past week, friends on SLU and in SL alike lost a wonderful person, Mabb Delwig.  Although I only knew her through posts on SLU, she was loved by many and that includes her partner, Shane Fairlock.   The SLU community has come together once again to help Shane visit with Mabbs family and have started a fundraiser, including yard sale.  You can read the heart felt condolences and information on the fund raiser/yard sale at SLU. In order to offer some sort of help with the fundraiser, many of us have started going through our inventories to find quality items from outfits to landscaping  that are no copy to place up for sale.   There are also some amazing items from creators such as Bliensen + MaiTai, Phenix and more who have placed up their wares with proceeds going to the cause.   Items go pretty fast and are constantly being updated, so make sure you grab a landmark and go back often. If you have ever heard some of the oldbies talk about Last Call and the creator (who passed away many years ago), Ginny Talamasca and wanted outfits either for the first time or to complete your own collection….now is the time to go get them. … Read the rest

Have a little Perception with your White Widow at Zodiac

Perception has this amazing Pisces necklace at the Zodiac Event, unique and with gold or silver option, it’s a must have for everyone.   I also found White Widow at the event and picked up this lovely face tattoo that I coupled with Beautiful Freaks Girl Poison eye make up.  Beautiful Freak  is the layers under the eyes and White Widow is the layer on the side of the eyes.  Pretty, pretty, pretty!   I’ve also been coveting this gown named Society by Volstead (as well as the rest of the collection) and finally picked it up the other day.   Many different colors to chose from, but I went with Ice as it’s a beautiful shade of blue with gold accents that warmed my cold little heart  (more after the cut so click to read the ramblings)

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lassitude and ennui at Zodiac (and the 2304 Rain Sim)

Lassitude and ennui is (or has been?!) dipping into clothes and made this absolutely beautiful Naiad sun dress for the Zodiac Pisces Event.  Six different colors in the pack including rose, teal, cream, peach, ink and grey.  Beautiful ruffles along the bottom and bowed in the back, this is original mesh work at it’s finest.  It comes in small to large and includes the alpha layers plus additional ones that you can put together yourself (and if you are like me and don’t know how, read more after the cut!)  

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There is a Frick in the House!!!

There comes in a time in everyone’s life where they realize they are three steps behind and to the left of everyone else.  Usually this happens  when I discover a designer who I thought had left the grid but really hasn’t.  Then I get  “I MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS” and immediately teleport over, grab whatever I can and vow through my bloody heart that I’ll be back for more.   Oh yes…..yes yes yes yes….Frick is in the house!  Frick. Frick. Frick.   I have just about everything Frick ever released prior to 2009.  True Fact.  And I thought she left the grid and the items were relegated to the ‘rarely wear’ folder in the depths of my inventory with a sad face but knowing that I probably wouldn’t blog them because it makes no sense to blog things that are no longer available (exception to this is poses–self rules and all that and YAY run-on sentences!).  (more after the cut, so click for Frick….)    

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IW – Steam City

I haven’t traveled around the InWorldz, LLC grid in a long while and what a surprise to discover Steam City, a punkish/spacey type city with tunnels to travel and explore. I had a little help from friends over at the Out Of World forums board for finding clothes (it’s also been a while since I’ve shopped the grid too!) so a huge thank you goes out to my forum co-horts on all things fashion! credits: Skin: CMC Jess Black Shadow
Make Up Layer (remember, you can only have one layer at a time on) Bubble Glam Eyeshadow – red
Hair: Emo-tions: Emotional Taken-black
Eyelashes: Deviant Designs Alinka Prim Eyelashes
Outfit: bubble Zombie Night-Walker Bloody
Stockings: Insanya Stockings and Kneee Socks n.4
Shoes: Deviant Designs Black Bliss
poses: my own and part of AO from Luth (not sure if they are still in world or not) Some photo shopping done through flickr/Aviary. For the record, I don’t like it nearly as much as picmonkey. Aviary doesn’t offer as much control over the picture through sliders and no borders to use (blasphemy I tell ya!)

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IW – Dark Angel

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged any fashion from within the InWorldz, LLC grid and that’s because tattoo and alpha layers were not supported until recently and now I can get back to blogging! (win for shoes no more invisa prim!). As of right now, multiple layering is not supported (not even through TPV’s, sorry folks!) however a person can still glitz out their avatar with some good skins, clothes and single tattoo layer. Rosa Rivera, the creator behind Random Rosies has put out an amazing outfit called Dark Angel. It comes with the wings as well as a pair of boots (not shown). She has some amazing prices for the budget minded individual with this outfit coming in at 200i’z. What I did not know and quickly discovered after going upstairs in the Random Rosie Main Store, is that she also dabbles in skins. Lilith is a grey skin (her more pale skin appears to be coming out soon) with different lip colors; dark, natural and red, I’m showing the dark option in the picture.… Read the rest

IW – Role Play and Fashion, goes hand in hand

It’s recently come to my attention that the Role Play HUB, located at Selcouth Estates for InWorldz, LLC is currently hosting 16 different sims information that are available to get your story on. There is everything from Sci-fi to fairy with a bit of vampire thrown in for some good biting fun. Operated by Krsna Samsara, the RP HUB is a one stop location to find the role play of your dreams or for a free space to place information for others to find your role play style. The next week or so, I’ll be showcasing fashion items for the many different sims that are available for role play and offer up some information about the different sims as well. I figure if we’re going to role play, we need to look the part right? credits: Skin: CMC Lilly Cameo Scandinavian Beauty Dark Love Glass
Outfit: iNEDIT Women006 Death Rose Dark Mimi (comes with necklace and boots)
Hair: Damselfly Jessyca/black Pearl Also…rumor has it, on the next roll out, if all things go well…IW should have alpha/tattoo layers staying on during log off’s.… Read the restMisty Flickr

IW – Cold Fall Morning on the Beach

I went to the skin fair in InWorldz, LLC located on the Ohio sim and found the windblown hair by EMO-tions as well as some great skins by different designers including one of my favorites, Eye Candi. Of course, this was after I found the cute sweater top by Fashion Point a few days ago. Put them all together and it reminds me of a cold fall morning at the beach. The kind where you need a sweater in the morning but can lazily toss it on a rock once the sun comes up and warms the sand. credits: Skin: Eye Candi Adrina v2 Medium Moon
Hair: Emo-tions Windblown / deep black
Eyes: Damselfly Zoe Eyes green
Shorts: Insanya 92 Denimshorts Dark
Top: Fashion Point Black & White Knit Sweater
Animation: MH Creations
Location: Swan Islands
no processing other then cropping and adding a border through picnik

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IW – La Ville Macabre

The Out of World Forum has begun another benefit for Virtual Helping Hands with 100% of the proceeds going to the Let us Learn Project. Boudica Destiny, the creator behind Fashion Destiny has created the Tangled Web Dress strictly for this charity event and will not be available at any other time! To get yours, head to the Chryssalis Sim, InWorldz and down the pathway to the sale barn. All items there are purchased through a scripted vendor that forwards 100% of the proceeds to Virtual Helping Hands. There are also many other creators selling their items during the fair too, so make sure you check them out! Credits: Pictures taken at Chryssalis Sim – Cemetery
Skin: Filthy Fae Provencial Filth
Eyes: Spring Skin Blue/Green
Hair: EMO-tions Magdalena Hair (black with beads)
Parasol: Delicately Twisted Black Parasol
Jewelry: Katharina Svarovski Emilie Emerald Set
Shoes: AFantasy Brazilian High Tech Sandals
Poses: MH Creations
Dress: Fashion Destiny Tangled Web Dress only available at Chryssalis until November 1st edit: After November 1st, the dress will be moved to her shop.… Read the restMisty Flickr

InWorldz – Something Wicked

When visiting a new virtual world, a person has to have a bit of adventure and the ability to search out what they are not used to and that includes creators. Often, it’s easy to gravitate to what we know and love but it’s so much fun finding the new-to-you creators that can take you from normal every day look to something a bit sexier or possibly more sinister. Mix and matching the old with the new can lead to surprising new twists and turns that you might never have realized. IW is slowly building up the sub-culture many know as Gothic and by doing so, a new group has been created called du Gothique. It’s a group for all those that love the dark and dirty, the macabre, twisted and the warped (stole parts of that from the group charter, your welcome). It’s free to join and not spammy, plus pink rarely qualifies! Just remember to re-apply that make up later every time you relog…. credits: Envious Unique Tated Skin
Eye Candi Eyebrows – Sad
Delicately Twisted Halloween Make up (Free)
Delicately Twisted Feline Eyes – Orange/Black
Random Rosie’s Black Bikini
Random Rosie’s Sheer Long Tank Untucked
Random Rosie’s Random Strap Boots Black
Stellar Knit Legwarmers – Black
Stellar Infinity Tintable Unisex Tattoo (1)
Deviant Designs Luxi Hair Black
MHC Triple and Double Strand Black Pearls bracelets
MHC Pole Stands modeling set

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InWorldz – Grunge to

A full immersion role play sim, Desolation is in full swing InWorldz, LLC. Where vampires, demons, crack addicts and much more collide and attempt to stay alive. Where the greeting in the subway welcomes you with “Hello! We have been waiting for your arrival to Desolation where you may survive, but I bet you wish you hadn’t.” It’s also a great place for the darker side of picture taking! And now a word about Fashion feeds! InWorldz, LLC has been in need of a fashion feed for a while and Cris from the SLU boards has created his own fashion feed and welcomes IW bloggers to join. You can read the information here on the Out Of World Forum (go to last page if not auto-directed) on directions for contacting Cris or go directly to the SLU Feedme contributors thread. The Out of World board has the directions for InWorldz, LLC bloggers to make sure your blog shows up under that tag, so you probably should read that as well. Thank you Cris for doing this and having IW on the site!Read the restGrunge

InWorldz – Glow can be Beautiful

After deciding I sorta suck at cute and sweet pictures, and seeing so many beautiful pictures with glow, I used a beautiful Sascha’s Designs gown and took it a bit dark and well…glowy: And because I just felt like playing the flickr/picnik a bit more… credits: Eye Candi Skin Natalie V2 Make up 1
MHC Envy Eye tat/glow eyes
Deviant Designs Bliss Black
EMOtions Fatale black
Svarovski Designs Emilie Emerald and Diamonds
Sascha’s Pudding Pisang
MHC Glow Photo Box w/animations

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InWorldz – Fall Colors

I dug into my inventory for a fall outfit on an alt then took a quick shopping trip for some ripped jeans at BoHo HoBo. Little bit of old and a little bit of new! And with Classifieds Search working, finding items has become a breeze! Rhia: Eye Candi Kate Light Makeup2
glintz Eyes 05
Emo-tions Hair Juliet naturals
Evies Closet Lyric Mushroom
Tripps flatplain Black Misty: buy me Set 1Cc make up tat
Eye Candi Skin Cadee v2 Light makeup 7
Deviant Designs Nancy Onyx hair
BoHo HoBo Jeans (holy)
BoHo HoBo Racerback t shirt olive MH Creations Seasonal Fence (fall)
Sim: Eagle Lake
picture filtered through picnik/flickr

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InWorldz – DE Designs at Mimi’s Choice

DE Designs has come to InWorldz, LLC via the Mimi’s Choice Sim. Options are plenty, creation of outfits is above the level of excellence and DE Designs is the beginning of bringing in some diversity that I have been craving for. Now, we just need the twisted and dirty skins, chains and other painful oddities along with the blood and gore and I should be all set. A girl can dream right? credits: Skin: Eye Candi Natalie V2 light make up 5
eye make up tattoo layer: Buy Me 1cb
Hair: Emotions Janet black
Sunglasses: London Core Pair 1
Outfit: DE Designs Rune Lissa
Shoes: Deviant Designs Black Chicklette
Poses: MH Creations Rebecca Set
Location: Underworld/InWorldz
Pictures edited in Picnik via Flicker

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