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Christina Dress

Christina is a servant girl in a rich house, well-mannered and respectable. Her clothes are always clean, her corset meticulously tightened, the little flourish of sleeve cuffs carefully pulled out enough to be visually pleasing, but not too much to get in the way when working. She is of the better class of servants and she […]

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Poster mellei dress



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Ormund Shirt & Pants

Ormund is a nobleman comfortable with his station and his duty of defense. Even when relaxed home, his clothes are not so detailed and flaired that they would make battle cumbersome. Instead they are simple, comfortable cut — easy to move and fight in — but made of luxurious fabrics and elegantly embroidered. The details […]

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Poster ormund shirt

Daella Dress

Gloriously decorated by stylized star symbols and sparks, Daella is the very image of nobility at home, without the trappings of royalty. The luxurious fabric could have easily been worth a small duchy, but its simple cut makes it comfortable for wandering around the palace. The only additional decoration is the silk ribbons tied around the waist […]

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Perros Shirt and Pants for Men

Perros is a dashing young man of bold choices and luxurious looks. His shirt and pants are decorated with detailed appliques, his sleeves rolled slightly as in preparation of combat, his style complemented with touches of his temper, his passions. This is a man of noble birth and status, with the ideals of loyalty and honor […]

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Drinkware Set Gift for Subscribers!

Do you want to stay in the know when there’s new fantastic releases in The Muses? Join our subscribo! It doesn’t take a group-slot, simply brings you the news when there’s something fascinating and shiny to catch your attention. Want to dine in style in your roleplay home or decorate your home of ancient luxuries accordingly? […]

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the muses freebie

Black Friday Marketplace Sale Started!

The Muses is having a huge sale on Marketplace for the Black Friday: all the single colours have been unlisted and all the fatpacks have been set for sale for L295. This is your chance to grab all those extra colours you hesitated on or to purchase new looks in huge variety of colours, all for […]

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Empress Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Empress is a regal look of luxurious dominance with feminine ornaments. It holds the symbols of wealth and nobility within it, beginning from the fur collar all the way to the peacock feathers in the crown and belt, crowning it all with indulgent jewelry and gems worth a small kingdom. Each piece is delicately detailed […]

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gacha main poster

Luxurious Market Stalls at The Fantasy Collective

The Muses brings wondrous market stalls to the current round of The Fantasy Collective. These stalls have a firm stone base, sturdy wood construction and absolutely luxurious covers. They can work as market stalls, but they can very easily be transformed to indulgent booths for tournament audience with rugs, cushions, wine and candles. They can […]

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The Muses_market stall w drapes

Callon Boots at Mystic Realms Faire

Callon boots are the perfect mix of kickass, style and attitude with just a dash of elegance. The uppers combine chain mail and leather to protect your feet in battle while still providing good mobility around the heel and ankle. The embossed cuffs look smart and dashing, but also offer some extra protection to the calves. […]

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MRF Callon boot black

Callon Armor Sets at Mystic Realms Faire

Callon armor set takes combat gear to completely new level! Covered in chain mail with just enough fabric to flare your House colours out proudly, this is the outfit for the Queen on the field of battle. She might not wade into the fray herself, but as she marches through the encampments with her personal […]

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MRF Callon black(1)

Bluebeard and Jeune Mariee

The Muses takes part in this month’s Enchantment which focuses in the tale of Bluebeard. Enchantment is a stamp rally event, which means you should acquire a stamp card by buying a product that is marked as having one from one of the participating stores. You then visit all the participating stores to get their […]

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enchantment jeune mairee poster

The Muses Goes Baroque

The Muses brings two deliciously decadent items to Genre’s Baroque round: the dainties to delight your virtual tastes and fans to enjoy the summer in an opulent manner. The dainties are a mesh set consisting of a cup, pitcher and tray with petit fours. They’re 5 LI when linked and offer perfect decor for both […]

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genre baroque the muses dainties set

Paiva, Bard and Dragon Now In Main Store!

The new releases from Fantasy Faire 2014 – Paiva, Bard and Dragon – are now all available both in the main store and Marketplace. This is your chance to either prance and preen about as the Queen of Peacocks or don yourself in some stylish armor. Bard and Dragon are available for both genders. Please try […]

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Paiva poster

My Lady at We Love RP

The Muses bring a sneak preview of an upcoming release to the We Love Roleplay Event. My Lady outfit is available in two colorways at the event: brown/silver and red/silver. The later full release will involve a HUD of many colours and will be roughly the price of these two together. My Lady is not your […]

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WHRP july red

Paiva at Fantasy Faire

The Muses brings out a new Queen of Flair to Fantasy Faire: Paiva swayed into Mourningvale Thicket and brought with her a proper courtful of old favourites for both men and women as well as a full release of Bard and Dragon. We’d like to especially mention Banshee, which has been discounted to 99L in a […]

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Paiva poster

Bard and Dragon at Fantasy Faire

The Muses brings out full releases of Bard tops and Dragon coats to Fantasy Faire, where you can find us in Mourningvale Thicket. The Bard tops are a mix of leather and wool with lacing providing more decorative touch to its otherwise respectable look. They can work as finer clothes for lower class, or as relaxed garb for […]

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rp october dragon womens

Doronthel and Doronthor at We Love Roleplay

The Muses brings the colours of the seasons to the We Love Roleplay event in the form of Doronthor and Doronthel exclusives. The winter, spring, summer and autumn colourways are available only at the event and will not be sold at the main store later. The main release of these outfits is of course available in […]

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RP wip

Doronthel and Doronthor

Doronthel and Doronthor combine a semi-formal attitude with comfort and relaxation, adding just a touch of luxury in the mix. The samite tunic and pants are enhanced with a leather vest and leg armor covering the calves, beautifully woven lacing details adding intricacy to the design. The hem of the vest holds an exquisite oak leaf […]

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Doronthel poster


Titania is a creature of enticing fancies and whims, of moods and mischief. Her laughter can change to glare in a heartbeat, the deep-seated passion and sensuality may run cold at a perceived slight, turned easily to fiery vengeance. With all these emotions her personality is one of constant change, shapeshifting to fit whatever image […]

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Titania poster

Sweet Water

Sweet Water dances between respectable and tempting, its luxurious metallic trims lining the curves on the sides, the waistband strategically cinched just beneath the breasts for extra lift and emphasis. The soft fabric is black on the sides, revealing the silk’s colours in the middle to flow with the slight breeze, to glow in the […]

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poster sweet water