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Life as a song

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For my previous post I was listening to a lot of country songs to get in the mood. It was hard because I am not a huge country fan. I mean it was hard finding the right kind of country song. I came across a lot that actually made me cry, not cool. I di…

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Country Love



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Playing for my sheep

I take an audience where ever I can get one. Today it just happens to be the sheep that are umm blessed with my musical talents. I don’t think they like it so much though, the seem to be heading as far away from me as they can get. It’s possible I shou…

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Sheepy audience

My Happily Ever After

The theme for the current round of Fit for a Princess is Happily Ever After, and who doesn’t want their own happily ever after? My happily ever after doesn’t need a castle or a crown, just my own prince.He is still sweeping me off my feet after all thi…

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My happily ever after

Metal and Spikes

I will admit heavy metal has never really been a musical genre that I have willingly listened to. I say willingly because there have been times that I have listened to it to make others happy, namely my kid, go figure. That being said it didn’t stop me…

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Metal and Spikes

Music of the City

I was trying to think of something brilliant to write about the sounds of the city being music to my ears, but words are failing me this morning. Instead I will just leave you with these pictures and the knowledge that they are from the Rhapsody event….

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Song of the City

In My Room

Alone in my rooms I can belt out a tune like no one else. And I can dance like a pro, at least in my head. Reality is far different than that fantasy. In my fantasy there is no awkward moments when I forget the lyrics.And in my fantasy being caught sin…

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Singing along

Playing at Punk

I am not a very punk girl, but I can play one in SL. I know very little of punk music if we are being completely honest, but that is the category at Rhapsody that my tied shirt and poses come from.The pose set is named Joan, and if the names of the ind…

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Bikini Beach Bum

As I warned the other day it is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and so you will have lots of summer posts from me. Today is no exception. With Summerfest ’14 in full swing I thought it only fitting to hit the beach in some of my new pretties. I …

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Bikini Bum

Sailing Away

Dress for a day out sailing he said. Well I went all cute and nautical because well that seemed to make sense. How was I supposed to know he had more of shorts and sneakers in mind? Whatever though I looked cute in my dress and heels.He did warn me not…

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Sailing Away

Planning Dinner

Sometimes I like to be a good wife and make a nice dinner, it’s rare, but it does happen. Today happened to be one of those days. I figured after a long work week he would enjoy a romantic home cooked meal. I started by picking out some flowers for the…

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Picking up flowers

Wishes on the Wind

I whisper my wishes into the soft pink petals before releasing it to the wind. If I am lucky then my wishes will come true. I dare not share them for fear that they will not come true. I will however say my greatest wish is about you.CreditsDress:&nbsp…

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Wishes on the Wind

My Summer Happy Place

If it weren’t for the potential for vicious sunburns I would spend all summer lounging by the pool. Sure I could slather on the sunscreen, but even that doesn’t stop it. You fair skinned people out there know what I am talking about.At least with the S…

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Floating around

Not Quite The Darcy’s

We strolled arm in arm across the grounds of his stately manor house, where we were headed I hadn’t a clue. We had been courting for what seemed like ages and I wonder if today could be the day. We paused beneath a grove of weeping willow trees and my …

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A Walk

The Sightless Seer

Welcome to my chambers. If you have a seat I will tell you what I see for you in the future. I can no promise that the future will hold great things, so make your choice wisely for knowing what the future holds may not always make you happy.You are a b…

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Come up to my chamber

Mountain Retreat

It’s almost officially summer, which means it is time for summer vacations. When I was a kid we always took a summer vacation to one of the Northern New England states ( Maine, Vermont etc.) because the temps were always cooler. We would stay in the ar…

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Mountain Retreat I

Lovely LOTD

Happy Mondays my dears. Today I shall call Love Day Monday, mostly because my shirt says love. I paired it with new necklaces that say “can u not” and “stop pls” because in my head put together with the shirt is all reads “Can you not stop loving me”. …

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Love Me

Where is my chauffeur?

Where is the chauffeur when you need him? I must get away from this stifling mansion immediately!I know I shouldn’t complain about this privileged life I lead, but do you have any idea what it’s like having to be all prim and proper all the time? It is…

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Where is the chauffeur?

Bright Morning

The sun is shining and it is going to be a good day. At least I hope it is, if I can get out the door without the old man next door trying to talk my ear off.Maybe he didn’t see me? I know it sounds terrible to avoid a poor lonely old man, but some day…

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Pretty Peplum

Elfy Wanderings

Elfy Wanderings I
I walk softly and carry a big stick. I am an elf walking softly is kind of what we do, and well if wizards can have a big wooden staff why not me? My new shoes let me pad around the forest quite stealthily.
Elfy Wanderings II
I wandered the small mountain I live on for a few hours. While walking I found a couple of dragon teeth, luckily the dragon that lost them didn’t find me! I turned them into a fabulous new piece of jewelry.
Elfy Wanderings III
I wonder if anyone would believe that I vanquished a dragon and that is how I got the teeth. Yeah doubt it too.

Outfit: _-= Sweet Lies Designs =-_ Etel Teal Dress Mesh
Shoes: l&e Saltarello brown / gold for Slink flat feet  ( at We ♥ Roleplay)
Necklace: Amala – The Dragon Necklace V2 ( at We ♥ Roleplay)
Ring: EarthStones Everlasting Love Bridal Set – Platinum
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Boccaccio – Fall
Ears: [MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - Flat
Skin: Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale DB with Freckles (body + face)
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Spring Teal, w2)
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper (add)
Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* Oaken Companion 1

Photos taken at Isle of Eyr

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Elfy Wanderings I

Monocromatic Cutie

No stories or silly words today just your basic Look of the Day type a post. I figure it’s been a while since I have done one. If you couldn’t guess I was going for a more monochrome look today, because that is what the dress is called. It was fun taki…

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Black and Whites I