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Better Than People

I'm going to come right out and say it: I liked Frozen. It took me a long time to actually watch it after everyone IN THE WORLD started talking about it, but I finally watched. I especially liked Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People, because even the least cynical of us agree that our pets are better companions than humans, because you can always count on them to cheer you up.
I hope you all recognize me (the guy on the right), because I've dressed up to play the part for Berry's Movie Meme. Sing along with me!

Pose:An Lar - Some Kind Of Fairytale (Male half only) *NEW AT ENCHANTMENT*
Location - An Lar Estates! (Come for a visit!)
On Billy:Hat/Hair > Argrace - Ribbed BeanieSkin - Birth - ThorCoat/Shirt - Monso - My Mouton JacketPants - FATEplay - DustyRope - Twisted Trinkets - Jute & Leather Bracelet (resized)
On SvenHe's a reindeer, he's naked!

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Trim Your Tree

It's another ROMP weekend!.
I saw a few festive themed items, and I decided I HAD to do a Christmas song for today's post. Considering that ROMP is a celebration of adult items, why not celebrate with an adult Christmas song. (And there are a lot of holiday songs with double entendres!)

Have a great weekend, and do some ROMPing.

"Trim Your Tree" by Jimmy ButlerI’m gonna bring along my hatchetmy beautiful Christmas ballsI’ll sprinkle my snow up on your treeand hang my mistletoe on your wallBaby, I’ll make you cheeryBaby, you’ll call me ‘dearie’ Baby, I want to trim youNow come on, girl. I want to trim your tree

House > Scarlet Creative - Foundry Prefab *out at Shiny/Shabby*
Chair > Kuro - Tube Chair (Adult) *out for ROMP this weekend*
Tree > Laq Decor - Christmas Tree
Ladder > tarte - Ladder Display  *at Arcade*
Trompe Loeil - Reindeer Frame *at Arcade*

Skin > Birth - Thor
Guyliner > The Wicked Peach - Eye Makeup - Khal
Hair > Exile - Unravel (messy)
Collar > Ama.… Read the rest

Knee Socks

I haven't blogged in a little while, so why not just jump right in and get naked, am i right?

Enjoy the song and the photo.

"Knee Socks" by Arctic Monkeys
Well you cured my January bluesYeah you made it all alrightI got a feeling I might have lit the very fuseThat you were trying not to lightYou were a stranger in my phonebook I was acting like I knew'Cause I had nothing to loseWhen the winter's in full swing and your dreams just aren't coming trueAin't it funny what you'll do

Pose >:Rack Poses - All Began With You
Him:Hair & Toque > Mina - Alex *out now at Winter Fair 2014*Skin > Birth - Resse (with appliers)Hands > SLinkSocks > FATEwear - Jerry SocksNails > Wicked Peach - FILTHY
Her:Knee Socks > erratic - Eva Holiday Socks *at Arcade*
Stuff:Kuro - Skis and PolesWhat Next - Winter Harvest DrinksChristmas Tree - dust bunny tree

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Live Wire

He wasn't what you'd think of as a hero.... covered in tattoos, always drinking, and always angry.
Yet when lightning struck a power pole during a freak storm while he attended a bush party, he didn't hesitate to jump in the water to save his drinking buddies, not even thinking about the high current running through the power wires. When lightning struck twice while he handled the cables, he gained his super powers.
While he may never be invited to join a hero club with all of the goody two-shoes heroes, he accepted his gift, determined to do some good.... he even accepted the name his buddies gave him, "Live Wire."

Live Wire (performed by Cadillac Three)Plug me inI'm alive tonightOut on the streets againTurn me onI'm too hot to stopSomething you'll never forgetTake my fistBreak down wallsI'm on top tonightNo, noYou better turn me looseYou better set me freeCause I'm hot, young, running freeA little bit better than I use to be

Custom Pose made by Katya

Skin > Birth - Reese (light)
Hair > Exile - Unravel *out now at C88*
Hands > SLink - Relaxed Mesh Hands
Face Tattoo > Wicked Peach - The Celt  *out now at Tales Of Fantasy*
Nail Appliers > Wicked Peach - Filthy
Body Tattoo > Para Designs - Celtic Warrior

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Livin’ On The Edge

Life's been crazy, I feel like I've been living on the edge, so that's your song choice!

Check out the great new hair by Exile, called Unravel, the flag swimwear from FATEwear (which includes a whole lot of choices in the HUD), and the wild new pose from Kuro In Motion, "A Mess".

I'll try to be back soon!

Livin' On The Edge LyricsLivin' on the edge
You can't help yourself
You can't help yourself
Livin' on the edge
You can't help yourself from fallin' 

Pose > Kuro In Motion - A Mess

Skin >  Birth -Reese
Hair >  Exile  - Unravel *NEW AT C88*
Shorts > FATEwear Swimwear - Gibs
Feet > SLink - Mesh Feet

Dock > Sway's - Dock (with pole and rope)
Chair > Shutter Field - Winter Adirondack Chair

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Today was one of the days where you put on something new, and that feeling hits you...

Check out the new vest from A:S:S.

(Rock) Superstar by Cypress HillStill filling your head with fantasiesCome with me, show the sacrifice it takes to make the cheeseYou wanna be a rock superstar in the biz?And take shit from people who don't know what it isI wish it was all fun and games but the price of fame is highAnd some can't pay the way

Wearing:Hair > Exile - Take It Easy
Head > Labyrinth - Mesh Head Seduction Series
Skin > Labyrinth - Seduction
Hands & Feet > SLink with Labyrinth appliers
Vest > A:S:S - Dorian Vest *NEW*
Nails >A:S:S - Supernova for SLink
Rock Gear > Standby Inc - World Tour Gacha set
Pose > Bebotes - Guitar Men

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Still The Same

Berry's meme this week is 20 Personal SL Questions. It was a lot of work answering them all, but fun.As I started answering, I thought about the changes to SL over the years, and while some of the technology has changed, I don't think personal interactions have changed much, which is why I chose the song "Still The Same".However, if you compare my avatar over the seven years, it's changed a little, even if my stle is the same. The location in both photos is Calleta's Hobo Railyard.

  • When and how did you discover Second Life? – I discovered it in May 2007 after reading about it somewhere, maybe Wired.
  • Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them? – No, I didn’t. I expected to land in and move between a series of rooms. I had no idea it would be so much more like a world.
  • Has Second Life met your expectations? – All I'd wanted to to find something interesting to do on slow days, and SL has done more than that.
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    Simple Man (Standing On A Poseball)

    What poses fit you?
    What do you love in a pose?
    Berry asks us all to Strike A Pose for her weekly meme this week.

    I have 3 favourite pose makers, in no particular order.... so I flipped a coin and decided to list them in reverse alphabetical.

    R) Rack Poses
    Even before I started blogging, I knew Rack Poses, at least the poses that had captured my attention at the adult store. If you know what I mean.
    It was only later that I realized that Kirsty had PG poses also, and in the past half year she's put a lot of her energy into expanding the PG pose store, and joining many events.
    This pose I'm using now is from her Sam Collection of male poses.

    K) Kuro In Motion
    I had been a fan of Luana's furniture store for a long time, and when she said she was going to try making poses I was excited to see what she would come up with. Since starting Kuro In Motion, she has created quite a collection of unique poses. Her work has always seemed to capture much emotion, and often they include props, such as the mirror in the photo I've included here, from her pose Shattered.… Read the rest

    Don’t Stand So Close To Me

    Pose Fair 2014 opened a couple days ago, and I have already featured several poses that can be found there.
    I do have one more to show you though! Katya of An Lar Poses has created a really cute set called You Are My Heart, with a little help from Ispachi, who made original mesh props for the set.

    The song I picked to go with the pose might be a little bit of a twist on the intention of the pose, but it works. Enjoy, and go visit Pose Fair 2014!

    "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by The PoliceHer friends are so jealousYou know how bad girls getSometimes it's not so easyTo be the teacher's pet

    Pose + Chalk Board & Blocks - An Lar Poses > You are My Heart *at Pose Fair 2014*

    Skin > Atomic - InnocenceHair > Magika - CuriousSkirt > Milk Motion - silk skater skirtTop > -tb- - Short Sleeve BlouseSocks > Maitreya - Dahlia SocksShoe > HOC Industries - Maryjanes shoe
    Teacher:Skin > 7Deadly - JudasHair > Exile - TravellerGlasses > Steinwerk - Shiny Meshnerd GlassesSuit > Kauna - XIV SuitShoes > Kauna - Brogues

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    The Middle

    Getting stuck in the middle can be a really uncomfortable feeling.
    Being forced into an awkward position between two fighting friends is one of the worst places to be.
    Trapped in an airplane with snoring or overly chatty passengers on either side... not fun!
    The child of divorced parents? That can be terrible if they are bitter.

    Luana from Kuro In Motion has a new pose called "Masquerade", which is THE GOOD KIND OF BEING IN THE MIDDLE!

    "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers WheelYes, I'm stuck in the middle with you,And I'm wondering what it is I should doIt's so hard to keep this smile from my face,Losing control, and I'm all over the place

    Pose > Kuro In Motion - Masquerade (out now at Pose Fair!)

    Skin > 7 Deadly Skins - JudasHair > Exile - Take ItEasy
    Tux > Kauna - Tuxedo

    Skin > Glam Affair - Brandi in America
    Hair > Clawtooth - Hang It Up

    Skin > Labyrinth - Spear Skin
    Hair > DROT - Jeremy
    Suit > Kauna  - XIV Striped

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    New Coat Of Paint

    Wine and Food.
    That's what I think of when I hear the word Tuscany. And it appears the the creators at TLC's The Garden were thinking the same thing this month.
    My man Gazi was kind enough to leave all of the TLC items laying around, so I repurposed them for a pose that I wanted to do with Aledia. Luana of Kuro In Motion has several poses coming for Pose Fair, and this one, called "Powerless" gave me the feeling of holding up someone who'd had just a little too much.
    Overindulgence went perfectly with the wine and food idea in the Tuscany theme, at least in my mind!

    Tom Waits - "New Coat Of Paint"Let's put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old townSet 'em up, we'll be knockin' em down.You wear a dress, baby, and I'll wear a tie.We'll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy skyAll your scribbled lovedreams, are lost or thrown away,Here amidst the shuffle of an overflowing dayOur love needs a transfusion so let's shoot it full of wineFishin' for a good time starts with throwin' in your line.… Read the rest

    The Truth

    "Shattered", the new pose from Kuro In Motion (which is available at Pose Fair 2014), immediately invoked feelings of loneliness in me.
    The broken mirror, the hunched shoulders, there is just such sadness there. I was excited to see what I could do with this pose, but I was worried about finding a song to match it.
    Luckily, my favourite radio station played one last night that was perfect... so much sad in one blog post, I'd better go watch a couple comedies to cheer up!

    "The Truth" by Jason AldeanTell 'em I'm out on the roadWith some old rock and roll bandLiving like a gypsy can
    Just don't tell 'em I've gone crazyThat I'm still strung out over youTell 'em anythin' you want toJust don't tell 'em all the truthYeah, don't tell 'em all the truth

    The Pose > Kuro In Motion - Shattered (includes mirror)  *COMING TO POSE FAIR 2014*
    Hair > Exile - Take It EasySkin > 7Deadly Skins - JudasShirt > Kal Rau - Casual Shirt M4Jeans > Ispachi - Casual JeansCigarette > NikotiN - Cigarette Classic

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    Time For Change

    Strawberry's Meme during the first week of March was about blogging things that are entirely new to you. Well, this blog post isn't entirely new since I started it last month and just getting a chance to finish it now, but how about a D for my effort?

    The new skin I tried was something from Swallow. It's a younger looking skin than I usually wear, but it had appliers so that is always a huge bonus. My man Gazi recommended Grasp for the clothing that I've never tried before. It's definitely nice stuff, I'll shop there again.

    The scene in the background was new to me because it wasn't mine. You can see it all in Kat's blog post.

    "Time For Change" by Motley CrueI'll changeI'll changeNot tomorrow, but today
    ChangeNow it's time for changeNothing stays the sameNow it's time for change

    Pose > An Lar - Like A Lord Series

    Skin > Swallow - Manu (with appliers)Hairbase > KMADD - SkullHair > MADesigns - SmithJeans > Grasp - Damaged skinny jeansTop > Grasp - NylonVest+Shirt
    for greenhouse decorating, see Katya's "Homegrown" blog post

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    Breaking Out

    Arcade is running now, and Sorgo has an "International Collection" that made me think of being on the run, hiding out on a tropical island.
    Or, a great excuse to go barefoot and wear a summer shade in my Zaara suit, and try some new windlights!

    "Breaking Out, Breaking Down" by Bullet For My Valentine
    Each day will bring us brand new scars(What are we fighting for)We cannot live like this no more'Cause in the thick of darkened days, we know
    We could blame the world foreverWe could just escape togetherSo are we breaking out, or are we breaking downWe can't blame this world forever

    Pose > An Lar - Like A Lord Series
    Skin > 7 Deadly Skins - JudasHair > Exile - Take It EasyGlasses > Redgrave - AviatorHands & Feet > SLinkSuit > Zaara - Classic Suit
    Money > Sorgo - International Set (from Arcade)

    thanks muchly to Jaxon for helping me to complete the set!

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    Crash Into Me

    Shiloh from Positure Poses has a new pose called "Need You Tonight."
    She's only been making poses for about a month, and she's made a pretty sexy one already.
    Be sure to check out her store!

    And I think we look pretty good posing too, credits for my tux and Ulaa's lingerie are listed below.

    "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews BandOh I watch you therethrough the windowAnd I stare at youYou wear nothing but youwear it so welltied up and twistedthe way I'd like to beFor you, for me, come crash into me

    Pose > Positure - Need You Tonight
    Him:Skin > 7 Deadly Skins - JudasHair > Exile - Take ItEasyTux > Kuana - Tuxedo
    Her:Skin > Glam Affair - MargotHair > Catwa - SandyEars > MandalaJewellery > MG - Karinna Earrings & NecklaceLingerie > Baiastice - Cynzya

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    Hands All Over

    It's been a special week for hands - Gwin released some Hand Poses at her store Glitterburps.
    A:S:S and Wicked Peach released new nails also, so I'm going to show them off.But first, I'd like to thank Pho for releasing Canada nails for free at A:S:S after Canada beat Sweden in the gold medal hockey game.

    Below you'll see the free Canada nail applier on the right side of the photo. On the left side is the Swedish flag nail that Pho made up for himself. I wanted to show that off too, since it was such a good game.

    The next photo is the new Chipped matte nail from A:S:S

     And as I grabbed a few beers to enjoy in the late morning after the big game, my nails were the new appliers called Melody by Wicked Peach.

    Hands All Over by SoundgardenHands all over the Eastern borderYou know what? I think we're fallingFrom composureHands all over Western cultureRuffling feathers and turning eagles into vultures

    Poses:Glitterburps - Hands Up set
    Nail Appliers:A:S:S - SLINK avatar enhancement system nails - Canada *FREE*A:S:S - SLINK avatar enhancement system nails - Chipped matteWicked Peach - Nails - Melody
    What I'm wearing:Hair > Exile - Take It EasySkin > 7Deadly Skins - JudasTattoo > AITUI - Zodiac ASM CancerHands > SLinkRing > Wimey - Moon Sun & Stars

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    Anything Goes

    Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up control to someone else?
    To beg, obey and submit?
    Anything goes when you make that choice.
    Kuro In Motion's new pose "Beg" made me want to revisit the CMNF theme to show it off. Check the pose out, it's the most risque pose Luana has done yet, and she's done a great job with it.

    "Anything Goes" by Guns n' RosesI been thinkin' 'boutThinkin' 'bout sexAlways hungry for somethin'That I haven't had yetMaybe baby you got somethin' to loseWell I got somethin',I got somethin' for you

    Pose > Kuro In Motion - Beg  *new*
    on Him:Skin > 7Deadly Skins - JudasHair > Exile - Take It EasyHands > SLinkSuit > Zaara - Classic SuitNails > Wicked Peach - Diesel
    on Her:Skin > Glam Affair - MargotHair > Truth - GretchenLingerie > Baiastice - Lena Lingerie *new*Blindfold > Dutchie - Part of Wall Rings set

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    Hazy Shade Of Winter

    Strawberry Singh's meme of the week was a B&W portrait challenge.

    I had a new jacket, skin and hair that I wanted to feature, and a pose from an Lar Poses that is out now at Fantasy Gacha, and it's been awhile since I played, so why not!

    "Hazy Shade Of Winter" performed by The BanglesAhhh, seasons change with the sceneryWeaving time in a tapestryWon't you stop and remember me
    But look around, leaves are brown nowAnd the sky is a hazy shade of winter
    Look around, leaves are brownThere's a patch of snow on the ground...

    Pose > An Lar Poses - Executioner 4

    Skin > Tableau Vivant - Sean (with appliers)
    Hair > Exile
    Jacket > A:S:S - Studded Leather Jacket

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    Luana from Kuro In Motion has released a pair of new poses called By Your Side I & II. They are really cute poses, and her vendor photos were just wonderful, so I was a little intimidated when trying to find a unique idea to show them off. Luckily for me, a song popped onto the radio that helped me to offer a different perspective, I hope you enjoy!

    "Home" by Phillip PhillipsHold on, to me as we goAs we roll down this unfamiliar roadAnd although this wave (wave) is stringing us alongJust know you're not aloneCause I'm gonna make this place your home
    Settle down, it'll all be clearDon't pay no mind to the demonsThey fill you with fearThe trouble it might drag you downYou get lost, you can always be found
    Just know you're not aloneCause I'm gonna make this place your home

    Poses > Kuro In Motion - By Your Side I & II
    Him:Hair > Exile - Take It EasySkin > Tableau Vivant - Sean (with appliers)Hands & Feet > SLink - MeshShirt Photo 1 > Ispachi - Bryce Hooded Tank TopShirt Photo 2 > Ispachi - Billy Vneck SweaterPants Photo 1 > Gizza - CaprisPants Photo 2 > Fatewear - John
    Her:Skin > Glam Affair - Neva SkinHair Photo 1 > Magika - NeverHair Photo 2 > Magika - ReflectShorts Photo 1 > FD - Scallop shortsTop Photo 1 > Paper Doll - Ruffly KiniOutfit Photo 2 > Maitreya Dress & Cardigan

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    One of my favourite songs is Breakdown, by Seether. I've always known it would need a dark pose if I was ever to try to use it on the blog.
    Thanks to Luana from Kuro In Motion's new pose, I think I've found the perfect image for the song.
    I won't bore you with more words... enjoy the song and photo!

    "Breakdown" by SeetherSo break me down if it makes you feel rightAnd hate me now if it keeps you alrightYou can break me down if it takes all your might'cause I'm so much more than all your lies

    pose > Kuro In Motion - Because Hating You Is Easier

    on him:Hair > Exile::Take It Easy
    Skin > 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas
    Eyes > IKON - Perspective
    Jacket > 22769 - Teed Jacket
    Pants > Ispachi - Casual Jeans
    Shoes > Kauna - Brogue
    Hands > SLink
    Nails > Wicked Peach - Diesel

    on ZsaZsa:
    Hair > Alice Project - Steph II
    Hands > SLink
    Outfit > SLX - Gypsy
    Skin > Belleza - Mya

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