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On 25th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
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Hello peeps!

Today I close the blog. The computer is going to maintenance in a couple days and I hope that finally they fix it. I couldn't make the last pics like I wanted, but I made a last look for you.

And a close up:

I'll be on SL and eventually on flickr.

Thank you all for your support, for your friendship, and love. You're the best!

I wish you lots of happiness, success, health, love, and joy in 2012!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Skin: -=Fiona=-xmas/lazy sunday/freckles - [IREN] (LAZY SUNDAY Offer - Today only, 75L) [❤ Thank you! ❤] [comes without freckles too, and with cleavage enhancer. Don't forget to sit on Santa's lap, outside of the store, for prizes]
Shape: Body Shape "Hilary" - ::[annaA]:: (NEW!) [❤ Thank you! ❤]
Hair: Clementine Hair - Ethereal - /Wasabi Pills/ (NEW!) [❤ Thank you! ❤]
Top: Xmas Gift 2011 - Peqe (Gift sent to Subscribers) [comes with a skirt, but I couldn't make the subscriber redeliver it]
Pants: High Waist Pants - Tobacco - *Fishy Strawberry* [this color was a past TDR exclusive, but there are others in the store]
Shoes: :: PM :: Lace Pumps in White - Purple Moon (Gift sent to Subscribers)
Necklace: "Doucement" Necklace I (LB) - Kotolier (FREE/Lucky Board at Ogasawara) [there are some really cute items, freebies, gifts, gatchas, discounted items at the store]
Shades: (AMD) Big Shades - Noir - Apple (Read more...)

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It’s hard to let go…

On 23rd December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

As promised, I'm gonna post some things before saying goodbye. I loved these items and I hope you like them too! I'll come back tomorrow, because blogging is one of the things that I enjoyed doing the most along this year, and it is SO VERY HARD to let it go. Thus, I'm doing it slowly and I'll blog until Christmas, like I said I would.

[ SONG: Jason Derulo - In My Head ]
Why this song? Because in my head, my new computer was going to fulfill my fantasy, but instead it is screaming no. LOL Yeah, I gotta laugh at all this... ❤

The sexy pumps that I'm wearing are from ::K:: and you can find them for sale at the current collection of the Perfect WARdrobe. They have a delicate christmas detail (a mistletoe) and it will make you look outstanding on Christmas!

Another item that you can also find at the Perfect WARdrobe is this hawt outfit by Belote. The dress comes with red stockings so proper for you to spread hotness (caughs), I mean hapiness in this Christmas time!… Read the rest

"Last one out close the door", by a DELL-HATER user

On 20th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

Well, I tried.
The new computer always presented problems. The DELL guys tried to fix it using remote assistance, and nothing. The most they could do was to maximize the Intel video card (onboard), but the ATI (offboard) remained not responding. The guys from DELL came and changed my main board with the video boards, and now my whole computer SUCKS! It has been restarting out of the blue, the video presents several problems constantly, lots of error messages pop up, the computer freezes, sometimes it doesn't turn on, and it didn't even recognized the power source once (so far... it happened about 30 minutes ago). So yes, DELL SUCKS and if you are considering buying one, DON'T! They have a stupid rule that if a part of the computer isn't working you have 30 days to complain, but after that, they wash their hands. Now if the user break, let the computer fall or pour liquids on it, then it's all fine, because they replace the damaged piece. How awesome is that?… Read the rest

I missed you…

On 20th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

I've missed you so much! I've missed blogging, and sharing things with you, and knowing people, and talking to friends... There are so many things to share with you! I've been away for a couple days and it seems it was a couple months... Well, I'll try and make fast posts on this week, and try hard to catch up with - most - everything that is happening in SL until Saturday...

I've got some really cute things here, like the boombox bag from  DEF! that can be found in different colors at the mainstore, and this gorgeous shape from Salt (and) Pepper, that always participates of awesome events like the {Grunge Soul Project}. The green ring is from { Rangs. } and it has been blogged before. I had to blog it again, because this ring is something I want in RL! lol

This adorable nerd glasses in mesh by [IREN] are just 25L per color, but if you are a member of the group you can grab its musical version for free (see picture below).… Read the rest

Taking a break from my break…

On 10th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

I'm still away but I had to make a quick post for you!

[ SAKIDE ] has these super sexy boots. They are hawt, high heels, and trendy! The bottom part is made of crocodile skin and the upper part is like a wool legwarmer: perfect combination! You can find it in different tones in the mainstore, and each one of them is stunning!

The beautiful pants that I"m wearing are one of the last releases from .:AVALE:.. Love the details and quality of the texture!
This wonderful green ring by { Rangs. } can be found in different colors. It is discrete, beautiful, and elegant. Love it!

The store BUID just released this great coat with a sweater under it. You can wear just the sweater or both. It is so beautiful! This gorgeous shape is one of the new releases at ::[annaA]::. It is soooooo cute! Love this face!

This delicious gingerbread man is a dollarbie at .::VioleNt Chemicals::.. There's a wall with many dollarbies at the mainstore, some pretty glasses for 10L each color, and more cheapies!… Read the rest


On 7th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

I'm having some problems in RL and with my computer and I'll be offline to take care of them. I'll try and publish a couple posts until I'm back after Dec 21st (like once or twice a week). If you see me online, talk to me, and I don't reply EVER (sometimes it takes up to 4 hours for me to reply when I'm afk) it's probably the guys running tests on my computer (this have been happening for a week now), so please drop me a notecard if it's important. If I'm offline, you can send me an IM because it goes to my email inbox. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I already miss blogging (what I wasn't able to do properly for a week now). Hugs! <3

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You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, like i’m made of glass, like i’m made of paper. Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper!

On 7th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

Another quick post for you! My computer is coming and going, and I'm trying my best not to be offline for too long. Let's check this look that is great for Winter! The song I've chosen to share is a song that I was listening to while writing this post and it is so beautiful that I had to pick it to use it in the post. Hope you like it!

[ SONG: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper ]

To compose this look, I picked these pretty winter boots from *Mayden Couture* that are for sale at the event for a discounted price at their booth at the Winter Fair. There are lots of good things there!

This super cute coat by  is also another discounted item. It is for sale at the Perfect WARdrobe until the end of this week!

Speaking of the Perfect WARdrobe, Yulice has this gorgeous hair with ear muffs for sale at the discount store! It comes in two colors: red and brown and it is SO CUTE!

{*I <3FashiOn*} has a great set of nails for sale at Fashionably Late event!… Read the rest

‘Cause who I am Isn’t who I used to be I’m not invincible I’m not indestructible I’m only human Can’t you see The beauty in me?

On 6th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

I made a quick post for you with LOTS of freebies, free gifts, and discounted items. Hope you like it! The title of this post is part of a song that isn't new, but it is one of my favorite ones.

[SONG: Pop Evil - Monster You Made ]

This adorable set of top and panties from BeLoTe can be found at the current collection of the Perfect WARdrobe. It is super cute and is for sale for a promotional price until Saturday, when they usually close the doors to change collection, so hurry!

This perfect shape by ::[annaA]:: is one of my favorites so far. It is so beautiful that I want to bite those cheeks! It is for sale at the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter for half price (249L) and it is EXCLUSIVE for this event! It's your chance to save lindens and look cute and adorable and! lol
Here's a close on the sweet face of Gwyneth:

In the image above you could also see the Panda Makeup by [ni.ju] that is for sale for only 5L!!!… Read the rest

And we’re standing side by side As your shadow crosses mine… We found love in a hopeless place

On 4th December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

I'm still here! While my computer is still here, let's take a look at the goodies that we can find in the grid!
Today I also want to share the link for a song that I was listening to while making this post!

[SONG: Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris ]

Well, you may have seen the boots that I'm wearing a lot by now. I was one of the bishes who IMed Berta Avro, asking if she was going to release the boots solo (basically begging her to make them...) lol! It came with an outfit that *{ SeVered GarDeN }* released recently and I saw it and I was like WOW! I raced to the store, got in there basically breathless, and found out that they were sold only with the outfit, in specific colors. I think I IMed Berta, but I could have IMed Bubi... Anyways, when they said they were about to release the boots, since lots of people were asking for it so I jumped in my seat, clapping hands! Now we have the boots sold separatedly - Thank you Berta & Bubi, and everyone who bugged them lol!… Read the rest

Dark Magic Winter

On 3rd December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet

Hello peeps!

ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter is open and there are lots of great stuff there, including the place itself that is so beautiful! I took some pics there, and I wanted to stay and take more and more because the place is nothing but amazing! Oh and when you go there, please keep your scripts low, or you gonna be booted lol!

These wonderful heels with shoes from *Crazy* are so perfect! Love them!! The leather and wood textures are gorgeous and the socks looks so comfy and warm!!!

Kyoot has these really cool leggings, so proper for Winter!

The store [kik] has moved and to celebrate, they are having a sale and are also giving away this beautiful short hair in different colors.  It is a mesh hair and you can dye it or resize it via script: you touch it and select what you want from the menu.

[glow] Studio is participating of the new collection of The Dressing Room, and one of the items that you can find for sale there is their pretty pearl necklace:

The store [IREN] has a new line of pullovers in mesh.… Read the rest

Winter look for cute ladies

A cute winter look with free items. Check it out...

Cabelo/hair [kik]  opening gift(mesh) free
Chapéu/hat Blah! Knited puffy hat item da caçada MOH em Blah. free
Look/outfit M*Motion C11-24 Loose Sweater - Lucky board em SOFA X'mas Mall free
Bolsa/bag KawaiiHunt 57# - ::Maria Design:: Sweet candy bag free
Sapatos/shoes Mstyle GOSHI pumps cerise (não é free)
Poses Agape (não é free)

Do you like my pictures? Check more on Flickr!

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Sorry for being MIA – my computer is f$#%ed up

On 2nd December 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

After five hours with a lady from the tech support, I have my shadows! YAY! I'm sorry if they are not nice enough, but this is my first try! I'll learn with time, well, at least I'll try to lol!

I've got this fabulous shirt from C'est Moi! as a group gift at the mainstore. Super cute.

Al Vulo has this gorgeous skin as their group gift. It is called Frida, as a homage to Frida Khalo. As my eyebrows are thin you may not notice the resemblance (Sorry Frida, but I prefer my eyebrows waxed lol), but it is a beautiful skin with a vivid red lipstick (Khalo was portraited using red lipstick very often).

Another item that is also adorable is this new necklace from [M.Z.], which comes with matching earrings.

The Perfect WARdrobe has a new collection and one of the wonderful items for sale in there is this beautiful ring by .::Divine::. :

The store  /Wasabi Pills/  released this beautiful mesh hair a couple days ago, and I fell in love with it!… Read the rest


On 30th November 2011 · By Katien09 Erin · With Leave a comment
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Skin [Inaya] skin Jawanne new
Olhos Aimesi eyes2 brown
Cílios/ eyelashes Redgrave eyelashes 39 - luscious
Shape *ANNA SHAPES* Olivia 
Cabelo/ Hair [Inaya] -Likeli- Black Curly Fro new
Vestido/ Dress Gizza Fluffy dress [Floral Pink] new
Jewels +:+WTG+:+ **Floral-w** sets new
Unhas/ nails Mstyle Perfect long nails french
Poses Viviane Fashion 50 model poses pack sale L$ 10

Local das fotos/ Location Nature's touch nursey

Gostaram? Confiram mais imagens no Flickr!
Beijos e fiquem lindas!

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How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow… And all along I believed I would find you Time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years And I’ll love you for a thousand more.

On 30th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

As I've mention a couple times already, the {Grunge Soul Project} has a new collection, with lots of goodies! I made a hawt look for you using some of their discounted items mixed with other goodies!

The inspiration song is "A Thousand Years", by Christina Perri, that is in the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn. Love this song!

[ SONG : Christina Perri - A Thousand Years ]

One of the items that I wanted to share with you is these super hawt baggy pants from .::YoPulga::.! There are different colors at the mainstore, but I've decided to wear black instead of my secret fave color *caughs * pink * caughs* and make a super hawt, dark, horny.. I mean, horned (she is wearing horns... really... lol), kick-ass, dressed to kill chick (or demon... and no, I'm not a goat, but oh well, if you like goats or is one, you can also enjoy the offers, and, of course, the horns)!

If you like baggy pants you gonna love this: it is cute, low waist, and it has drumsticks in a pocket!… Read the rest

More Cyber Monday Stuff!

On 29th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

We still have about an hour to grab some Cyber Monday offers in the grid!

.ploom. is having a 50% OFF sale. Color packs are 100L and the pack with a little bit of each color is 125L! Fatpacks are also 50% off!

This adorable romper by [ribbon] is just 25L at Cafe&Bar SOFA XMAS Mall. If you still don't know the store, seriously... It has lots of cute stuff, all very very cheap, plus lucky boards, and gifts!

This pretty shape that I'm wearing by -piccara- is for sale at the {Grunge Soul Project}, where you can also find these cool sneakers/chucks from CrunkBeast for a discounted price too!

This pretty and delicate piercings by [ni.Ju] are one of their newest release. It comes with 3 options of usage (the little balls on the nose only, or under the eyes, or full piercing) and with 3 options of attachment points for each version! SO CUTE!

Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (rdbrow/freck) - [Pink Fuel] [Elly skins Skybox]
Shape: Female Shape Vanessa - -piccara- (Available at the {Grunge Soul Project})
Hair: Mina (streaked) - A Little of Everything - .ploom.Read the rest

Cyber Monday!

On 28th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

Sorry for running late, but lately RL has been an attention whore...

If you thought that the sales were gone... there's always another good sale for you! The Cyber Monday is the day when people can shop online for discounted items, and the store Apple May Designs is having a Cyber Monday Sale, and 2 new skins, and these supper cute Snuggies boots - all these are for sale with a super discount! You get 50% OFF only TODAY on the boots (145L) and the skins are only 225L!! You can find the boots in 6 different colors with 2 options of fur: black and white fur! Love them!

This cute short by ::{u.f.o}:: is free! It is in one of the Lucky Boards in the mainstore. It requires group tag, but the group is free to join! The adorable sweater that I'm wearing is also a Lucky Board prize at ::{u.f.o}::. So cute! The leggings by [RIDDLE] are for sale at the Knitting Circle. 50L each color pack, and there are LOTS of colors to choose from!!… Read the rest

Late Lazy Sunday…

On 28th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

Sunday is ending, so let's hurry and grab the offers that expire today, like the  Skin Addiction's Black Friday Weekend Sale, The $100L Sale (SL's BIGGEST Sale!) by theWarehouse, and Lazy Sunday offers!

These super cute boots by Naughty can be found at the The $100L Sale (SL's BIGGEST Sale!) by theWarehouse in four colors, 100L, and also in the short version of the boots! You have until 11:59pm to grab these offers!

This beautiful dress by !Admiral Spicy! is for sale at the {Grunge Soul Project}. The {Grunge Soul Project} has a new session with lots of great deals, and amazing clothing, accessories, shoes, shapes, skins and eyes!

TRUTH has three new hairs for girls. One of them is this beautiful hair called Charmaine, that I'm wearing! Love it! Miel also has a new item, this gorgeous necklace that allows us to change the colors of the metal parts, the wood parts, and the string!… Read the rest


On 27th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

A lot of stores in the grid are still having some really great sales! Let's check some skins that are for sale, or for 1 linden (dollarbies), or even for free!! [This post is for you, Suffa bunny! lol]

I decided to wear this beautiful lingerie from *Crazy* to blog the skins. This sheer negligee is one of the last releases of the store and SO SEXY! Hot girls wearing pearls, high heels, in a back sheer lingerie is always a nice way to: 1. call the attention of the guys (lol); 2. show a bit more skin; 3. make ourselves feel more sexy, desirable, and powerful (because of the pearls, of course...); and 4. win a contest like "Best in Lingerie" in SL lol!

Well, one of the events that is happening on this weekend is the Skin Addiction's Black Friday Weekend Sale. Several stores are offering generous discounts in their skins. [IREN] has this beautiful skin, Dani, which is for sale as their offer for the Skin Addiction's Black Friday Weekend Sale.… Read the rest


On 26th November 2011 · By Luccy Sands · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SL Outlet
Hello peeps!

Well, I spent all Friday trapped in RL, so I apologize for being late! Let's check some of the Black Friday offers of SL - some will last up to Sunday!

These awesome boots by Naughty are for sale at The $100L Sale (SL's BIGGEST Sale!) by theWarehouse! There are more than 3,000 items for 100L (each) from lots of stores!!! I also got these pretty shorts by The Boutique that come with a belt. So pretty!

Leverotti has a couple hairs and some shoes for sale at the The $100L Sale (SL's BIGGEST Sale!) by theWarehouse too. I've got this cute one in brown.

The store [IREN] is participating of the Skin Addiction's Black Friday Weekend Sale. The skin for sale is Dani, this gooooorrrrggggeeeouuusss skin that I'm wearing and that can be found in 5 different tones for 500L each. If you are member of the group Skin Addiction you get 50% OFF and the skin will cost only 250L!!! But remember that you ONLY GET THE DISCOUNT IF YOU'RE WEARING THE TAG WHEN YOU START THE PURCHASE.… Read the rest