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.figure it out.

Photo below the cut is NSFW. Showing off some new ROMP chesticle accessories. Please do not scroll further if this offends!   If I could imagine all the ways that I wanted you to understand me, I'd simply hope you could see my heart. Things that I truly love and care for, you included. If I could, I would tear off this skin and bare my soul…show you the part that I placed in your hands to care for. What you've seen of me, good and bad and still accepted made me feel truly understood. That my heart was well cared for by yours. So I simply show my all to you and hope that your feelings never change. That you cherish me always. Cherish us, always. -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M)
TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh * New Release *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
MG Necklace – Silver Cross – Medium
.aisling. Bellion -F- * @ROMP *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hands V3.4.
erratic / delice lingerie – thong / black (maitreya)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
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This is how we chill

Ever just start walking around a sim and decide to stop and take a pic? After adjusting like 5 pairs of niffle rings, I knew I needed a break lol so off I went and this happened. It's like…the equivalent of pausing for a selfie in RL but a bit more complicated what with doing settings and what have you and what better person to take a chill pic with than Joe. He's almost as cool as me. ALMOST.   -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01 
Magika – Clutter
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Kibitz – Choker rosary – obsidian
Kibitz – dragon nipple – onyx * @TFC *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hand V3.4
Blueberry – Belted Skirt – Maitreya * New Release *
_CD_ Arabella Black – Maitreya Lara
Vanity Poses – TooChill

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Red means stop?

The other night, !ndustry had a stoplight party and I was thoroughly confused as to what it all meant. So, upon asking I was informed that green meant DTF lol, yellow meant 50/50 chance and red means taken, no go, stop rie now…so I had to change as I was wearing none of these colors. Luckily I was able to change and my clothing actually snapped into place instead of hovering in the atmosphere, giving the impression I was SUPER DTF lol. It was a fun time, danced with friends and took my mind off my mind for a bit…so to speak. If you've never been to !ndustry, maybe stop by sometime. Great events, great music and great people! -Glam Affair – Luna skin – India 05 
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M)
!lamb. Zelda (Mesh) – Ink
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hand V3.4
Prodigy Ink-Wonderland Maitreya(Faded)
::HH:: Hucci Quino Blouse – Red (Lara) * @Uber *
Blueberry – Rene Pants – Regular – Maitreya * New Release *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
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The Loba Breathes

This is my very first round of Lazy Sunday and I'm so excited that I'm pretty much all set up. I don't have a sign yet but EASELS in the store are pretty much where to look. I made both my poses only 50L and I hope everyone enjoys them! There are demos of both, so you may try before you buy so, thank you pretty much! For reading, hope you stop by and join the subcriber? I'm working on a new gift as well, should be fun! TP to Vanity Poses

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Chillin’ at Blithe

There's something to be said for taking the time to get to know someone. It's not always easy, but there are those rare moments ya know…where you can fall into a conversation, into a friendship. And it's easy, and there's no awkwardness…it's just a connection of some sort where you feel like this person has a good vibe that you wanna be around. I don't really new friend and chill often, but I got an amazing friend last time I did so I tried it again recently. So far so good, I have to say this might be the most polite person I've ever come across in SL, which was completely endearing. Hanging out, talking photography, music and random stuff basically told me one thing. I met another good person, and I'm glad for that.  Glam Affair – Cleo – India – Clean D
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M)
TRUTH HAIR Ximena * New Release *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Blueberry – Tank Top – Maitreya *
Group Gift *
Noodles – Infinity Belly Chain Silver
paper.arrow lazy.jogger white [Maitreya-BETA]
REIGNxFLITE.- Taylers FOLDED- All Black
Taken @ Blithe

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Kiss the sky

I've been changing a lot about myself lately and I sort of just thought to myself…why? I'm goofy and silly, and I like that. I love to laugh, and I like having people around me that make me laugh. I am not always comfortable in crowds and I won't talk on mic when there's 20 other people doing so. That's me. But I never made a spot for me to just BE at…to chill with the few people that like talking to me one on one or two or whatever. To just be among a small few that hit me right in the chest cavity. So, that's what I've been doing, making an actual home where my home has only ever temporarily been. Here's hoping there's many more laughs to come ♥ Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse 1
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
floorplan. old scoreboard * @Lost and Found *
*ionic* Whitebirds fly
floorplan. neon double cross [blink] * @Lost and Found *
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study)
dust bunny . dahlia jug
Apple Fall Gachatopia Safe
dust bunny .
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Town? Country? Wha…

Art Reflected is a mesh floor mirror, equipped with 15 smooth transition poses. My Attic has begun! The theme this month is Town & Country. And I took a brain liberty with my release because I'm me. So I thought I'd explain it since not everyone will get it. It may not be meant for everyone to get, but I'll explain anyway lol. I grew up dancing, with music around me and I've always loved it. When I took lessons as a young'n it was my favorite thing. Dancing and choir. The artsy beetch in me can't get enough still to this day. And when we left the city, we moved to this super boondocks town in PA where we had to be bussed to school and it took over an hour, a predominantly white school. I was odd man out, so to speak. Dancing meant more to me in that time of my life than anything, so my stepfather made me a place all for me outside on the land we lived on…to dance outside. Under the stars, under the sky. And I loved him for that place. So, I don't know if that makes sense but it was what I thought of and I hope you all enjoy it ♥ there is a demo set out for everyone to try the poses, and for the duration of My Attic, Art Reflected will be only 95L TP to My Attic!Read the restVanity Poses - Art Reflected

Comfort @ Indie Heights

Vanity Poses has acquired a new location, deep in the heart of the Indie Heights sim. Did that seem dramatic? LOL k well anyway, home of the fab club !ndustry as well as the Indie Heights Shopping District, I thought I'd celebrate this secondary location with a little gift. So there you have it, it can be found in the store and is surrounded by lots of other awesome shops to check out as well. And if you haven't been to !ndustry, join the group so you can come! Awesome live performers and DJ's grace the stage, as well as a fantastic group of music lovers that join in the fun TP to Vanity Poses @ Indie Heights

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Where y’all at?

Valentina E.  Altitude Tee & Leather Leggings with Chain Belt for ALTITUDE group members only, exclusively on location at the grand opening event Sunday, September 13th 12 noon – 5 pm SLT.  This gift will ONLY BE AVAILABLE DURING THE LAUNCH
A L T I T U D E   (Press Release) Taking Flight for the first time this Sunday, Altitude is a new venue to explore music and art in convivial company. We blast off with a Grand Opening from noon to 5 p.m. SL time this Sunday, Sept. 13. The event will feature live musical performances by singer-songwriters Phemie Alcott and Kris Walpole and DJ sets by Moby Tenenbaum, Paradox Messmer, and Xose Terje. In addition, there will be a gift from designer Valentina E. available to Altitude members only for the duration of the event. Altitude is the creation of Irina Forwzy, Shine Sideshow, Kris Walpole, and Moby Tenenbaum, who are aspiring to give Second Lifers an exciting new destination that is more than just a club.… Read the restWhere y'all at

Purely Wicked

I think I start gushing about Halloween earlier every year. It is my favorite time, I love horror things and creepy things and all the movies that show over n over again during Halloween. I like decorating, scaring people, buying candy to hop up other people's children with…love it all. And I enjoy the things that are released in SL that further my love for this time of year. I miss watching the season turn to Autumn, like I can back home but in SL I can change my leaves and bring those vibrant, beautiful colors back into my life. Collabor88 is all about things I love this round but I thought I'd go the other way and celebrate all the lighter tones releases, seeing as how there are already lots of dark witchy pics out there already. If you haven't gotten in yet, don't lose hope. There's some fab things to snatch up, worth the effort to kick your way up in there -Glam Affair – Luna skin – India 05
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M)
[monso] My Hair – Annie /Black Brown
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
=Zenith=Muted Coven Dress (Milk Flower) -Maitreya * @C88 *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hand V3.4
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I like bad b*tches, don’t see the f*ckin’ problem

Every now and then, I like to dust off my man folder and have some fun. So far I'm diggin the beard, it's new and different but I don't mind it on him so far. Headed over to TMD (as a girl, ofc because that's more fun lol) and got new jeans that I didn't even realized show butt! But they come with optional boxers (whew!) so I put those on as well lol. This jacket, I'm lovin. I like the look, feelin like a legit badass. I mean, why wouldn't I right? LOL Also, I wanted to talk a bit about the venue in which I took the photo. I have grown a fondness for Hot Wax that I'm going to share with y'all. If you ever find yourself just wanting to be around some cool people, maybe you platform surf a lot n want to mingle? Go to Hot Wax. Seriously. It's not one thing or another, I'm fairly sure anyone can find something they like there. Talk to strangers, hell…have sex with some of em if you want. If they want too, ofc there's music, discussions, a beach, the group can be chatty and informative.… Read the restI like bad bitches, don't see the fuckin problem

Draped in blue, waiting for you

I have huge HUGE pixel love for designers making Maitreya fitted apparel. I was of the mind that my mesh body would only be for pictures because it was so much to make everything just right, or find things that fit well and looked good to me. Now all this STUFFFF is coming out, fitted pretty well for people that haven't had dev kits yet and I'm mesh'd out pretty well all the time. I still can't get on board with a mesh head, but that's just ME. I think V would agree she's pretty attached to her face. Speaking of, we all know of my ladyboner for IKON eyes and he's made a new line. There's several colors at Shiny Shabby, with a full line released at the mainstore. His is a great group to be in as well, for about a week after every new release he's got a group gift of some beaut new eyes ♥ Glam Affair – Cleo – India – 11
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M) * New @ Shiny Shabby! *
Moon. Hair. // Storm
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
MG Necklace – Heart – Jewelled – Short – SILVER + BLACK DIAMONDS
MG Necklace – Silver Cross – Medium
Foxes – Nightie – navy – Maitreya
AX-025 Little Vixen AO (poses caught mid-anim)

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I’ll bust the windows out ya car

Sometimes…sometimes people are frustrating. And you don't want to hurt them, of course. But you have to hurt something. Because they hurt you. Hurt you to the point that you have to inflict pain elsewhere before the rage boils to the surface and you break your new golf club. Know what I mean? No? Just me? Well…nvm. Clearly I'm joking Glam Affair – Cleo – India – 11 E
little bones. Nightingale
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Addams // Sophia Tank Top // Maitreya * @C88 *
Plethora – Bent Golf Club * @Festival of Sin II *
Blueberry – Yoga Pants – Maitreya * New Release *
Pose by myself
[DG] Challenger Hemi
Plethora – Voodoo Doll – Tan * @Festival of Sin II *
Plethora – Mirror Shards * @Festival of Sin II *

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What have I become?

Life is a funny thing sometimes. One minute, you're dancing around with drunk sweaty men trying to paw at you and it's all you can do to not kick them away with your very high heels. Then, as if emerging from a nightmare…you find yourself becoming something you don't ever remember being. Is it simply a manefestation of your feelings deep inside? Or has some monster literally taken up residence in your body. Your hands are no longer your hands and do things your hands would never do, your body feels different. And your rage…cannot be contained. Glam Affair – Cleo – India – 11 E
[BOMBOM] bleeding mascara 
MINA Hair – Laila – Natural * @Festival of Sin II *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
PEQE – Wrath Collar (F) * @Festival of Sin II *
Jian :: Ravaged Wings * @Festival of Sin II *
[Haste] Spiked Nipple Ring Silver
Jian :: Sanderson's Gloves * @TFC *
Maitreya Hipster * Lycra Black * Lara Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
{Livalle} Marissa -High Platform Heels- Noir * @Festival of Sin II *
Taken @ Ironwood Hills

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My sin is Vanity…

  Festival of Sin is upon the grid once more! Going strong until September 5th, the sim is chaulked full of yummy sin. So many designers, creating in their given sin and making magic. Not to mention, the sim itself is decorated with so much ridiculous debauchery. It's fun to just walk around, take pics or canoodle in the lust area I of course, was put in Vanity because why not LOL. So my fascination with the selfie craze manifested into a DIY selfie stick and lots of poses to use with them! The sticks each have 6 available colors and these are my single poses. One set for females, one for males and the poses come separate as well in case you want to use the poses with a different prop.   Not to forget those that want to take the wonderous dual selfie, I also made 2 couple poses complete with the option to use the DIY selfie stick as well. I had every intention of doing a group one and still may, it will just probably be released in the store at some point lol.… Read the restVanity Poses - DIY Selfies

I thought we were playin’ spades?

I'm being super lazy about decorating my sim but I want to catch up on all the things. ALL THE THINGSSS. So, I got a LM from a friend about a rez friendly wanderer sim and decided to check it out. Lucky for me, right around this time GrizzlyBear was around and I snagged his pretty face for my picture I just want to point out that Rustica is putting out newness lately, the tables chairs and lamp/fan is all from Max and the sim has been redone. GO CHECK IT OUT. Like seriously, you just don't get how hype I am when Max is creating lol. It excites me and also makes me want to stop meshing. It's an odd love, but a love nonetheless ♥ [monso] My Hair – Xiu /Black Brown 
[Deadwool] Moustache – black – V1 * @Shiny Shabby *
[Deadwool] Full beard – black – V3 * @Shiny Shabby *
M*O*B*B* ~Cigarette~ (Black)
Letis Tattoo :: Rigel Combination :: 
Apple May Turned Down Shirt (S) – White
GALI by Soy. Mnml Backpack [Male]
Izzie's – Belt Bracelet(male) silver buckle
[monso] My Ripped Jean (guys/ size3) – Black * @TMD *
7 – Cold Beer
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.freek’um dress.

Yes. That title was Yonce Inspired. Dealllll. It's playing in my head lol idk why so there you have it. So, for the most part I love this dress. And also, I got lots of compliments on it. One being from a woman that said ooh, nice tight dress LOL. Thing is, I couldn't find any way to make my boobs look better in it. As I moved the sliders, obvs the dressed moved with the sliders but idk. I think my chest looks lost in the dress and that gave me a slight sad face. Maybe it's just me? Not sure but I didn't know how to make it better, there's no cleavage that I know of yet for Lara. Still, I wore it rocked it and enjoyed the ass stares.  -Glam Affair – Amberly II – India tone - 
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
-Belleza- Eyeliner 5
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
:V.e. Jasmine Latex Dress MAITREYAFIT Nude * @On9 *
. [posetivity ]. Cleo6

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I work out.

Uber has begun once again, with a bunch of stuff I want and can't get in to GET. Isn't it always the way? lol so while I wait, figured I have to tone up so I can elbow my way through the crowd and not get smashed to the ground. How? Lift weights while wearing a side pony and teenie outfit, clearly. I remembered this one day I was hanging out at Corruption and a super hot, delicious guy who shall remain nameless…was on the weight bench. So I went back and borrowed it for the photo. Hope he doesn't mind lol -Glam Affair – Amberly II – India tone – FLF 01
IKON Destiny Eyes – Hazel (M)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 
TRUTH HAIR Olympia [w/Hairline] * @Uber *
[monso] My Sporty Bikini – White + Pink * @Uber *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Hands V3.4
{Wicked} Peach – Mani/Pedi -Spring Basics
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.2
Taken @ Corruption

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I've been meaning to blog all week but preparations for Fesival of Sin II got me all frazzled and worried about time and deadlines so I ended up pushing it all back until I was done. I might be a blogging machine this week, might not. We'll see how it goes lol. For now, I just did a little wander through a new sim (adult, so watch it!). Jubilee Society has lots of great little locations for photos as well as beautiful shops and venues to have some fun in. Who doesn't like a place to shop that you can be nudie booty in? I know I do. I, for some odd reason keep having deep meaningful thought sessions lately. Hence the title of the blog, and it occurs to me that I must be a very hard person to like. Not like in the sense that you can talk to me for a little while and not detest me. Most people can do that and are no worse for wear. I like talking to people and I'm a bit of a goof. But I think caring about me might be hard. Or I'm hard. I haven't sorted it all out but…there's something about me that doesn't lend itself to affection.… Read the restpensamientos

Pick up game

I got some FLF goodies and other than a serious prison setting, this thought came to mind. Having a lil b-ball fun in the early morning hours. Anybody up for a little one on one? How's that for some double ententre -Glam Affair – Summer v3 – Jamaica – August * Out now for FLF *
[e] Elodie * Out now for FLF *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Addams // Sophia Tank Top // Maitreya * Available @ C88 *
Blueberry – Side Tied Shorts – Maitreya – Midnight
DECO – MESH Lightning Bolt 
Diesel Works – Bounce
Soy. Wire Fence Wall Panel * Out now for FLF *
PILOT – Basketball [Decor]
PILOT – Basketball Goal [Decor]

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