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Secret Angel

Snow Angel - click here for larger image
If you hurry, you can get this beautiful Secret Angel dress right now at Sn@tch for the holiday VIP group gift.  There is a cost to join the group but it's so worth it as everyone knows Ivey lavishes her fans with gifts and discounts, in addition to tempting us with weekly new releases.  Go on... snatch it up!

Secret Angel - click here for larger image

Also for the snatching... the Winter Berries necklace and bracelet from Chop Zuey, along with at least a dozen other beautiful holiday jewelry gifts for both men and women. Wow... the generosity that designers share with us during the holidays never ceases to amaze me.

Sneaky Angel - click here for larger image

The wings.  Ah, the wings.  Well they are an old time throw back from the earlier days of Second Life.. and well, they kind of work don't you think?  Prim wings, created by Obunnywan Manimal.

Wherever you are this holiday season, I hope you're staying bright, keeping warm, and having fun!… Read the rest




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Winter Dream

Come inside... ( click here for larger image )
This lovely Holly Dress by Bilo is a limited edition design for the holiday, found only during the month of December.  So hurry to get it!  It comes in several colors and styles.  As soon as I tried slipped into it, I knew just the perfect shoes and hurried over to SLink for the glittery peeptoe heels I had seen earlier.

Winter Dream ( click here for larger image
My search for the perfect necklace took far too long and had me all over the grid, but eventually found and fell in love with the Lotus necklace by Mandala.  I love how a few of the petals have fallen from the central design.

Warm kisses,

Holly Dress - silver, by Bilo
Shoes: Glitter Peeptoe - silver, by SLink
Necklace: Lotus by Mandala
Hair: Intended by Magika
Skin: Shylah by Belleza
Lashes: Lelutka
Poses: Del May
Location: Wolf Mountain Ski Resort

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Blush of Winter

Because it's cold out here in California, I'm bringing you warm kisses and the embrace of luxuriously soft knit sweaters to warm your winter day.  The Alice Mesh Dress by Chandelle fits like a dream, and I love the white/red gradient shade, which actually looks more of a blush pink to me.  You can find at the Winter Wishes Market through January 7th, for only 99L.

Blush of Winter (click here for larger image)

I've snuggled deeper into the warm sweatery mood by topping it off with the red Winter Scarf by Auxiliary, from the current TDR (The Dressing Room) Fusion selection.  If you haven't been to the new location, please update your landmarks and get rid of the old TDR and TDR-Blue

While there are an amazing variety of lovely new skins out right now, I just keep coming back to my favorite skin, the Melissa Sunkissed by Belleza, that I've been wearing since my birthday in June.  To it, I've added the Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow in pink from MONS, found now at TDR Fusion.… Read the rest

Gacha Style – I Don’t Do Cute

Gacha Where I Want Ya (click here for larger image)
I don't do cutesy.  Or, at least, not easily.  Some friends of mine were talking about it on Plurk the other day.  And while some people are able to pull off the cutesy look, I am not one of those people.  Apparently I don't have the patience to wipe out my grid-lines either, or download the new SL Beta Viewer.  Ah well, one thing at a time.

So, in an attempt to break out of my serious mode (and also get back into blogging since I've been MIA for awhile...)  I took a trip to The Arcade Gacha Event, which is chock full of all kinds of cute stuff.

Renee Sinless - Glam Affair (click here for larger image)

Perhaps the Gacha gods had heard that I don't do cutesy either, but they seemed to agree with me, bestowing me with pale beautiful somber Renee - Sinless skin from Glam Affair, Juliet lilac hair and hat from Bonne Chance, a complete and very lovely outfit from Mon Cheri including the shirt, cardigan, shorts, leggings, and boots in teal, Insufferable Dastard contacts in Aqua, afk Headphone by Iruco, Secret Store's Tiny Satchel in Coral Delight, !bang mini Sassy poses, and the Love Teddy Bear necklace in Pink by MG (which really is rather cute and a nice contrast to my look).… Read the rest

Solitude my Guide

Heart on a Wire - (Click Here for Larger Image)
I've been a bad blogger - posting this series of pics on my Flickr page with a note that the blog and credits were coming soon, and here I am, two days later trying to think of something to write that can do these pictures justice.  

I Can't Stay Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)
And I'm struggling more than a bit with that.  Because, while working on these photos, they became something greater than a simple fashion review.  There was a story tucked away in the folds of fabric, in the sturdy weight of the pack on my back and the no nonsense boots on my feet that spoke volumes, that hinted at a self-reliant spirit tinged with pain, at a soul longing for solace in nature, and at a journey to come, just a few virtual steps away.
Solitude my Guide - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Something about the combination of beautiful realistic mesh clothing, and the incredible Akasha sim I was exploring, (thanks to the Yse Sliffeuse et gloodeuse blog) brought out an inspiration in me to create the story these photos tell.… Read the rest

Voodoo Alley

Funkadelic (Click Here for Larger Image)
I have a real treat to share today, from the talented and very creative designers that shared these review items with me today.  All of the clothing I'm wearing in this photoshoot is from Chandelle, for the Fashion Voodoo Event, which lasts until August 30th.

Funkstar (Click Here for Larger Image)
Mixing it up with the layers, we have a gorgeous bodysuit and panty set, open flowery jacket, Bree workout pants and Alex denim pants, and the Shoe Barbie all from Chandelle.

I also found a pair of Black Denim Mules by OOTT (Out Of The Trunk) at the Cart Sale at The Wash for only 10L while I was out looking for a place to do my photo shoot.

SlurpDawg (Click Here for Larger Image)
The entire avatar (except hair) is called Elisa and is a creation of *Stars*Fashion* who has a promo right now on the Marketplace for only 99L for this shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes and brows.  And the body is Modify!  This pleases me to no end, because as you know in a mesh dominated fashion world, it's so essential to have shapes that are modify.… Read the rest

Fate Led Me To You

FATEwear by Damien Fate

The buzz on the grid is about a great new men's clothing store opening soon called FATEwear by Damien Fate. The same mastermind behind ColdLogic.  Right now, there is a free promo gift for the guys out in the group subscribo on FATEIsland, and ladies if you've got a guy wanting to get in on the mesh scene, you'll do well to point him towards FATEIsland, or take him there yourself.  Trust me, he'll thank you!  My own personal thanks for the head's up from Alex1985 Diabolito of That Guy's Blog, where you'll also find some other great collections for your favorite guy.

Read more about FATEWear on Damien Fate's blog!

Fate led me to you...
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Shirt and Shorts - Carter by FATEwear (NEW Promo Mesh Item!)
Lowtops shoes by Super Kingdom
Keats Hair - Dry Earth by Uncleweb Studio
Knox Blond skin by FRUK
Pose - Vista Animations

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In my last post, I mentioned that you can change the whole look of an outfit just by the accessories you choose to wear with it.  Here, we're adding some beautiful finds from the Vintage Fair, and giving this modern mesh couture dress by Chandelle a completely new Vintage flavor and appeal.

(Click here for larger image)
Stepping out in style with the 30s Striped Cloche hat with hair by Bubbles Roxan of the Millinery Shoppe, and Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies, I've added the contrasting touch of delicate almost Victorianesque Lace Necklace from Jack Spoon, Nouveau Leaves brooch and earrings by Eclectica, andCherry Ostritch leather bag by Zenith.

(Click here for larger image)
Whether you're stepping back in time, or stepping forward, a stop by the Vintage Fair is a must to find some of these beautiful accessories that can spice up your wardrobe year round.

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits
Dress Deisy giraffe by Chandelle at Acid Lily 70L til 8/18
Louise Avatar shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes by *Stars*Fashion* 99L Special Promo on Marketplace
30s Striped Cloche Hat by Bubbles Roxan of Millinery Shoppe @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC
Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Lace Necklace by Jack Spoon @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Nouveau Leaves earrings and brooch by Eclectica @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Cherry Ostritch Leather Bag by =Zenith= @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Poses by Sleeping Koala @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC

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Be Free!

In a virtual world, you're always free to change and have the virtual freedom to explore the the art of self-expression.  Today I'd like to share with you a complete avatar offered by *Stars*Fashion* for only 99L on the Marketplace for just a week.  What an amazing deal! If you've been wanting to try out a new look, you can find the lovely Louise complete avatar, including shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes, and makeups all for only 99L if you hurry.

(Click Here for Larger Image)

I'm also wearing the beautiful new giraffe mesh dress by Chandelle and love the soft texture and fun print.  Stay tuned for the next blog where I'll share this same avatar and dress but give it a completely new vintage flavor by using accessories found at Vintage Fair.  It's amazing what a simple change here and there can do for a whole look.

(Click Here for Larger Image)
In the second pic I got the bright idea to try on my Jolie sculpted prim hands by SLink and really love how smooth and lovely and graceful they are.… Read the rest

Of Lace and Flowers

Lace Breeze - (click here for larger image)
While exploring the blogger's preview of the Vintage Fair 2012, I happened upon a scene so lovely and lit with light and lace, I was immediately drawn to take a closer look.  Through the breezy lace doorway, there stood a remarkable woman, wearing a gown of lace eyelet in such delicate colors, I was mesmerized on the spot, as the folds of fabric swayed and flounced upon even the lightest breeze.  Her name was Garance Ashland, and she is a new and very talented designer of a store called Lace.

Lace store by Garance Ashland - at Vintage Faire 2012
Being the shy sort I am, it was all I could do to not plaster my face to the window and peek inside, and so I lingered outside while she set up her shop, hoping not to disturb her, but longing to see what beautiful creations she was carefully setting on display.  I left the fair that day with a lighter heart, and a carefully packaged box with that lovely gown, "Breeze" by Garance Ashland of Lace.… Read the rest

Better Days Will Come

Better Days Will Come - (Click Here for larger image)
Better days will come, they told me.  Standing in the rain waiting for my bus, a taxi, anything to get me to Vintage Fair 2012.   The rain sleeting down like no tomorrow, splashing up from lucid puddles, mocking me.

Missed the Bus - (click here for larger image)

I'll never get there at this rate.  But don't let that stop you!  Visit the Seraphim blog for full covereage, including Gallery of delicious vintage finds at this year's Vintage Fair 2012, and be sure to take a Map  Vintage Fair 2012: Map and SLURL's

Waiting for the Rain - (click here for larger image)

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:
[essencial] Dolce Dark Tan Skin - on Classic @ Vintage Fair 2012
Eclectica 'Nouveau Leaves' Jewelry - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Faster Pussycat - Memsh PencilSkirt, Red - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
GizzA - Elegant Steps Glasses, Belt, Collar, Hat, Stockings, Top - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Romantic - 40's vintage hairstyle by TuTy's - on CHIC @ Vintage Fair 2012
Poses by CheerNo - @ Vintage Fair 2012
Alex Strap Shoes by G Field
Lashes 6 by .ploom.Read the rest

Chill Out – Vintage Style

Vintage Beach (Click here for larger image)
Today, I'm taking the chill out train straight to the beach, vintage style, with a preview of more retro finds from Vintage Fair 2012, which opens on August 4th.  With Skin, hat, skirt, top, shorts, belt, tote, eyes and poses all found right at Vintage Fair, there's not much else you'll need to put together this look, other than the beach!

Boho Sea (Click here for larger image)
I've always loved the bohemian 60's look with the long peasant skirts and organic fabrics.  That's the feel I was going for here, with the long flowy Boho mesh skirt by Crash Republic, and the romantic handkerchief sleeved 70's girl top and belt from Lil'Lace. A quick slip out of my skirt to my frayed cutoff Crash Republic shorts below and I'm ready to cool off in the surf.

Chill Out Girl (Click here for larger image)
Adding the Spring Mesh hat by Baiastice and ZigZag tote by Crash Republic, also found at the Vintage Fair, I decided to kick the hippie vibe up a notch and opted to include the sizzling glamorous Jaci Belle Amie skin with freckles from Aeva with her hot all-eyes-on-me red lipstick and feline eyeliner.… Read the rest

Retro Funk at Vintage Fair

[Click for larger image]
It's right around the corner!  Shopkeepers are burning the midnight oil, putting on the shine, pulling out all the stops, polishing the racks, rolling out the carpet, and bringing out their finest vintage fashions and retro wares for your shopping pleasure.  It's Vintage Baby!  And with three full sims bursting at the seams with awesomeness, the Vintage Fair 2012 is going to be an event you won't want to miss!

Vintage Fair 2012 opens August 4th through the 29th, and today I'd like to give you a little sneak preview of  some of what's to come from a few of the fabulous creators you'll find there. Today's little number is the "Funky Girl" dress and "Peaceful Flower Necklace - Woodland" by Curious Kitties. This is a mesh dress and totally shag-tastic with the 60's influenced print and wide vinyl belt.  Shake and shimmy the night away and don't worry, this thoughtfully designed mesh comes carefully crafted with an underside to the skirt as well as the bust area, so there's no peek-a-boo invisible hollow av underside to worry about.… Read the rest

Wide Awake

Sometimes I do my best work when I'm supposed to be sleeping... unlike other people who do amazing things all the time.  I'm talking about the new Cassiopea skin by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair, and (wow!) this is a gorgeous skin!

She's a darker shade than I normally would wear, but being half asleep I bought the wrong one, and now that I have her, I'm absolutely in love with her.

The rest of my ensemble was gathered together mostly at Collabor88, so hurry over while they've still got the current collection, or you'll miss out on some great deals!

Feeling like a goddess, I went in search of a beautiful and surreal place to take pictures in and found the Mysterious Wave art installation.

And now... off to sleep I go...


Style Credits:
Eala Dress (MESH) Bisque by Schadenfreude for Collabor88
Cygnette Shoes - Bisque by Shadenfreude for Collabor88
Cassiopea Skin - India 04 by Glam Affair NEW!
Wide Awake (MESH) Hair - Rouge by Exile at Hair Fair - Sand
Catalina Headbend by LaGyo for Collabor88
Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace by (Yummy) for Collabor88
Pearl - Arctic Sea Eyes by Poetic Colors
Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka
Poses by Del May
Location: Mysterious Wave

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Oh So Tameless

Tameless Ramona
Nita Bracken of Tameless has been at it again, and now you can find 5 beautiful new Tameless hairstyles right now at the Hair Fair. Find the Tameless Booth on the Hair Fair - Garden sim.  I'm combining them with some great new partial mesh outfits from Chandelle.  The  whimsical designs include a mesh off-shoulder tops with skirts and some with belts.

Tameless Ramona Hair with Ster 03 Dress Set from Chandelle

Tameless Victoria (partial mesh) Hair with Ster 05 Dress Set from Chandelle
Tameless Bethany Hair with Ster 01 Dress Set by Chandelle

Tameless Peggy Sue Hair with Ster 01 Dress Set by Chandelle

Tameless Sojo Hair with Ster 04 Dress Set by Chandelle


Style Credits:
All Hairstyles by Nita Bracken of Tameless - at the Hair Fair
All Dress Sets - Ster by Chandelle
Alex Strap Shoes by G Field
Pearl Eyes - Arctic Sea by Poetic Colors
Mellissa Skin Sunkissed by Belleza
Poses by Del May

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Sirens of the Sea

The perfect music for this set... please have a listen, and enjoy!  Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea

Take my hand, take my hand, yeah take my hand
Follow me, follow me, yeah let's goTo the sand, to the sand the purest sandInto the sea, into the sea, yeah let's go...

Out beyond the water's edgeFar across the coral ledgeUnderneath the diamond dancing lights...

Chase the world from far belowSilent sleeping indigoDrifting down into the endless night...

I can not resist your call... 

Today I wanted to just log in quick and share a few things, but I got swept away in the moment.  It's something that Sea and Sky and Sand always do to me... even in a virtual world.  
Sending a big thank you out to Strawberry Singh for her PicMonkey tip, without which these pictures wouldn't have nearly as much awesomesauce.  Wow what a big difference a few clicks can make!  Thank you Strawberry!
I'm wearing the alluringly simple Whitehaven Beach Dress by Kyoot, found at Collabor88.… Read the rest


The new FaMESHed Collection is out, and if you join the group, you'll be able to get these great Mesh group gifts.

I'm wearing the Long Summer Dress in Black Zebra by Valentina E., the current group gift for FaMESHed women.  Also found at FaMESHed, the un-rigged mesh Coral Jewelry by Handverk.

Galahad is wearing the Kauna Open Shirt in Red, FaMESHed Men's Group Gift.  Head on over to FaMESHed and devour these gorgeous gifts up before they're gone.

Boudi Loves You

On Her:Long Summer Dress - Zebra by Valentina E. (FaMESHed Group Gift)*GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -patent:red- (L)[HANDverk]Coral Jewelry Set::Exile:: Catwalk Mesh HairMelissa Skin by -Belezza-
On Him:Kauna - Open Shirt - (FaMESHed Group Gift)Kingston Jeans by Electric Feel
Keats Hair - Dry Earth by Uncleweb Studios
Knox Blond skin by FRUK

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Deux for You

It's been a long week and I'm dying for a party to go to this Friday!  Alexohol has this fun little mesh dress called Party Gras, shown here in red and black with silvery sequins.  I love Alexohol and I love that they are making some fabulous mesh things now!

On another note, while I'm a huge fan of Mesh and love this dress from Alexohol on the outside, I'm not sure yet how I feel about dresses that leave the body invisible underneath.  Kicking up my heels at a party might be a less than photogenic opportunity, but it's a great dress for more static poses. 

Wearing the dress alpha leaves your body under the dress completely invisible, so if you were to, look up my skirt for instance, you'd see hollow all the way up into my floating eyeballs and hair.  Kinda disconcerting... Not that anyone would be looking up my skirt, right?  I know I have a few dresses where the designers created a mesh bottom to them higher up inside the skirt, that both hides the alpha problem and looks a little more normal.… Read the rest

Fallen for Gabriel

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I admit it. I've fallen for Gabriel.  Thanks to a post by Diana Blumenfeld on Bluemchensworld Blog, I've fallen for another new-to-me store called Gabriel where, if you hurry, you can get this beautiful black sleeveless mesh dress for only 99L, until 8am on June 20th.

Also shown, the Gladiator Sandals and Angel Heart Necklace are free gifts from Gabriel.

Boudica XOXO

Style Credits:
Sleeveless Mesh Dress - Gabriel
Gladiator Sandals - Gabriel (FREE)
Angel Heart Necklace - Gabriel (FREE)
Melissa Skin by Belleza
Maren Hair by Exile

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Hopelessly Addicted to Mesh

I just can't get enough Mesh.  Ever since it came out on the grid last year, it's pulled me back, longing for each new creation like a drug addict.  I'm hopelessly addicted to the incredible things that fashion designers can do with mesh, and there's just no stopping such a good thing. And no stopping my Mesh habit either, so don't try.

I'm wearing the Heather mesh top by Baiastice and love how realistic it feels and moves with me. Taking the plunge a little deeper, I went and finally got my first pair of mesh hands from SLink, and can't imagine wanting to go back to using the default SL avatar hands.  The difference is night and day.  SLink de Jolie Hands come with a hud that allows you to shift the position of each hand independently, to either curved, straight or flexed.  You can slide the skin tone to match yours, choose nail polish, and either silver or gold jewelry.

Meshy kisses XOXO,

Style Credits:
Baiastice Heather Mesh Shirt
Fishy Strawberry Moto Pants
SLink de Jolie Hands (Mesh)
Exile Tempest Hair
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye - Icy Blue
Belleza Melissa Skin

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