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The Arcade – September

Inspiration: – To be Loved – Jackie Wilson @ YouTube
_____________________________ The lyrics in this song “someone to care, someone to share, lonely hours and moments of despair, to be loved, to be loved, oh what a feeling – to be loved.”  Resonated with me during the design for the Arcade this month.   Sitting at my mac listening to music, as Scarlet Creative is near another annual anniversary.   I  know that  design whilst one of my great loves so Scarlet Creative is really just an extension of that passion for me.   However, it is my family  who sit next to me, critique, offer suggestions, and ultimately hold my hand (and rub my back!) once I am off my computer have enabled me to keep doing this.  They are my true love, and they have given me the opportunity to experience the last 8 years of Scarlet Creative and are as much part of it as I am. (I’ll keep baking the cupcakes to keep you all happy).   Thank you.… Read the rest




May 2019
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Collabor88 – Jasmine

Inspiration: – London Grammar Nightcall @ YouTube _________________________________________ My name is Charlotte Bartlett and I work in Second Life.  Ha!  I know, I know it’s not the usual sort of sentence I utter in real life (well those who know me know I do already).  However, over the past few weeks I have had to say Charlotte Bartlett and Second Life multiple times to people who have no idea what it is what a virtual world house even was for.    Luckily, there was a good reason, I was given the amazing opportunity to present my designs to a new start up which was pitching for funding to create more cost effective 3D printing in my home city.  It was a huge amount of fun (and somewhat weird!) to see a virtual Scarlet Creative house become a real model as part of the demonstrations.  Who knows, if they get it off the ground perhaps I will realise my next dream of making Scarlet Creative a wider brand outside of Second Life.   … Read the rest

Collabor88 – Atlantic Gazer

Inspiration: – The Sun is Alive – The Silent Years @ YouTube __________________________________ Having peace, and a sense of yourself, helps makes you who you are.   Kindness, empathy and easy smiles make life fulfilling and I am lucky that family and friends I am surrounded by share these qualities.    This design is inspired by those people, and with the idea of sitting on a rough wooden deck surrounded by sand, gulls, salt in the air and large crashing waves on the Atlantic with those I love.   It’s at these moments, as you stare at the ever changing view,  you realise how big the sky is and how small we are. The house is out at Collabor88 this month. Land Impact 79
Footprint 17 x 19m Footprint
Mod + Copy I hope you enjoy <3
Charlotte x    

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The Arcade – June

Inspiration: – The National – England @ YouTube ________________________________ Update:  Items are available in a GACHA at my main store (please see my picks in world). The end of spring and the start of summer is upon us.   Waking up early in the morning as the sun rises packingthe car and as the dew is still on the ground, and the sun rises, heading for the countryside to relax and enjoy family time.      This round of the Arcade I wanted to capture a sense of romance, of nature, but with a luxe feel.  A combination of soft and hard.   Hard, faded woods bleached by the sun and soft linens slightly torn but beautifully cared for and used throughout a space to give comfort.  A retreat, a place to love. The carriage house is a restored train carriage joined together to create a retreat for holidays.  Beautifully restored but still a little rough around the edges.   Complete with the furnishing and decor to compliment the style. Reminder for items purchased from me I exchange for copy / mod – please don’t rez just pop them back to me with a notecard and I’ll exchange.… Read the rest

Collabor88 – Summer Camp

Inspiration.  No music this post. ________________________ Inspiration for me is normally my favourite music, or things I see as I go about life.   I have days where I scrunch my toes with happiness, and others when I give a frowny face to the fact I feel a bit lost and am trying to do my best.    However, the main inspiration, the constant in my life is family.   Recently a very close family member lost a long fight with illness.   I don’t use my blog to share my personal life but I wanted to touch on this as it for the last month has shaped my thoughts, emotions, ability to pick up a pencil, to do the smallest thing.    In very small steps, those rays of sunshine that make me scrunch my toes, had us remembering, looking at photographs and coming to a realisation that love lives on in our hearts.  It doesn’t stop.  Ever.  And for that my family are grateful. I wanted to use my work as a tiny part of a celebration, a memory, a moment that whilst insignificant in reality compared to what else we planned, allowed me a small way to express through creativity an expression of dedication.  … Read the rest

Collabor88 – Work Live Loft

Inspiration: – Metal and Dust by London Grammar @ YouTube This was a really fun round, it’s something many of us do in SL, we split out time between focusing on our individual or group projects and down time with our friends from around the world.   So this theme was fun to expand into the concept of creating a space for a blogger, a photographer, an artist, or creator with space for time with friends.     I wanted to create an old loft with urban brick structure that was flexible to be any of the above or all of them together.  Another factor was skybox, as sometimes when you are taking a picture you want some extra privacy so a skybox home can help out with that. I hope you enjoy and see you there! <3 Charlotte x    

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The Arcade March – Mountain Lodge and Decor

Inspiration: – Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men @ YouTube _______________________________________ Spring is here (ish) – click on the top images to scroll.  This song is like an infectious reminder of that more energetic feeling as the sun finally starts to break through clouds, and I look forward to less rain, floods, mud and generally the ability to have footwear on that doesn’t involve it reaching my lower thighs to keep dry. I am really excited by this round of the Arcade.   For the first time I had 3 designs I wanted to do, and it was hard to pick the final items.  However, I was helped by some lovely people.  Lyla, my inspiration always who spent hours (patiently!)  going through ideas and options.  And to the lovely Jordan who had given me some “mood” boards to inspire palate.   So big hugs/thank you. So we ended up with the Mountain Lodge idea.   The thought of jumping in a car with friends/family to escape to the rural to enjoy those first buds of spring, to replenish, to share time with those you love won the day.… Read the restscarletcreativemountainlodge


Inspiration:  Time and Space by Cinematic Orchestra @ YouTube ________________________________ I have a memory of some years ago, standing on a beach in the dead of night.  Staring out to sea with a vast sky – with the moon and stars bouncing light off the waves.   It was one of those moments, where you breathe and know it always be a memory to look back on.   I have recently been pouring my heart into new designs, and hopefully creating items that in their own way will be memories for people one day. The chasing (and catching) comets idea came as this round for Collabor88 was Supernova.   We got to invite a guest so I teamed up with the fantastic Agustkov from 7 Emporium.   We spent time thinking about star gazing, comet catching, and mapping the skies.   I wanted to create that magical feeling of sky exploration and Agustkov has amazing ideas to create star maps, telescopes, old radios to listen for “life” that may be out there.   He created a sky full of constellations so we could have light to find our way home.… Read the restChasingCometsScarletCreativeFrontView


Inspiration: Hey Marseilles – Somebody to Love @ YouTube ____________________________________ There is an amazing event starting at Noon SLT on 1 February 2014 - Holiday Appreciation Association presents its newest event Mingle: an interactive hud-based experience which allows you to explore, meet, and greet for the next 28 days. Prizes will be generously offered by some of the most beloved brands on the grid. The best prize of all? The friendships you are bound to make!    The prizes are free so come and play and enjoy meeting new people.    There is also a gift store when you can purchase transferable gifts for Valentines / or yourself.    My gift is a fan with heart confetti.  It’s 50L.  You can detach the confetti so the fan is perfect for all year around. For more details and get your hud – you can sign up to the in world group to start playing – please click here for link. <3 Happy Valentines.  

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Inspiration: Fare Thee Well – Oscar Isaac @ YouTube __________________________________ This piece of music is incredibly beautiful and I loved the film (I won’t spoil anything!).  It’s been keeping me company for the New Year as I start 2014 and all the hope, expectation and resolutions a new year brings.  I hope you all had a lovely one, I spent mine with family / loved ones with copious amounts of spiced apple cider! Collabor88 is now open for January and I was super lucky to have my theme picked for this round.  Thank you Jezibell and Pizza <3   I wanted to capture something soft, and as it’s still winter – a comforting place where we can retreat to with our memories, read our childhood diaries and eat chocolate (I do that in bed, not going to lie). I went with a four poster bed set, coming in either Pewter or Wood, each also then has a choice of silk blanket ranging from Plum through to neutral silvers. The bed is materials enabled (gently enhanced).… Read the rest


Inspiration: First Love Never Die – Soko @ YouTube ___________________________________________ Ok, love the video for this song, as it’s directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (small swoon). So it was a nice soothing song to help me finish this design. I wanted to draw together the feeling of an escape, somewhere to leave the city to get to. Of course with snow all around me! I have been exploring new styles of architecture and am in love with Russian Dacha. Dacha’s historically were ruled to not have more than 269 square feet of living area and only one storey tall. So with scale in SL, I kind of went with 256 square meters (oppsie) but the one story aspect. I also put in a split level to take into account of not breaking the rules, but using the eaves to my own benefit! I loved the idea of a country place, a bit in need of fixing up but with some beautiful details and solid wood! Somewhere I would go to hide under blankets and have soup!
The Trilby Dacha
Footprint 16 x 16 x 11M
LE 98
Looking/RP doors (upgrade at cost available for the doors for RP).… Read the rest


I have a double post today. Inspiration:  Cold War Kids @ YouTube
_______________________________ I have to always have this song on REALLY loud.   (Luckily I have good headphones or my neighbours would be grumpy with me).   I have two updates for today  First, I was over the moon (and a bit shocked!) to learn I have been nominated for Favourite Home Builder in the Avi Choice Awards.   Looking at the list of names on it I am just happy to be on it!!  There are many great categories so if you would like to cast your vote for creators –you can click here. Second, Collabor88 December shortly opens (8th Dec).   I have been working on a new prefab inspired by a vintage Russian landscape – a Dacha to hide away in.   (I promise you the Cold War band title is not due to that!).   It’s been exciting taking the texturing into a more aged look.   The design has been inspired by tin, walnut wood, and old metal fittings. There is a bit of decay to the house – but it’s loved and even in the snow, with a warm fire in the grate, blankets and warm socks you can hibernate away.  … Read the rest:)


Inspiration: It’s hard to get around the wind – Alex Turner @ YouTube _______________________________________________________ It’s getting colder now at night, and now the clocks have changed – I walk the streets on my way home wrapped up warm seeing the glow from windows and families in their home and hope for the first flurries of snow. Winter is my favourite season, I want to curl up with my fire, look at the snow falling and drink hot chocolate. Neva Crystall, I got to know quite some time back from her beautiful photography. You see see her delicate soul in her work and it’s beautiful to see.   This year I was super lucky to do a custom version of Editorial Clarity’s build for her wedding and Neva’s Captain House has been the house I have been looking forward for the winter. The original idea was a wooden chalet, but somehow my meshing how grown up over the past months (lots of PRACTICE ARGH) so with Collabor88 coming up it was perfect timing to mix the beautiful design with a hint of steam punk / victorian influences.… Read the rest


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