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A cold wind is whispering secrets in your ear

Valentina E. released this gorgeous dress that can be worn two different ways for the Fantasy Collective. To me it just embodies mystery and beauty with just a little bit of sadness. I love the draping of the top layer to the fullness of the bottom one…

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Here, there and everywhere – some Arcade Gacha sneak peeks

You feel that humming in the air in Second Life? That is excitement because guess what is cominggg? Arcade Gacha! So so so excited for Sept. 1st when the Arcade swings open their doors for a new round which marks their 2nd Anniversary. How amazing is t…

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And birds go flying at the speed of sound

Second Life is chock full of fantastic events with even more fantastic furniture and decorating pieces.The Dreaming Tree, The Mens Dept, NTwenty1, TLC, Collabor88 and don’t forget to join your favorite designers in world groups for gifts, updates and s…

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Letters From Home

Friday keeps releasing the cutest shoes. I am obsessed with these flat thong sandals that come in a bunch of colors, I have barely taken them off since I put them on. Super cute. I will post some more shoes from Friday in the next few days that were al…

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To lick your heart and taste your health

The Fantasy Collective opens today at noon SLT and Tableau Vivant has nailed it with the hair and hat that I am wearing in the pic. The hat does not come attached so you can wear both parts separately. The hair is really, realllly pretty without the we…

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Cause it’s so far past me now

xo,Sophia Harlow -Belleza- Grace C88 Tan 8 Bk  - NEW @ Collabor88Maitreya Gold * All Colors * Antheia Sandal Slink-Flat  - NEW @ Collabor88MOON{Hair}. Vewlios – Ombres & Fades  - NEW @ Collabor88(fd) Elysian Fields Dre…

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The stars will protect us with their celestial embrace

Tableau Vivant is just full of awesome lately. Release after release, each hair is unique and so well done. M4ri1yn Magic is really working hard with each new hair and it shows! He released three new hair styles for Collabor88 and I am wearing Cir…

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I dreamt about you near me every night this week

I have been so bad about blogging lately but it is the end of summer and just my motivation to be online when I look outside and see my sunny backyard – guess who wins in that one? Nothing better than a book while outback with the pugs and something co…

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Unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving for days

So much more Collabor88 stuff! I know this Teefy dress has been all over the feeds but I could not resist pairing it with jeans the the Persephone pumps from Fri. in the Poison color. How much do I love all this green!? Weeeee. A LOT!Mandala has been o…

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You heard me say I’m going away

xo,Sophia HarlowScarlet Creative Jasmine House – NEW @ Collabor88PILOT and JIM – Persephone’s Bane [Silver]- NEW @ Collabor88floorplan. geometric lamp- NEW @ Collabor88tarte. montgomery quatrefoil mirror trio- NEW @ Collabor88Kuro – Anfisa vase- NEW @ …

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Simmer down, pucker up

Monso makes the cutest things. Simple, well made and every day pieces that are casual and perfect. This sweater can be worn two different ways and is unisex. You can purchase it at Collabor88.Alchemy/Birdy keeps killing it with every new release. These…

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In all we dare not say

Glam Affair released four skins for a special Flash Limit Sale that started on Sunday at 2pm and will run 48 hours. Four new skin tones in Pearl with appliers for Slink Hands, Feet, Physique, Phat Azz and Lolas. The skin is at special price and on…

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Minds altered, we didn’t falter

I mentioned that Artemis from Glam Affair was gorgeous right? Just a few more days and you can purchase her in Collabor88 with a slew of makeups to choose from or you know; just buy them all!Spellbound…sigh. How much I love their hair! The latest is …

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Where the sun sets every night

The Mens Dept is due to open in about two hours and you will be able to purchase the unisex hair, Andree from Tableau Vivant, that I am wearing in the pic above. I loveeeeeee it. Just the most perfect length  for a tousled carefree look. I paired …

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I’ve got a little moonlight crush

Click To See LargerThe new Culprit Village Cottage Cotswold is gorgeous inside and out. I am only showing part of the top floor so you will have to take my word for it…or go visit it. Yep. Go visit it. You must. Eku pays major attention to the smalle…

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You’re the reason that I’m feeling

Helllo! Unless you have been under a huge rock in SL you might have realized that Fameshed opened a new round and a new event hit the grid. Uber is chock full of some serious talent and a brand new monthly event that shows much, much promise.My dress i…

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I remember the promises

2 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to finish up a pic and do some blogging. I love this part of my sim. It is so random with the destroyed building in the water and trees that are sprouting up from the water. Random flowers and cattails. Just random.M…

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Always More…

xo,Sophia Harlow(Milk Motion) The white queen’s crown – NEW @ Mix and MatchB.C.C A hui hou Dress Pure White  - NEWAE Foot Flower White Silver – NEW @ My Attic[MANDALA]KYARA-BANGLE/Serengeti – NEW @ Collabor88Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Fee…

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Below my soul, I feel an engine

Just a few more days to shop Collabor88 latest round and you won’t get the same prices once the designers move their items to their main stores. When they do that is. Do you really want to miss out on all this Safari Chic goodness.Mutresse never disapp…

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My heart’s made of parts of all that surround me

Another new fun event started today called A6D, which is a bit different than the normal event but still has some great designers. It was the brainchild of the designer behind .Shi and you can read about it here.The set comes in a variety of colors and…

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