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Below my soul, I feel an engine

Just a few more days to shop Collabor88 latest round and you won’t get the same prices once the designers move their items to their main stores. When they do that is. Do you really want to miss out on all this Safari Chic goodness.Mutresse never disapp…

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My heart’s made of parts of all that surround me

Another new fun event started today called A6D, which is a bit different than the normal event but still has some great designers. It was the brainchild of the designer behind .Shi and you can read about it here.The set comes in a variety of colors and…

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Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine

xo,Sophia Harlow +Half-Deer+ Starry Twilight Antlers – Rosy / Pink Stars – NEW @ The Dreamers Factory[L.Warwick] Eliza -Cork Platform Wedges- Candy – NEW @ My Attic{Imeka} Kawaii Cloud Necklace {Silver} - NEW @ The Dreamers Factory{Imeka} Pea…

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Kiss them for me, I may be delayed

Did you think The Seasons Story was just about pink and cutey? Nope. David Heather released this sexy ensemble that is both skirt and top. I love the folds in the fabric and if I had thought ahead – you would see the bottom of the skirt which is quite …

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Shed some light on me, please

My moon, my manSo changeable andSuch a lovable lamb to meMy care, my coatLeave on a high noteThere’s nowhere to go but onHeart on my sleeveNot where it should beThe song’s out of key againMy moon’s white faceWhat they’re gonna face?It’s the calendar pa…

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You could be an air hostess in the 60s

Where I took the pic above is one of my favorite places on my entire sim. I love to sit in those chairs and just sort, or do my SL work or just park myself there while RL me runs around doing household things. I don’t know why, but I find it so relaxin…

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The Dreamer’s Factory opened and I am in love. Some of the best designers across the grid are coming across or this event and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let me show you the pretty dress you can pick up there in a few different colors.  P…

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And I am the hand that holds the fist away

Having an obnoxiously hot summer here, by 9am it is nearly 90 degrees and about 110 by 2pm. I feel like I could melt. How I would love to have a lake right in front of my house.How gorgeous is the new release, Rose, from Glam Affair? I will be doing a …

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Forget my names, erase the page

xo,Sophia Harlow~Tableau Vivant~ Lusch Hair – S – NEW @ Hair Fair 2014r2 A/D/E taoya[S]silver – NEW @ Collabor88ANE Champion Gladiator High Sandals  - NEW-Glam Affair – Cassia Fantasy – Drow 01 D – NEW – No Longer For SaleKalopsia – Secret Outdoor…

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is she weird.. is she over me

Fashionably Dead has always been a brand I really enjoy. Toast Bard does her own thing, has her own look and I love it. Above and below you will see some all of her Hair Fair releases, most of her Collabor88 releases and all of her skins. Her hair…

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I can take you home, or I can be a home

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Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil was one of the first home builders I ever fell in love with. An old friend bought me a few of her homes as a gift and that started me off on my obsession. Six years later and she just gets better and better.  The Rivershir…

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distance I have wandered

Zenith was a brand I shopped for a long time and one day just kind of forgot about them. In the past year they have made sure to remind me they are still around. I am a big fan of flowey and romantic looking dresses so the release for Collabor88 was ri…

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Isn’t hard to see what’s going on

The Seasons Story summer round is making me oh so happy. Cheeky Pea has the sweetest set out with decorations that are perfect for any season. Every little detail is precious.I put together parts of the sets from Junk and 8f8 to finish up the post and …

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So the relevance here seems to be a bit hazy

Exile released some fantastic new hair for Hair Fair. I could not pick my favorite so I just clicked a folder and decided I would blog that one first. Blown Away is a gorgeous side swept do that is both sexy and perfect for pictures.Baiastice is foreve…

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So now maybe after all these years

I am a little bit overwhelmed right now with everything going on in Second Life. Collabor88 is having one of the most amazing months ever. Permanent designers to guests designers – just rocked it out big time. Do you all realize Shai is back? Yes. With…

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Like sweet morning dew

Click to See LargerCollabor88 opened with a roar that could be hear grid wide. Lions, tigers, elephants, you  name it…they doors opened and they were there – waiting. Fantastic round.I am blogging the Trompe Loeil set from Fameshed as the main p…

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You’ve gone a million miles, how far’d you get

I could spend an hour, easily, working on the hud that comes with most Mutresse items. So many color options, you can change just anything on most of their designs. This dress is a huge favorite because it reminds me a little bit of the 70′s and watchi…

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Up with the static and the radio waves

Almost that time…you know what time I am talking about, right? Collabor88!! Glam Affair is going to release a brand new skin, Kallisto, in two tones and one of them will be in Exotic tone. Wait? You haven’t heard of it before? Ohhh, because it is a b…

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I’ll give my all to you

xo,Sophia HarlowBaiastice_Felicia outfit-purple/green – NEW @ Fameshed/Wasabi Pills/ Ellie Mesh Hair – NEW @ Fameshed*League* Volta Studded Heels  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual  Slink Mesh Feet Slink Physique Mesh Figure  …

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No matter how they tossed the dice

I feel a little bit of panic. There are only a few days left of Arcade Gacha June round. I THINK I have everything I need. Need, not want. Want is not how arcade gacha addicts think. It’s in need. I am going to need to spend some time over at the venue…

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