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Half Alive

I’ve never really been a big fan of Halloween.  I don’t boycott it, I give out candy to the kids who come to the door, but it’s just never really been my thing.  I notice some of my neighbours already decorating, trees hung with spiderwebs, skeletons and gravestones on the grass, and I just kind of shrug and close the curtains.  Intellectually I comprehend the thrill of fear, but I just can’t get into it.  Not this year. The best part of Halloween really is Second Life, and particularly all the themed creations out there that can be used as inspiration.  Take this skin for example, a group gift from Lumae called “Lady Death”.  The minute I saw it I knew it would break my blogging silence. Fear is a strange thing, unique to each and every one of us.  You have one don’t you.  Is it spiders?  Ghosts?  Flying in a plane?  Commitment?   The fears we know are easy, we can for the most part go through our lives if not avoiding at least preparing to cope with them. … Read the restHalf Alive



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Getting My Pixels Wet

I was scanning through my side bar yesterday and caught a post on Ziki’s blog about a new water and rain sim that opened up called H22O. I love water sims, their empty spaces leave so much to the imagination, perhaps more so than the items placed in them do. In touring you are left to wonder if the separate areas with trees, or wreckage, or ruins are part of a one continuous build concept, or vignettes onto themselves.  Chapters perhaps, parts of the same story. With very little to cast shadows, it challenges you to get creative with lighting and composition. This is the first thing at H22O that caught my eye. It’s haunting isn’t it? And yet, if you step outside the initial and obvious reaction, there is a sense of tranquility to it. Stillness. A Little Rain Must Fall Rain is an usual thing, all weather is actually. We sometimes attribute feelings, moods, to weather. Sunny days are happy, rainy days are sad, storms are frightening or chaotic. I suppose in truth they are, or can be, but who hasn’t experienced the exceptions, with rain in particular.… Read the restA Little Rain Must Fall

A Drop of Vanity

Have you ever had a bad haircut?  I mean really bad?  Nothing that will work itself out in a week or with some styling tricks, but something that will require either an even more drastic haircut to fix, or 6 months until it’s back to where you started?  I just did.  Sucksalot.  I never thought I was this vain. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of gal, my avatar actually owns way more shoes and makeup than I do. However, I gotta admit, staring at my hair, running my fingers through and having them come up short of where they should, I realized that I just may be.  Comfort food would have been my first go to, but I can’t really eat my way through the next six months, so retail therapy is required. The fastest, most convenient, and cheapest form of retail therapy for me is Second Life, and this weekend did not disappoint.  Sales and Specials and Events oh my!  I’m drowning in happy, until I reach up to play with my hair that is… but, hands on the keyboard and I’ll make it through this just fine.… Read the restDrop of Vanity

Boudoir Bunny

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t take pictures or blog anymore, ok, three times, but still I’ve been asked and it makes for a good lead in. I don’t really have an answer, it’s certainly something I love to do, so it wasn’t lost interest, I think it was at least partially lack of time. The original intent of this blog was to rediscover Second Life, to find new things to do, new places to see, meet new people, and work on my photography skills while I was at it. Now that I only manage to get into SL once every two to three weeks, I don’t get as many chances to explore anymore so I felt like I didn’t have much to share. If I wasn’t sticking to my original purpose, or could only update once a month, should I bother? After great deliberation, I’ve decided that I should bother. Who cares if I only take pictures once every two weeks? Or blog three days in a row then not again for a month? I don’t have sponsors or ads, no commitments, and it’s something I find relaxing so I’ll post now and again when the mood strikes me.… Read the restSunny Bunny

Souvenirs of Other Worlds

I’ve been reading a book lately called “Other Worlds Than These”, it’s a collection of short stories about parallel universes from authors like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Carrie Vaughn, Orson Scott Card and many others. As a book it’s ok, some stories better than others, but it’s this forward by Lev Grossman that I can’t get out of my head.
“When I read The Chronicles of Narnia as a child, it didn’t so much as introduce me to the idea that there was another world as confirm my already grave suspicions on the subject. Even at the tender age of eight I was – as I suspect you were, and are, if you’re reading this book – one of reality’s natural critics. Oh, I knew that the real world had it’s good points. One must be charitable after all. Candy, for example, and cats, and hot baths. But by and large the material was just a bit thin. The jokes weren’t funny, the catering was uneven, and the less said about one’s fellow players the better.
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The Calm Before The Burn

Can you guess where I am? Where geometric shapes are found next to haunted mushroom forests? Where artful guardians welcome the sunrise alongside stages with electronic music and light shows? Where people from every walk of life and background gather to dance, drum and celebrate fire? In Second Life, it’s called Burn2.  It not only embraces all the principals of the real life Burning Man Festival, but it brings it’s own unique twist.  Where else could you set up your tent next to an alien crash site?  Where else could you hop on a hot air balloon guided tour?  Where else could you stroll casually along, and as the music stream changes with each camp you meet what will become your future family. If you’ve followed my blog and project the last few years you may remember my first year at Burn2  where I met Gypsy and the Happy Clams and then when I   became a Lamplighter.  I can’t believe it’s been two years, in a way it’s an anniversary of sorts. … Read the restBurn2 2013 Geometry

Colour Key

I planned to write a post about my new mesh hands and feet this week, in fact it’s all composed in my head, I just have to type it and log in to take a few pictures.  I suppose you could read it, if I had chairs in my brain, but I’m guessing that my words would be projected in reverse on the walls of my skull so that wouldn’t be much help.  My Saturday morning coffee in hand, I sat down to catch up on blogs and saw this post on Inara Pey’s blog and my original plan went out the window. I’ve always been a huge fan of Rebeca Bashly’s work, but more than that she’s inspired me to do two previous blog posts about The Tower and The Inferno so I was confident this would be no exception.  This newest exhibit,  Colour Key, has a very vague description “It is all about human nature, breaking your spine to find answers that are under your nose.” and that was somehow freeing.  Without a clear idea of what the artist hoped I would think or feel or learn from her work, I let my mind and camera wander freely.… Read the restThe Web


One of the first things I noticed when returning to Second Life was that some of the mainland parcels around my home had changed hands. They seem to have put a lot of effort into their plots so I’m not complaining but there were uneven land boundaries between us now. It shouldn’t bug me, but it does, so I set about trying to smooth the transition between their land and mine. Smooth wasn’t doing what I hoped it would, so then I tried to flatten my land, but it still didn’t look right. I decided that I needed to raise the whole parcel and then work it down to match but I’m far too impatient for this one square at a time nonsense, so I pushed all the sliders to the max and started to bulldoze. This is when I learned ( confirmed?) that I don’t know what I’m doing. As I stood there wondering if there is some sort of 911 emergency terraforming group I could call it became obvious that half of my objects and plants were now buried underground. It seemed logical to me that I’d should move them all first, then fix the land.… Read the restfloat

Now With More Spine

You know the expression ‘Wearing your heart on your sleeve”?  People say that to me a lot and I’m never quite sure what they mean.  To be clear, before anyone links me the urban dictionary, I know what the expression means, but I don’t always know their intent.  Is it a compliment?  A caution?  An insult? I suppose it doesn’t much matter, because it is true, although as I’ve mentioned here in this blog before I prefer to call myself an emotional exhibitionist.  Sounds a bit sexier don’t you think?  I am an external processor, I think aloud.  I get from A to B by talking or writing it out.  I process feelings and thoughts by looking at them outside of my own head.  I know sometimes it causes people undue amounts of concern when they find themselves witness to it, but it’s really not necessary.  Chances are if I’m talking about something that upset me, or that I’m going through, I am actually perfectly fine.  It’s only when I get quiet that should be remotely noteworthy. … Read the restBeen Down This Road Before

Are You Watching?

The first thing that came to mind when I read that this week’s Single Frame Story challenge was “Watch” was steampunk.  Steampunk always makes me think of grandfather clocks, pocket watches, and time pieces of all sorts.  I briefly toyed with the idea of putting together a clockwork doll, because I’ve always wanted to do one, but then my mind drifted toward the idea of interpreting the word watch less in the sense of a time piece and more in the sense of a verb.  To watch, watching, an audience and the clockwork doll concept turned into a marionette.  What’s the point of being a puppet master if no one watched your doll dance? Sometimes when an idea comes together it really feels almost audible.  If I were a cartoon a lightbulb would appear over my head with some ping type sound.  Although I could have tried to put together a marionette look for my avatar, I knew the perfect scene was already created and waiting for me to photograph it at Tims Dream. … Read the restAre You Watching?

Vanilla Dreams

As often seems to happen when I’m taking pictures of a location or outfit, the Single Frame Story prompt emerges from the maze of my mind.  Who knows if this week’s prompt Vanilla played a part in the look or location I chose for my last post, or if taking those pictures reminded me of this week’s challenge, but the two merged so perfectly the reason seemed irrelevant.  I would do both. My first thought when I read the word Vanilla last week was to do a fetish shot.  I’m sure that’s hardly a surprise to those that know me best.  Then I started to think about the flavour of vanilla; the places we expect it, and particularly the ones we don’t. Tears for example; they are salty, but what if they were a myriad of ice cream flavours?  Would we cry more? Would country fair stalls sell shot glass sized tear drinks for a dollar?  Would trendy cafes have bottles on the wall and which flavour add in would I chose for my coffee?  Joy?  Disappointment?  Grief? … Read the restVanilla Dreams

A ColdLogic Spring at Nostos Deer

One of the more interesting things about being part of a global community like Second Life is listening to the talk of time zones and seasons.  Who hasn’t had that experience of saying good night just as another is saying good morning?  It’s much the same with seasons.  For some it’s currently spring, and though technically my calendar would concur, there is more snow outside my window today than most get over the entire winter. It’s not just the weather that varies for those who are experiencing spring; it’s the vision or feel of the season that is unique to each of us.  For some spring is tulips and bunnies and all things green.  For me, spring is a muted inconsistent thing.  One brave tree might have the greenish hint of new life as it begins to leaf out while the one next to it is by all appearances dead, its skeletal branches a reminder that winter has not yet left the building. As you walk in a clearing the sun is warm on your face, tempting you to remove your jacket, tricking you into wearing summer shoes but when you turn a corner there are the patches of snow lingering in the shade daring you to walk through them into seasons past.… Read the restVanilla Skies

Happy Mood Hunting

It’s been an unusually difficult and stressful few weeks recently for me, both online and off. It’s rare and unfortunate when that’s the case in both venues because I can’t use one to escape the other. Frying pan or fire? Not the most tempting of choices. I opted for door number three, a distraction from my regular virtual life and so I started attending the Virtual Artist Alliance’s Photohunts again. I’ve only been to two so far, but I was reminded how much I enjoyed them. Last week’s theme was Soft and we were given a landmark for Happy Mood. It’s been a while since I’d been there, but what a pleasant rediscovery it was. I was so preoccupied with exploring every hidden corner and sitting on every swing and stump I could find that I forgot to take any pictures until the hour was half over. The picture above and below are some of the many shots I ended up saving to my desktop; they didn’t represent the theme very well so I didn’t enter them, but I’m really pleased with the surreal and abstract nature Happy Mood inspired in me.… Read the restBeneath the Surface

In Memory of Mabb Dilweg

A couple of days ago I learned that the typist behind the SL avatar known as Mabb Dilweg had passed away suddenly.  This news hit me far harder than I ever imagined it could. I’ve known people from SL who passed away before, but for some reason this one really hit home.  It most certainly can be credited to Mabb’s bigger than life personality, her compassion, her charm, her warmth, the way she could bring joy to any situation, her infectious laughter but in truth I think it was the story of her and her partner Shane Fairlock that really made this an additional tragedy for me. Only a couple of weeks ago Mabb shared this with us:
The other night, Shane and I were being all gooey and lovey-dovey because our anniversary was coming up, and well, we were being geeky-lovey-dovey and saying thank you to Tesla, and Turing, and Bill Gates and of course, Al Gore who invented the internet because well, otherwise we’d never have met! Then it struck me. Seriously. The ONLY person to thank is Philip.
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The Edge of Hazardous in ColdLogic

The notecard and blog post for the latest ColdLogic release was titled “Bad Girls in Great Cardigans”.    I had to smile, that sounded like a perfect inspiration for a blog post.  I love the combination of the pink cardigan with the black and grey dress but even better news is that there is a cardigan only version included so you can wear it with other separates. That’s like getting two outfits in one! We all know how dangerous bad girls can be, so a trip to the Hazardous sim that I read about on Ziki’s blog seemed in order.  As you can see from her pictures it’s a lovely build with wild grasses and abandoned buildings but I was inspired to do this whole set with night time lighting to keep with my bad girl concept. As I jumped (ok, I fell) off the edge of the build I found several little scenes set up in the water.  You know where I’m going with this right?  Edge was the prompt for this week’s Single Frame Story.  I keep telling you guys, these posts create themselves. … Read the restPink Goes Bad

Unified Heart: A Leonard Cohen Art Exhibition in Second Life

I have a confession to make, well maybe two depending how you see things.  The first is that I haven’t spent a lot of time visiting Art Galleries in Second Life.  I’m not sure why, I love looking at images created in Second Life.  I spend hours browsing Flickr, Blogs and Koinup and have several favorite artists but I guess I didn’t really feel that viewing this type of 2d art in Second Life with my avatar would add to that experience. My next confession is that I’m a big Leonard Cohen fan, always have been, both as a singer and a poet.  It was in fact my love of all things Cohen that actually prompted me to visit the Unified Heart Art Exhibit in Second Life more than my enjoyment of galleries. Unified Heart 2013 is the second iteration of this project that challenges Second Life artists to create and image inspired by Cohen’s lyrics. You can read more about it and the Organizer Morgana Nagorski here  You can view a selection of the works here I spent a good portion of my afternoon yesterday wandering this gallery and realized that I was wrong.  As much as I do enjoy and will continue to browse various image hosting services to look at SL art, there is something that added to the experience by seeing it in world.  I took the time to wan (Read more...)

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Courting My Muse at Ukulhas Island

Twice this week I logged in, no small feat in itself lately, and I had not only an inspiration, but a plan.  I wanted to finish the photoshoot and story that I gave of hint of in my Create a Character Challenge.  Location, check.  Outfit, check.  Poses, check.  Inspiration, check.  Then it happened.  Distraction. Those are the moments I wish I had more experience being in touch with my creative side, a stronger bond with my muse, but alas when I pause to deal with the distraction I look back and she’s gone.  A fickle thing she is, possessive too, she refuses to share me anyone or anything.  If I even momentarily give my attention to something else she leaves me, sometimes for days.  The harder I chase or the tighter I hold, the more fleeting she becomes. Both times I logged off because there isn’t much point lingering, once she leaves she won’t be back and her sudden departures tend to make me sullen and snarky.  It feels a lot like being stood up. … Read the restFleeting

Create a Character Challenge Issued

When I was an avid roleplayer, and I mean a daily full immersive player, genre specific content was more important to me than I can express. My character was so solidified in my brain that I could see a hairstyle and know if it was “her” or not. I went years without owning a pair of shoes because my character didn’t wear them in Gor. Conversely, content was often the inspiration to the characters I created. Another of my more Urban characters had a pair of silly crayon boots that became her signature item. As an aspiring young reporter, she’d use the crayons she stored in her boots to draw pictures and make notes of the things her fragile mental health couldn’t handle. Entire scenes and stories began with those boots, as have lasting friendships. With Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to celebrate the occasion but in a different way, my way, by acknowledging my First and True Love, roleplay. So I’m issuing a Blogger Challenge and I’m hoping at least a few pick it up because this isn’t just about me, it’s about acknowledging the bond between content and roleplay.… Read the restSheer Circuit

My 100th Post: Stories of Flight Found

When I opened up WordPress today to start writing, I realized this was my 100th post.  I can’t even believe that, it sure doesn’t feel like a hundred.  I suppose I should do something special to mark the occasion but this snuck up on me and I have nothing planned.   The reason I bring it up though, is to thank all of you who have supported me through this process.  For all of you who have been here since the beginning, you too have reached the 100th post milestone.  Sometimes I think you deserve more credit for reading them than I do for having written them.  For my newer friends, who knows, maybe we’ll reach post 200 together but in the mean time it’s wonderful having you along for the ride. Today I’m combining two entries I did for the Single Frame Stories challenges. Do you remember me talking about them before?  Each week, we are given a word or a phrase and have to come up with an image and tell a story. … Read the restFight or Flight?

DollCoco’s Dorothy and the Magic of Oz

Remember the feeling of opening a new notebook, journal or daytimer at the start of a new year?  All the clean crisp pages, those little promises you make to yourself about having neater handwriting and most importantly using it more often?  Blogs are a lot like that, to me anyway, and I wanted to make all kinds of these promises to myself about the year to come but so far I haven’t done a single one!  Oh well, it made me smile to think of those traditions and know I’ve transferred them to my virtual life, so I guess it was worth it.  Maybe it’s the process of setting goals or resolutions that is more important than actually accomplishing them? I think I’ll just keep telling myself that. The other night I saw an offline in my email that Coco/DollCoco had a new gift in store.  A mesh full avatar of Dorothy and a set of display decorations of the other characters from Wizard of Oz.  You can see the whole set on the blog here. I absolutely love the DollCoco mesh avatars,  do you remember when I blogged them before?   … Read the restHairs On The Back Of Your Neck