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One day I’ll stand with a crown on my head like a god….yeah like a god

Credits: Crown: Sumiana – .aisling. – Druunah Esharham Hair: Witchy Woman – Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth (Soon for Collabor88) Skin: Penny – Glam Affair  – Aida Ewing Bangle: Helen – Lagyo – Gyorgyna Larnia Necklace: Emily Necklace – .aisling. – Damian Kleiner Tattoo: Cornucopia – Reckless – Landon Mode (NEW@Sad November) Belly Chain: Tokyo Party Night – MG – Maxi Gossamer Bottoms: Chain Bikini – Baiastice – Sissy Pessoa Pose: Need Socks – Del May -Scenery- Kalopsia – Isabeau Baragula Studio Skye – Alex Bader ❤  

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Lights, camera…time for some action

Isabeau made these awesome theatre chairs for the school festival currently going on and I thought I’d be fun to find a goofy way to use them. Credits: Hair: Cry Ophelia – Exile – Kavar Cleanslate Top: Oslo Shirt – Fishy Strawberry – Fae Eriksen Shorts: BF Jean Shorts – Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle Garter: Flask Garter – Fashionably Dead – Toast Bard Shoes: Elvi Boots – Just Design – Davidefre (@faMESHed) Pose: Eek – Del May -Scene- Seats: Kalopsia – Theater Chair (@Xiasumi School Festival) Bag: -Zelia Bag – Mudhoney – Rayvn Hynes Knife: Knife Clean – Sway’s – Sway Dench (@Uber) Sconce: .:SF:. “Nevermore” Wall Sconce Light ❤  

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I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden…

Geez, haven’t been here in a while… *blows off the dust* but just like Second Life has be forever trapped, I guess blogging is about the same. Could be the fact I’m a weirdo who loves things that are morbid, and disturbing that’s probably it and with Uber’s theme of Macabre. Well was enough for a lazy blogger to rear her ugly head. So here it be…   Mask: Dark Crown – Kalopsia – Isabeau Baragula (@Uber) Skin: Penny – Glam Affair – Aida Ewing Hair: Transmute -Little Bones –  Nova Faerye (@faMESHed) Panties: Basic Bikini Bottom – Fashionably Dead – Toast Bard Shoes: Wednesday (add on for My Feet,Slink,TMP & Belleza)- Just Design – Davidefre (@Uber) Blood: Blood Splatter – Ama – Amadeo Dubratt Skull: Odd Skull 2 – ContraptioN – Faust Steamer (@Uber) Pose: Del May   -Scene- from left to right Kalopsia – Cart Mesh Pickaxe – Neotoy Story Sway’s [Tied up] Blood puddle Kalopsia – Barrels [ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse *cdown 2 B* (Uber) Botanical – Rectangle Hay Bale v2 Sway’s [Tied up] Chair .… Read the restI'll show you the rage I've hidden...

Shelby Lynne

Credits: Hair: Young and Beautiful/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate (@Hair Fair 2014) Headband: Hippe Leather Headband/Zenith/Miffyhoi Rosca Necklace: Fay Malla Wooden Heart/MG/Maxi Gossamer Bag: Leather National Minority Bag/Zenith/Miffyhoi Rosca (@Collabor88) Hair Flower: Lily Hair Pin/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia Dress: Denim and Lace Dress/Fishy Strawberry/Fae Eriksen Left Wrist Bangles: Kyara Bangle Set/Mandala (@Collabor88) Right Wrist Bangle: Malika Horn Bangle/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88) Shoes: Roma (Add on for JD & Slink Feet)/Just Design/Davidefre (@TMD) ♥

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Le Lit de la Marquise (Coming soon…)

  My amazingly talent daughter will be in the Genre event opening on the 15th and made this bed. I can not say enough words on how much I love i! If you want to sleep like royalty then you need this bed, now to find myself a castle. :)     Bed: Le Lit de la Marquise/Kalopsia/Isabeau Baragula (@Coming Soon To Genre July 15th) All other items (except trees and grass): Also by Kalopsia   ♥

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Grazing (NEW @ C88)

It’s that time of the month again…no…not that one… the other one, C88! This round is safari themed time for a summer adventure? I think so.  Lots of animal prints, warm colors, and overall fun items. I’m in love with these romper by Mutresse! I own about 500 mesh rompers but this one is a step above the rest. It comes with a hud so you can change your straps, belt, ties (at the bottom of the shorts) and belt buckle color all in about 12 colors cept for the belt and belt buckle. You can customize this romper any way you like, want to wear zebra print on the romper with leopard print straps and camo ties? Do your thing, no judgement here! I’m excited Mandala is also in this round! Safari/African themed for Mandala couldn’t be more perfect, he has those rich and bold colors that are always perfection. Another I’m excited about is Zenith, lately every event I attend 1. I see a Zenith booth (hard working folks!) 2.… Read the restGrazing

You live like your love wasn’t meant for mine, but oh I’m feeling fine we made it to the coast line. (C88,Arcade & TMD)

  Click the photo for credits   ♥

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2 Broke Down Girls

Credits   Dolce: Hair: Betsy/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks Glasses:  Ellery Glasses/Yummy/Polyester Partridge @Collabor88 Skin: Tian/Glance/Ava Grau Earrings: The Plastique Earrings/DirtyMind/Tristion Paine Top: Convertible Plunge Bustier/DirtyMind/Tristion Paine Skirt: Skater Skirt/Villena/Villena Swansen Shoes: Sophia Heels/Ingenue/Betty Doyle Pose: Game Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard @Collabor88 Prop: Wrench06/Polydrawn/Hydra Draegonne     Harper: Hat: Ahoy Sailor Cap/BOOM/Aranel Ah Hair: D425/tram/Moca Loup @Collabor88 Earrings: Mary Earrings/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia @Collabor88 Skin: Magenta/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing Grease Stains: No Longer Available Necklace: Bombshell Beads/Yummy/Polyester Partridge @Collabor88 Top: Cropped Shirt Billy/Emery/Sunami Beck @Collabor88 Shorts: Navy Pin Up Shorts/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen @Collabor88 Shoes: Lucy (Add Ons For JD Tip Toe Feet)/Just Design/Davidefre Pose: Le Poppycock Prop: Classic Cigarette (From Bad Habit Pose Pack)/flowey/Flutter Memel Scenery: Car: Opel Caravan/Pixel Art/Caian Nagy Toolbox: Vintage Tool Cabinet/Second Spaces/Elle Kirshner Gas Pump: Broken Gas Pump/Organica/Aki Shichiroji Chair: Gerzzo Chair Red/The Loft/Colleen Desmoulins @Collabor88 Lamp: Gerzzo Pendant Light/The Loft/Nardya Rousselot @Collabor88 Garage: Hurley Rural Garage/POST/Van Auster Trash Bag: Trash Bag/Urban Spirit/Astin Miles ❤

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Banana Nana Fofana

Credits: Hair: Medusa/Spellbound/Kohana Xue Headband: Mary Bow/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia @Collabor88 Glasses: Vintage Ferren Frames/Faun/explicitfame Necklace: Fruit Necklace/Yummy/Polyester Partridge @Collabor88 Romper: Rompers with belt/Zenith/Miffyhoi Rosca @Kustom9 Bag: Puppy Love Bag/Le Primtif/Yani Tryce @Kustom9 Tattoo: Time/Hiatus/Silvia Antorian Ring: Mackenzie Ring/Lagyo//Gyorgyna Larnia Drink: Flowey’s Original Milkshake (From Milkshake Machine)/flowey/Flutter Memel @Collabor88 Boots: Punisher/Candy Doll/Rebeca Dembo Pose: Game Park/Marukin/Valencia Southard @Collabor88   ❤  

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If You Ever Find Yourself Stuck In The Middle Of The Sea…

Credits: Headband: Romantic Boho Roses Headband/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (NEW@Collabor88) Hair: Take Everything/Little Bones/Nova Faerye Short Necklace: Dagger Necklace (Opal)Kalopsia/Isabeau Baragula Top: Spring Fringe Tubetop/Moon/Silent Acoustic (NEW@Collabor88) Bracelet: Rings Of Saturn Bracelet/Yummy/Polyester Partridge Shorts: Denim Bermuda Shorts/Tres Blah/Juliette Westerburg Feet: My Feet-Flat/Just Design/Davidefre Island: The Lost Pirate Island/Kalopsia/Isabeau Baragula (Coming soon to The Fantasy Collective opens 4/20) Pose: Lean On Me/Exposeur/RubyStarlight Writer Shawneese ❤    

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Emerald & Amethyst (NEW @ Collabor88)

Credits: Skin: Aria in Artic/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (NEW@Collabor88) Hair: Spring Flower Hair/Tableau Vivant/M4ari1yn Magic (NEW@Collabor88) Lashes: Spring Queen Lashes/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (NEW@Collabor88) Shawneese ❤

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Business In The Front, Party In The Back (Skin Fair & C88)

Helloooo, I haven’t done a double post thinger in ages, so since skin fair is here I took the alt round to update some things and stuff. Both skins shown are currently at skin fair, Glam Affair – Romy (left) Glance Skins – Tian (right) I love them both honestly, thank god for alts best way to wear two skins at once. Glam Affair @ Skin Fair 2014 Glance Skins @ Skin Fair 2014 I also wanted to mention Leverocci/Belgravia will be closing soon ….only good news about that is there’s a 75% off sale on EVERYthing til it’s close. You can browse the items here Leverocci/Belgravia Marketplace Have a beautiful week ♥ Credits: Shawneese: Hat: Jackie Bow Hat/House Of London/London Dailey (@Collabor88) Hair: Harriet/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW) Skin: Glam Affair/Romy/Aida Ewing (NEW @ Skin Fair) Bowtie: Classic Bowtie 3.0/Adjunct/Myvegancookbook Bolissima Jacket & Blouse: Work It Blazer/ISON/Harry Hyx (@Collabor88) Necklace: Tokyo Party Night/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88) Clutch: The Business Women’s Keyboard Clutch/Olive/Naminaeko (@Collabor88) Pants: Mika High-Waisted Trousers/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa (@Collabor88) Pose: Forever Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard (@Collabor88) Dolce: Bow: Mosey Hair Bow/BOOM/Aranel Ah Skin: Tian/Glance Skin/Ava Grau (NEW @ Skin Fair) Hair: Mami/Taketomi/Bella Earst (NEW) Necklace: Mackenzie/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88) Ring: Mackenzie/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88) Earrings: Glamorous Cross (Read more...)

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Isn’t She Lovely

My loves ♥ Credits: Hair: Lazy Summer Days/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate Jacket: Satin Bomber/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar Shorts: Wrap Short/Emery/Sunami Beck Boots: Lunar Ankle Boots/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa Shawneese ❤

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9 to 5 (@C88)

Credits: Glasses (position modded): Diane Frames/Yummy/Polyester Partridge (@Collabor88) Hair: Lolita/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (@Collabor88) Earrings: Part-Time Boho Princess/MG/Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88) Blazer: Blazer/Tres Blah/Juliette Westerburg (@Collabor88) Dress: Liv Dress/Color.Me.H.O.F/Fashionboi Landar (@Collabor88) Tote: Business Tote/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (@Collabor88) Pose: Forever Pack/Marukin/Valencia Southard (@Collabor88) Shawneese ❤

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Be Young, Be Dope, Be Proud…

Let me take a second to say how much I love this exile hair for arcade….. I. Love. This. Exile. Hair. For. Arcade. Anyway windswepts items be it hair, dress etc. I love taking photos with them because you can interpret them in your own way, then you get to see how others interpret it. Something about this hair made me think of freedom, just standing in the breeze with your hair whipping around your face and peaceful, which in turn made me think of one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs! ♥ Credits: Hair: Rain/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate (NEW@Arcade) Skin: Sylvia/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@Collabor88) Top: Bandeau Top/DRIFT/Kallisto Destiny Shorts: Vintage Denim Shorts/Milk Motion/Marie Lauridsen Waist Top: Shirt Around Waist/COCO/Cocoro Lemon Flag: (Heavily Distorted) Stars and Stripes/Seven Emporium/Agustkov Pose: Le Poppycock Shawneese ❤

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Vanilla Cream

Credits: Hair: Lazy Summer Days/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate Skin: Aria/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (Coming soon to Arcade) Necklace: Tallulah Drop/MG/Maxi Gossamer Stole:  Faux Fur Stole/Fishy Strawberry/Fae Erikson Dress: Danika/Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa (@Collabor88) Bangle: Mirte Bangle/Lagyo/Gyorgyna Larnia (@Collabor88) Feet & Shoes: Tip Toe Feet (w/ Cult Lacquered Shoes Add On)/Just Design/Davidefre Pose: Slouch Shawneese ❤

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Teenage Dream

Valentine post with my teen and my partners teen, I felt it appropriate to go with this adorable pose! Def youthful and fun, and a awesome idea to pose with your someone special. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ♥♥♥ Credits: Hair: Esperanza/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks Top:  Sleeveless Blouse/COCO/Cocoro Lemon Cardigan: Shoulder Cardigan/COCO/Cocoro Lemon Bangles: Pitch Black Dare/MG/Maxi Gossamer Pose: Less than 3/ibang-con/Luna Jubilee & Wavie Haller (FLF) Shawneese ❤

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It’s Supernatural Extraterrestrial (NEW @ C88)

Credits: Hair: Electra/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW@Collabor88) Flowers: Bohemian Romance/Glam Affair/Amberly Boccaccio (NEW@Collabor88) Belt: Meteorite Belt/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (NEW@Collabor88) Skirt: Comet Tail Skirt/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (NEW@Collabor88) Shoes: Jet Heels/ Monday (NEW@Collabor88) Balloons: Chasing Stars/Exposeur-Decoy/Annette Voight (NEW@Collabor88) U.F.O: Beam me up!/Hopscotch/Chandni Khondji Alien: Astropork/Ohmai/Anya Ohmai (NEW@Collabor88) Pose: Slouch Shawneese ❤

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My Only Sunshine

Hello! So I shared this photo with my lovely daughter. I call her sunshine for a couple reasons. First her little avs name is SunAnn (pictured is Isabeau her bigger av) and secondly because she really IS my sunshine. She came to me at the perfect time, she filled my SL with joy and well….sunshine! So forever she shall be my sunshine. I love you dearly. ♥ (OH! aaand we’re showing off the latest truth hairrsss) Credits: Harper Hair: Rowan/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW) Collar: Liquid Metal Collar/Fashionably Dead/Toast Bard (@Collabor88) Top: Phoebe Peplum Top/Ryvolter/Sanya Bilavio Skin: Magenta/Glam Affair/Aida Ewing (@ The Season Story) Isabeau Hair: Junia/Truth Hair/Truth Hawks (NEW) Top: Romantic Crepe Blouse/u.f.o/Charming Meiler  (@Collabor88) Shawneese ❤

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This is going to seem really mushy so sorry in advance. I did this photo just for our personal usage, but I figured I wanted to share it especially since I’m using some new-ish lingerie that I love. Anywho… if you know anything about me at all, you probably know that I’ve been with my partner Mister Klaber for almost a year now… he’s been a huge part of not just my SL, but my RL as well for all this time. I had a pretty shitty year in 2012, and at the time Mister and I had lost contact. When he came back to SL the beginning of 2013… the last thing I could be bothered with was someone in my IM asking about my RL because frankly I wanted to come to SL to just forget it all. Mister never gave up on me though, even though I had an attitude like you wouldn’t believe lol (I accept I was pretty much evil at that time). I was just so damn stressed and just wanted peace somewhere…and I figured if I could have peace anywhere at that time it would be in SL, even if I had to be completely alone to get it.… Read the restHim