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singularity blues

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Originally published in Bright Metallic #1, December 2014.

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duty to retreat

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Did I have a duty to retreat?

The answer is "no" although it will be compelling evidence for the jury that the defender acted reasonably if he retreated as far as he possibly could before responding physically. However, this has not always been the position.

For example, in the case of Julien [1969] 1 WLR 839 the court held that retreating was seen as a pre-requisite of establishing the defence of self defence. It was said that the defender must "demonstrate by his actions that he doesn't want to fight". This case was followed by McInnes [1971] 1 WLR 1600 where the reasonableness of the defender's actions might be looked at in the light of his willingness to "disengage and temporise". However, this is no longer the current position in English law.

The present position is stated in Bird [1985] 1 WLR 816 where the Court of Appeal said that a demonstration by the defender's conduct that he did not want to fight is the best evidence that he was acting reasonably and in good faith in self defence; but it is no more than that.
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this world is not your home (you’re just passing through)

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Dear L, 

You frighten me. 

There. I've said it.

See, you are more committed to your beliefs than anyone I have ever met; your faith shines in you, gives you a lightness. I have never seen you more than mildly unhappy, and that unhappiness was only the slightest inconvenience to you, because you had, have this greater purpose and this gives all the troubles in the world meaning. 
"This world is not my home/
I'm just passing through/ 
My treasures are all stored up/
Somewhere beyond the blue." 

When I first heard that song many years ago, I wondered if it was true for anyone, if anyone really felt that way. As a young believer it was held up to me as the Right Way to Live, over and over again, to place one's adherence to doctrine as a higher, better thing than a relationship, than a foothold in the world. Could anyone really do that? I couldn't. I kept it secret, paid lipservice to it. But you? I have no doubt that you'd happily embrace martyrdom, that you hold your devotion so strongly that it weakens your grasp on this world, that you hold your life lightly. 

I have no doubt that you have no doubt either. 
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this posthuman heart

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Sian wears:
[Pixicat] Visionary.Boots - BlackWhite; Visionary.Pants - Ombre
[erratic] neo - leather jacket / silver (S)
[ISON] celestial neck piece
[Chariot] Battery Operated Emergency Heart (@Futurewave)
[MONS] Septum Ring (style19) gold; StudEarring (style3) - gold
[Maxi Gossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings; Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown
[negaposi] ELFIN EYES - White Out
[#TheMeshProject] (BETA) Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe)
[Slink] Avatar Enhancement Hands
Inspired by a brief, intense roleplay. Kitti's post is here.

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A head for business

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You told me I had a head for business today
(I don't think you thought this was good). 

I paused for a second, unsure what to say.
You told me I had a head for business today
When all I had done was send you away
For failing to satisfy me as you should. 
You told me I had a head for business today;
I don't think you thought this was good. 

Ms Wytchwood wears:
[MIAMAI] Le Blanc - Suspension Black shoes (@Futurewave)
[Anachron] Harmonic Helmet - Steamy (@Futurewave)
[sYs] TRINY skirt - gold; TRINY jacket - gold (@Futurewave)
[Bliensen + MaiTai] - Bionique - Implants (@Futurewave)
[Maxi Gossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings; Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown
[negaposi] ELFIN EYES - White Out
[#TheMeshProject] (BETA) Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe); (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)
[Slink] Avatar Enhancement Hands, and feet (high)

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in case of heartbreak

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"Sian loves Kitti so much so that she has toyed with the idea of finally divorcing Columbine, and asking Kitti to be her platonic lifemate, although she knows Kitti would refuse."

"Kitti wouldn't, so long as Sian understood she was taking Kitti's name with her, when she did things she didn't like to admit." 

In the First Life, the demiurges who create lowly avatars sometimes develop lines of contact, and sometimes they send each other text messages. These were sent on Wednesday night, as it happens. And from there... well.
You have to realise that since 2011, Sian had been partnered to Columbine Lavender, with whose Creator Sian's Creator had already had a close real-world friendship for several years. But that friendship has cooled over time, as these things do, and thanks to real-world commitments, Columbine hasn't been inworld since late 2012.

Essentially, she ceased to exist.

She died.

What to say of this? Second Death is a weird phenomenon, since all too often these avatars are listed as active, even though their creators long ago ceased to log in (and in some cases have passed away in real life too, sometimes their avatars do get retired and allowed to enter oblivion, but sometimes they remain on the lists).… Read the restin case of heartbreak (i)

in which sian is placed on a pedestal

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How exactly do you follow the most shared and seen blog post you've ever written?

And moreover, one in which your protagonist was neither visible nor present?
You make it up to her by putting her on a pedestal. You look up to her.

The fourteen or so regular readers of this blog will know that this blog speaks about Sian in the third person.

This is Sian. She shaves her head. She is fluid of gender and messes about with pronouns. Today I shall be male, Sian says, and it is so. Today I shall be neither female nor male, she says. It is so.

Second Life is like that, though. It's all about avatars, isn't it?

In Hinduism, an "avatar" is the earthly extrusion of a deity. The avatar in a virtual world is the extrusion of ourselves; we have godlike power over this world (and like any god, we are presented with the frustrating limitations of our power; omnipotence, despite its literal meaning, always has limits). We send these beings into the virtual world to play roles for us, fly for us, have sex for us, suffer for us.… Read the restpedestal (i)

cheap at twice the price

Sian can't hear anything in that helmet (and it's not like she can say anything either). Which makes it a good time to talk as me again.

Bad words after the cut.

So I want to have a little talk about the economics of content creation in Second Life.

This Flickr post started it. MentalKaos Akina, who is the Customer Service Lady from a bunch of Second Life shops, is having a rant about how much crap she gets from people who take offence that the skin shops she works for don't have the time or inclination to make appliers for certain brands of mesh body/hands/bums/breasts. Why don't you make skins for the Shops body? Why don't you make skins for the Baby Bump? Why isn't your mesh fetish thing compatible with the Phat Azz?
And one of the things that MK is (rightly) upset about is that people yell at her and bad-mouth the people she helps out because they might charge extra for these appliers when they do make them. Why shouldn't they? It's work! It's a pain in the arse to make this stuff, and if the creator chooses to make it, why shouldn't they expect recompense for their work?… Read the restencased (i)

golden days

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I am convinced that the future is golden.

It is the vision that I have seen,
Free of the things to which I am beholden.
I am convinced that the future is golden
In all of the ways that the recent or olden
Days can never have truly been

I am convinced that the future is golden;
It is the vision that I have seen.
Sian wears:
(first outfit)
[coldLogic] (skirt only)
[The Boutique/Mesh Project] Shoes > L'Boutons > Glitter Platform Peeptoe
[Swallow] Iside Collar Gold; Vintage headpiece Gold
[RYCA] Nipple Bars - Gold

(second outfit)[ieQED] hand spikes - gold
[r2 A/D/E] hika - sheer1
[Sparklers] beaded rings
[Chariot] Jungian Slip v2
[Swallow] Iside Headpiece Gold

(both outfits)[Swallow] Septum Ring Gold 1; Earrings Riflesso
[CX] F Ring Claws (Gold)
[erratic] cuffs / gold (R)
[#TheMeshProject] (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f); (BETA) Deluxe Body(f); (BETA) Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe); Deluxe Feet(f)
[MaxiGossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings; Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown
[Negaposi] ELFIN EYES - White Out
[Mons] Makeup 12 (appliers only)
[It Girls] Crystal Skin - Cocoa (appliers)

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while i admit that the change has been drastic

(A warning: there is explicit male nudity after the cut.)
While I  admit that the change has been drastic
Nothing can quite match the feeling
Of being displayed, being mutable, plastic;
While I admit that the change has been drastic
My boundaries have always been somewhat elastic -
This fact, in itself, is revealing:
While I admit that the change has been drastic,
Nothing can quite match the feeling.
So the Shops finally did a male mesh body (followed soon after by a mesh body made by Kauna). It is of the same high quality as the female body, although its rigging, much as the female body, is quite different around the arms and legs to the standard SL body. Like the female body, the mesh is pretty dense, and, interestingly, the mesh itself is used as a copyright protection, with the name of the maker actually worked into the geometry of the body itself see below: this is also the case with the female body). Given the horrible copyright strife faced by the creators of Belleza and Wowmeh it seems, sadly, a wise move.… Read the restdrastic (i)

grey is the colour of all my tomorrows

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Grey is the colour of all my tomorrows
The future is drained of its hue
I can no longer care who begs or who borrows
Grey is the colour of all my tomorrows
Leached of emotions, of joys and of sorrows
For I will not spend them with you.

Grey is the colour of all my tomorrows
The future is drained of its hue.

Sian wears:
[Neon Origami] Idoru V1.5 (shoulders and upper arms); Drone Helmet  v3.2
[Aria] Desire skin - Drow (applier)
[Mons] Makeup 11 (applier)
[Graves] Challenge Black (applier)
[iLogic]Vertebral Interface (Shape B) mod00
[ELIXIR] Hard-Shell Boot-Dark-Female-R
[Chariot] Cyborg Fashion Personal Hub - Black; Cyborg Fashion NuSB Link; Cyborg Fashion Interface Link - Black; Jungian Slip v2 iron (not yet released)
[Rue] Eyes/Singularity: Whiteout
[Maxigossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown - B - Upper - LEFT
[MetaTheodora] VESPERS Cyber Gauntlets black (no longer available)
[TheMeshProject] (BETA) Deluxe Body(f); (BETA) Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe)

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apocalypse yesterday

The interesting thing about the collapse of civilisation as a science-fiction idea is that it hasn't changed since the 1980s. Why is that?

This all started with Genre, which is a shopping event that happens every month, which each round has a new theme. Last month it was androgyny, next month it's the ancient world, and this month, it's the apocalypse. Sian was enthusiastic about that, because apocalyptic and cyberpunk have a lot of crossover, and she happily made these breastplates from scavenged British road signs (the set you can see here with a pre-1975 UK Stop sign and a No Entry, one with No Stopping and No U-Turn signs and one with a Diversion sign and a 30mph speed limit sign, and they are L$50 each or L$100 the set), and the thing is, Sian made them deliberately retro.

This was initially unconscious, and, Sian admits, partly it's because the current UK Stop sign is octagonal, but also partly it's because Sian thought that most people's ideas of the apocalypse go back to the 1980s or before anyway.… Read the restyesterday's apocalypse (i)

i never learn

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Do you ever find that you make the same mistakes, over and over? It's easy to do in the virtual plane, where our thought-forms move and dance and have weird weightless sex where virtual flesh intersects, merges, moves through itself and yet never quite meets. Sian knows exactly what that means.

After the cut there's more on this, and more pretty pictures, although the pictures are all the more NSFW for Sian's fully clothed state. Mainly though, this is the Lykke Li post.

(About Sian's outfit: Kitti described this outfit as looking like a ziploc bag. Sian hadn't thought that to begin with, but now can't unsee it, and thinks that you probably shouldn't either. The outfit is cold and artificial where the subject of the text is earthy, but it reflects the fact that Sian should have given up on some of the nonsense she's got herself into over the last few years, at least a bit.)

Here's a song by Lykke Li from her recent album called, appropriately, I Never Learn. Sian was initially somewhat disappointed by the record, because every single song on the album is a big sad break-up ballad, and a lot of them use a language of breakup that call to mind a young man Sian's creator knew who used this language to justify harmful and destructive behaviour after a particularly acrimonious relationship breakdown, and that is not how heartbreak actually works.… Read the restziploc (i)


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The education of Obtemperanda Regret ended thus: 
At the end of her initiation, the Superiors bolted an enchanted crown of orichalc to Obtemperanda's skull, the indicator of her status as a celibate of the Akashic Magae of Pushkara. To the peoples she was was now charged to govern, judge and defend, Rmoahal, Tlavatlis or Toltec, it was a sign that her calling was trustworthy and her training was complete, and that she was permitted no possessions other than her clothes and her tools. To Obtemperanda Regret, it was a warning of the pain that should descend on her should she fall, for many in the past had forsaken the white magic of the Akashics and taken darker paths. 

But while the dangers of black magic were so real, the Skewed Path required on the surface so much less of sacrifice, and Maga Regret, as she would now be known, already wondered if bodily pleasures and worldly wealth were sacrifices too great to make; the pain of the crown of office only added to her misgivings.
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electric lady

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OK, here are some reasons why Sian loves Janelle Monae's Electric Lady album:

1. There are not many concept albums about RnB android fugitives, let alone queer ones called Cindy Mayweather.

 2. One of the songs has Prince guesting on it. And yet, he's the guest star, not the main attraction. Erykah Badu likewise.

3. The lyrics are hilarious and smart. “Is it weird that she twerk in the mirror?” Cindy asks in “Q.U.E.E.N.” In “Dance Apocalyptic” there are zombies in the garden.
 4. It's got these spoken word interludes that are actually funny and sad, full of Republicans disgusted about the android rights movements and robotic sorority girls organising gigs with electro bouncing booty contests and robot kissing contests, and someone yells in a fit of bigoted outrage “ROBOT LOVE IS QUEER!” which is a line Sian never would have thought would be in an album that hit the iTunes top 10.
5. It is retro without slavishly copying the past, big without losing its heart, funny without losing its sadness.… Read the restelectric lady (iii)

brain bleach

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Sian was wearing this getup when she last saw friend Portia, who said, "Sian looks like she wants get herself hypnotised." Portia's been writing in brave detail of her adventures in the world of Real World B, D, S and M recently, and knows a little of Sian's adventures and roleplay scenes.

But here's the thing.
Sian's been trying to get out of fetish stuff recently.
Pretty much all of her pervier store stuff is gone, including one thing that... well. This thing, the Neuropuppet rig, a grim super-specialist cyberpunk device that penetrated a female av in all conceivable orifices, was made in September 2013 by request. Sian hated it almost immediately, for what it represented, and so put it up on Marketplace on an alt account, made it prohibitively expensive and left it to rot.

Result: Sian made over £600 out of it - that's right, pounds, real money - from Marketplace sales alone.

She sold literally hundreds of them. Sian decided when winding up MetaTheodora that she'd made enough money out of it, that her work had been paid for, and handed all the prims and files over to Mona Eberhardt, who had scripted the device for RLV (yes, we said it was pervy).… Read the restbrain bleach (iv)


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In Fashion, parthenoid, Second Life · Tags , , , , , , , define oneself by media consumption is not just unhealthy, it’s vacuous. To do so is to go beyond the necessary distractions from the real world’s tedium and travails. It’s a demand for a Huxley-esque perpetual childhood. 
Gamers won’t die because there will always be, in capitalism, people who define themselves by what they buy. When their imaginary identity politics are challenged, they’ll lash out, angrily, with as much vitriol as they can muster. 
Ian Williams, "Death to the Gamer",

We tend to say the problem lies with “gamers”. Consider how successful and widespread “gamer” is as an identity despite the fact that it hardly means anything at all. The reason the gamer identity has become so laden with bad connotations– misogyny, Doritos– is because the identity itself doesn’t really matter except for one crucial aspect: the buying of games. As long as “gamer” means someone who spends money, preferably a lot of money, on products that are produced by the game industry, the rest of that identity is left undefined.
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digital witness

"If I can't show it, you can't see me."
Sian's gender today has once more waxed gently towards the feminine, thanks to the MeshProject body that she still isn't tired of.

She has been thinking about social media. She wanted to make a set of images perhaps expressing something about the constant reaching for Likes and Faves, but realised that the simple fact of posting Second Life fashion pictures was enough.

Anyway. A long meditation on social media follows, which includes video and more pretty pictures. but it all starts with the undeniable and inalterable fact that Sian loves St. Vincent.

Sian's admiration for St. Vincent has always been intense to the point of near-creepiness, and Sian is in love with the self-titled fourth album with all its crazy noises and jerky electro stylings. Annie Clark has reinvented herself as a kind of cyberpunk oracle figure, and the whole album is futuristic and sexy and strange and funny and wonderful, and it is Sian's theme music (or at least in those times when Janelle Monae is not).… Read the restdigital witness (i)

how to achieve an ersatz shine

Oh that's nice jewellery. Wherever can it be from? WELL, READ ON.
Two things. First, this is notice that, for a number of exceptionally good reason, MetaTheodora, which you may or may not know is sian's Second Life shop, will soon be no more. In its place comes Chariot. You can find Chariot's very first offerings (pictured here, along with some recent and old stuff from MetaTheodora) in the July round of We Love Roleplay.

They are shiny. sian likes making things that are shiny.

Yes, this is the new logo. Yes, we thought about it and talked about it lots. No, we're not looking for feedback.
This sort of brings us onto the other thing. Last week someone on Plurk asked how you bake shiny metals in Blender. sian was like, "you called?". Three people benefitted from sian's knowledge. Some more have asked if it can be transcribed or repeated. Well, since it's not actually that big a thing, sian's repeating it here. Do feel free to bookmark it.
sian hopes this has been of help.
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it’s the sun

"Look at you with your colour co-ordination," said Kitti.
SUMMER FUN! sian doesn't know what it's like where you are, but round here it's pretty fine right now, so shehe thought, hey, let's do something sunny and garish and primary coloured and urban (note that the mesh body's making sian veer towards the feminine but normal androgyny will be resumed eventually).  

sian imagined listening to something urban making this. sian was trying to channel Nicki Minaj...

...but Kitti, who was present was like, no, that's totally Macklemore. She's got a point.

The shoes and feet are all governed by that same HUD - even the heel height! sian gets excited about stuff like that.

One of the things sian has found with this mesh head business is how much easier it is to photograph an avatar in extreme or severe lighting. This seems a good opportunity for sian to share hisher own handmade windlight settings for your enlightenment and delectation - you can download them in a convenient zip file here.… Read the restit's the sun (i)