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on betrayal

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This set was taken in Kitti Wytchwood’s house, perhaps appropriately without her knowledge. Pssst. sian isn’t here.I’ve hijacked herhis blog and got kavatah to come pose for this post, because I wanted to talk about some stuff, and it’s better if sian …

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betrayal (i)



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those of us who survive her

sian: “move over here?” Norah: “‘Move over here, your Eminence.’” sian: “sorry, your Excellency.”Until the Singularity came, it could be said that the greatest limiter of a tyrant’s power was death. But our dictator of course used the available technol…

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those of us who survive her (iii)

why the dragonborn collect

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Aside from the mesh head and wings, pretty much everything worn here is either a gacha prize or an exclusive at The Secret Affair which opens April 6th. You accuse us of hoarding, and it it true, we collect the shiny things, keep them safe in heaps and…

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dragonborn (ii)

it is out of my hands

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Pourquoi m’aimeraient-ils… je ne sais pas qui je suis. – Moebius, SRA. i’d freely offer to assist you but i’m afraid it’s out of my handsthough it’s now quite easy to resist youi’d freely offer to assist youto hear you to hold you to kiss youto …

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out of my hands (i)

she adopts a mask

The face, chest and right arm are from a full-perm avatar kit sian has been selling full perm on Marketplace.There are still some left. i saw you on the street; i tightly smiled and passed you by.i never expect we’ll meet i saw you on the streetit…

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casualdroid (i)

indefinite transition

indefinite transition (i)
The house is the Centauri Skypod by Barnesworth Anubis, and the chair the NYU/Marukin Kin chair, both from the February Collabor88.

Transitioning. It’s all very well playing with the physicality of the feminine form, unconvincing breast implants and all, but the fact is, sian is changing, and that unambiguous femininity is becoming less and less of a thing for sian, less comfortable, less real. Which is an odd thing to say; sian has never pretended to be real in the first place. But sian’s gender-ambivalence, shehe’s mascfem fuzziness, has, in the past month or two, become firm, solidified. You could say shehe’s got Schrödinger’s Genitalia, if the reference made any sense. Which it doesn’t really.

Does this make sense? Let’s try again. It used to be that sian’s creator would log in and say, “Today sian is going to be male,” or “Female today, then,” or occasionally even “How about a hermaphrodite?” (that link is even more NSFW than usual, so click at your peril) but recently sian has left the latex and the curves to other avs. Neither he nor she now, shehe made the choice to transition… and remain on the cusp.

To have shehe’s virtual cake and eat it? Yeah, a bit.

indefinite transition (ii)
sian made the little angel and devil as statues from a very slightly simplified version of the mesh shehe used to make the avs.

Anyway. sian’s been busy. Fresh from Futurewave, sian’s be (Read more...)

indefinite transition (i)


sian loves Miamai’s boots – they are reminiscent of Judge Dredd’s in size and shape.I ask 514n why shehe wears hisher interface cables so idiosyncratically. “Dirt, mainly,” shehe says. “Out here in the field, right, it’s really easy to get dirt in them…

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survey (ii)


Smile like you mean it.Strawberry Singh’s Hope Meme wasn’t something that sian was going to respond to, but as it turned out, life got in the way. The sudden accidental death of a beloved pet about three hours before the Futurewave Dance Party was, to …

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dancing is my remedy

aesthetic perfection

“The last few months, i floated in a dream… expecting… something to come, to change me. So hard to think.”"From time to time my principal, a peculiar androgynous figure whose name was effaced from my memory, would swim into view.”"She… he… told…

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aesthetic perfection (i)

the airbag saved my life

Qyx’s store goes higher than anywhere else in the Futurewave sim. It’s ideal for taking pics.So sian was wearing her goodies for the Futurewave event.  And this happened. [02:17] Kitti Wytchwood: I guess spaceships are lacking airbags :P[02:17] Ki…

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the airbag saved my life (ii)

sian makes mesh

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sian makes custom mesh
It’s true

sian has been asked by a good half-dozen people in the last few weeks if she’ll make custom meshes. The answer is yes.

sian can do clothing, fantasy and sci-fi things (and in fact sci-fi and fantasy clothing and objects are what sian is best at), full avatars, attachments, scenic elements. What sian won’t do is extreme adult/explicit bdsm fetish stuff (anymore), stuff based on real-world oppressions (read: no Nazi stuff), or stuff that’s designed to look like things other people have made, which last couple things should be obvious, but sometimes you’d be surprised what people will ask for.

sian doesn’t ask for overly restrictive licenses (essentially, it all boils down to: don’t sell it or give it away full perm or Copy/Trans and we’re golden) and you get the .dae files and if you need them the instructions on how to use them.

Prices start at L$40,000 or £100 Sterling for a one-day project, and may be negotiated depending on complexity. sian loves a challenge.

Contact sion.pearl inworld or by FlickrMail, or find sian on Plurk or Facebook.

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sian makes custom mesh

novembre comes in january

novembre comes in january (ii)
There are actually two covers for each issue of novembre. This is #2.
So back in March 2013, sian was contacted by Florence Tétier of glossy Swiss fashion and art magazine novembre to do a fashion spread. 
With her av. In a real print magazine. How can you say no? Well, it’s finally out, and of course that means that not only sian is featured (look carefully at the cover), but the work of an eclectic bunch of SL creators, namely:
Joy Laperriere (.Shi)
Monica Outlander (Miamai)
Tsarina Mint (ROSAL)
Mynx Legend (Candy Mountain)
BePonka Nirvana (Ponka)
Walton Wainwright (Contraption)
eku Zhong (KoiKoi)
Micuh (Flawless Unicorn)
Groll Greggan (Grollwerk)
Siddean Munro (SLink)
Latex Web
and MetaTheodora (because sian is a narcissist above all).
If you’re one of the creators, do contact sian inworld (sion.pearl) and she shall show you how your stuff looks in print. For the rest of you, you can preorder it here or if you’re lucky enough to live near one of them, buy it in one of these shops.
novembre comes in january
None of these pictures made it into the mag. These are outtakes from the same shoot.

The other big thing in sian’s SLife right now is Futurewave, a shopping event.

Run by Cursed Events (the World Goth Fair people), sian’s been recruited as Futurist In Chief. Funny story, that. What started as a chat with Cursed Events supremo and pretty damn decent content creator Axi “Bronxelf” Kurmin wi (Read more...)

novembre comes in january (ii)


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Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, and whatever you’re doing this season, sian wishes only this: that you’re all right.sian wears[AD] Fiocco di neve (Couturier’s Docks Limited Edition)[the sugar garden] Bubbles Heels – White[AD] Fiocco di…

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the other end of the golden thread

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golden thread (i)
These were the costumes sian and Kitti wore on the night. The headdress is named after sian!

“The Fox’s eyes opened and caught her fast in its gaze. When it released her, the young woman’s vision had changed. She could see through the wood, through the undergrowth and through the canopy above. She could sense the creatures that lived there, their heartbeats, their shuffling movements and the homes they were making. But there was something else that she could sense too, something darker, and it was calling to her from the shadows and empty spaces between the trees.”

On Saturday, sian and Kitti were honoured to take part in Miamai’s Golden Thread event, which launched this year’s BlackLabel collection. sian can’t add much to Kitti’s account of the event, other than to say that it made for a genuine avant-garde event in Second Life. Heroes of the night included Kitti, who wrote a big chunk of the presentation script at short notice when Winter Jefferson got very sick (and seriously, if you’re reading this, get well soon, Winter!) and piloted the vehicle on which the audience sat as they travelled from stage to stage; Miamai CSM Shiloh Fouroux, who did the voice presentation spectacularly well, given she only had half an hour’s warning that she was doing it; dancer Harvey Crabsticks, who stepped up and kickstarted the show when various difficulties nearly brought it crashing to a halt; and of course Monica Outla (Read more...)

golden thread (i)


nominee (ii)
sian was super-lucky at the .S H I gacha at the Arcade this week. Six rares in seven plays, no less.

We are all of us, in Second Life, in love with our avatars to a lesser or greater extent, either as idealised extensions of ourselves, as imaginary lovers, or, as is the case with sian, as creations with lives and personalities of their own.

Validation comes, sian supposes, when other people fall for our virtual creations too. 

So when a few weeks ago, one of the sweetest people sian knows attended Stormboy and, after the fact, told her that she’d nominated sian for Best Spoken Word Artist at the Avi Choice Awards, sian was flattered, but thought no more of it. You need to get “more than three nominations” (it says) to be on the shortlist.

sian was surprised, when the shortlists came out, that, buried in the Entertainment categories, there she was, under “Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Male” (there isn’t a category for “Favorite poet/spoken word performer/actor – Ambivalently Gendered”). She didn’t even know she’d been shortlisted. She found out via a friend on Plurk.

sian would love your vote, but only if you’ve actually heard her perform or like her poetry. sian realises that relatively few people have heard her perform and that this will probably lose her the award, but at the same time, what would be the point of winning an award for public speaking… if it wasn& (Read more...)

nominee (ii)

on nerds and cosplay

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rebooted (ii)
shiny glasses, but not geeky ones

Strawberry Singh’s most recent blog meme asks how geeky you are. It gives sian the opportunity to revisit an outfit posted on Flickr for another blog, well over two years ago, which has an exceptionally nerdy connection. Because it got cosplayed.

Check it out: 

This was featured at a cosplay show in a comic convention in the US in May 2013.

1. What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above?

This is a loaded question. A secret: in the Real World, sian’s creator used to write pen-and-paper roleplaying games, for a living, and on occasion even got to be a Guest of Honour at a couple of small conventions.

This is hardly celebrity: it’s more like nanocelebrity: “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen people.” In the world of Second Life, sian is just another avatar. Sure, she’s into performing arts and such, but let’s face it, every avatar and her Meeroo has a blog. Everyone’s a SLebrity. 

Anyway, we digress. The point is, this experience has made sian dislike geeks intensely. In sian’s experience, white male geeks (and the majority of geeks are white, straight, male) love violence and misogyny, even when they’re digging on things directed at little kids or girls and after about the fiftieth internet death threat based on things written in rulebooks for games, sian’s creator burnt out on it.

So n (Read more...)

rebooted (ii)

she finds an eden

She Finds an Eden is sian’s first attempt at e-book publishing (having previously been published in print using… another name). It’s an experiment, an attempt to see if anyone out there is interested in sian writing as sian: the avatar is more than a pseudonym. It’s a fiction’s fiction.

It’s also an erotic fiction. Granted, the erotic is tied up with issues of control and body horror, and it’s not a non-stop bonkfest like many stories of its genre, but you need to know the story is strictly adult in its themes and its content.

The synopsis on the e-book’s page on Smashwords reads: “Searching for her missing husband in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Lena stumbles across an idyllic paradise sealed away under a dome and its smiling, welcoming inhabitants. But where are the men? Why can’t Lena seem to stop herself from being seduced by the sensual pleasures of this future Eden? Lena’s investigations lead her to a terrible secret that could destroy her.”

There isn’t really any place on the Smashwords site to talk about the issues the story raises, or what it meant for sian to write it, or how differently sian writes to her creator, or why it’s a story by sian rather than a story by a “me”. 

Here are two extracts. The first is in the long extract you can download from the site. The second is a bonus from a little later on, exclusive to here. Two more extracts tomorr (Read more...)

she finds an eden (ii)


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Boots, bodysuit, and RadPanties are from the upcoming Suicide Dollz fair, opening tomorrow, in which sian has a small stall. sian is four years old today; the rezday has a weird status in Second Life, but sian felt it should be marked this time, partly…

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four (ii)

stormboy – tomorrow, 3.30pm slt

It takes you like forever to find just what it means When nothing ever changes, except the cut of your jeansa new spoken word performance by sian sat 8th november3.30pm slt / 11.30pm gmtparthenoid theatre

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8th november: stormboy

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teleport to the venueAnd I asked to be martyred. Politely Put up my fists, told them to fight me. My bruises aren’t so bad. My attitude is unsightly. And it felt like Sunday And I called myself a stormboy, A slave-to-the-dramat…

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