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digital witness

“If I can’t show it, you can’t see me.”Sian’s gender today has once more waxed gently towards the feminine, thanks to the MeshProject body that she still isn’t tired of.She has been thinking about social media. She wanted to make a set of ima…

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digital witness (i)



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how to achieve an ersatz shine

Oh that’s nice jewellery. Wherever can it be from? WELL, READ ON. Two things. First, this is notice that, for a number of exceptionally good reason, MetaTheodora, which you may or may not know is sian’s Second Life shop, will soon be no more. In its pl…

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ersatz shine (iii)

it’s the sun

“Look at you with your colour co-ordination,” said Kitti. SUMMER FUN! sian doesn’t know what it’s like where you are, but round here it’s pretty fine right now, so shehe thought, hey, let’s do something sunny and garish and primary coloured and urban (…

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it's the sun (i)

the sunlight on my skin

.It was only in sian’s last post, less than a fortnight ago, that sian approached the prospect of a mesh head. Even since then, things have moved on. The SkinShop’s feet and head have received an update and are now fitted mesh; and there’s now a curren…

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the sunlight on my skin (iv)

one way to get a head

Does this look like sian? You need to know that sian’s facial features haven’t changed since this blog started. Sure, the skins have changed, the makeup has changed, sian’s bodily dimensions have changed in all sorts of ways, but the facial numbers use…

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one way to get a head (ii)

the sexual connotations of strawberries

i left my drinking straw at home, but you i’d drink all up(note 1. Kitti Wytchwood recently googled the phrase “the sexual connotations of strawberries and wished she hadn’t. sian has not had the nerve.) your strawberry milkshake is so sweet, so creamy…

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the sexual connotations of strawberries (ii)

posthuman resources

posthuman resources (1a)

MEMO 21712/b
1. Due to the issues they caused our internal messaging systems, we will not be accepting reports of sexual harassment until Q3 of the next financial year.
2. In anticipation of our upcoming work with the Applied Energistics Department, we ask that all resources refrain from use of the term ‘Neo-Fascist’ in a pejorative sense.

– Eva Castellan, Acting Manager, BaC® Conflict Management Centre™
posthuman resources (1b)

Recently, sian has been consumed by an epic folly, the building of a roleplay hangout. Wait, RP is dead in SL, surely? (Unless you want to go somewhere and get some rapey action, obviously.) No, listen, the idea was to create a space where people from other settings, pre-existing characters, could visit, maybe bringing their own stories with them, which then they could take back to whatever usual haunts remained. Post-apocalyptic, fantastical, whatever.

So here we have the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ (here’s the SLURL), which is a privately-owned facility where individuals from any political persuasion, planet, species or timestream can beam down, and work, discuss their problems in a mature and relaxed manner, and take advantage of our pool and spa facilities (and upcoming hotel facilities too). Thing, is who are you going to get to run a wholly neutral facility? Easy. You farm it out to the highest bidder. You get the brands in.

posthuman resources (2a)

The BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ (BaC® is (Read more...)

posthuman resources (1a)

bishonen interface

Actually nothing to say, apart from…sian hasn’t been sion for a while…and felt the urge to be a pretty boy, just for once. sion wears:[BP] The Fallen Collar (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)[MetaTheodora] 37542 Implant – white housing; Sleepwalker Tattoo (u…

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bishonen interface (i)


Each gacha prize comprises a complete set, with ten pieces. sia’s maiden foray into the Fantasy Gacha Carnival was inspired by Kitti Wytchwood who said, quite reasonably, that no one at events like that ever does more than a few bits of armour, and nev…

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On 21st April 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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Zero one zero one, one one zero, zero one. sia’s anger at his/her creator for last week’s confessional (on sian’s blog! The cheek of it!) was palpable. it consumed himher, nearly caused sian to break down altogether. In the end, the emotional over…

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transhuman (ii)

on betrayal

On 17th April 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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This set was taken in Kitti Wytchwood’s house, perhaps appropriately without her knowledge. Pssst. sian isn’t here.I’ve hijacked herhis blog and got kavatah to come pose for this post, because I wanted to talk about some stuff, and it’s better if sian …

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betrayal (i)

those of us who survive her

sian: “move over here?” Norah: “‘Move over here, your Eminence.’” sian: “sorry, your Excellency.”Until the Singularity came, it could be said that the greatest limiter of a tyrant’s power was death. But our dictator of course used the available technol…

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those of us who survive her (iii)

why the dragonborn collect

On 2nd April 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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Aside from the mesh head and wings, pretty much everything worn here is either a gacha prize or an exclusive at The Secret Affair which opens April 6th. You accuse us of hoarding, and it it true, we collect the shiny things, keep them safe in heaps and…

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dragonborn (ii)

it is out of my hands

On 24th March 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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Pourquoi m’aimeraient-ils… je ne sais pas qui je suis. – Moebius, SRA. i’d freely offer to assist you but i’m afraid it’s out of my handsthough it’s now quite easy to resist youi’d freely offer to assist youto hear you to hold you to kiss youto …

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out of my hands (i)

she adopts a mask

The face, chest and right arm are from a full-perm avatar kit sian has been selling full perm on Marketplace.There are still some left. i saw you on the street; i tightly smiled and passed you by.i never expect we’ll meet i saw you on the streetit…

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casualdroid (i)

indefinite transition

indefinite transition (i)
The house is the Centauri Skypod by Barnesworth Anubis, and the chair the NYU/Marukin Kin chair, both from the February Collabor88.

Transitioning. It’s all very well playing with the physicality of the feminine form, unconvincing breast implants and all, but the fact is, sian is changing, and that unambiguous femininity is becoming less and less of a thing for sian, less comfortable, less real. Which is an odd thing to say; sian has never pretended to be real in the first place. But sian’s gender-ambivalence, shehe’s mascfem fuzziness, has, in the past month or two, become firm, solidified. You could say shehe’s got Schrödinger’s Genitalia, if the reference made any sense. Which it doesn’t really.

Does this make sense? Let’s try again. It used to be that sian’s creator would log in and say, “Today sian is going to be male,” or “Female today, then,” or occasionally even “How about a hermaphrodite?” (that link is even more NSFW than usual, so click at your peril) but recently sian has left the latex and the curves to other avs. Neither he nor she now, shehe made the choice to transition… and remain on the cusp.

To have shehe’s virtual cake and eat it? Yeah, a bit.

indefinite transition (ii)
sian made the little angel and devil as statues from a very slightly simplified version of the mesh shehe used to make the avs.

Anyway. sian’s been busy. Fresh from Futurewave, sian’s be (Read more...)

indefinite transition (i)


sian loves Miamai’s boots – they are reminiscent of Judge Dredd’s in size and shape.I ask 514n why shehe wears hisher interface cables so idiosyncratically. “Dirt, mainly,” shehe says. “Out here in the field, right, it’s really easy to get dirt in them…

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survey (ii)


Smile like you mean it.Strawberry Singh’s Hope Meme wasn’t something that sian was going to respond to, but as it turned out, life got in the way. The sudden accidental death of a beloved pet about three hours before the Futurewave Dance Party was, to …

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dancing is my remedy

aesthetic perfection

“The last few months, i floated in a dream… expecting… something to come, to change me. So hard to think.””From time to time my principal, a peculiar androgynous figure whose name was effaced from my memory, would swim into view.””She… he… told…

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aesthetic perfection (i)

the airbag saved my life

Qyx’s store goes higher than anywhere else in the Futurewave sim. It’s ideal for taking pics.So sian was wearing her goodies for the Futurewave event.  And this happened. [02:17] Kitti Wytchwood: I guess spaceships are lacking airbags :P[02:17] Ki…

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the airbag saved my life (ii)