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Apocalypse Yesterday

The interesting thing about the collapse of civilisation as a science-fiction idea is that it hasn’t changed since the 1980s. Why is that?This all started with Genre, which is a shopping event that happens every month, which each round has a new theme….

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i never learn

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Do you ever find that you make the same mistakes, over and over? It’s easy to do in the virtual plane, where our thought-forms move and dance and have weird weightless sex where virtual flesh intersects, merges, moves through itself and yet never quite…

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ziploc (i)


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The education of Obtemperanda Regret ended thus: At the end of her initiation, the Superiors bolted an enchanted crown of orichalc to Obtemperanda’s skull, the indicator of her status as a celibate of the Akashic Magae of Pushkara. To the peoples …

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regret (ii)

electric lady

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electric lady (ii)

OK, here are some reasons why Sian loves Janelle Monae’s Electric Lady album:

1. There are not many concept albums about RnB android fugitives, let alone queer ones called Cindy Mayweather.

electric lady (i)

 2. One of the songs has Prince guesting on it. And yet, he’s the guest star, not the main attraction. Erykah Badu likewise.

3. The lyrics are hilarious and smart. “Is it weird that she twerk in the mirror?” Cindy asks in “Q.U.E.E.N.” In “Dance Apocalyptic” there are zombies in the garden.

 4. It’s got these spoken word interludes that are actually funny and sad, full of Republicans disgusted about the android rights movements and robotic sorority girls organising gigs with electro bouncing booty contests and robot kissing contests, and someone yells in a fit of bigoted outrage “ROBOT LOVE IS QUEER!” which is a line Sian never would have thought would be in an album that hit the iTunes top 10.

electric lady (iii)

5. It is retro without slavishly copying the past, big without losing its heart, funny without losing its sadness.

6. Much of it is really quite danceable, even to someone as hopeless as Sian’s creator.

7. Janelle Monae has thought about this. She has been interviewed both flatly refusing to discuss her own sexuality and talking about the otherness of the android, about metaphor and transgression. She is the first properly cyberpunk popular artist, and I mean that in the “this (Read more...)

electric lady (ii)

brain bleach

On 14th September 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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brain bleach (i)

Sian was wearing this getup when she last saw friend Portia, who said, “Sian looks like she wants get herself hypnotised.” Portia’s been writing in brave detail of her adventures in the world of Real World B, D, S and M recently, and knows a little of Sian’s adventures and roleplay scenes.

But here’s the thing.
Sian’s been trying to get out of fetish stuff recently.

brain bleach (ii)

Pretty much all of her pervier store stuff is gone, including one thing that… well. This thing, the Neuropuppet rig, a grim super-specialist cyberpunk device that penetrated a female av in all conceivable orifices, was made in September 2013 by request. Sian hated it almost immediately, for what it represented, and so put it up on Marketplace on an alt account, made it prohibitively expensive and left it to rot.

Result: Sian made over £600 out of it – that’s right, pounds, real money – from Marketplace sales alone.

She sold literally hundreds of them. Sian decided when winding up MetaTheodora that she’d made enough money out of it, that her work had been paid for, and handed all the prims and files over to Mona Eberhardt, who had scripted the device for RLV (yes, we said it was pervy). All inquiries (Sian gets maybe three or four a week) should be directed to Mona.

Never underestimate the myriad ways in which SL avatars will express their fetishes. Sometimes these fetishes are explicable. Sometimes they will be fairly ob (Read more...)

brain bleach (i)


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consumer (iii)

…to define oneself by media consumption is not just unhealthy, it’s vacuous. To do so is to go beyond the necessary distractions from the real world’s tedium and travails. It’s a demand for a Huxley-esque perpetual childhood. 

Gamers won’t die because there will always be, in capitalism, people who define themselves by what they buy. When their imaginary identity politics are challenged, they’ll lash out, angrily, with as much vitriol as they can muster. 

Ian Williams, “Death to the Gamer”,

consumer (ii)

We tend to say the problem lies with “gamers”. Consider how successful and widespread “gamer” is as an identity despite the fact that it hardly means anything at all. The reason the gamer identity has become so laden with bad connotations– misogyny, Doritos– is because the identity itself doesn’t really matter except for one crucial aspect: the buying of games. As long as “gamer” means someone who spends money, preferably a lot of money, on products that are produced by the game industry, the rest of that identity is left undefined. There’s no incentive for the largest groups that do things around games to attempt to define gaming as, say, something that makes you interesting, or as a noble pursuit. Anything anyone knows about “gamers” is just that they purchase games.

“The King and His Objects”,

(Read more...)

consumer (iii)

digital witness

“If I can’t show it, you can’t see me.”Sian’s gender today has once more waxed gently towards the feminine, thanks to the MeshProject body that she still isn’t tired of.She has been thinking about social media. She wanted to make a set of ima…

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digital witness (i)

how to achieve an ersatz shine

Oh that’s nice jewellery. Wherever can it be from? WELL, READ ON. Two things. First, this is notice that, for a number of exceptionally good reason, MetaTheodora, which you may or may not know is sian’s Second Life shop, will soon be no more. In its pl…

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ersatz shine (iii)

it’s the sun

“Look at you with your colour co-ordination,” said Kitti. SUMMER FUN! sian doesn’t know what it’s like where you are, but round here it’s pretty fine right now, so shehe thought, hey, let’s do something sunny and garish and primary coloured and urban (…

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it's the sun (i)

the sunlight on my skin

.It was only in sian’s last post, less than a fortnight ago, that sian approached the prospect of a mesh head. Even since then, things have moved on. The SkinShop’s feet and head have received an update and are now fitted mesh; and there’s now a curren…

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the sunlight on my skin (iv)

one way to get a head

Does this look like sian? You need to know that sian’s facial features haven’t changed since this blog started. Sure, the skins have changed, the makeup has changed, sian’s bodily dimensions have changed in all sorts of ways, but the facial numbers use…

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one way to get a head (ii)

the sexual connotations of strawberries

i left my drinking straw at home, but you i’d drink all up(note 1. Kitti Wytchwood recently googled the phrase “the sexual connotations of strawberries and wished she hadn’t. sian has not had the nerve.) your strawberry milkshake is so sweet, so creamy…

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the sexual connotations of strawberries (ii)

posthuman resources

posthuman resources (1a)

MEMO 21712/b
1. Due to the issues they caused our internal messaging systems, we will not be accepting reports of sexual harassment until Q3 of the next financial year.
2. In anticipation of our upcoming work with the Applied Energistics Department, we ask that all resources refrain from use of the term ‘Neo-Fascist’ in a pejorative sense.

– Eva Castellan, Acting Manager, BaC® Conflict Management Centre™
posthuman resources (1b)

Recently, sian has been consumed by an epic folly, the building of a roleplay hangout. Wait, RP is dead in SL, surely? (Unless you want to go somewhere and get some rapey action, obviously.) No, listen, the idea was to create a space where people from other settings, pre-existing characters, could visit, maybe bringing their own stories with them, which then they could take back to whatever usual haunts remained. Post-apocalyptic, fantastical, whatever.

So here we have the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ (here’s the SLURL), which is a privately-owned facility where individuals from any political persuasion, planet, species or timestream can beam down, and work, discuss their problems in a mature and relaxed manner, and take advantage of our pool and spa facilities (and upcoming hotel facilities too). Thing, is who are you going to get to run a wholly neutral facility? Easy. You farm it out to the highest bidder. You get the brands in.

posthuman resources (2a)

The BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ (BaC® is (Read more...)

posthuman resources (1a)

bishonen interface

Actually nothing to say, apart from…sian hasn’t been sion for a while…and felt the urge to be a pretty boy, just for once. sion wears:[BP] The Fallen Collar (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)[MetaTheodora] 37542 Implant – white housing; Sleepwalker Tattoo (u…

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bishonen interface (i)


Each gacha prize comprises a complete set, with ten pieces. sia’s maiden foray into the Fantasy Gacha Carnival was inspired by Kitti Wytchwood who said, quite reasonably, that no one at events like that ever does more than a few bits of armour, and nev…

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Zero one zero one, one one zero, zero one. sia’s anger at his/her creator for last week’s confessional (on sian’s blog! The cheek of it!) was palpable. it consumed himher, nearly caused sian to break down altogether. In the end, the emotional over…

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transhuman (ii)

on betrayal

On 17th April 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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This set was taken in Kitti Wytchwood’s house, perhaps appropriately without her knowledge. Pssst. sian isn’t here.I’ve hijacked herhis blog and got kavatah to come pose for this post, because I wanted to talk about some stuff, and it’s better if sian …

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betrayal (i)

those of us who survive her

sian: “move over here?” Norah: “‘Move over here, your Eminence.'” sian: “sorry, your Excellency.”Until the Singularity came, it could be said that the greatest limiter of a tyrant’s power was death. But our dictator of course used the available technol…

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those of us who survive her (iii)

why the dragonborn collect

On 2nd April 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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Aside from the mesh head and wings, pretty much everything worn here is either a gacha prize or an exclusive at The Secret Affair which opens April 6th. You accuse us of hoarding, and it it true, we collect the shiny things, keep them safe in heaps and…

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dragonborn (ii)

it is out of my hands

On 24th March 2014 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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Pourquoi m’aimeraient-ils… je ne sais pas qui je suis. – Moebius, SRA. i’d freely offer to assist you but i’m afraid it’s out of my handsthough it’s now quite easy to resist youi’d freely offer to assist youto hear you to hold you to kiss youto …

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out of my hands (i)