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She’s A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Girl

Ohai! The Seasons Story is open again which means extra awesome spring type things for you! Glam Affair have released Brandi, which was debuted at The Cutie Moon Fair, in two tones for The Seasons Story and I am so very happy because one of the tones is Frost which I adore! Each tone is […]

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And I Would Run Away

Ohai! So put your hands up if you live for the 8th of the month? Yup, me too! I am always so excited for Collabor88 and I know every month I tell you that this is my favourite but this month really is! This months theme is “Watercolours in Bloom” which makes me very happy […]

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So Tell Me Now And I Won’t Ask Again

Ohai! So today’s outfit wasn’t supposed to be a blog look, I was just playing around with this cute new dress I bought but then, as usually happens, I added bits here and there and then I like it too much not to share it. I started off with this dress which is a new […]

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Don’t Try To Fix Me, I’m Not Broken

Piercings & Makeup: – .HoD. – DevIyn MESH Facial Piercing v3 – Slide & - .HoD. – Íneach Face Paint & Lip Stripe v3 *Only available at We <3 Roleplay* … Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair – Iceberg Skin: -Glam Affair – Brandi – Artic 01 ( No Brow ) *Only available at Cutie Moon Fair* Eyes: Dead Apples […]

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In My American Apparel Underwear

Ohai! Yeah, ok, more boobs. I’d be sorry but I like boobs. Boobs are fun. Mainly though, I wanted to show you these cute knickers from Adam n Eve. They come with appliers for the Phat Azz/Cute Azz and they are fab! A bit less dainty and don’t look like they would tear if you […]

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I Just Wanna Scream So Make Me

Ohai! I have no reasonable explanation for this post except my last one was just too sweet and I’ve has just about enough of sweet.. Bodysuit: :::Sn@tch Alessa Bodysuit (Black) Shirt: :::Sn@tch Rose Jacket (Red)::: Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Black Gold Snake … Necklace: MG – Necklace – Esra’s Giant Teardrop – Long – GOLD … Hair: TRUTH […]

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You’ll Be The Prince and I’ll Be The Princess

Ohai! There is an event starting on 1st April and I don’t think the fact it’s happening in the same month as my birthday is a conincidence..just sayin! Fit For A Princess is a whole event themed around Princess’s…which means it’s basically designed to make me buy everything from every store there. To start with […]

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Must Have Been The Deadly Kiss

Ohai! So I was shopping at My Attic on Saturday (more on that later!) and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone with amazing boobs. Now, I love boobs as much as the next person and I am all for accentuating the positive so these really caught my eye because they were […]

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She’s Taking A Sick Day

Ohai! So I think we may have discussed before how bad I am at being sick. I’m really, really bad at it. I whine a lot. I’m surprised any of my friends even bother trying to sympathise when I’m sick because I am such a pain in the arse and this week has been no […]

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I’ll See You In My Office

Ohai! Guys, I am in love. So very deeply in love I don’t even know what to do with myself. I may never be the same again. The object of my desire? My new suit! I am a massive fan of ISON and I am always excited to see what they come up with at […]

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Just Another Rung On The Bossman’s Ladder

Ohai! It’s Collabor88 time again and this round is gonna be work, work, work! The theme this month is Back To Business and all the designers involved have really outdone themselves with an array office inspired goodies! This gorgeous office desk and chair are from LISP Bazaar and the chair is full of cute animations […]

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This Picture So Pretty

Ohai! I figure by now, if you pop in pretty often, it’s obvious I am a bit of a skin whore. I love demoing new skins and finding fun ways to customise is always so much fun. This being the case I am squeeing very loudly and obnoxiously over the new Glam Affair skin for […]

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Berry’s Book Meme

Ohai! It’s been forever since I indulged in one of Berry’s meme’s but I couldn’t resist doing this one. Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments of Berry’s Blog because […]

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‘Cause You’re A Human Supernova

Ohai! A very quick post with lots of Collabor88 goodness in…enjoy! Helmet: *katat0nik* (purple) Space Kitty Helmet (mesh) *Only available at Collabor88* Lingerie: *katat0nik* (purple/average) Starry Babydoll w/ Cute Azz Appliers *Only available at Collabor88* Shoes: fri. – Jet.Heels (Supernova) *Only available at Collabor88* … Raygun: ~silentsparrow~ & Schadenfreude RAYGUN! (noisy cricket) *Only available at Collabor88* … Hair: !lamb. Tha (Mesh) – Unicorn *Only available at Collabor88* Skin: Glam Affair – […]

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I Should Be Over All The Butterflies

Ohai! I feel I should issue a warning right now before you go any further. This post is going to be a little bit nauseating. There will be an over spill of disgusting, slushy, lovey dovey feelings and I can only apologise but it IS nearly Valentines Day and I think I should be allowed […]

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Look How They Shine For You

Ohai! This month at Collabor88 is prom month which is awesome because it means every designer taking part brings a date! The theme this month is Supernova so there are tonnes of amazing sci fi inspired goodies and galaxy textures and stars and planets and omg! I had to rope in the help of mini […]

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Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Ohai! So basically I took a pretty picture with the new piercing release from Haus of Darcy and you know how I like to share with you guys! Piercing: - .HoD. – Reno Reloaded MESH Facial Piercing – Razor with Lovely Disarray – Reno Reloaded :  Face Paint Version 2 [Black] *Only available at The Final […]

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Oh, Sylvia!

Ohai! I am so excited to give you a sneak peak of this skin today. Not only is it a gorgeous new skin from Glam Affair but it’s something a little different I think you are going to love! Let’s start with the easy stuff. This is the basic skin with no make up, no […]

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We’re All Of Us Stars, We’re Fading Away

Ohai! Welcome to my 400th blog post! I’m actually really dumb and I was supposed to save this until Tuesday next week which is also my 4 year bloggiversay, however, I forgot. And now I can’t wait. So whatever, I’ll celebrate twice. It’s the last few days of Collabor88 until next round opens on 8th […]

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Far From The Carnage Of The Fiery Sun

Ohai! I was playing around with skins and hair and colours today and this happened. So I thought I’d share the bits. The hair is from Tableau Vivant and I am really loving what they are doing with dreads lately. This style is unrigged and comes with the hair bases and the little floaty, wispy […]

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