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The Various Methods Involved In the PCB Assembly Process

There are various methods involved in assembling printed circuit boards. If you have a manufacturing business, you should know that the PCB assembly process includes surface mount technology, through-hole assembly, box build and final assembly, cable assembly and wire preparation, solder paste patterns, and quality control tests. Whether you have a small or large enterprise, it’s important to understand how the whole process works in order to achieve the best outcomes needed in the market today. With years of excellence, PCBNet is one of the few trusted companies in the country that offered top quality product and services in the quick turn PCB assembly industry. If you currently need a reliable partner to do your PCB manufacturing needs, this is the right place to visit. You will be given professional tips and insights to help you achieve your business goals in a timely fashion. All you need to do is provide the exact details you need so that the engineers and technicians will exactly produce your ideal printed circuit boards.… Read the restPCB




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Enliven Children’s Active Play with Sports Patches from

Children and playtime-they’re simply inseparable. We know that kids always get excited to run out the door, meet their friends, and go play tirelessly for hours and hours. It’s great to see them socialize with their friends, learn to communicate well, and put their energies to creative use. Kids even develop important life values like honesty, fairness, respect and self-control through active play. Whether your child chooses to engage in simple outdoor activities or in team sports, the benefits will always be there for them. Plus, playtime is always fun time for them, too!
Are Couch Potatoes on the rise?
Since the new generation of children has all kinds of electronic gizmos at their disposal, it’s sad to see active play among preschoolers and school-aged children declining. Children now prefer to stay indoors and play games online on their gadgets.
Bringing the Joy Back to Active Playtime
To help spark children’s interest in active outdoor play, schools and community groups have stepped in, offering various kinds of sports activities for children to choose from.… Read the restSports Patches

Things You Need To Know About Golf Balls

There are different kinds of golf players now. Because of this, a lot of golf equipment manufacturers are inventing different kinds of golf balls.  These golf balls are made especially to match the different needs and skills of different golf players. No matter how excellent a player is, if he does not have the right golf equipments for his needs, he will not be able to gain the upper hand or the victory in the game. With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that the humble golf ball can either make or break a game. All golf balls are made unique. For a lot of golf players and hobbyists, searching for and choosing the best golf ball (one that’s perfectly suited to their needs and skills) is among the most important pursuits they’ll have to engage in.
Different Types of Golf Balls
There are three different types of golf balls: the control, the distance, and the spin. These types can greatly impact the game. When struck by a golf club, each of them can produce different plays and characteristics.… Read the restGolf

The Basics Of Coin Customization

We here at ChallengeCoins4Less value customer input in creative process for their custom coins. We want to make absolutely sure that our customers get the products that they want. There are plenty of ways we can deliver excellent coins, but none of which can be done without involving our customers in the creative process. Customers come to us asking if we can make coins for them. We have done a lot of work for a lot of organizations and people for a lot of different occasions. Each coin is made special by the ideas of our customers. While we take pride in our work, we acknowledge that each coin is the brainchild of our customers. After all, we are only here to make their dream coin a reality.
Here are some of the basics that our customers get acquainted with to become part of the creative process for making custom coins.
Picking the right color ChallengeCoins4Less can work with a lot of different colors. Our artists can mix and match different colors and pigments to give the coin the color that our customers want.… Read the restmilitary coins

Tips on picking a good lawyer to defend your property

When the time arrives that you’re required to hire a good Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to fight for your right over a certain property, it is a must that you choose wisely and carefully on who will represent you inside the courtroom. In picking a good attorney to represent your side in a property foreclosure case, make sure that he or she is capable of reaching the outcome you’re aiming for. Whatever the kind of solution you want, the lawyer must give you the assurance that he or she can make it a reality. This lawyer must either be able to give your side a total dismissal of the case filed against you, or just find a legal way of buying time for you to gather enough financial aid that will enable you to resolve your long-standing property debt.
Read on to know how you can gauge a lawyer’s ability to handle a case you’re current facing.
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Grove Corner Store

Mr. Hyde at Meshworx is at it again, he’s come up with this gorgeous piece of work, The Grove Corner Store for FaMESHed.  As always, stunning in detail (more pics to come) but the thing that is most impressive, is it comes with a mirrored build so you can put them together.  “But it’s MESH!” you say, well you can move the walls and railings without breaking the lights, materials and special effects.  Brilliant.  FaMESHed starts tomorrow, be sure to check this out. Skin: DeeTalez – Leyna * Hair: Truth – Grande * Dress: Sn@tch – Dora Boho Shoes: Ricielli – Lasercut Booties * Pose: Izzie’s – Leaning Poses (previous TDRF)

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Route 66

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I’m not a speedy blogger, but I doooo like spending time making pretty pictures.  This summer needs to slow down a bit, I’ve been really busy and can’t really justify sitting inside.  Here are a few things I’m loving from TLC’s Route 66 event and this month’s Collabor88, check it out. Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia * Hair: Lamb – Baby * Cami: Overhigh – Loose Top * Shorts: Boom – Estate Shorts (iknowiknow) Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Gunslinger Hat * Shoes: Remarkable Oblivion for C88 – Phalanx Wedges Pose: Sari Sari for TLC – Road Trip * Barrel, Power Poles, and Route 66 Signpost: Plethora for TLC * Truck: Garage R.H.  

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Fraction of a Second

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COCO is giving away an entire set of doll heads to go with her Doll Body from her Doll COCO division, a must-have, they’re classics.  There was a lot more planned for this post, but I ended up going artsy on this one.  For particulars and need-to-knows about COCO, click this link.

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Meshworx for Fameshed

As any seasoned SLshopper knows, the Fameshed event will be here August 1st.  Mr. Hyde of Meshworx is offering up the Q1 skybox as well as a matching ground structure with exterior stairs.  This looks amazing in the sky and I decided to photograph it with some austerity so you can see the great bones.  This is great for a modern domicile or even a store.  I have to mention these sexy Fringe Heels as well, they’re from Pure Poison and you’ll be able to pick them up at the Black Fashion Fair Starting August 8th. Skybox: Meshworx for Fameshed (Aug 1) – Q1 Structures * Chair: The Loft: Mara Bucket Club Chair * Hair: Magika – Dreamy Dress: Sn@tch – Elle Slip Dress * Cigarette Holder: Sn@tch – Bohemian Cigarette Holder (from an older set) Shoes: Pure Poison for Black Fashion Fair (Aug 8) – Fringe Heels Pose: Del May

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Oh Happy Day

I’m enjoying summer in both lives this year, I’m not a sun goddess at all, but it’s been really nice and I haven’t been parked in front of a fan the entire time. Worked in my little garden and made 100s of jars of raspberry jam. I just got this Philosophy top from Indyra, it comes in a set with cute pants to match and a few other must-have colors. Like I said a while back on Plurk, I have a folder called “Meh” for things I can’t really throw away quite yet, but I also have a folder called “CUTE” stuffed with things I want to take pics with and this hair and this bike were at the top of the list.  The cherry on TOP is the new logo Liq made for me.  I absolutely got SO excited when I saw it, it’s so me and the little umbrella flourish is exactly perfect.  Go get logo-fied, you’re feel all special and grown-up! Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia * Hair: !Ohmai Salon – Eli * Top: Indyra – Philosophy * Shorts: (I know I wear them all the damn time but they’re perfect) Boom – Estate Shorts Bike: Vespertine @ The Dreamer’s Factory- Dreamer’s Vehicle, Botanica * Trees: Hayabusa

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Meet me in Paris

Such a beautiful set, I’d love to have this in my RL yard.  You can have it in your SL yard when you run over to TLC’s Dangerous Liaison event. Bedroom Set: Pixel Mode @ The Liaison Collaborative: Josephine Set * Trees: Hayabusa

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More beautiful things to see and places to go… Skin: Glam Affair – Rose * Hair: Magika – Daffodil * Dress: Gizza – Erika Halterneck Shoes: Pure Poison for Season Story – Floralia Wedges * Bed & Pose: DIGS for TLC’s Dangerous Liaison – Vicomte Framed Map: Floorplan – Nautical Map Frame * Trees: Hayabusa – Elegant Plane Tree

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Exposeur for TLC

It takes a while to go through so many amazing creations, like I’ve mentioned before, Dangerous Liaisons – The Liaison Collaborative is still underway and I HAD to do a pic with this pose set from Exposeur…and the hair…and the dress…and the tatt…it’s just a snowball thing. Go do your snowball thing and let’s see your pics. Skin: Glam Affair – Rose (LOVE the eyebrow pack) * Hair: Ohmai Salon @ Hair Fair – Sophia w/ Tweeters * Bird Cage: Ohmai @ Hair Fair Gift – Tweeter Companions * Dress: Junbug – The Debutante * Tattoo: Aitui past FLF- Pretty Birds* Pose: Exposeur for TLC – Stone Arch

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Here’s what I put together yesterday.  You have get these adorable glasses from Izzie’s at The Liaison Collaborative’s Dangerous Liaison Event in every color.  I’m still obsessed with Hayabusa’s trees, they’re so well designed and they photograph fabulously…none of that alpha business that makes editing pics tedious. Skin: Glam Affair for FLF – Cassia * Hair: Magika – Dreamy * Tattoo: Aitui for FLF – Pretty Birds Flock * Glasses: Izzie’s for TLC - Round Tortoiseshell Glasses * Bikini Top: Sn@tch – Eliza * Shorts: Boom – Estate Shorts * Bag: C’est La Vie for FLF – Sally Circle Bag * Bracelet: Izzie’s – Braid Bracelet * Pose: Del May Trees & Shrubs: Hayabusa

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Dangerous Liaison Prep

Dangerous Liaison is in full swing over at The Liaison Collaborative and of course there are sooooooooooooooo many things you can’t SLive without.  This Isabelle vanity set from What Next is so well done with great poses and props. Izzie’s glasses are VERY cute on, but they look adorable over there on the sofa with my bag too.  I don’t mention it in every single post, but I’m wearing Slink hands and feet usually and once in a while I’m augmented with Lola’s.  I will say that this hair from Magika is the very best boob hair in all of SL ;) Skin: Glam Affair * Hair: Magika – Daffodil * Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry: Magnetic in Nude Necklace: Cae – Charmed Karma * Ring: Maxi Gossamer: La Cerlique Vanity with Poses: What Next for TLC – Isabelle Vanity Table * Plants Artwork & Rug: Apple Fall Sofa: Scarlet Creative – Working from Home * Glasses: Izzie’s for TLC – Round Tortise Shell Glasses

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