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Cupcake sim re opens

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ISON-Harry Hyx(new) DUTCH TOUCH-Iki IkarusThe Closet-bambi63 Rehula Lamb-Lamb Bellic Glam Affair-aida Ewing LaGyo Gyorgyna Larnia LaViere-Azure Electricteeth  tokidoki-Maya Levane Vive 9 Sanya Bilavio & Inna Bilavio Miel-Mika Nieuport& Miel Nirvana Mockingbird-Louise Nemeth(new) coming soonsur+-Sienia TrevellionTurnip-Turnip SorbetTres Blah-Julliette WesterburgClawtooth-Bubbles ClawtoothBP*-BettiePage Voyagerduboo.-Newreem Waffle{u.f.o}-charming Meiler-como Setsuko[kik] -as001 Littlething+mocha+-flexagons Villota t o m o t o-Tomo Wachter TOSL-Quinlan Quimby Kyoko Couture-kyo Milenafall into decay- oki KarasC'est Moi!-Marcantonio BeaumontLoq hairs-Gia pawpadU&R-Ruriko Jewell & Uta KarasGIEREH-Giereh ThorrSea salt-Stein ShilovaMoho inc-Moho Rain(new)Pda-Izzy Bereznyak(coming soon) [glow] Anemysk Karu  Jocelyn Anatine, Linka Demina FIR & MNA-Rob1977 Moonites  Oh!… Read the rest




May 2019
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Skin Love…………

        I Like Mondays....... its the start of the new week,yess...?Iki Ikarus has recently released three New Skin Lines Mensje,Megan & Jaliah.Iki in the past couple of months has outdone herself and has been on a roll consistently getting better and better, and with each release being one better than the other.Dutch Touch has Basic skin packs for each face with a bunch of options like freckles, differently coloured brows & hair bases and two cleavage options & Lashes.
Then if you want to wear different makeups, you can purchase tattoo add- ons sets and mix and match to create your perfect look. This Post a bit late but as you all know I'm a slow blogger and not around that often but I could not pass up the chance to showcase these gems.MensjeIsnt she pretty? Mensje has such a Sweet Innocent and delicate looking face the most youthful and sweet face I belive Iki has made up to date, I LOVE LOVE! the no eyebrow version of this skin so much and the new rose tone is so soft and lovely.… Read the rest

Start 2011

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Happy New Year Everybody
I am not one for dwelling on the past or looking back on what might have been....I am not even sure that my memory is that good. I have a sister who is just two years younger than me and we always laugh about the fact that she remembers huge chunks of our childhood so clearly whilst I apparently have no recollection of it whatsoever!! OK maybe that wont surprise most of you!
so questions I will ask you guys what are your hopes/dreams/wishes/darkest desires....what is out there for you? What do you really really really want to do? What would you be disappointed if you missed out on or didn't take the chance to do/see/be? we only have one life and I've learnt that when that sudden and amazing opportunity is in front of you don't let it go hold on with both arms and tug and keep tugging till its yours.
re Sl and fashion/blogging I know that in between my hectic Real life schedule I've kept in touch with all the amazing fashion and the glamour and the style, I have touched on these themes here this year...and the response every time was fabulous - and very encouraging.THANK YOU SO MUCHI have already had some new experiences via my blog and pictures and learning new techniques and know that many more lie ahead of me, some in the pipeline....some, who knows?Read the rest

Military Glam Lelutka Winter

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               Hello, I am very pleased to bring you today the new releases for this season of LeLutka.I hope my photographs will help you see the texturing and sculpt work that as always is superb.
One of my favorite pieces is the FOXTROT dress because the ruffles and the sash are just incredible.
I always find it great that LeLutka takes care of their accessories to complement their apparel designs, in this season, we see two hats in different styles that will surely complete your wardrobe.
Overall I find many connections and touches of different styles in the collection which is very nice to see, I believe it's appealing to everyone in their own way.
Lastly, I really love the little details that LeLutka takes into consideration, such as proper sizing for walking, stitching, glitch layers and the dual possibilities for 2.0 users and previous viewer ones.

First LookModel oneSkin:[LeLutka]-E/Estellelight-makeup1 Minnu palenStitches:Stiky KissButterfly stitches- substorm daysleeper (xstreet only item)Lashes:[ glow ] Devilicious 00 anemysk karuSash:Napoleonic Sash megg DeminaHair:(VW) Pushed and Shoved - Blonde Tones vintage mcmillan(very old)Coat:[LeLutka]-CHARLIE jacket green azufr3 catteneo(new)Tank:[LeLutka]-TANK top1 black Thora CharronStockings:barbee.… Read the rest

Oh Lula

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 MonTissu opens Saturday officially,on the New Sim Lula, home to Lamb, Tres Blah, Mon Tissu and Turnip.Turnip Sorbets done a wonderful job on the build and sim, the landscaping the textures are so beautiful.

 Since seeing a picture on Flickr on Juliette's Flickr sometime ago I've been so looking forward to seeing hers and Emma's collaboration on Mon Tissu, its been worth the wait, everything is just so wonderful.This is Just a quickie post you will be seeing a few more quickies like this from me in the Future.Hope you like the post
Love Vanity
Bag:Tokid shoulder bag - burned orange Maya levane
Hair:LeLutka-CLEO hair - Powder Thora Charron
Cardigan{mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan  Orange Anouk spot(coming soon)new
Shirt:LeLutka-IRMA shirt/tan Azufr3 Catteneo
Skirt{mon tissu} Pretty Pleats Skirt Sepia Elie spot(coming soon)new
Boots: [SC] Surf Co.(F) Paperboy Ankle Boots  - Camel Emma gilmour 111 event sold out
Skin: -tb- {Light} Space Mod - Light Winged Brows Juliette no longer available

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Under The Bridge (New Dutch Touch Skins)

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Its been a while Since I did a pure skin Post, I've really been wanting to get back into skin reviews for some time now and so took the opportunity to do so with the newest skin releases By Iki.Dutch Touch recently released its three newest skins Tekla,Eefje And Fay.All Three Lines are stunningly beautiful Ikis worked very hard on these and you can tell,The shading is realistic with every detail being hand drawn to perfection.
Fay She comes in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.
Eefje Eefje also comes with in 8 skin tones(Porcelain,Powder,Milk,peach,Cream,Caramel,Honey,Fudge)with 6 of them being new tones.

Tekla  She comes in 8 skin tones(Ebony,CafeNoir,coffee,choco,Cocoa,Fudge,Honey,Olive)
Credits and Info.
All Skins are Sold as Base only packs, Which include With and without hairbase layers, cleavage options,Mole and Freckles options, and 2.0 layers,&Lashes.
Fay and Eefje come with Different color brow and hairbase options,tekla only comes with dark Brow &base Options.… Read the rest

A Flower is Like a tethered butterfly.

BodySkin:tb-{Pale} Space Mod - Light Winged Brows Du4 No longer available-Julliette WesterburgHair:LeLutka-Pompai hair - Powder-Thora Charron

ClothesPants:(fd) Vagabond Pants (Brown, Pants)-Toast BardTop:W&B Claven Lace Blouse Antique-Dakota Buck Shoes:Maitreya Gold Allure-Sock All Color-Onyx Leshelle

Necklace:Kookie Creme bird necklace-Kookie LemonButterflys:CheerNoButterfly Fall-Cheerno Destiny


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Only To Haunt You

BodySkin:Lelutka Natasha Hush makeup-Minnu Palen(new)Lash:glow Devilicious 00-Anemysk karuEyeLiner:Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner-Stella semaphoreLipstick:LeLutka-Lola Nature Matte-Minnu PalenFreckles:Dutch Touch Jolie V2 Beautymarks Moles and Xtra Freckles-Iki Ikarus(new)Hair:Lamb Soma Granny-lamb Bellic ClothesTop:paper couture Silk Gypsy Dress-Ava LuPants:Lelutka Ibague pants dark-Azufr3 CatteneoShoes&Socks:Maitreya Gold Moxie Basics(new)Onyx LeshelleAccessoriesBag:LeLutka-Grafito bag/night-Azufr3 CatteneoHair Band:LaGyo Spina headpiece (texture change crystals)-Gyorgyna LarniaBangle:LaGyo Sidus bangle silver-Gyorgyna LarniaRing:LaGyo Atratus ring silver-Gyorgyna LarniaBelt:[LeL.Ultra]-Raven corset from the raven Dress-Thora CharronProps:Torso:theosophy Halkyn Torso-Trace OsterhamCrates:Cloud 9.1 Stacked Boxes-Maddison MokeevBuild:Cloud 9.1Urban Garage's-Maddison Mokeev

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Empire of the sun

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We have definitely moved from autumn into winter here in London....and we've had some beautifully misty mornings recently....depending which side of Muswell Hill  you are on, London always looks amazing in the winter regardless of the cold weather.One thing i Love about sl that we dont really have Seasons and we can skip about in our Undies and Bikinis no matter what time of year it may be.Needing to warm up i thought id Build a Dessert scene for this post. So even though this is Kinda of late I wanted to do a continuation of my stranded post hope you enjoy
ps So happy that Iki from Dutch Touch has just re worked The Jolie Skin which is one of my favorite Dutch Touch faces<3
VanitySkin:Dutch Touch:JoLiE:V2 Caramel- Eagle-Iki Ikarus New
hair:british short no longer avialiable was from a 2008 Dommoco event
headress: Feathers:[Anaphora] Smokahonta_Zinnwaldite-Nishant Zobovic(le look exclusive) this came with very cute hair but was modded for 
Kurotsubaki:Used flower cardigan brown-sato Yifu
jacket:Ce Cubic effect Short leather-mirai Jun
Top:Maitreya RB Tank Brown-Onyx LeShelle
Belt:LeLutka-MI VIDA Belt Brown-Azufr3 Catteneo
Feather Belt:Shade Throne Feathers Skirt Tan-Undo Hermano
Boots:Kao:suede fringe boots camel-Kao Sands
lashes:glow Devilicious 00-Anemysk Karu
Necklace:The Closet:Feather Pendant-bambi63 Rehula
Socks:en Svale (olive)[free]-Zooey Yokosuka
Face Tat:MONS / Face Tattoo Soldier:Ekilem MelodieNew

FeatherBelt:Shade Throne Feathers S (Read more...)

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Rabbit on a Hot Tin Roof

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Hair:Maitreya Natalie - Powder-Onyx LeShelleSkin:&Bean - Old Bones face cat make up pale no brows(coming soon)-Keiko Morigi-New(review of skin in store now)Lashes:[ glow ] Devilicious 00-Anemysk KaruShoes:[PM] Baby T's Plain : Silver : Tya FallingbridgeMask ears:Modd.G Rabbit Child Mask:Moddishh GossipGirl(new)Flowers:noju wedding boutonniere of roses(black)-noju Jupiter(no longer avialiable)Skirt:Modd.G Metallic Waisted Skirt Silver round-moddishh GossipGirl(new)Shirt:Pig - Lazy Sweater Eggshell-Apatia HammererBra:Whippet&Buck-Cheeky Girl-Agnes Brassiere-Adelaide PearlNecklace:LaGyo:Gravitas necklace silver-Gyorgyna LarniaSocks:Royal Blue Sheer Compliments Socks in Gun:Marni Grut

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Mean Old Bones

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Keiko From &bean has just released a preview of her brand new male and Female skin line in her new main store, Old Bones for the Girls and Heart of Gold for the lads, Picture of both male and female skins can be seen on keikos Fickr here.Female Skins come in for choices of skin tone 2 brow options as well as a no brow option which I personally love best.
Skin:&Bean - Old Bones face cat make up pale no brows(coming soon)-Keiko Morigi([review of skin in store now)Hair:LeLutka-Cleo hair - Powder-Thora CharronEyes:Mynerva- SoulHeart Eyes -DriftWood-Zarothan WylderShoes:LeLutka-Pow Pumps(Tan)-Minnu PalenSocks:Zaara-Nishar legging-nude-Zaara KohimeRing:LaGyo Atratus ring copper-Gyorgyna LarniaBag:LeLutka-Meanity bag/brown-Azufr3 CatteneoShirt:LeLutka-Irma shirt cream-Azufr3 Catteneoshorts:R.icielli- Joanne high waist short  smoke-Antonietta Pelazzi
Quicky Post hope you all have a great day <3

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el fauno

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 A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world. She dreamed of blue skies, soft breeze, and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess' soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning...Horns:Female Horns Titania's Court Riann Maltese
Mask:Illusions Deer Mask-Siyu SuenLook One:Hair:LeLutka-OFRA hair - Metal
Ring:LaGyo Metalla ring silver-Gyorgyna Larnia
Socks:Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Fog Sock Apatia Hammerer
Boots:p.c;Typhoon Boots- Gray Cici Vonderheide
Dress:R.icielli - ALDA dress white tinted gray- Vliet Troncon
Bodysuit:epoque-Lace Onesie - Grey Vintage McMillan
Look TwoHair:LeLutka-POMPAI hair- Metal Thora Charron
Skin:&Bean- Pillow Pale five-Keiko Morigi
Top:(epoque) part of Rigid Bodysuit- Grey Vintage McMillan
Skirt:LeL.Ultra]-SPIKE Nude Thora Charron
Socks:Royal Blue Nora Batty Socks in Dack Egg Marni Grut
Shoes:Royal Blue Treading Lightly Pumps in Silver  Marni GrutLook Three
Shoes:TokiD bowback grey shoes-maya Levane
Cardigan:LeLutka-IBERO cardigan gray-Azufr3 (Read more...)

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I wanna do bad things with you……….

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Hello I think I used to blog here!
I'm slowly creeping back into Sl after the most amazing summer off travelling and spending time with my family,But now that the cold nights are slowly creeping back, so will I be :P
I wasn't planning on posting tonight but I very much got inspired after seeing the new sexy little Mack It Jacket from Lelutka.
Hope You Enjoy the Post.

Skin:&Bean-The Pale Anger kicks-Keiko Morigi
Eyes:Mynerva-Soul Heart Eyes-Charcoal -Zarothan Wylder
Hair:lamb. Glass Candy-Ink-Lamb Bellic
hair2:Loq Hairs- Hot Chocolate Black-Gia Pawpad
Jacket:LeLutka-Mackin It tan-Azufr3 Catteneo(New out now)
Tattoo:S o H-Phoenix tattoo faded-Seven Mornington
Socks:ZC-Nishar socks knee nude open toe-Zaara Kohime
Gloves:MekaNoiZe Labs- De/konstruk Black Gloves (shop closed)
Bag:LeLutka-Cadmio bag- Azufr3 Catteneo (New out now)
Note Book:Scribble- Moleskine (Blythe)-Radio Signals
Shoes:Royal Blue- Secretary's Dream Pumps-Marni Grut
Boy:Azufr3 Catteneo

p.s being away for so long it's bit over whelming and taking me a little while to sort out inventory and note cards so please bare with me Love always Vanity x

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Killer Shoes

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Hey guys The 2010 Shoe Fair of SL is now open to the public!


 Tough Love By Royal BlueShoes:Royal Blue - Tough Love Boots in Hot Pink and Pewter <3 New shoe fairSkin:LeLutka-E/Estellelight-makeup1Tattoo:Aitui Tattoo-Sacred Pain Top /faded/ IBangle:LaGyo-Cuspidis bangle blackBodySuit:Collaboration with Dare and Oh Mai included in the single Ladies III pose set (here)Necklace:LaGyo-Triumphi necklace silverHair:Laqroki - Volcano - 01Ring:{theosophy}:Melville Ring<3Pose Del May
 Enya By Kookie ShoesBody Suit:Oh mai- Asymmetry Bodysuit Freebie
Boots:Kookie-Enya Black wash <3(new)
Leggings:Magic Nook- Disco Pattern
Necklace:MANDALA- KAGETORA necklace
Tattoo:AITUI TATTOO - Sacred Pain Bottom
Eyeliner:duboo.eyeliner3 tattoo(gatcha)
Bangle:LaGyo_Cuspidis bangle black
hair:[KA] HAIR Attachment from the Zuri skin
SkinLeLutka-Estelle light-makeup1
pose Dare shoe fair poses(new)

Caerau By theosophySkins:&Bean - Old Bones Guillotine (potters field event)Lash: glow Studio- Devilicious 00 (nose)Clutch:LeLutka-Salento Clutch silverJacket:LeLutka-Vanity Jacket BlackLeggings:Tee*fy- ILoveZebraprint Leggins (Grey)Tank:Tee*fy ILoveZebraPrint Loose TankHair:W&Y New132Shoes:{theosophy}- Caerau Studded Pump(new) Shoe Fair <3Ring:{theosophy} Melville RingPose Del MayTp to shoe Fair Now
Love Vanity

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Look One:Hair:LeLutka-Pompai hair- Powder Thora CharronHair band:DP yumyum:Feather Katyusya(white) Toraji Voom(new)
Skin:-tb- Arsenic Blur Makeup Julliette Westerburg(Blur event Skins) (new)Lashes:Glow Studio:Devilicious 00 Anemysk Karu
Belt:LeLutka-Quimbaya Belt White-Azufr3 CatteneoTattoo:flowey. heart or head? Flutter Memel
Ring:LaGyo Sense of life ring silver Gyorgyna Larnia
Shoes:Maitreya Gold  Allure-Sock -Onyx LeShelle
Dress:Tee*fy Yurim Dress Nude Chest-Azure Electricteeth(new)Bag:MayoNaise Gatcha Tomoyo Breatman(Albero Summer Gatcha Festival)(new)
Look TwoHair:LeLutka-Jenniffer - Powder Thora Charron
Stockings:(Ooh LaLa!) Seam Stockings - Nude-Nylon Pinkney
Skin:-tb- Hazey Blur Makeup Julliette Westerburg(new) Boots:Kookie:Bonnie Desert Kookie Lemon(new) Pantys(Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit Bottom - Cream Nylon Pinkney
Necklace LaGyo Imber necklace silver white Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Bangle:LaGyo Pretiosa bangle silver white Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Belt:R.icielli - VANESSA belt /cream Fhara Acacia
Dress:Tee*fy Paito Dress Creme Shoulder Azure Electricteeth(new) Bag:Milkmotion:The bow Bag Marie Lauridsen (coming soon)
Poses Del May

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Lost At Sea

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Necklace:(FD) Summer Peacock-Toast Bard
Socks:Naive :Ankle Green-Leah McCullough
SkinDutch Touch:XaYa cream - Soft Iki Ikarus(new)
Shoes:LeLutka:Pow Pumps Olive/yellow
Clutch:Orta- Stella clutch in Sky (Gold)Valena GlushenkoHat:Cockles Straw Hat - Lace C-Xerras Azalee(new)
Hair:I love olive:Blown hair Brown -Yura Gazov
Ring:LaGyo Shield rings gold/black Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Top:Tee*fy Off-Shoulder Top Azure Electricteeth(new)
Skirt:LeLutka-dark khaki Skirt Part of the Armenia Dress Azufr3 Catteneo  
Eyes: evening sky - small-Lano Ling
Shoes:LeLutka-Saffron Pumps-Minnu Palen
Hair:lamb. Sour - Twix-Lamb Bellic
Skin:Dutch Touch:XaYa-EagleEx Iki Ikarus(vip gift)(new)
Skirt:Orta- part of Sophie gown in creme-Valena Glushenko
LaGyo Gladiis necklace copper Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
LaGyo Novelize headband white Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
LaGyo Sense of life ring silver Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
LaGyo Shield rings silver Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Clutch:LeLutka-Salento Bronze Azufr3 Catteneo
 Hope your all enjoying your weekend Love Vanity

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Ignacia Fire

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  This post was inspired by Anemysk Karu part of the glow studio team has just released four amazing lash sets that all based on the four elements air, water, earth, and fire.I used the lashes from my favorite set Fire, the lashes in each set are just breath taking like tiny little art canvases for your eyes< i may have to do a blog post to show all the elements :P    

Skin:(bodyline)Sara (from the good shit hunt)by Nedeko Kohime <3 this skin so much so happy there was an addition make up in the huntHair:W&Y Hair New20 type A by yukitan FarrjonesEyes:Poetic Eyes-evening sky - small by Lano LingLashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Fire by Anemysk KaruSweater:Gigi Couture Orange Velvet Sweater Modified shorter by Giana PaineSkirt:*COCO*_Bubble Skirt(Leopard)by cocoro LemonBra top:[dekade.] *Micro* Bikini top black (freebie)by Kira AhnNecklace:Earthtones-Ganesha Necklace Gold Long (chest)by Lucas LamethEarrings:[Mandala]Takayana gold by kikunosuke Eel Bangles: Earthtones Leopard Bangles by Lucas LamethBracelet:[Mandala]Lotus chain Bracelet by kikunosuke Eel Anklet: {Zaara}Nizam Payal (anklet) by Zaara Kohimeheadband:Extremely modded necklace from Mandala wore on the head don't try this at home I was super bored and was linking and un linking for ages.… Read the rest


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Oh great, we break down in the Middle of nowhere...
there's nobody in sight...
We Search for a way out of here....
VanitySocks:Mocha Loose Socks-flexagons VillotaTattoo:Devol:Hail the jewel in the Lotus Tattoo-Kaori MasalaBoots:[0N] Wo Boots -Mai RunoBody:[LeLutka]- part of Armenia dress dark khaki Azufr3 CatteneoBag [LeLutka]-Cafetero Bag/brown -Azufr3 Catteneo(new)Hair:[LeLutka]-Pony dark Modded Thora CharronBelt:[LeLutka]-ITAGUI Belt/Dark Khaki -Azufr3 CatteneoSkin[LeLutka]-Lola Dark Minnu PalenNecklace:Mandala Kagetora necklace-kikunosuke EelShorts:Maitreya Jeans Shorts Charcoal (no prims version)R.icielli - GABRIELA military jacket /white bottom-Fhara Acacia(new)[LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown (new)

skin: DEN-DOU Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2 by denchu Dencheyes: DEN-DOU eyes II -Black- by denchu Denchhair: booN LUV205 hair brown by boo NakamuraJacket: Brown Jacket by Kal Rau(NEW)
Shirt: SHIKI-long sleeve shirt w/vest white & grey by Shinichi Mathy
Pants: [LeLutka]-RENE Pants/Antiquewhite by Azufr3 Catteneo
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Oafs by Kookie Lemon
Sunglasses: [LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown by Azufr3 Catteneo(NEW)
Bracelet: Basilica Cardinale Wood Bead Rosary Necklace by Cardinal Sin

props Kurotsubaki Trunk
Shade Throne st Suitcase (mid) /brand new
Set built by Myself using props from Cloud 9

 Shadow test :P To Be Continued...............Read the restVanityPetroStation3smaller-1.jpg picture by vanityxuk

Vanity vs Manity

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Really wanted to get Manity out the closet, he was feeling rather neglected Like this long over due Love for Emery Post.Another Love is this Sara Skin By Nedeko Kohime Its her first skin line and i'm praying she continues im in love! Ive never been a fan of teeth skins in fact i really hated them in the past but the the Teeth on this skin is the best Ive seen in sl, looks very natural.Most of the poses used int his post are by Del May and if you have yet to see and try out her poses I highly recommend you go and try them there the most expressive poses Ive seen in sl really has an amazing eye for poses.
Vanity   Shoes:LeLutka-Saffron Pumps Electric PinkEarrings:aesthetic Pink Disco Earring Socks:UnTone Quilt Mokomoko Socks (shops now closed)
Hair:booN XFE275 hair black(new)*love this hair so much*
Eyes Zuri -Walnut Redgrave(new)Skirt:LeLutka-Medellin skirt black(new)*the textures and shape of this skirt is amazing makes your ass look super*
Skin:(bodyline) Sara (teeth)(new)
Bangles:Schadenfreude Bangle and Jellies
Belt:Emery - Belt Double RoseLeggings:Emery - Legging Roxe Floral 01
Top:Emery - Top Roxe Owl #02  
Manity Skin: Den-Dou Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2
Eyes:Den Dou eyes II -BlackShirt: Emery - Sweater One V #Gray
Jeans: Emery - Denim Singer #1
Hair: booN LUV205 hair brown
Shoe: {theosophy} Airth Boot (Coal)Belts: Emery - Belt Double #YellVisor: Emery - Visor #Blue 
VanityHair: Maitreya Sunday - Pitch
Necklace:Shade Throne The perfect Tune Nec (Read more...)

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Sunsets and Pineapple….

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Feeling Fruity? Como Setsuko Made this super cute ruffle dress called Sia, I loved the pineapple print on this version it also has a shirt only option, I wanted to play around with a couple of looks with them <3Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Bag:d-lab:shopping basket(gatcha) by dazai VoomSkin: Mai bodyshop Mia Midnights (closed right now).Necklace:Sole ebony Necklace by shouko KantoBag:Glow Indian Passion (dark green) by Anemysk Karu
Hair: Analog dog Dive by Queue Marlowe(also the flower in my hair is from here)Shoes:SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Siddean MunroDress:Yozoh* sia op - callia by Como Setsuko
Bangles:ZC : Nizam Choodiya by Zaara Kohime

Bangle:LalALa Bracelet by LeeZu(old gift)
Skin:Dutch Touch Amber eagle by iki Ikarus
Dress:LeLutka-CALI dress in moss by Azufr3 Catteneo (new)
Over Top:Yozoh* sia top - sopha by Como Setsuko*(new)
Feet:SLink Jolie Pied Flat Pivoting by Siddean Munro
Bag:DCCXXIII BAG02 MINI by natu Ellils

Head Jewel: Suvarna kundan head jewel 1by Zaara Kohime
Belt:bijou: Lioness waistbelt edited by Kotobuki Jewell
Skirt:oyakin*fril-miniskirt2Yozoh* sia top - callia by by Como Setsuko*(new)bangles:ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles)by Zaara Kohime
Anklets:ZC : Nizam Payal by Zaara Kohime Caribbean basket Super old item I did have a look around to see if it was still there but could not find it but my pc takes rather a long time to load its by Creamshop.… Read the rest