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Real Life is calling me.

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Hello All, As much as I have loved taking pictures and exploring Second Life. I have decided to turn my attention more to my real life for a bit as it has become very hectic. I am sure I will be back some day, till then take care and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

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My new kitchen nook

Good evening everyone, I have a quick post to share tonight. I set up a new kitchen nook and wanted to share it. I am really pleased how it turned out. I really like the little details. See the list below for details on where you can get your own set.

Rupsy Roo - Phone Chat Bench (L$189) & Mail Organizer (L$125) - Pecan     -- Each item comes in 8 Wood Colors, that can be purchased separately.     -- Phone Chat Bench  is mesh, 4 LI,  with 12 Male & Female Animations.     -- Mail Organizer is mesh and 1 LI.
 irrie's { Dollhouse }  Gacha! Love Always Set    -- The Short Short Trailer RARE (4LI)    -- Tip-Me-Over Teapot (3LI)    -- Sorry Sweetheart Chocolates (1LI)
StoraxTree  Bistro Bagel Basket
    --  Bagels are texture change, 5LI.
 Kaerri - Pieces from the Fabulous Complete Living Room Set, can be bought separately.     --  Fabulous Apples - 4 LI    --  Fabulous Apple Bowl - 1 LI    --  Rattan Balls w/ Owl - 3 LI    --  Shell Planter- 2 LI
The shelving and refrigerator came with the home...see below:

The Monterey Home (L$4,490) by Maven Homes is a single floor home with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, large wrap around windows and a roaring fireplace.… Read the restSecond Life Home and Garden Review

One big ol’ balancing act….

Evening Everyone! Life is one big balancing act for me right now.  I am slowly working my way through the backlog in real life and second life.

Tonight I want to share Just BECAUSE's cute Danika Top, which is a release for this month's UBER. This cutely patterned shirt is fashioned after a Bandanna Halter Top. It is open in the back with three spaghetti strings tying it shut. Very cute detailing. You can change the color of the strings and the beads hanging on the strings. I have the fat pack. It comes with fourteen color options for the top. You can buy the colors separately too. This design is compatible for Belleza Venus/Isis/Freya, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and come in Standard Sizes. These items can ONLY be found at the UBER Event until the event closes, and then they will be added to the mainstore and on the Marketplace. You can read more on Just BECAUSE's designs on the Just Because blog.
My Cora Shorts (L$200) are also a newer release by Just BECAUSE.Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Fashion Reveiw

Passing on through the gates of life….

Evening everyone, it has been a bit, hasn't it? I am not sure how to write this info as it kind of hurts to put it out in public, but I know a few of you care about the going-on in my life. My mother passed away last weekend, so I am a bit cheerless right now. I am sure I will bounce back once the shock of it passes and my routine falls into place once more. I want to thank you all for the personal message and support you have given me through this time. 

In order to try cheer myself up I pulled out my little fawn out. Gauze updated their Faun and Demon Hooves with omega and slink appliers along with giving the legs a face lift and adding new colors. They look great! There is a natural and fantasy color set available. Each set comes with six leg shades. Also from Gauze are the Sollux Troll Horns. The Troll horns come with twelve different styles of horns. They are modifiable and can be tinted to match your outfit.
The Fuzzy Bunny Tail  is by Half-Deer, which I re-sized down and tinted a brown to match my legs.… Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Fashion Review

Bringing a bit of Morocco home…

Good evening everyone, today I spent a bit of time on adding a few new corners to my SL home. I just felt like a bit of change. It was my luck that several of my favorite home designers had some awesome stuff that just fit perfectly with what I was wanting. I am quite pleased with how it turned out so I thought what the heck.. let's share it!

I wanted to create a sitting corner that would transplant you to a Moroccan setting. For this I found several pieces from [Circa] and StoraxTree, both long time favorites of mine.

[Circa] has created the Epiphany Sun Settee Set (L$2,400) as an exclusive for the 24 Event, available from Sept 11 - 19. This set comes with a settee seat including 44 female sits, 16 male, and 18 sync'd couple animation sets for a total of 96 positions.  The couple's sits range from sits, lays, reading, chatting, cuddles, to kisses.  The settee has 10 fabric color combinations & 5 wood tones.  The side table comes with 5 matching wood tones and branch vase attached.  Lastly, included are 4 hanging lanterns (2 LI).  Great for fall setups.… Read the rest

Haunting the Shores

Good evening everyone. It has been been a busy few days since my last post. I so looked forward to logging on to Second Life today to do a bit of photography.

I was happy to see that Just Because released a beautiful new dress! I love Just Because's designs and always look forward to seeing what Annie Melson imagines up. She is one of the few designers I have followed since my introduction into Second Life.

The Annabelle Dress (L$250) is a long flowing gown with a criss-cross back. It is an original rigged mesh creation from Annie Melson. It is compatible with Belleza Venus/Isis/Freya, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, plus all five standard sizes. It is available in fourteen vibrant colors.

Zibska is another of my favorite designers I follow closely. I love the eclectic designs Zib Scaggs creates regularly. They challenge me to push my imagination in my photo styles. In today's photos I am wearing the Quintini Headpiece, Shoulders and head/shoulders orbits.… Read the restSecond Life Role Play Fashion Review

Purring Adventurers

Good evening everyone! Miss me? I sure have missed you! If you have not heard, I have been away because my mother has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. For those who don't know the stages, this is terminal. They give her maybe six months to live, it is inoperable.The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity for me to transform her room for home hospice and make her as comfortable as I can in her last days. I appreciate all the kind words and support I have received in note cards, IMs and emails. They really have helped me stay on track and strong. Thank you.

I was quite excited to find myself with enough free time tonight to get on Second Life and dig through my inventory for a few goodies to share with you all. I felt a need for cuteness -- something to make me go awwww and take my mind off the dark clouds. I was quite pleased when I came across the Dinkies Game of Thrones Outfits from Designs by Isaura.

Now I know these are not my normal avatar types, but I couldn't resist going out and purchasing the Dinkies Ginger Mesh Kitty Avatar (L$400) by Tiny Inc.… Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Dinkie Fashion Review

Underwater Evening Wear

Good evening everyone, tonight I wanted to share with you Entice's current free group gift, the Waltz with Me Gown.   It is an exclusive gift only for Entice group members, so you will need to join the group. It is free to join.  You will need to pay L$1 to the vendor but you get it back. The outfit includes the dress in six standard sizes and a texture change HUD with three color options. Along with the dress, there is an amazing set of Waltz with Me Earrings available for free too! These are awesome pieces you do not want to pass up.

The beautiful Tabatha Beaded Necklace is a wonderful new creation from Maxi Gossamer. It comes with 9 color textures available by touch. It is available at FaMeshed this month. Also at FaMeshed, there are matching earrings to go with the Tabatha Beaded Necklace, sold separately.
For my avatar:

The lovely skin is from the Chronicle Drow Skin Collection in the Frost skin tone (L$800) by Gauze. The drow skin pack comes with four tones, Coal, Silver, Frost and Snow.… Read the restSecond Life Roleplay Fashion Review

Pretty Little Demona

Evening everyone, I have a pretty little demon for you tonight. I am tired so not much on words. I hope you enjoy her.

The lovely skin is from the Chronicle Iridescent Skin Collection in the Luster skin tone (L$800) by Gauze. The Iridescent skin pack comes with four tones, Albino, Dream, Luster and Thistle. The Chronicle line features skins for Women, FemBois, and Men, all sold separately. The Chronicle skin line is available in a wide selection of 9 color sets. Each set comes with four lovely shades of the selected skin color. Appliers are sold separately for The Mesh Project, Slink, and Omega.
Also by Gauze are the DragonBoarn Eyes in Onyx (L$100). The detailing on these mesh eyes are amazing. They come in a set of five vibrant colors, perfect for your dragon or demon kin avatars. They are also available at We <3 Roleplay till August 30th. 
The Boggart Uni-Ears (L$399) are from .:SOUL:.. Uni-Ear collection. The set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears HUD, Alpha layers and instructions.… Read the restSecond Life Fantasy Fashion Review

Warrior Princess? All the sweeter….

Good evening everyone!

Tonight I have a few pretty shots to share of a few things I hastily put on from my inventory so I could go check some events out today. I really liked how it all went together so I finished it off and took  a few shots to share. 

My regal outfit is a combination of the Joanna Outfit Gacha (L$30) and the Hera Crown & Mask Gatcha (L$30), both gacha sets are Sweet Lies Originals available in the main store. The Joanna Outfit Gacha consists of 5 rare armor accessories (collar and bracers) and 6 common dresses in vibrant colors. The Hera Crown & Mask Gacha consists of 4 common crowns and 2 rare crowns and masks. I really like the quality of Sweet Lies' designs, they are highly detailed and very affordable. This is a designer to keep an eye on! 

The Hammer of Doom part of the Norath EpicWeapon Gacha set. It is an older Gacha item by !dM [deviousMind]. I found it while wandering the booths at the Corrupted Gacha & Arcade Yardsale.… Read the restSecond Life Fashion Roleplay Review

Ombre Fades: We Love to Blog Challenge #3

Good evening everyone, tonight I wanted to share a couple photos I created for the We Love to Blog Challenge #3: Ombre/Fades. The challenge was to create a post using the theme Ombre Fades, having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

I went with two items for my Ombre Fade challenge items, The Sirenas Dress and the Elvire Hair. I was given the wonderful  Sirenas Dress  by  Sweet Lies. This pretty fit mesh dress is a gacha item available in the new round of the Enchantment, August 14 to September 4. The theme is Little Mermaid. It is only 50 lindens each play. There are six common and 3 rare colors to collect. This beauty is a must have!

To go along with the beautiful dress, I added the Ligia Collar and Bracers (L$30/try). They are both original designs from the Ligia Gacha Collection, also by  Sweet Lies. The Ligia Gacha Collection consists of three color sets (green, blue, purple) to win.… Read the restSecond Life Fantasy Fashion Role-Play Review.

Communing of the Seafolk.

Evening everyone, today I have spent quite a bit of time on Flickr again. I get distracted by all the pretties. Today I got lost in the Mermaids in Second Life,  Second Life Merfolk, and Undersea Second Life. They are chalked full of such beautiful creations. So inspired was I, that I had to create my own photos to honor the theme. Of course it's not "beautiful" per say...but I think they are quite enchanting in themselves.

I decided there were just too many mermaids and decided I needed to try to create a balance. Just joking, I actually got an amazing Iston Fantasy Skin from Deluxe Body Factory as the Free Group Gift for this month for male members of the group. The group does cost to join, but the group gifts are well worth the fee. The Iston gift comes with one skin, Uni-Ear appliers, Eros/Kissers applier and Slink hands and feet appliers.
The back Ligia Dorsal Fin Mesh Blue (L$30/try) is a Sweet Lies original from the Ligia Gacha Collection.… Read the restSecond Life Fantasy Roleplay Fashion Review

Falling forward, floating in fashionable silence.

Good afternoon everyone, today I have a pretty whimsical post to share with you. Earlier today I was browsing flickr when I saw this beautiful picture. It was an action photo of a female avatar in a jump on a solid blue background with slight wavering lines of a lighter blue through it. Here is the photo that inspired my post. It is by Feather Light. I was so inspired by it I decided to give it a try myself. Of course, mine looks nothing like the one I was inspired by. I never can seem to mimic another's work very well, my stuff always tends to take on it's own style but I think what I have created is just as fabulous and well worthy of the inspiration Feather Light's photo gave. 

The beautiful dress is a combination of Entice's La Tortura Dress (L$150) and Zibska's Blanchefleur Set (L$300). 
The Blanchefleur Set includes coronet & shoulders in two versions (with and with out spikes), chest, chest orbit, lower orbit, upper left leg and lower right leg pieces color change via HUD with 10 color sets for main, accents and spikes.… Read the restSecond Life Role-play Fashion Review

A Day in the Life of a Forest Guardian

Good afternoon everyone, I have a quick share today. Got tons of housework I must get done. It's wild how it tends to pile up when all you do is play on second life (smiles). 

For my outfit I chose a new release by BlueMoon Enterprise (BMe) called Celtic Breeze (L$249). This is a fitted mesh outfit consists of two leggings, skirt, corset, poncho, hood (up or down) and bracers. It is compatible with both regular standard sized avatars and SLINK Physique. This is an exclusive color for We Love Role-Play August.
The wooden Nereus Crown by Zibska is also found at We Love Role-Play this month. It is available in five colors (L$120/each or L$180/fatpack). It is easy to re-size to get the perfect fit too.

My avatar consists of:

The Misumi Skin is the current group gift from Deluxe Body Factory The Deluxe Body Factory Group costs 190 Lindens to join but is totally worth the money as the skins are worth a ton more and you have access to previous months gifts and special group slap boards.… Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Fashion Review

Enticing Beachwear

If you have not had a chance to wander The Aloha Fair yet, you still have till August 10. There are tons and tons of great designers with amazing summer trends to see and buy. Today I have four great outfits from Entice that you can find at The Aloha Fair. I am a bit tired so it won't be as wordy as I normally make them.

Entice's Riptide Bikini - L$1 Gift, comes in Camo, Ocean, Fun, and Dots patterns.

Entice's California Love Swimsuit is available in  Beach, Glitter, Leopard, and Punk patterns. Each HUD pack is L$250.

Entice's Cocomo Trikini is available in    Blue Zebra, Carnival, Mermaid, and Stripes.Each HUD pack is L$250

Entice's Happy Hawaii Dress is available in Flowers, and Leaves patterns. Each HUD pack is L$250.
Country Necklace (Gacha L$25/play) by Persefona for the ROSS Fair, I think ended earlier this week, but not sure. I couldn't locate any information on it really.… Read the restSecond Life Fashion Review

Just BECAUSE I have FAITH I am beautiful.

Good evening everyone, today I felt like a very pretty woman in Deluxe Body Factory's Faith Skin for Slink Physique (L$1,799) and Visage (L$790).  The Faith Skin is available in a several sets. Each set comes with five modifiable shapes in standard sizes, two faces; 1 natural, one make up, four skin tones; vanilla, tan, cocoa, espresso and appliers for slink physique, hands and feet, EVE body appliers, omega body appliers.  The Faith Visage Head appliers come with all four colors, same as the physique appliers.

To use the Faith Slink Physique and Visage appliers you will need to purchase SLINK's Mesh Body Components, The Physique Mesh Body  (L$1,250) and a Visage Head - Becky (L$2550), along with AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance High Feet (L$675) .
The Visage Head Becky Pack (L$2550) comes with five standard body shapes, mesh head, five mesh alphas, three base skins, a neck patch and the Visage Utilities HUD, which offers twelve expressions along with various options to open/close eyes, hide different layers and clear current settings.… Read the restSecond Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events


Good evening everyone, The We Love to Blog Challenge for this week is "The Rule of Three". I thought I would share three great items that is on sale from Entice. I absolutely love getting a new outfit from them. Their style is fresh and chic and I always find the perfect look for my mood in my Entice folder.

The first outfit features Entice's  Vogue Dress and Heels, each sold separately for the 60L Weekend Sale starting 8/01/15. The dress is available in Blue, Lilac, Peach, Pink and Salmon. It will only be   L$60 for a week, and then it will only be available on marketplace at full price (L$100). The shoes are available in Black, Blue, Citrus, Lilac, Peach, Pink and Red. It is also L$60 for a week, and then it will only be available on marketplace at full pricee (150L).
Maxi Gossamer is having a Summer Raffle ! If you buy the Rose Heart Necklace (L$299) for sale in her in-world shop and you will automatically be entered in to the raffle and could win the REAL LIFE STERLING SILVER version of the pendant.… Read the restSecond Life Fashion Review

Fancy a Bit of Posh Pixels @ The Lexi Project

Good evening everyone, I have a new goodie for you from The Lexi Project. The lovely Moondance Fae is an amazing outfit by Posh Pixels.  The outfit includes Corset Gown, Ribbon Thigh Boots, Ferronnier and Wings. 
My pretty Druids Staff (L$175) is by Bite & Claw for The Fantasy Collective till August 15th. It comes with a scripted and un/scripted version for your hand or back. I love the shape of this staff and the orb glows very nicely in dim windlights. A must have for any magic user/druid.
The sparkling Pear Gem Necklace (L$280) is a wonderful find from !Musa!. It comes with a texture change HUD that allows you to resize the necklace for the perfect fit and change colors (5 metal colors and 16 Gem colors) for endless color combinations. It is available at the Cosmopolitan till August 2nd. S0 hurry!
The Cord Wrap Bracelet are new releases by IT! (Indulge Temptation!). There are three color packs available. The bracelets are 100% mesh, materials enabled, HUD driven, resizable (x,y,z), with 8 color options.… Read the restSecond Life RolePlay Fashion Review

Times may change but Sirens stay the same – HAWT!

Good evening everyone, tonight I an interesting photo shoot for you today. A little more bare than I normally do but I couldn't resist tying all this together in to a unique siren look. She is a little bit saucy and little bit dangerous all bundled into a cute colorful bundle.

The lovely iridescent skin is from the Chronicle Iridescent Skin Collection in the Thistle skin tone (L$800) by Gauze. The Iridescent skin pack comes with four tones, Albino, Dream, Luster and Thistle. The Chronicle line features skins for Women, FemBois, and Men, all sold separately. The Chronicle skin line is available in a wide selection of 9 color sets. Each set comes with four lovely shades of the selected skin color. Appliers are sold separately for The Mesh Project, Slink, and Omega.
The sharp pointy mesh teeth and mouth are  :Soul:  Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Chompers. I love this mouth and teeth!   Each mouth kit comes with a mesh mouth, mesh teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier, Kisser Hud loaded with textures to match all select Soul skin tones and Nine lip colors.… Read the restSecond Life Roleplay Fashion Review

How to look cute and not burn if you are one of the undead.

Good evening everyone, tonight I have the cute  Lara Beach Dress  and Laura Shoes to share with you. Both items are creations by Rowena's Designs for The Lexi Project. The dress comes in five standard sizes, a fitmesh version for both Slink Physique and Maitreya,  along with a texture change HUD with six color textures. The shoes also come with a texture change HUD with six color options to match the dress. They are made to be worn with SLINK AvEnhance High Feet (L$675/set). 
Along with the High Mesh Feet I am wearing the SLINK AvEnhance Elegance Hands   (L$675/set). The hands and feet are very easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. Everyone one needs these as basic components to their avatar... your hands and feet will look so much better.
The Raffia Beach Hat is by  Maxi Gossamer. It is available in two versions, with patterned scarf & lining and also without patterned lining.… Read the restSecond Life Role-Play Fashion Review