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Belle Morte giftie

So I made some new shoes for my store, Belle Morte, and I have a special pair of them available as a gift to my subscribers ( you can find it in the history if you are new to join ^_^) Lots of other updates and gifts coming soon!  ~Worn in Photo~  Hair – Dura Skin – [AL Vulo]  ( group gift)  Eyes – Noir Optix  Makeup – Beauty Killer Teeth – YoPulga ( private room)  Shirt – SU Piercing – Pekka Collar  – [forge]  Jeans – [NV]  Hospital Bands – EBT Bracelets – Boom Shoes – Belle Morte ( subscriber gift) … Read the rest



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Fang Banger

For today only, A:S:S has a cute fangbanger mesh tank set available for free!  The tank comes in a variety of sizes to fit both male and female avatars   ~Worn in Photo~  Hair – Truth Skin – Illusory ( TDR )  Eyes – Noir Optix  Makeup – Beauty Killer  Fangs & Blood – Death Row Designs Tattoo – Medley ( dollarbie )  Necklace – *CentoPallini* ( group gift )  Tank – A:S:S ( limited freebie )  Panties – A:S:S … Read the rest

I Gave You the Keys to My Heart, and You Gave Me a Black Eye

Gave you love, Gave you a heart All you gave me broken heart Broken heart, I want it back Broken heart, I got it back
Gave you love, Gave you heart All you gave me broken heart Gave you love, Gave you heart All you gave me broken heart
~Worn in Photos~  Hair – red mint ( group gift)  Skin – Glam Affair ( Colabor88 )  Eyes – Noir Optix  Teeth – ::YoPulga:: ( private room event)  Eyeliner – Beauty Killer  Bruises & Blood – Death Row Designs ( MM board )  Keys – MIASNOW ( rooftop yardsale )  Tank – Death Row Designs ( MM board )  Jeans – [NV]  Necklace – Munique ( private room event )  Wrist Bands – [hate this] ( group gift ) 

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So when out killing zombies… going barefoot is not such a good idea akshully lol… In other news, [Al Vulo] has a new group gift out and it’s purty <3 ~Worn in Photos~ Hair – /Wasabi Pills/  Skin – [Al Vulo]  group gift  Eyes – Noir Optix  Eye Liner – Beauty Killer Heart Lock Necklace – Snowbound  Iron Cross Necklace – Zombie Suicide ( lucky board)  Piercing – Pekka Tattoo – Juicy Box  Top – Cute Poison ( new release)  Skirt – Piccara ( group gift) … Read the rest

Blue Monday

Just a quick one today as I’ve been packing and cleaning all afternoon lol but I am so in love with the new skin from Illusory at Colabor88 and had to share lol. For more information on the event head to or stop by the event space of course lol.  ~Worn in Photo~ Hair – Magika  Skin – Illusory ( colabor88)  Eyeliner – DAMNED eyes – Noir Optix Dress – Intrigue Co. ( colabor88)  Necklace – Caramel… Read the rest

Road Warriors

Not feeling terribly chatty so on with the shopping list <3  ~Worn in Photo~  Hair – Truth Lobotomy Scar – REPULSE  Eyes – REPULSE Eye makeup – DAMNED piercing – Zombie Suicide  Earrings – HOD ( chic2 birthday event)  Lip Gloss – Censored ( xy room)  Collar – [forge]  Necklace – Snowbound Tattoo – Juicy Box  Top – Cheeky Shorts – SF designs ( 25L monday mania)… Read the rest

The Jeckyll to my Hyde

Ok just a quick one tonight cause well.. I’m tired lol…but I have some cuteness to show you from the new round of XY Room   Am I the only one who has this issue with mesh dresses *points to bewbs* a size larger is too big and a size smaler doesn’t work soooo I’m stuck? I guess i could adjust the girls so to speak but rly? anyway Its a cute dress so I’ll deal lol.  ~Worn in Photos~ Photo One Hair – Truth  Skin – Ploom  Eyes – REPULSE Piercings – Pekka Lipgloss – Censored ( XY room cheapie)  Necklace – Retro ( stuff in stock freeb)  Dress –  [beyond the stars]  ( xy room cheapie)  Photo Two Hair – Truth  Skin – Ploom  Eyes – REPULSE Lobotomy Scar – REPULSE Eye Makeup -[SaKrO] ( xy room cheapie)  Lipgloss – .::Censored::. ( xy room cheapie)  Tattoo – Juicy Box  Dress – 1hundred ( xy room cheapie)… Read the rest

Color Me Cute

The Color Blocking Fair is on JUne 2nd through June 16th and there are a lot of great cheapies to grab there! Many 10L items and a few less than that   ~Worn in Photos~  Photo One Hair – !lamb  eyes – Insufferable Dastard ( june group gift)  piercing – pekka juice box – yoyo9  ( 10L @ SL Korea event)  necklace – ?? ( 10L at color blocking fair)  Skin – Modish ( 10L at color blocking fair)  Shorts – Retro ( 10L at color blocking fair)  Photo Two  Hair – Ploom  Eyes – Insufferable Dastard ( group gift)  piercing -pekka skin – Modish ( 10L at color blocking fair)  Juice Box – yoyo9 ( 10L at SL Korea event)  Necklace -?? ( 10L at color blocking fair)  LIngerie – [Ngelic] … Read the rest

Depraved and Addicted

With the impending zombie apocalypse seeming more and more near what with face eaters and people throwing intestines at each other, what’s the one thing you need to know? How to distract a zombie! When it comes to this zombie, all you have to do is put a gacha machine out.. really, it’s sad how quickly they stop me lol.  Depraved Nation is having a summer gacha festival so naturally as a gacha addict I had to stop by and throw some lindens into the machines lol.  It seems that there aren’t many stores in the event so I am assuming others will be setting up later?I’ll be checking back on this one ( and picking up a few things in other colors lol) but the items out now are all super cute and super low prices   Worn in Photos:  Photo one –  headband – [monso] ( Korea SL lucky board)  hair – truth Skin – My Ugly Dorothy ( Korea SL lucky board)  Collar = [forge] tattoo – juicy box  tape – Epic  piercing – pekka Eyes – REPULSE Carved Stomach – REPULSE  Leggings – Sour Pickles ( Depraved Gacha Festival)  photo two  Hair – !lamb.  Skin – my ugly dorothy ( korea SL lucky board)  eyes – REPULSE  collar – [forge]  piercing =pekka tattoo -juicy box  Tank – Razorblade Jacket ( depraved gacha festival)  carved stomach – REPULSE  hospital bracelets – NSFW  photo three  Hair – Raw House ( group gift)  Skin – my ugly dorothy ( Korea SL lucky board)  piercing – pekka plugs – .anywhere ( depraved gacha festival)  collar – [forge] tattoo – juicy box  tank – razorblade jacket ( depraved gacha festival) … Read the rest

Otaku Usagi

So I finally got a chance to make it to the Korea SL event and I am soooo in love with the event location for this one.. omg I really don’t think it could be any cuter.  On top of the adorbs location there are some pretty adorbs dollarbies to be had and lots of win in the lucky boards!  Worn in Photos:  Headband – [monso]  ( dollarbie)  Hair – Boon  Eyes – REPULSE Skin – [mother goose] ( dollarbie)  Makeup – DAMNED  Glasses – Malizz Yiyuan Creation Mouse – Psycho Byts  Top – [arnadi] Collar – [forge] Backpack – Gothic Dreams ( no longer available?) Pants – .:AlterEgo:.… Read the rest

Time for a Quickie!

Perverts the lot of ya’s. 😛 Just a quick one tonight from me as we have a typhoon blowing in ( like literally my apartment building has a moat now haha yikes!) ( check out the adorbs bikini! I saw this one blogged over at VicioSL and had to have it and omg haven’t taken it off since. The lovely miss Alice rocks them MUCH better than I do but they are so so cute <3)  However, on to the point of the post Zom! Insufferable Dastard has sent out new group gift eyes! For those keeping tabs on that kind of thing they are mesh too   Worn in Photo:  Hair – Magika  Skin – Ploom Eyes – Insufferable Dastard (June group gift!)  Makeup – DAMNED  Forked Tongnue – Zombie Suicide ( lucky board)  Collar – [forge]  rosary – Sinistyle  Tattoo – Little Pricks  Earrings – CoLLisions ( May Horror Haute item)  Bikini – [Ngelic] … Read the rest

Like it Raw?

Raw House has a new group gift available ( and its pink yay lol) Group join fee is $200L I believe ( joined ages ago haha) but so very worth it as the gifts are always quality and adorbs.  Don’t forget to check out the sale wall while you are there as there are lots of past group gifties there that you can pick up.  Worn in Photo:  ( sorry for crappy editing I feel like shit today lol)  Hair – Raw House ( group gift)  Make Up – DAMNED  Skin – Skintimate ( 60L sale)  Earrings – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ( perfect wardrobe)  Collar – [forge]  Rosary – Sinistyle Tattoo – Little Pricks  Dress – L.Inc ( new release) … Read the rest

Cheeky Bitch

Finally got to go do a little shopping today and catch up on some of the weeklies and monthlies and omg a ton of sales really. ( what can i say I’m a cheap bitch…lol)  Worn in Photo:  Hair – TRUTH ( newish maybeee i think?)  Skin – Skintimate ( 60L rebranding sale!)  Makeup – DAMNED  Piercing – Pekka Eyes – Noir Optix  Scratches – REPULSE Collar – [forge]
Top – Cheeky ( grunge soul project)  Wrist Tape – Sinistyle  Tattoo – Glue Ink  Belt – <<the abyss>> Pants – Cheeky ( Designer Circle)  Boots – L&B… Read the rest

Gothica Goodies

Gothica has 2 new group gifts available this week!    Included in the gifties is the adorbs mesh jester corset. It comes in 3 sizes for those of us with a ghetto booty   slightly larger bums.     Also available are a number of previous group gifts as well as lucky boards ( 6 in all i think) and a cute outfit in the MM board. … Read the rest

Chop Chop Chop You Up

Death Row Designs has relocated and to celebrate they are having a 50% off sale on everything in the store!    Of course, as many of us know the store is already a must stop regularly for awesome MM boards and lucky chair gifties.    Of course, we all probably know by now that Zom’s not a girl who can say no to a new head wound or  bloody bits, so I’m showing you guys a few of the awesome gore items I picked up at the sale all for under $100L ( actually I believe they were all under $50L!)     ( this last photo totally does not do the item justice! The heart exposed by the open chest wound actually beats.. its pretty full of awesome lol) Death Row Designs Items Shows:   Fangs ( comes in many options for messy eaters or neat freaks)  Saw Wound  Axed Ripped Chest  … Read the rest

Minnie’s Done Takin’ Your Shit

ok so I saw this Minnie dress at Retro a while back while doing their little mini-hunt and have been wanting to do a post for it for ageees lol. Luckily, I finally have the free time to play a bit so here we go!  Alright, the dress isn’t a freebie but its rather cheap and good quality lol. However, check the shoes! They are so cute and there are a ton of different styles available ( along with LOTS of other things actually) at a cute little store in the wastelands called santo. I was really intrigued with this store, and love how in a world full of individuals aspiring for beauty and wanting to be the best looking AV on the block, they offer pretty awesome aged, dirty, and gritty skins.. sweatsuits! and lots of other really interesting items. Plus, come on.. it’s the wastelands lol. I could wander there all day.  Worn in Photo:  Helmet – ( unsure if still available.. will update asap)  Hair – Magika Skin – Ploom ( my attic event)  Lipstick – DAMNED  Piercing – Pekka Scratches – REPULSE Knife – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Collar – [forge] Rosary – sinistyle Tattoo – Little Pricks  Dress – retro Shoes – SANTO( freebie) … Read the rest

Dead Dolls Presents: The Lucky Lobby

The Lucky Lobby at Dead Dolls HQ is really starting to grow! We have boards from great stores such as Zombie Suicide, Lasaki, and Belle Morte with more added every day!  Stop by the Lucky Lobby to try your luck at winning some awesome prizes today! We also have the horror trivia going so you can win some Ls while you wait! Interested in adding a board from your store to help promote your items? Contact Zombina in world to set up a board today!… Read the rest

Hiding in My Attic

The My Attic event is on and there are a TON of cute items to be had there for under $100L including poses, clothing, hair, and more!  My favorite from the event though has to be the Ploom hair. Shown is the candy version of the hair which has my 3 favorite colors: pink, lime green, and black. I was so excited to see this one there lol.  Also shown is the skin available from Ploom… which, I have to admit. I had NO IDEA Ploom did skin! Is this new…. or am I just a moron lol.. either way I’m so glad I saw it I love it! Worn in Photos:  Hair – Ploom ( my attic event $95L)  Skin – Ploom ( my attic event $95L)  Eyes – REPULSE  Piercing – Pekka  Collar – [forge]  Necklace – Snowbound  Dress – elymode ( my attic event $95L)  Stockings – blowpop  Boots – <<The Abyss>> Psst… you can find images of the items from  all of the participating designers from Dead Dolls in the event over at the Dead Dolls blog!… Read the rest

Farewell to Arms

So I’m late blogging this one ( I’m having a slow day haha what can I say) but DV8 is having a closing sale! It’s hard to believe that a store that has been an installation in SL for so long is leaving, but we all have our reasons and of course I wish both Vasha and Dys the best in whatever the future brings for them.  I really admire everything they have done for the goth community, and know they will be missed.   Before DV8 is gone forever though, they have set everything in the store to 50L! This means hair, clothing, shoes, everything!     Make sure you stop by this one soon and grab your favorite pieces from DV8 at a great price before they are gone forever.   … Read the rest

Like a Drug, Like a Change in the Pain it Goes On…

Just a coupla things today, but I had to show you guys the new group gift from Beauty Killer. I so love this store lol. Group is free to join too! Also shown is the group skin form [HUSH] for May.  Worn in Photo:  Hair – !lamb  Eyes – REPULSE  Skin – [HUSH]  ( group gift)  Piercing – Pekka  Necklace – Snowbound Shirt – Beauty Killer ( group gift)  Jeans – T.Whore… Read the rest