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The event My Attic is wonderful this month. It has a gorgeous new build too that you can check out while you shop the event. I am wearing an original mesh dress by Kaithleen’s, shoes by Livalle (formerly L. Warwick), and purse by Pure Poison- all found…

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Livalle for 21 Shoe; Stellar Lingerie at MSO

L.Warwick is rebranding under the new name Livalle. She will be using her amazing talent in 3D design to branch out into items for your home as well as continuing fashion for your avatar. Today for a few more hours you can go to the main Livalle store …

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I love shopping in SL. It is all kind of stuff I don’t need and thats the point! It is stuff I want. Like this new jacket and fuzzy boot combo from Candydoll at the Sad November event, for example. I had a hard time picking a color because there were s…

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Celebrating 12 Years!

Last weekend Hiram and I celebrated twelve years together. Our anniversary is November 16th. We were first married in The Sims Online in 2002 and have played off and on in a variety of online games since then. It is now 2014 and I can’t imagine my life…

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November Jacket

Sassy has this great three quarter sleeve leather jacket at the Sad November event. It comes in 9 colors and the fatpack comes with a color change HUD to change to all the colors! I am going out of my comfort zone and using other windlights besides min…

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FuLo at Liv Glam

There are a lot of new talented designers that have joined the Liv Glam team recently. Today I am wearing a dress by the FuLo designer Dita Tran. Dita owns FuLo which is an accessory/ jewelry store and she is teaming up with Liv Glam to branch out into…

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Business Casual

I have some cute stuff on today. My jacket is new from Ducknipple, shoes are L.Warwick and come for both men and women, and my pose is new by EverGlow at the new round of The Liaison Collaborative. I am standing in front of my Rare Glam Affai…

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Wedding Clearing

I have taken a few days break from blogging because I was focused on my wedding! SQUEE! It was late last night and I am going to blog a few posts about it and this first one is just going to be about the place and decorations. It was magical, romantic,…

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Eudora 3D Steampunk Enchantment

Eudora 3D is participating in the Enchantment event for November. The theme is Rumpelstiltskin and Eudora 3D interpreted that into really intricate and elaborate steampunk design boots and hat. This is an event that has a “stamp card” and 20 participat…

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Cirque de Seraphim

Cirque de Seraphim is a charity event to benefit ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) As of this morning they have donated over 1,000 dollars (400,000…

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Pink Princess

I have some more pretties from Fantasy Gacha Carnival today. My amazing hair from ploom comes with one of the prettiest hairbases I have ever seen. It is a high, poofy, long, curly ponytail style with a bow! You can find ploom Mystic version 1 and 2 at…

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Hiram Got a New Skin..and Outfit

Hi, this is me, Kirsten. I don’t look like myself today? Well that is because I am blogging my other half and getting a little bit of male fashion on my blog today. Hiram has been wearing the same skin for at least the last two years. It is a good skin…

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Maai is at The Big Show with some very sexy lingerie named Opium. It is on multiple layers as well as a plethora of appliers and I am of course showing it on my Slink Physique (curvy shape). I love Maai’s lingerie and this set has four colors available…

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Cutie Patootie Giraffe

So.Much.Cute! My outfit started with the 50% charity donation (ASPCA) necklace from Cae at Cirque de Seraphim that is two entwined giraffes and the cutest necklace EVER! Then I needed to hold my giraffe plushie and wear giraffe ears! I went with t…

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Autumn Leaves

I got busy and time has almost run out at the Halloween Fair which ends in two days, November 7th. Kaithleen’s has a really amazing original mesh dress at this fair though that I truly think you should not miss. It might just be my favorite Kaithleen’s…

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Eudora 3D has beautiful sexy heels open on the sides with a zipper in the front. The open sides reminded me of this new Rebel Hope dress. The designs definitely compliment each other and look sophisticated with just the right touch of sexy. The Elvira …

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Master Jacket

Looking for a new Fall Jacket? Ducknipple has a new release and one of the items is this great leather coat with a hoodie sweatshirt underneath. Both the jacket and hoodie texture change into 12 colors via HUD. Included in this new release is also four…

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Fantasy Gacha November

Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens again November 4th with a ton of magical delights! If you follow my blog and/or plurk then you know that I am highly addicted to Gacha with over 70 blog posts dedicated to Gacha prizes. I have shared the reasons before and …

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Sn@tch is having a 50-75% off sale this weekend until Monday November 3rd. I love the mesh body applier section that has all kinds of items organized by parts: Lolas, wowmeh, ghetto booty, and Physique. I got these “adorable” fishnet stockings in 14 co…

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Spooktacular Happy Halloween 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2014I guess you can call this costume Skull Girl. I also want to note that I am wearing tattoo layer and underwear layer on my slink physique at the same time. I hope you have a spooktacular day!Looking for fun things to do? If you…

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