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Alicia; blueberry fitted for Physique

   My friend Alicia (see us here), is so cool she had a pose pack made in her honor by oOo Studios. You can get the three cute poses in the pack today for only 50L as part of 50 Linden Fridays. This pose in the pack fits me today because its …

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Snow Bunny

I love bunnies! I have bunny hair, bunny mittens, bunny scarf, bunny glasses, and a bunny jacket! So. Much. Bunny. SQUEE! I am just too cute for words. My very cute poses are new from NanTra at the Relay for Life Christmas Expo in the pose pack ca…

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ploom 12 days of Christmas; Hucci fitted for Physique

ploom started its third annual 12 days of Christmas event yesterday. Every day from now til Christmas there will be a special hair and pose that will be 50% off until December 31st. I am using the cute pose from Day 1 called Gifted in the above picture…

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Second’s Angel

A very amazing thing happened last week. A second life designer, Violaine Villota owner of Fancy Fairy, was asked to use her wing designs in a real life Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which aired on TV Tuesday December 9th. New World Notes blogged abou…

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Neveah by Maai

Maai has a new in store lingerie release that I love. This is Neveah and it comes in five colors in a variety of body and part appliers. I am showing it on my Slink Physique. It comes with the brocade corset, panties, garters, and stockings. The back o…

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Rustic Beauty

Look at this very intricate, casual, rustic jewelry from Eudora 3D. The bracelets are at We <3 Roleplay this month and my necklace is a Rare in the Gacha machine at The Men’s Department. I am not sure if these were intended as a set or not, but I th…

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What a cute pose! NanTra has a sledding pose pack called Whoosh at the current round of The Instruments. There are six poses included in the pack. You do have to be able to rez to use these because they are adorable static pose props. My colorful snowf…

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Forever in Blue Jeans

Ducknipple has a ton of new releases under its 20 Five label. My favorites are two new pairs of jeans. The designs under this label all come with a 5 color change HUD and so both pairs of jeans in this post come in 5 denim colors via HUD. Thi…

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Candy and Mint

Kaithleen’s has a new original mesh short cropped jacket at Winter Trend that is available in 15 different colors. Some of them are soft pastels, like I am wearing, and some are darker tones.  There are a ton of great items at Winter Trend. You ne…

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Yesterday I blogged all the bright, cheery, playful Arcade items I got and today I am blogging the pretty holiday decor I got. I blogged this Rare erratic chaise in both posts because it is color/ texture change which makes it very versatile. I love th…

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Whimsical Unicorn

One of the reasons I enjoy Arcade so much is all of the very cute, whimsical items. I love crowns, tiaras, unicorns, and rainbows and those things are usually in abundance at Arcade. This round I got the Rare Pixicat Unicorn onsie and the rare katat0ni…

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I have been a bit pre-occupied this week because December Arcade was amazingly excellent. In this picture you can see that I decorated both sides of my door with Apple Fall’s tabletop trees which are one of the gacha items in this round of Arcade. My s…

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Be My Baby

Liv Glam has a hot new coat just in time for the cooler temperatures. This is a Red Label item which means it is semi-exclusive mesh and you won’t see it very often in game. Liv Glam’s new fur trimmed coat comes with a 31 dual color change HUD too. You…

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Sexy Holiday

Looking for a sexy holiday look girls? I have it for you today. Put all this on your Christmas list! First these new Eudora 3D shoes are coming to uber tonight at midnight SL time and they are so amazing. Jenn has a beautiful lace/crochet pattern overl…

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Black Friday 2014

I don’t enjoy sales in real life today for so many reasons: no parking, crazy people, limited numbers of the items I actually want, and the list could go on and on. However Black Friday in Second Life is nothing but Total Fun!Top 5 Reasons I love Black…

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Ducknipple has some great new releases. I really like this leather studded top with its almost wing like design across the bust. The shoes are also new and made for your slink high feet. My high-low skirt is Ducknipple also but a past release that you …

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Devoted to You

I am exploring Pidgeon Island today and its really fall beautiful. I am in my curvy Slink Physique shape with some great appliers. My top is from Sassy! at the current (and last) round of The Big Show. This event will change to anyBody next round to fe…

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katat0nik Fitted for Physique

katat0nik has been making all kinds of items fitted for Slink Physique recently and that could not make me happier. I am going to show three of them in this blog post that can be found at collabor88, Geeks N’ Nerds (above top), and The Kawaii Project. …

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Return of the Nerds

I am so excited that Geeks N’ Nerds is back again this year. I had so much fun last year at this event  that I have been not patiently waiting on its return. This picture is pretty accurate but does not capture all of my geek. I am a few parts sma…

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SYSY’s Lauren Fitted for Physique

If I married a millionaire, I would wear a different tiara every day. I blogged My Attic yesterday and mentioned how amazing it was. It is so good, I doubt I will even get it all blogged before it ends at the end of the month! Today I am drooling over …

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