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I am a very sexy kitty cat! Putting this costume together started with this hair by lamb at collabor88. I needed this hair and then I decided the hair should be part of a whole costume. I wanted to wear my curvy shape and found this applier latex …

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Thank You Chadni Khondji, Hopscotch Owner

Thank You Chadni Khondji the owner of Hopscotch. Chandi sent out slink physique updates to her Dotted stockings to everyone that had previously purchased them with slink feet appliers only. I thought this was really nice and wonderful!I am re-buying a …

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EverGlow is Vintage and Cool

EverGlow has 4 sets of skateboard poses at The Vintage and Cool Fair. Two of the sets are wearable poses that you just attach the skateboard. The other two sets are skateboard props you sit on and therefore have to be able to build on the land you are …

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Mystic Fantasy Spellbinder

The Mystic Realms Faire is currently open til the 26th and there are tons of gorgeous fantasy items. If you are looking for a costume for Halloween, this is a great place to check out. I am wearing Eudora 3D sandals, ploom hair, G*Field outfit, and usi…

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TAG Gacha

There is a new gacha event, TAG Gacha, that is a whole lot of fun and very different from anything else I have experienced in SL. On opening day there was quite a bit of lag at the start of the event, Gachatopia, but once we got going it was prett…

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New, hot shoes by L.Warwick are out now at L’accesoires Le Ponpon Sweet 60’s event. I am being a bad girl and wearing the same lingerie in two posts, but I have a reason for that. I was wearing this lingerie and shoes and getting ready to tak…

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Sassy! Sophie Skin

Sassy! Sophie Skin Sunkissed BlondeSassy!’s designer Ivy Burner is one of the best painters on the grid. Her hand drawn texture work is always gorgeous with perfect seams. So I was thrilled to find out that she drew her first skin. This is Sassy! Sophi…

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I used to go to Inspire Space Park a lot in my early days of SL. It is a peaceful place and I always enjoyed floating around in the space theme. In my busy life I kind of forgot about it and was excited to find it still in Second Life. I think it is a …

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Darling Halloween Things To Do!

This is as close to orange and black as I get- more peach and black. I will let the pumpkins be orange. They do it way better anyway. I don’t like orange, but I love October and Halloween. I especially love them in Second Life due to all the fun spooky…

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Liv Glam has some new, short, sexy sequin dresses and I love them! Every Other Freckle comes with an optional jacket and color changes into gold (shown), blue, or black sequins. There is also another HUD (2) with a vibrant color pattern in teals and re…

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Fall Leaves

The leaves are changing all over the place and I know that because I see it in pictures and on TV, but I live in Florida and we don’t have a lot of trees that have leaves that change. That is why I really enjoy fall leaves and trees in second life sinc…

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Maai Lingerie

If you need lingerie for your Slink Physique, or pretty much any other body part you can think of through use of the Omega system, then you should go to Maai. Maai is releasing some great applier lingerie! You can count on beautiful perfect hand drawn …

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So Sexy…It should be illegal

Let’s start at the bottom. These very unique original mesh wedges from L.Warwick are so sexy and edgy. You can find them in 10 colors, made for both slink and belleza, at this month’s uber event. My sexy leather outfit is new from Ducknipple and this n…

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Classy Candy

I love this outfit. I love the colors and the classy style and the touch of cute cupcakes. Eudora 3D has some really classy cupcake heels at The Candy Fair. I love the mix of super classy covered in a cute whimsical texture. These heels are for your sl…

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It is Friday and since I have not been blogging with my alt, Lingerie, it seemed fitting to cover hot boots today. Those of you that follow fetish fashion in SL will know the store Dominas Duo that specialized in fetish boots and shoes. The designer Gi…

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Pose- NanTra Candygram 5 @ Candy FairThe Candy Fair opens tomorrow October 3rd and there are so many sweet treats! I am showing you poses by NanTra and EverGlow, shoes by L.Warwick, hair by Atomic, jewelry by Cae, and dress by the sugar garden- all exc…

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Golden Glow

There are quite a few cute things at the current round of TDR Fusion. I got my skirt, shoes, and purse there and as you know most items are 70L or less making this a great quality, discount event. My hair is brand new by Truth and its a great half…

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Suicide Dollz has about a week left in this bi-weekly event. You can find these great, sexy dual high slit skirts and crop tops from cheeky at the event in 5 different colors/patterns. I am mixing the red and black sets in my look today.Hair: .ploom. N…

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Dolly Dress

Zenith has these adorable two tier dolly dresses out at Kustom 9. How cute is this dress? My jewelry is named Candy by Kunglers. I mentioned this in another post- you should go check out Kunglers’ jewelry section because there are some really exqu…

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G Field Annis

I miss G Field a whole lot. I wish Cerberus Noel would make Slink add-on shoes! I am glad she has been releasing a few things again though but not near enough. I want more. My skirt and top are both new at by G Field. They are really well m…

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