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Liv Glam @ Dope Spring Fashion Week; Cosmetic Fair Spring

Liv Glam is at Dope Spring Fashion Week (Blog)  (April 21-26) with 4 exclusive designs. I am wearing Waking up in Vegas a metallic two tier mini-dress that changes into 6 colors. The top and skirt also change independently or you can change the wh…

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The Devil Inside

A new round of Suicide Dollz just started 2 days ago and there are so many goodies! I have three of them in my outfit today: Miranda studded shoes by L.Warwick, black leopard sexy garter socks by cheeky, and tied up top by Death Rocker Betty Crocker. M…

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Happy Easter 2014; Pose Fair

Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of chocolate bunnies! My adorable bunny jacket is from The Sugar Garden at The Seasons Story and unlike most jackets you can wear this one with prim boobs. My shoes are Phantasm by L.W…

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Self Picnic

cheeky has an adorable new high waist belt skirt out at 100 Block. It is available in 7 different colors with a slight tone on tone lace texture and the belt changes into 13 different colors via HUD.cheeky Belt Skirt @ 100 BlockMy pose in the first pic…

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Fetish Friday: AtaMe Mame and a Sexual Meme

Long, Formal, Thigh-high slits, and Latex make a very sexy new creation by AtaMe. You can get this gown in red or black latex and find it in the new releases section of the main AtaMe store. 
So I have been thinking about the Sexual Meme that Strawberry did a few weeks ago and I have not done it because I could not decide which avatar to do it with. Kirsten is my main but Lingerie embodies my wildest sexual wants and desires. For those of you that can read between the lines, yes, all of the bloggers on kirstentacular are really the same RL woman. Although its the same RL me, my answers to these questions would vary slightly with each avatar because I definitely intend to answer them from my SL perspective. So after much contemplation, I have decided to include my answers to the Sexual Meme with my Domme avatar, Lady Ling. 
Sexual Questions: (from Me as Lady Ling in SL)
  1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – I am mostly attracted to men, however there is something enticingly provocative about dominating a beautiful female form too. I don’t really label myself because I fall in love with people  not genders. 
  2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. - I really love V shaped abs and that little muscle on the bottom that makes that shape possible. Something about that muscle makes me all kinds of excited. The picture on the right kind of sums that all up nicely. Tall, dark, and han (Read more...)

Dawn of Radiance

Ducknipple has some great new releases. The Sita Corset with stud covered boobage and 12 colors on the upper chest via HUD is one of the three brand new releases available. I chose to accessorize this edgy corset with some rare pastel studded mouse ear…

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Beach Bum

I think it is time for cold weather to end and time for beach bum lazy summer days! Kaithleen’s has a new unique original mesh one shoulder short overall at The Comic Fashion Fair. You can find these shorts, which I think make a cute swimsuit cover-up,…

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As usual Liv Glam has a wide array of specially priced clothing. When you teleport to the main store there are a number of outfits all around the outside square. This one, Sky is Over, is a new Thursday special outfit for only 99L this week. The Thursd…

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Sweet Life

I went nutso with the 8f8 Sweet Life Bakery at Season’s Story. I had to have it all because it is just so cute! The rare tram comes with 6 single poses and 4 couple poses. You can see one of the couple poses above. pose: elephante poses Sweet Noth…

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Dance All Night

Maai has a really fun brand new release! Fitted mesh latex gloves in 24 colors sold in 8 different color packs in sets of three. They come with a HUD that allows you to change the hands into 6 different hand positions too!You need these new gloves in y…

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Blue Birdie Bliss

Sometimes things just come together in beautiful harmony. My outfit is from 6 different designers and 3 different places. I miss doing that with mesh. Sometimes it is sooo hard to mix and match with mesh, but then every once in a while -like today- eve…

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Fetish Friday: Kcreations Strictly Business

Kcreations just released a sexy little original mesh “business suit.” You know, for all the important “business” you need to do in latex and leather. This design comes in three different texture possibilities: leather, latex (shown in this post), and s…

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As I have mentioned on my blog previously, I love sci-fi and fantasy. So it should not be a surprise that I am a big GOT fan. Last Sunday season 4 premierred and in SL an event called The Secret Affair with a got theme also started. My aisling dress co…

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These beautiful, fun shoes were released yesterday in 10 gorgeous colors by L.Warwick Handmade Shoes. These are the first design by this brand for our SLink high feet. This brings new meaning to the words sexy wedge! The materials enabled texture is fl…

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Need for Speed

Looking for something new to wear to the club? Sassy! has you covered…or uncovered…however you want to look at it. =) This sexy dress, Need for Speed, was brand new for the last round of Lubbly Jubblies, but since it starts new each month on the 15…

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Princess Perfection

I felt like the “Fit for a Princess” event was made for me. It was a bit like what I imagine finding your home planet might be like for an alien. This dress, Principessa, by Junbug might be the most gorgeous example of princess perfection I have seen i…

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Skull and Bones

I have three new items on today that I am enjoying. My top is new original mesh from Cargo and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. My skirt is brand new from Ducknipple and comes with a 12 color change HUD. Cheeky has these torn and cut up l…

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Party In My Head

I just have a pretty dress to show you today. It is lined (two sided high quality mesh) and that works well with the high slit and pictures and moving around SL. You get 6 different pretty textures with this purchase. I love the mesh build of this dres…

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Fetish Friday: MV Chemicals & Circuitry

This is a new release from MV: Alternative Fashion. It is a brand-spanking-new PVC, latex and neoprene reinforced goodie with Chemicals and Circuitry dresses that come in the Illiad Corp. line of 16 color options!Letis Tattoo :: Je t’aime :: 75% :…

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Sassy! Rock Attitude

Sassy has a brand new shiny leather skirt and vest combo that is exclusive to the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair (RAFF). The set comes in 6 colors and it is mesh so the fatpack will come with a HUD so you only have one copy of the clothing items and can ch…

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