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Kirsten’s Digits and Basics April 2015

     Mesh Bodies have changed our second life drastically in many ways. One way is the possibility to break away from standard sizes and be the shapes we want. With applier clothing and mesh fitted to the fitted mesh avatars, the possibility to be unique in our size and shape AND still be able to wear the newest clothing has not been this possible since before mesh hit the fashion scene. I am super excited about the possibilities! I am wearing two mesh bodies: Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique: and I have made two shapes for each body that I am using regularly at least as my base shape. I still need a standard size shape because I have so much clothing only in those sizes and many designers are still only making standard sizes as well. However, I find myself wearing my curvy shapes as much as possible because I prefer them in every way. Welcome to my Digits for 2015!

     So there are my digits for 2015 and how they have changed as I wear mesh bodies.… Read the rest



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Fetish Friday: Hugo’s Design Omega Appliers

      As I said in my first post back to fetish blogging, I decided on the Maitreya body because fetish designers that were making appliers were mostly making Omega. I even talked to a few and asked them to make some other varieties that I really think would increase their sales. I think if you are making appliers you should make Omega, Physique, and TMP. Those three will cover a large part of the market share and I think make your time worthwhile as seen in your increased sales. Just my opinion though. Anyway in spite of this argument, I was told by the fetish designers that I talked to that they were only going to make one applier and that usually was Omega. It does cover much more bodies and body parts so I understand. 
    Hugo's Design was definitely one of the fetish stores that entered into my decision process. They have made Lolas and Azz appliers in the past, but now they are solely making Omega and Slink hand and feet appliers.… Read the rest

NanTra at Pose Fair 2015

     NanTra is at Pose Fair 2015 with this great stool prop that contains 6 poses and their mirrors, 12 poses in all, called Situate. They also have a female superhero pose pack with some fun poses in it. Both are new exclusive releases at Pose Fair. 

     I was very excited about the Truth updates this week. Both this sexy updo and a longer wavy style with the front pulled back in a loose puff were new Truth releases this week and I love them both! My beaded top is new from Blueberry and can be found in the main store. There are both a dress and a top version, and the beads have 47 different textures and change independently of each other. My whole outfit is fitted mesh and I am wearing it fitted to my Slink Physique with my curvy shape. I am also loving the Katra Glam Affair skin that is new at collabor88 this month. 

Pose Prop: NanTra Situate Pose Stool @ Pose Fair 2015
Ring: (Yummy) Princess Ring
Top: Blueberry - Beaded Tops - Slink - White *NEW*
Pants: Bueno-Debra Pants-Black-Physique
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer- Athena - E2
Attached: Slink Hands, High Feet, Physique
Hair: Truth Nayeli *NEW*
Shoes: {Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Noir (Slink)/ Teleport to Livalle
Skin: Glam Affair - Katra skin [ Jamaica ] Party 02 @ collabor88 April

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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The End

     I am a big Walking Dead fan, so when I saw one of my favorite characters from the show just hanging out in SL- I knew one day I would find a post-apocalyptic outfit worthy of Daryl. FATEplay has some great end of the world outfits for both men and women, Max and Tina, each in five texture options. Both outfits include a pair of boots, Turner, that look fit to wander the wastelands of our doomed zombie-infested world. These will be exclusive new releases at The End, a quarterly, post apocalyptic themed sales event brought to you by Seraphim. The End opens April 16th and "ends" May 5th. 

Outfit: FATEplay - Tina (Belt, Jacket, Mask, Pants) - Alt / Teleport to The End (April 16th)
Boots: FATEstep - Turner Boots/ Teleport to The End
Hairbase: booN cornrows hairbase blonde
Hair: booN MMK375 hair blonde
Skin: Glam Affair - Katra skin [ Jamaica ] @ coll88 April
Tattoo: L'Emporio -Owl-Tattoo-3 Fades-+ App
Pose: F*cking Ninjas' Prepare for Glory Pose + Katana

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Hopscotch at Pose Fair 2015; Livalle Nymph Boots

     You can see the lights as they shine on my materials enabled Livalle Nymph boots which are just exquisite. These will be released April 16th in the IDK event. They will be available in 10 colors and come with an adjustment HUD which lets you change them from leather to shiny patent and also they have three levels of alpha cuts so you can wear them with all your pants with ease. They are also fitted to Maitreya Lara, Physique, Belleza, Utilizator Kemono,  Avatar 2.0, and Default- making perfect fits with your mesh bodies.  
All of my poses come from the My Jam pack by Hopscotch at Pose Fair 2015. There are six fun music themed poses in the pack.  I decided this pose pack needed some of the new Pretty in Punk fashion at collabor88 this month. 

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* My Jam @ Pose Fair 2015
Hair: .ploom. Inge - Ploomage/ Teleport to ploom
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer  Skull - Jewelled - silver + black diamonds
Bracelets: Pomposity - Studded Bangles
Dress: The Secret Store - Gloria Zipped Dress - Grey/Black @ collabor88 April
Jacket: The Secret Store - Nana Cropped Bomber - Coal/Skulls @ collabor88 April
Leggings: (Nylon Outfitters) Ripped Front Zip Leggings - Black @ collabor88 April
Headphones: TRUTH  Maiko Headphones [Splatter]
Shoes: {Livalle} Nymph -Lace-up Boots- Patent Noir (Maitreya) @ IDK (April 16)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.0
Skin: Glam Affair - Katra skin [ Jamaica ] Party 07 @ collabor88 April
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: E (Read more...)

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Diesel Works at Pose Fair 2015

     Diesel Works is at Pose Fair 2015 with this chair pose prop as an exclusive new item. It comes with 5 sexy poses and I think its a great deal for 299L. My lingerie is by Maai, Sabrina. I missed blogging it when it was at an event, so now it is in the main Maai store. This is a very sexy lingerie set available in 4 colors and they each come with Omega, Physique, and TMP appliers. I am showing this set applied to my Maitreya Lara with my curvy shape. If you need sexy lingerie for your mesh bodies, you definitely need to take a trip to the main Maai store where you will find some of the best hand drawn lingerie on the grid. 

Pose Prop: Diesel Works - SideWays (Prop) *NEW* @ Pose Fair 2015
Lingerie: MAAI Sabrina lingerie * Black/ Teleport to Maai
Hair 1: *ARGRACE* Saki - Sandy Blonde
Hair 2: Magika [Hair] Written
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.0
Shoes: N-core ENDLESS "Fatpack" for SLink High Feet
Skin: Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica - 10

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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EverGlow at Pose Fair 2015

     EverGlow is at Pose Fair 2015 with five new pose sets. I showed the new set Soft in a previous post and I have two more to show in this one. This first pose set is called Fresh and consists of ten poses. My dress is a new release from cheeky at 100 Block. It has a cute bow on the back and comes in five color options. My collar is new at Cae and is part of this weekends ROMP event. Romp is a quick event and ends when the weekend does. You can find this collar in both a regular and a scripted open collar version at the main Cae store. See more of the Fresh pose pack below. 
EverGlow Fresh at Pose Fair 2015

     Kaithleen's has some floral re-textures of their wonderful Rockabilly dress at the current round of Designer Showcase. It comes in four floral patterns at this event for the month of April. The poses for this outfit are EverGlow Afternoon pose set at Pose Fair 2015. My Livalle shoes are also a floral print and a new release at ON 9.… Read the rest

Fetish Friday: terra design at Pose Fair 2015

     Pose Fair 2015 opens tomorrow and terra design is featuring a two in one combo pose set as one of their new pose fair exclusives. They caught my eye because they are both Dominant female and submissive male poses, Ride and Mine. I really liked them both and they are a steal at only 99L for BOTH poses. Pose Fair opens tomorrow so make sure to pick them up when you visit. My friend Don helped me out by posing with me, thanks Don!

     My corset dress is a brand new fitted mesh design from DE Designs. This dress comes in a variety of colors and each one is fitted to the regular avatar, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, and Slink Physique. DE Designs has been making fine leather gear that is great for roleplay and fetish fashion alike since 2004.      My Pixel Fashion boots are a pre-fitted mesh body purchase. At the time they came with a Wowmeh/ Phat Azz version and that is the one I am wearing. It works ok with my Maitreya Lara but not perfectly.… Read the rest

New coldLogic

     coldLogic released a bunch of Spring newness yesterday, some pretty dresses, jackets, and pants. I fell in love with these polka dot jackets, baxter. I am wearing the undershirt that you get with the navy jacket and the black (coal) jacket. If you get the fatpack, you can mix and match the undershirts and jackets with ease giving you lots of options. I did want to mention that the undershirts are made for these jackets only and not stand alone tops. This makes the layering a possibility when you are wearing mesh without the undershirt poking through as you move in your AO animations. I adore the stripes and polka dots together!        I also wanted to mention that all the new coldLogic releases are coming with five standard sizes and also a fitted mesh size for Physique. I am SO excited that coldLogic is including fitted mesh in their clothing now and I am showing this set fitted to my Physique.       My shoes are from the new store FATEstep, Chloe pumps.… Read the rest


     So much fashion to talk about today! I think I will start with my sexy slip dress. A brand new store opened last week, Miss Chelsea, and although they do not have a lot of items yet- what they do have is original mesh and it's really promising for the future. They also have their clothing in both standard sizes and two fitmesh sizes fit to Physique and Venus. I am showing this dress fit to my Physique with my curvy shape. Take a trip over to the new original mesh store, Miss Chelsea, and try on some demos. 

     All of my poses in this post come from the KK Nantra pose pack that is currently available at the April round of The Instruments. The first picture is pose 3 in the pack and I think it is one of the sexiest poses I have seen in a while, HOT!
     My Aviator shades are new from Livalle and they come with a Hud that lets you change the frame color into 18 colors and the lens tint color to any color through a color pallette selection box.… Read the rest

Spring Fever

     NanTra has some amazingly cute new couple poses at Designer Showcase. This set is called Spring Fever and there are three cute poses available for only 125L each at the event. Hiram and I needed some new cute couple poses anyway so these came at the perfect time. 

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I careWhen you put your arms around meI get a fever that's so hard to bearYou give me fever
When you kiss meFever when you hold me tightFever! in the morningFever all through the night

On Kirsten:
Top: Hucci Waana Tank - StrawberryIce (PHYSV2)
Shoes: Essenz - Tenerife (Brown) Slink *NEW*
Jeans: Foxes-Throw Back - Jeans - Boot - Medium -Dark *NEW* @ uber
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer- DewDrop Glass Bead Set
Attached: Slink Hands, Flat Feet, Physique
Hair: TRUTH  Fynn
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly Skin - Lovely Day [ Jamaica ] 0

On Hiram: 
Sneakers: Redgrave TONY - Blue
Hair: Exile::Take It Easy
Shirt: Cold Ash FitMESH v2 Size - Henley Shirt *NEW*
Jeans: Lapointe & Bastchild Jeans "Classic"
Bracelet: blueberry hill - guitar pick bracelet (amazed)
Skin: Hermony Symon ST4

Poses: {NanTra} Spring Fever 1, 2, and 3 @ Designer Showcase

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Fetish Friday is Back

     I have not blogged with Lady Ling in 9 months. You can find all the fetish fashion posts ever posted or that will be posted on kirstentacular under the label, Fetish Friday. I did a few fetish inspired posts with Kirsten, because as my readers know by now- it is all the same dominant me in real life.  However, I was really missing my Domme avatar with a strong dominant square jaw uniquely beautiful to her. My hesitation has been the changing landscape of the game with mesh bodies and all of the cost and expense that goes into updating an avatar combined with a few core challenges. It has been exspensive enough to update my main avatar and I was not sure if I wanted to update my alt.  I also did not want to continue to blog with a normal SL avatar because after getting used to the beautiful curves of a fitted mesh avatar- I honestly can't stand how the SL avatar looks anymore.

     One of the core challenges was that my favorite skins were Belleza.… Read the rest

My Garden

     Hello, from my garden courtyard. Hiram and I have been decorating for Spring for the last week and I have to say I am loving my new space. I will be blogging everything in detail in my normal quarterly home post- coming soon. 

     My Rebel Hope dress is new at faMESHed. This original mesh dress has so many fit options- 5 standard sizes, fit to the standard avatar, Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, and Belleza Venus. I love fitmesh fit to my fitmesh avatars! I am wearing this dress fitted to my Slink Physique. It comes in six floral patterns and six striped textures. I think this is a wonderful spring dress; one of my favorite so far this season. My new Clawtooth hair can also be found at faMESHed. 
     I have been kinda busy this week and am a little behind on my blog reading. So AFTER I posted this blog post, I was told that my friend Alicia used my house to make her last blog post. When I went to look, not only did she- but we are wearing this exact same dress, lol.… Read the rest

Pinoy Hideout

     I have some new Cae jewelry and original mesh Maai shoes to show you today. I am visiting a very lovely "little town" sim called Pinoy Hideout. I saw it on Bitacora which is a SL travel and destinations blog. I have a few go-to travel blogs that I love that really make my job as a blogger easier. Bitacora takes much better panoramic location shots than I ever do so I won't try and just direct you to their blog to see the rest of this location. On to the new fashion up close!

     I am wearing two Cae coming soon releases that are both lovely. My ethnic inspired necklace and earring set will be coming to the new round of faMESHed April first and my very intricate and scrolly ring will be released at the new round of Fit for a Princess also on April 1st. All of the pieces are multiple jewel and metal change via HUD and the necklace has some nice colors for the dangly parts as well. You can also hide or show all three parts of the necklace separately adding even more versatility to these sets.… Read the rest


     New Magika hair, Eudora 3D shoes, and stunning Mandala jewelry are making my day! You can find the latter two at the new round of uber that opened two days ago. This is kind of just a LOTD post because I really love all of these items and how they go together as well. 

     I love this jewelry set so much that I fatpacked it. I did want to mention that it does not come with earrings and so I made copies of the rings and put them on my ears! 

Jewelry: [MANDALA]Princess-dogtag(Antique) Set *NEW* @ uber
Jeans: Blueberry - Flare Jeans - V1 - Slink - Dark Blue
Top: Blueberry - Tank Top - Slink - Beige
Shoes: Eudora 3D Kiania Heels *NEW* @ uber
Hair: Magika Friday *NEW*
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High  V2.0
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2- Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.1
Skin: Glam Affair - Sia skin ( Fairy Tales ) - Jamaica 07
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Blue
Poses: Flash Friendly Poses

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Nurse Betty

     According to the katat0nik designer, this is a waitress outfit. I get that, but I just see nurse- especially in this white version with red trim called Horney. You have to love the names of these outfits! So whether you are going with waitress or nurse, I think this could fit into several roles with ease. This outfit is fitted to Slink Physique and I love that because I can wear my curvy shape with mesh. You can find the outfit at collabor88 and the shoes at Kawaii Project

   These katat0nik Wingtip Pumps are so great! I had to fatpack them. I thought the fatpack was a great deal too. I am also really loving all the furniture at collabor88 this round, like this Trompe Loeil chair. 
Can I take your temperature? You seem warm!

Dress: *katat0nik* (Horney 2.2) Waitress Dress (Slink fitmesh) @collabor88 March
Headband: *katat0nik* (Horney) Waitress Headband @collabor88 March
Shoes: *katat0nik* (red/Slink) Wingtip Pumps @ Kawaii Project
Hair: .… Read the rest

Beary Pink

     This Pixicat sheer dress is really two dresses in one. The underdress is a solid sheath dress that is actually really cute too. Then the sheer over layer can be solid or floral via HUD. You can find this dress at the current round of Kustom 9. I found my bear themed adorable accessories at Sou by It is all cute and pink, making me beary pink!

Dress: -Pixicat- Sheer.Dress - Pink @ Kustom 9
Headband: .Atomic. Beary Cute Headband - Set 3 @ Sou by
Purse: Zenith=MiMi Biscuit Bag (Rose) @ Sou by
Shoes: Ingenue :: Pandora Flats (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Blush
Hair: TRUTH  Fynn
Skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin natural BLB
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Blue
Pose 1: The Muse Poses - Astralia 01
Pose 2: Posies Klone 1

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Iridescent is my Kryptonite

    I love pink and purple a whole lot, but Iridescent might actually be my favorite color. I can't ever pass it up when I see it whether its on a dress or shoes or whatever. Iridescent and shiny means that it must be mine. A new to me store, Espy, caught my eye at the current round of N21 with this Iridescent Purple dress. I did not see a demo which normally means I won't buy the mesh because I need things to work with my mesh bodies and so trying them on is essential. However, I bought this dress anyway and I have to say I am very glad that I did. It is cute, slightly babydoll in design, and Iridescent purple! 

     In other news, IKON just released a new eye series called Sovereign Eyes. I try and wear other brands of eyes and maybe I do for one day, but thats about as long as I last away from my IKON eyes. I love how realistic these eyes are! If you are an IKON VIP group member you can get some very pretty Sovereign green eyes as a free group gift also. I love getting new eyes that I really like!… Read the rest

Retro Rockabilly

     Oh I get excited for My Attic anyway, but this month the theme is Retro Rockabilly which is amazing. I am wearing a Kaithleen's dress, ploom hair, and using a Nantra pose prop- all of which you can find at the March round of My Attic for only 95L each. Remember this is a short event and will be over when April comes so make sure to go check it out soon for all the rockabilly goodies. 

     My cherry charm jewelry set is new by Dabble Dooya. Years ago I had something kind of like it before mesh and I have been looking for a simple mesh rockabilly cherry jewelry set to replace it and have not found one. So as usual when that happens, Hiram went in blender and made me one. I am really a very lucky girl. I ADORE this set! It is so cute! It is 100% original mesh and textures. You can find it only on marketplace in the Dabble Dooya MP store

     Kaithleen's Rockabilly Polka Dot dress is super curvy  and comes in 8 polka dot textures.… Read the rest

Girly Cowgirl

     The cowgirl outfits from katat0nik are so amazing! I love them all but I am partial to the girly set, cause pink! Fitted mesh dress, mesh boots, hat, and scarves make one of the cutest cowgirl sets to ever hit the grid. You can find them at Arcade March in three patterns/colors for 50L a pull each. I really think you need all 6 of the boot colors and the 3 hats at the very least! My friend Alicia and I dressed alike last night in these outfits and had a total blast.  See some non-high resolution screenshots and gif out-takes of some of our epic night after the credits.  

*katat0nik* (girly) Bee Fitmesh Dress @ Arcade March
*katat0nik* (girly) Honeysuckle Fitmesh Boots @ Arcade March
*katat0nik* (girly) Honeysuckle Hat  @ Arcade March
*katat0nik* (lt blue) Bee Fitmesh Scarf @ Arcade March
Magika [Hair+] Stay
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
Izzie's - Romy Skin natural BLB @ Skin Fair 2015
Izzie's - Romy Eyeshadow blue
Izzie's - Lipstick rose
Pose: Everglow Girls 525

screenshot by Alicia
Ok so first we went to a cowgirl stripper club and of course we got offered jobs because look at our cute!… Read the rest