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The Return

On 24th May 2015 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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Well, After 3 years the Blog is being revived. The Blog will be used to promote New Releases from my new store, [K3] Kandyland as well as promoting other brands too. I have fallen in LOVE with TheMeshProject Mesh head and body – as any of you who know me will know – and therefore most of my creations and blogs will surround TMP dedicated brands. This includes Soft Voices Creations owned by the fabulous SugarPutty Magic and Lithelfys Leratia, who very kindly let me squat on their sim. You can find Kandyland Releases here. You can find Soft Voices Creations Releases here. (If you are a TMP or Lara body user be sure to check out the nipples! Here are the most recent Releases from Kandyland for you to check out. They all only work with the TMP head and will not work for any other Mesh head or the system head! So don’t buy it if you are not using TMP. (Note: All advertisements on MOODY head, but tested functionality with others also)

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Happy 4th July

On 4th July 2012 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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Happy 4th July [CREDITS] [HAIR] – Truth – Hailey *MESH* NEW [BIKINI] – Boom – Ellio Bikini*FREE*

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Lock me up and Throw away the Key

On 3rd July 2012 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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LOCK ME UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY Because I’m Guilty of Loving You [CREDITS] [HAIR] – Lelutka – Cachet *MESH* NEW [COLLAR] – Luck Inc – Bound *MESH* NEW [JEWELLERY] – Maxi Gossamer – Love Rocker *MESH* [TOP] – Suicidal Unborn – Good Morning Sheer [PANTS] – Bubble – Tweed Baggy *MESH* [GLASSES] – Shadz – F<3CK [BRA] – Whippet and Buck – Sasha Lingerie

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I love my Bed

On 2nd July 2012 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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It’s true… I really do… But lets face it, who out there hasn’t had there head hit the pillow and all your worries and concerns drift away? Falling into a soft fluffy bed at the end of a hard day – Nothing beats it. Lounging in bed was exactly my plan for Sunday! I chucked on my Baggy Backless Tee from BOOM!, pulled my hair into pigtails and let my worries fade away. So… I have a pretty tiny Dorm Room, and with only a 25 prim limit i needed quality for less! And damn, I tell you, this Hodgepodge bed from Lisp ticks all the boxes! Available in a wide range of colors so there is something for everyone, and only 5 prims! I’m also wearing the Anywhere hair from Magika and the Love Rocker necklace and earrings from Maxi Gossamer. Please note – Everything requires a MESH viewer to make sure to try before you buy!                                   [CREDITS] [Hair] – Magika – Anywhere * [Jewellery] – Maxi Gossamer – Love Rocker * [Dress] – BOOM!Read the rest

Guess whose back!

On 29th June 2012 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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Okay so me and Saskia decided to take a long break from Second Life after a few things became too tough – and we became too poor! Unfortunately I am the only one to return but I have opted to return to blogging too – yay! [ CREDITS ] [HAIR] – Lelutka – Daisy [JEWELLERY] – Maxi Gossamer – Love Rocker [SWIMSUIT] – Mon Cheri – Vintage Swimsuit
[SHOES] – N-core – Emporium
[TATTOO] -Wicked Tattoo’s – Cupcake
[PIERCING] – Hebenon Vial – Beast
[MAKEUP] – Pink Acid – Diva Lipgloss [NAILS] – Mstyle – Perfect Oval [SKIN] – Glam Affair – Gio

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New Skin

On 19th January 2012 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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Happy Thursday I couldn’t think of a title today so yeah… Happy Thursday! I was bored last night so figured I’d have a bit of a play around with my look. In doing so I invested in this beautiful new skin! It still has ‘essence of Sassy’ along with being slightly more grown up. Yay for growing up! So the skin is from Glam Affair – The Same as Kythaela’s new look. It’s there newest Linn range, and they have some absolutely beautiful make up options. I’ve gone for number 09 which is the most toned down, but I would love to have a play around with some of the others maybe in the future. I’ve also added some CheLLe makeup – namely Dark shadow, Smokey shadow and Cat eyeliner just to spice up the look a little more and make it somewhat more unique. I hope you all like! xX Sassy Xx [Credits] [Hair] – Mesh – Wasabi Pills [Skin] – Glam Affair [Jewellery] – Mandala [Underwear] – Zaara [Sofa / Poses] – Glitterati

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Happy 2012!

On 17th January 2012 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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Happy New Year Okay so I’m a little late – a lot has happened already in 2012 and I am not enjoying it one bit! But enough of the bad luck! I have been shopping to chear myself up, and found this absolutely beautifully glittered dress from Mon Cheri – formerly Trashy Girls in Style. Reasons behind Freya’s name change are currently unknown to me, but as long as she keeps pumping out these absolutely beautiful yet sexy numbers I really don’t care! Maybe she felt that she didn’t want to be ‘trashy’ anymore? With the beautiful dress I am modelling the new Truth hairstyle ‘Evelyn’. I love the loose curls of this style, the way its so roughly pulled back into a bun yet so elegant too – Much like i try to do with my hair when I’m way too tired in the morning to style it properly! I also have purchased the JCNY mood ring, which I absolutely adore! The idea behind it is wonderful, and the gemstone options are so gorgeous they match absolutely every single outfit!… Read the rest

Merry Christmas

On 22nd December 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to you all! Tonight is my last night online until after the day so I figured I’d come and post a little seasons greetings. Been trying out my photo-shopping skills lately and well, kinda proud with how far I’ve got – I think I’m getting better. Check it out: I know there are some fantastic Avatar editors out there so I know this isn’t the best. It’s the best I’ve ever managed to do though. Opinions appreciated   as you aren’t too mean Hehe. Love you all, Have a great Holiday! xX Kiki Xx Credits Lingerie – The Whore Mansion Nails -Mstyle Choker – PixelFashion Hair – Magika

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Lego House

On 14th December 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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I’m gunna pick up the Pieces And build a Lego House If things go wrong we can knock it down…   Big news from Kandyland! We have a new HOME (again) and I have a new favorite song! If you haven’t heard Lego house by Ed Sheeran yet I highly suggest you check it out. Rupert Grint looks so hot as a stalker! (I literally sat and drooled the first time I saw this music video.) So yeah, the reasons we haven’t posted much this month is because we’ve been so entirely focussed on the house, we’ve practically been running around naked soooo not much to blog there. Also now out of cash (thanks to the house) till atleast after christmas, so I figured why not show you my own lego house (its not so much lego… more just a large, beautiful house) The house is from BAZARmarketplace here I have made a few adjustments, as I live in a more woodland / mountainous area the original palm tree’s didn’t quite work, along with the sand base.… Read the rest

New Look

On 30th November 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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I bought a new pair of shoes
I got a new attitude, when I walk
‘Cause I’m so over you
And it’s all about tonight So I’ve decided it’s time to re-invent myself! Not gone for any major changes, after all, spending most of my time on a Roleplay sim kind of constrains the number of changes I can make to myself without it being too massive, for instance, hardly going to turn into a life size Meeroo avatar overnight (as much as i would love to) However, I do have a wonderful new shape by Gogo and a new skin from Glam Affair on the recomendation of my good friend Sugalicious. Nothing heals a broken heart like a day of shopping and making yourself feel fabulous. The Outfit and Tattoo are both Luck Inc, the hair is new from Truth and the pose set is from Glitterati’s discontinued prop sets (Really suggest you check them out, great discounts on what is still excellent pose work!) I did have some better photo’s for you, but apparently they got lost in the cyberspace that is my email, so I’m afraid we gotta make do with the crappy ones that come from my laptop.… Read the rest

no post

On 28th November 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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No post today – Sorry. Turns out pain can really kill any creative instinct you have. To keep you guys happy, here’s a picture of a little guy who will always love me, no matter what or who comes along. Fuck men! I love my Meeroo’s… what’s better than a small furry animal that doesn’t argue back, loves cuddles and never turns its nose up at the food you serve? As long as you continue to serve that food they will never leave you! True Love - Kiki x    

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On 24th November 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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Sorry.Asia Closing Down Sale Thats right guys, you heard it right. Sorry.Asia are having a closing down sale until the 27th November, so not long left to go get some fantastic bargains! Skins are currently all L$100 each and fatpacks for L$500! Make-ups are L$50, Eyes are L$10 individually or packs for L$80. Click here to Teleport to Sorry.Asia [ Sorry.Asia ] - Megan – Pale / Vanilla Other Credits [Hair] – LoQ – Brandy [Undies] – – Cutieh Undies [Tattoo] – Chelle – Songstress xX Sassy Xx

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Hello Land!

On 21st November 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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My Apologies!!! Sorry for missing my post last week, the excitement of having land all of my own that I can do anything and everything with was too much, and fashion kind of took a back seat (Seriously, majority of the time I’ve just been running around naked terraforming… why need clothes when no ones going to see me?) But anyway, I figured I should come and see all my lovelies this week, dressed and ready to post. No studio shot today either.. Hell if I’m leaving this place! So yeah, I paid a little visit to the Perfect Wardrobe event today and picked up this sexy little mesh corset and skirt. I highly advise a visit. This months theme was black and white. But hurry! It ends on the 25th! [*RD*]*High Waister Mini
[PM] Baby T’s Black
*League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet
+AH+ Piercings “Three”
Mstyle Oval Nails – Classic – L(10)
[Aura] Bound – MESH Corset
-Belleza- Melissa Deep Tan 1
-SU!- Reflection Eyes 17

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Kiss Kiss

On 17th November 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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Happy Thursday Everyone! Appologies from Kythaela for the lack of post on Monday, we have a new home and have been busy decorating and landscaping! So much fun! On another note, today I thought I would blog my outfit for the day. As I’m sure many of you know (or maybe you don’t…) but I spent 90% of my online time Roleplaying at Hillcrest. So today I wanted a sexy but smart look, suitable for class. *BOOM* I Promise Lace trim bra (nude and white)
{mon tissu} Denim – 1929 Cigarette ~ Faded
AOHARU Dungaree Long Shirt
N-core Manicure
::Exile:: Valerie:Roots-Stefani
:Fusion: Feathered charm bracelet Bronze
:Fusion: Feathered Charm Necklace [Bronze]
Juicy – Summer Shape
LAQ ~ Alva – [Fair] – 02
Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Ocean)Small

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The Sea Hole

On 10th November 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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So I woke up with a strange tattoo… At any rate, I have scoured my inventory for you guys today in the hopes of bringing you something more interesting than ‘look how cute my outfit is – link’. So today I figured I’d talk to you about Tattoo’s. Ever since the tattoo layer was introduced into viewer 2 creators have gone WILD for it! However… along with new things to play with comes bad… bad tattoo’s that people still pay money for! I’m not much of a tattoo person, but if I was – I don’t want to go out and buy a tattoo that looks like it’s been pasted onto me straight from google search! People need to learn to use opacity, shading, placement all to perfect a tattoo and make it something would want! Atleast in second life, a tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent. However, if they were, I would totally advise you to check out these bad boys. These are my few, but beautiful tattoo’s from my inventory.… Read the rest


On 8th November 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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The New Round Starts today! Thats right guys, the new round of Collabor88 has started today! And I’m guessing some of you are like ‘Huh? What? Is that some sort of TV show?’. Nope, Collabor88 is one of the best discount shops in Second Life. With creators such as The Sea Hole and !lamb selling items discounted to L$88 or L$188… what is there not to like? Collabor88 is not just a clothing store though, you can pick up some really good, discounted poses and items of furniture. I don’t own a house right now so the furniture isn’t much use to me in all honesty, but I’ll definately be grabbing some goodies when I do get a place! This month the special special guest is KittyCats! I used to own a KittyCat myself and they are just the most adorable little pets! You can grab yourself a special edition KittyCat this month at Collabor88, and they’re wearing the cutest little jumpers! So if you’re looking for a new addition to the family… look no further.… Read the rest


On 7th November 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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Meow! So I’m feeling feisty this week, and this leopard print skirt from ISON is just a perfect kitty-cat pick me up. I’ve matched it with the ISON loose knit sweater and Mstyle Rose tights. These tights are just fabulous. The detail gone into them is just amazing and they are a perfect staple for the Autumn / Winter months. They double as both sexy and smart and match almost anything you wear! (Including soft snuggy boots and a big knit jumper). Credits [Hair] – Magika [Tights]Mstyle [Shoes]Pixel Mode [Outfit]ISON xx Kythaela xx

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! Rain !

On 3rd November 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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Rain Rain Go Away I hate the british weather! It won’t stop raining and it doesn’t help that I’m incredibly sick at the moment, so this is going to be a pretty short blog post. I was planning on something to do with Bonfires Night this weekend, but nevermind that. I just needed something to keep my feet dry in this awful weather! Presenting the Wellington Boot from GOS!  – This is a Mesh Item, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them. The boots themselves come in 4 different versions within the pack. You get rigged mesh x3 – Tall, Med and Short and then a non rigged Mesh version for modification. Above I’m wearing the Tall Rigged Mesh, however I had to adjust my knee angle back to 50 so that my leg wouldn’t protrude through the sides. The Non Rigged Mesh version can be moved and angled to suit this, however mine seemed to break script wise and I couldn’t be bothered to get another copy out (I’ve only had them a day!) The different colour and pattern options are numerous, and the great part is you dont have to buy a whole new set of boots for a different design!… Read the rest


On 31st October 2011 · By Kythaela · With Leave a comment
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BANG BANG My Baby Shot Me Down Happy Halloween dear readers! I’m not much of a Halloween person in fairness, I dress up when I want to, not when I have to. So this post isn’t very Halloween-themed I’m afraid – Sorry! On another note however, we now have an in world update group! If you wish to join simply IM SaskiaMartinez or Kinky Mynx (there the avatar names) or drop us a notecard… or Comment here with your username and we’ll shoot you an invite. You can also search for the group in world  using ‘Kandyland Fashion Blog’ and we should pop up. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty badass today! I’ve had these guns for a while and well, I’ve been finding it hard to find anything to do with them… I don’t feel like griefing in all honesty. So I thought I would show them off to you guys using the new SUCKERPUNCH pose back from Poseur. [ Credits ] [Hair] – Lelutka [Skin] – Belleza [Tattoo] -  Luck Inc [Scarf] – Lelutka [Top] – League [Skirt] – Sticky Fingers [Stockings] – Sassy Kitty Designs [Boots] – Slink [Guns] – Ironsight Armaments

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!Happy Halloween!

On 27th October 2011 · By Sassy · With Leave a comment
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IT’S HALLOWEEN! Well.. Nearly. Happy Halloween Guys! As if we ever needed an excuse to dress up.. here it is. I have to say the most exciting part of Halloween is finding that perfect outfit, and here in Second Life we have such a wide range of choice… I won’t accept any excuse for being unprepared! However… with so much to choose from, what do we go for? Well… I love pink. I’m not much of a zombie vampire person, so my obvious choice was… FAIRY! And Oh yes… I’ve already done my Trick or Treating… I’ll be buzzing all night! Now I absolutely love this costume I bought from Deviance, the attatchments fit my avatar perfectly, and although a few adjustments were needed, everything else just flowed so nicely. You also get 2 different wings, 1 static (worn here) and 1 set that flaps – which can be turned on and off with a click. The Outfit also includes 2 versions of the entire outfit. One complete pink set, and one pink and blue set… incase you ever feel a little extra colourful.… Read the rest