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Studio Loft

Greetings, Ladies and Gents! JTL Designs is proud to present the next in it’s line of urban mesh builds; the Studio Loft!  At only 32 LI and 15x25x25, this four story dwelling or storefront makes an excellent addition to any urban, victorian, steampunk, grunge, or industrial setting. Functioning stairs, skylights and loads of windows round out this urban staple.  Come take a look for yourself inworld here or check it out on the marketplace here! Stay tuned! -the management Click to view slideshow.

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May 2015
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Corner Hotel

Greetings, Ladies and Gents! JTL Designs is proud to release the latest in it’s line of mesh remakes; The Corner Hotel.  We’ve managed to cut the original build’s 168 prims down into just 84 LI!!  Perfect building for an urban downtown setting.  Designed to be 5 stories with roof access (4 of which are complete suites for possible rentals, plus two smaller shop spaces on the ground floor).  Our urban line fits with most genres including steampunk, victorian, industrial, grunge and more.  Available on the SL Marketplace here and also available to view inworld here.  Come look for yourself! -the management Click to view slideshow.

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Old City Hall

I know, I know.  It’s an old build, but I redid it with mesh!  The original build was 56 prims and one of my favorite urban builds.  It’s a short little squat blocky build surrounded by much taller buildings.  I thought it had that ‘quaint’ office feeling for my urban cityscape (pictured below). I think I captured it nicely with mesh and at only 19 LI (prim count)!  Whoah!!  I’m not trying to toot my horn or anything, but ZOMG  So far with my mesh remodel I’ve saved a whopping 500 prims on my 4,000 prim parcel.  I’m still going!  Come check it out here or on the SL Marketplace here. Oh and comes with a free working clock!! -the management

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Cozy Downtown Shop

Just released a cozy two story building perfect for a small downtown shop, cafe or apartment.  10x25x11 footprint at only 15 LI!!  See it inworld here or on the SL Marketplace here!

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It’s been a while, I mesh you!!

There it is.  Tomatoes incoming. For a while now I’ve been dabbling and learning the in’s and out’s of mesh design in Blender.  I’ve finally come out with some things I think I can put my seal of approval on; whatever that is worth.  I’m proud to announce two mesh buildings finally released into the wild (available here).  Yeah yeah, about time, I know.  What can I say? I’ve been busy!  I’ve also released a few do-whatever-you-want freebies on OpenSim Creations if anyone is interested fyi Hope you enjoy! -the management

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Here, there, and everywhere

Greetings Ladies and Gents, When JTL Designs first joined InWorldz in April of 2010, it was a brave new world full of promise and vision and good times.  I’ve met some great friends, learned an enormous amount about building/opensim/grid operations/you name it, and made memories I’ll take with me forever. It was also my first real experience with an opensim based grid.  I had logged into a few occasionally, but both features and content were sorely lacking.  Economically, technically, and socially most worlds were just not for me.  That’s not even mentioning residents.  So when I first logged into Inwordz Desert Isle, it was pretty impressive.  There were 15 people online if I recall correctly, 5 of which were at the welcome area and 2 of which were the grid owners (though I didn’t know it at the time).  For a couple weeks I logged in and the welcome area was busy with people talking about bug fixes, workarounds, and excited about their own projects.  … Read the rest

Let-Us-Learn Project to help children learn fundamentals

photo courtesy Charles Morris For those who may not be aware, a small team of individuals and educators have created an opensim based learning project called Let-Us-Learn.
Let-Us-Learn is an international project that aims to investigate the potential of a 3D virtual learning environment (3DVLE) designed to engage learners in collaborative, creative problem solving activities in which numeracy, literacy, life skills and creative activities are embedded in a motivating game-like environment.
What’s this got to do with us?  I’ll get to that.  The general idea is make opensim technology into a learning environment for students in countries such as South Africa and Uganda (among others).  Teaching everything from farming techniques and household economics, to multiplication tables.  It is one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever had the honor of helping with.  Click to view slideshow. InWorldz LLC.… Read the rest

Slumming It Again

photo by Misty Harley Adding to our grungy urban line in Second Life, JTL Designs is proud to present 3 new builds available at our mainstore in Shiitake and our satellite in Steelhead.

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JTL Goes Urban!

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It’s not a huge secret (in fact it’s kinda old news) that I’ve been dabbling with urban themed buildings in Inworldz. I’ve totally rebuilt the Isle of Alchemy region into a grungy city type thingy. But! With the addition of 64 meter prims to Second Life, I can finally bring some of that to my peeps across the interwebs. Not all unfortunately, there’s still some issues there with sculpty bounding boxes *shakes fist at SL*, but progress is progress! Without further rambling, I added 4 new urban builds to my line in Second Life:

SL Marketplace Link
SL Marketplace Link
SL Marketplace Link
SL Marketplace Link

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A Welcome and an Introduction

Greetings Ladies and Gents, JTL Designs and the Department of Government Cheese are very proud to welcome you to our new WordPress blog! We plan to collaborate here to bring you both new releases in Second Life and Inworldz (and any other grid we happen to explore!  For those who don’t know, the management is led by Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire (me!) in Second Life, though many refer to me simply as JT or JTL (that’s where the name came from).  No relation at all to Justin TimberLake, I swear.  Recently, Johnny Night in Inworldz as well. A lot of the same stuff, in an entirely new blog.  For those that are already familiar, I transferred a lot of the stuff from the old Ning site to here, so skip it  For those new to JTL Designs, all I can say is “I’m sorry!”.  I’m not the most organized of people even in the best of times.  I do enjoy making stuff and selling stuff though, so I do hope you’ll stick around.  … Read the rest

And We Have Lift Off!!

I found a new shiny thing called wordpress!  Ok, so it’s not so new and many of you have been using it forever already.  Ack, I’m a noob!  I’m not all too sure how this site is going to work for me just yet.  My intention was to make a commercial blog here and keep the personal stuff at  Jury is still out on that, maybe I can do pages and keep the commercial stuff out of the main blog feed.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll keep pressing buttons until it breaks or it works   So welcome to wordpress, Johnny Night!

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