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I love my new house from Barnesworth Anubis that was released at Collabor88 this month. It’s called Gansevoort which, of course, makes me think of Harper Gansevoort, a good friend to Gidge and me. One of the things I love about Barnesworth Anubis houses is that he lets us tint the houses, so we can be bold if we wish and find individuality in our homes. I have a new neighbor off to the left, but I don’t know who it is. They have an adorable fairy tale cottage, though, don’t they? I believe it’s from the architectural firm of Trompe Loeil.

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February 2017
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When Your Narrative Is Complete

Tell me baby, what’s your story? What makes your avatar’s world complete? Is it the perfect shoes? Perfect hair? What do you need in SL to say YES now I’m living here? Often for me it’s silly things from RC Cluster that make me feel like I’m really living in SL rather than playing dolls. For instance, here I am getting ready and doing my hair. Slathering on the hair spray like I know I need to do. I’m headed out on the town in a new dress from The Plastik and I’m also trying a new head from Genesis lab with this very pretty skin – Alenka. Along with my shoes you can pick them up at Collabor88 this month which is going strong. Such a great group of offerings this month. I really love what I see there. Genesis lab heads continue to intrigue me with their VERY Unique faces and looks. I’m really enjoying this one and encourage you to give them a try. I may wear this one a few day just to stretch it’s legs. I don’t quite feel like “Gidge” in her but hey why be Gidge when I can be ANYONE?… Read the rest

What I Like #2

I love this photo from Taleah McMahon. It’s title isLove Can Go to Hell in a Broken-hearted Minute” and doesn’t it perfectly convey that mixture of anger, betrayal, and a breaking heart all in a chaotic blend of emotion? “You Should See the Other Guy” from Miss Blackflag is eerie and a bit foreboding. The chairs form converging lines leading to the subject whose small, isolated and in shadow. There is danger here, even though she has survived…so far. The framing of the subject by the furnishing and the light is brilliant. This photo of Devin, a beautiful Second Life® sim, by Cicciuzzo Gausman uses depth of field and desaturated colors to highlight the forms of nature. Instead of being overwhelmed by verdant colors, we see the serrated treetops, the vertical columnar trunks, the curving rocks, the diagonal docks and the horizontal patterns of the waves. By showing less, Gaus reveals more. Please just go to Frenchy’s photostream and get lost for an hour.  … Read the restLove can go to hell in a broken heartbeat minute


I always like to bust up sets and mix and match because it shows that the clothing people make in Second Life is more versatile than we think. For that reason, even though the Irina cropped sweater I am wearing from The Secret Store comes with a beautiful skirt that coordinates with it, I chose to wear a different skirt to show it can be done. Of course, you know and I know it can be done, but a reminder is useful.  And likewise, this gorgeous pleated skirt from ISON was released with a coordinating top with gorgeous embroider on the shoulders. I love these knife pleats. Every time I see them, I am reminded of this amazing fabric store I went to in Algeciras. I have been to larger ones since, but this one had the feeling of centuries of tradition. The building was incredibly old and there were shelves that went up nearly to the ceiling which was at least twenty feet high and rolling ladders to climb to reach the fabrics. Even the cash register must have been from the 19th century, covered with ornate leaves and flowers.  … Read the restalthough the actual image is clear enough, the interpretation is infinitely blurred, a sort of enormous rainbow of every possible color you could imagine

Struck Like An Arrow Right Through My Heart

Reflecting moments often come when we’re least engaged in our lives and just find ourselves in a state of just BEING. It’s hard to find those moments,but lately I’ve been working on them and finding comfort thinking on my SLIFE and all the things that are good in it.  It’s kind of nice, when you realize that somehow you’ve become ten and you’re ok with where you are and what’s going on. I like it. Sometimes the right people leaving your life combined with the right people entering it can make all the difference.
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
Lingerie: Luxuria
Skin: Izzie’s
Hair: Exile:: Rush
Ring: Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring R
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.5
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.02 (ADD ME)
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)
Bed: Brocante

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What I Like #1

Without making promises about frequency or regularity, WHAT I LIKE is back. Gothic Queen by Mononoke I like this head shot by Tarja Haven called Gothic Queen. It’s a great use of shadow and darkness to create a mood and highlight her face. The angle she holds her head makes the shot more intriguing and the way the sunglasses fade into the shadow adds mystery and intrigue. 3445 by Tamary I love how this picture from tᾳḿἀṙỵ+++ tells a story of sight-seeing in the city. The composition is intriguing because he is blurred. The focal point is her and depth of field makes that clear. If we didn’t already know she was the focal point, we could tell because the cat and the man are looking at her. She’s also placed by the rule of thirds. It’s all about her, but we only catch a bit of her, the cropping, though deliberate, suggests a snap capturing a fleeting moment, not the painstaking posing that goes into composing a screenshot so perfectly executed as this.… Read the restGothic Queen - Mononoke

Stories & Folklore

The theme for Collabor88 this month is StoryTime and the creations showcased are a rich display of folkloric traditions and influences. There is a lot of embroidery, a lot of beautiful colors and rich traditional fabrics. Sissy Pessoa ran with the idea into a more modern direction with this gown and capelet. It has all the traditional flower forms, but the dress itself is quite modern and made even more so in the sheer version.
But sheer or opaque, it’s bold and beautiful. Both the dress and capelet come with the sheer or opaque options. With the sheer option, I can show off these gorgeous pumps from Ingenue that are also for Collabor88’s Storytime inspiration. Designer Betty Doyle’s display ad features the red pair because her inspiration was the somewhat grim Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Red Shoes. Also at Collabor88, Phoenix released this Tiana hair, long and lush. The earrings are from Kungler’s, part of the January Cosmopolitan showcase.… Read the restWith freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

The Weekend Steals Softly Into My Life

The weekend is here and I’m confused how it even arrived so quickly. The week flew by with things to do, places to shop and people to see. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. My new bed is making it hard to do more than just wake up, I want to lounge in this girly masterpiece forever honestly. I think I may have run the gauntlet being red though, my attention span isn’t as long as a month. Also – SL days are shorter than RL days so really I’ve probably already been red for a month. TIME FOR A CHANGE. Who knows maybe I’ll go back to blonde. Maybe I’ll just keep changing it up. I can’t even decide!
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
Skin: Izzie’s
Hair: Exile:: First Dance COLLABOR88
Ring: Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring R
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.5
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.02 (ADD ME)
Lingerie:[Atomic] Intimates // Storytime_Physique – Magenta (Bottom)
[Atomic] Intimates // Storytime_Physique – Magenta (Top)COLLABOR88
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)
Bed: Half Deer – Dreamrose Princess Bed – Collabor88

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Resistance Is Fertile

This sign, a riff on the Borg’s mantra,made me laugh. I always just point out the Borg dies in the end. But I laugh because where I grew up, we competed against Fertile in sports and other competitions. More amusingly, Fertile happens to be just about 25 miles from Climax, another town we competed against. When you’re in high school, such things are hilarious and even to this day, pranksters add distance to Fertile signs to the “You are Entering Climax” sign and vice versa. By the way, whoever ordered “You are entering Climax” is my hero. That sign is gone now, replaced by the much less amusing “Climax Pop. 300” sign. Not that we weren’t without our own embarrassing names. A few miles out of town, there used to be a glorious road sign, “Bullshit Valley, Next Left” That was the name of the valley. That was the sign. When I was home this summer, I saw it has been “cleaned up” and now reads, BS Valley.… Read the restThe history of liberty is a history of resistance.

All The Candy

I hope your Valentine’s is full of love, either romantic or platonic or familial or whatever it is that floats your boat. I LOVE Valentine’s and sending my friends presents and just celebrating the fun of the day. I shot this over at a little Valentine Island thing that the Lindens have set up and there’s a spot you can send free gifts for Valentines to yourself or your friends. I chose to send them to my friends so I hope they got them! Who even knows….but I can hope right? The SLURL is at the bottom! I’m wearing an adorable top, shoes and hair that you can pick up at COLLABOR88 this month.  I love this top and shoes especially, they’re so cozy. I’m still being a red head this month. I’m feeling silly. I’m not Cajsa. But I’m almost as cute! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope it’s awesome!
Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Izzie’s
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
Shoes: Bleich – Mesh Dorothy – Cherry [F Slink Flat] COLLABOR88
Jeans: Blueberry – Pizza Jeans – CutieBootie – Physique
Hair: Clawtooth: Kayta – Light Ombre Pack COLLABOR88
Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring R
Hands and Feet:Slink Avatar Enhancement
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original V3.02 (ADD ME)
Blouse: Tres Blah – Folk Blouse (Physique) – Orange Collabor88
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ BirdCage Earring BICOLOR 2 (R) PREVIOUS ARCADE
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GI (Read more...)

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It’s Only Fashion Is Back

Our web site was down. Somehow there was a virus in the database. Is that not the strangest thing? I don’t know if that would affect readers or not, but thankfully it’s been fixed. I shot these pictures last week. I was still shocked by the Orwellian phrase “alternate facts” that in a healthy society would completely discredit the people who promote them. But, since people no longer distinguish between fact and opinion, alternate facts seem to be growing. Aldous Huxley, though, had the right idea. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” I fell in love with this lovely sweater from NYU for FaMESHed. It came with a gorgeous asymmetric skirt, too, but I wanted to show off the gorgeous ribbed waist line of the sweater and it tucked into the skirt. You can see the top and skirt together here. But look at that beautiful ribbing at the bottom…I had to find something to wear that showed it off. The Lesha trousers from Baiastice were perfect.… Read the restFacts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Fire Down Below

I told my good friend Sasy that I was bored and needed to zip up what I was doing and sharing here in blogland. She’s working on being more informative, sharing things and she wants to help improve your SL. I have no such noble aspirations. I once wore a prim vagina on the outside of my pants for a week because I didn’t know how to cam. You’re on your own girls, I’m just too silly to be a great sharer of knowledge. Plus the stuff I learn in trial by fire is always the stuff I become GOOD at. You can ask Sasy that too, as I’m always asking her stuff such as “Why don’t my hands work right?” and she’ll reply without even looking at which version I’m wearing “Probably because you didn’t pick up the update from six months ago…..” It’s good to have friends who love you despite the fact that you’re a flibbertygibbet. Sasy suggested the cure for my boredom is going red. She also suggested Cajsa go blonde for the month but I’m gonna leave that to Cajsa, she might not be bored enough to change who she is for the next 23 days.… Read the rest

House Crisis Arises

I popped over to visit with Sasy and Mavi this morning and to behold the amazing new Lelutka build and I told them I was having a crisis. A HOUSE CRISIS. Why is it that just about every time I get my house sorted someone makes a new one and then I want that one? I DON’T WANT TO SET UP MY HOUSE AGAIN. Yet, I want this new house to be my house. It’s a trial I tell you, having too many options. I also told Sasy I was looking for a hair adventure, something new to me and she pointed me at LCK. She did a great video  about some hairs from there and now I want to do a video. I’m lazy though, and my typists house is loud so we’ll see. Now, I’m gonna go do some more shopping and enjoy the rest of my day. Have a good one girls.
Gidge is Wearing:
Body: -Belleza- Isis
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
.LeLutka.Simone.HUD 2.2
Skin: Izzie’s
Shoes: Baiastice_RockStud Flats -Pattern Dreams-Belleza
Eyes: Banana Banshee
Dress: Blueberry – The Cutieberry – Cardigan & Dress (Tight) Isis
Hair: [LCKY] Taya
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)
Kitchen: Trompe Loeil

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Avatars Against Trump

Just in Case the President Forgets What America Stands For Due to an undemocratic constitutional defect, the person the American people did not want has assumed the presidency. While he remains in office, we must resist to limit the damage. For some fun virtual resistance, I formed a Flickr® group called Avatars Against Trump. Please consider joining and adding your contributions. It’s a brand new group, but it’s already getting some great contributions. It is not limited to Second Life®, so people who play other online games with content generated by their users will be able to contribute their screenshots and photos. There is another virtual resistance group on Flickr, the Body Language Challenge inspired by Aria Watson’s first life series of photos. By the way, I am so proud of Linden Lab™ standing up with integrity and humanity against the immigration ban. There’s so many things to resist as the regime is wreaking havoc everywhere you look, but folks need to pick their battles and pick their strategies.… Read the rest

V for Victory

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always” Mahatma Gandhi
I am ready to resist, though if we’re marching, I have to change my shoes. Lizziah released a darling cropped sweater and skinny jeans, each in four colors. I confess cropped sweaters confuse me. Warming shoulders, chilly tummy. It’s gorgeous. Look at the details. The super-long sleeves, the ribbed band not the sweater, the sticking o the pockets. P.S. The V pose is from Gingerfish for Bento hands. I don’t have any yet and used Slink. The other poses are from aDorkable. Glamistry’s Azalea pumps are gorgeous. There is a HUD for all sorts of customization. I added this fun necklace from Mandala. The nails are from Flair. The gorgeous hair is from Truth and the skin is Glam Affair’s new gacha set Susan ****SHOPPING LIST******
Clothing: [LIZ] Mesh Crop sequin sweater Lara [Metal]
[LIZ] Mesh Skinny Jeans Lara v1
Shoes: Glamistry : AZALEA Heels
Skin: Glam Affair – Susan Applier – America 01
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Miriam
TRUTH HAIR Miriam [Back Whisps]
Poses: aDorkable & Gingerfish
Appliers: Glam Affair – Susan Applier – America 01
.Flair – Fingernails Applier Slink A/E – set 228
Eyes: [PXL] REFLEX (Read more...)

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Yoga and Coffee

New Year New Me continues to resonate thanks to Collabor88 this month. Today I’m going to stretch and bend my mesh to some Yoga thanks to this amazingly cute bag from LaGyo. I’m going to be comfy in these top and bottom set from House of Hucci that’s sexy and functional for some serious inner peace. What I need to do though is burrow a tunnel over to the studio. Even though it’s just a short land bridge across the islands to where Cajsa built our work out gym, it’s gonna be a cold run. Two VERY cute items to pick up this month at Collabor88 for you gym rats are – first this bracelet also from LaGyo – a close up. Perfect for the gymrat you love, even if it’s yourself! And this necklace from Yummy. Neclace from Yummy And now I’m out to make my mesh healthier. Wish me luck!
Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Belleza – Callie
Body:-Belleza- Isis
Top: ::HH:: Hucci Oroville Top – Collection (Isis) COLLABOR88
Shorts: ::HH:: Hucci Perdizes Shorts – Collection (Isis) Collabor88
Bracelet: LaGyo_Vanessa Gym Charms Bracelet – Gold Collabor88
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)
Bag: LaGyo Vanessa yoga bag
Necklace: Yummy – Collabor88

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I’m face humping myself a bit in this new skin from Belleza for Catwa. I wear BIBI in Catwa and I have to admit, this is a really pretty look for her. I like it a lot. Hop over to Belleza and give Callie a demo, she’s a great pick up for your Catwa head.
Gidge is Wearing:
Head: Catwa Bibi
Skin: Belleza Callie in Pale
Hair: Truth – Lisette

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I Think I Can

I read a bit recently of a thread where newer bloggers were talking about how discouraged they were at getting turned down. I know exactly how that is. It’s discouraging when your name doesn’t show up on the list, when you think you’re good enough – or KNOW you’re good enough for XYZ and don’t get chosen. It happens to ALL of us. What really gave me pause when a comment that one person made “Person X says they NEVER apply for anything…”. Person X is a veteran well known blogger. The take away was “It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you aren’t in the IN crowd – you’re out. I take a little issue with that. So Imma rant. First of all – yes, there is absolutely a bit of that in the SL fashion world – as there is in EVERY PART OF SOCIETY. We tend to look after our own. We throw projects and opportunities at our friends regularly. So when person X says that they never apply for anything, I can tell you that Person X is speaking from a position of experience and vast social and professional network.… Read the rest

Pretty in Gacha

This gacha gown is available at Zenith. Pretty? I think so.
Hair: Exile – collabor88
Skin: Pink Fuel
Head: Lelutka Simone 2.2
Gowns: Zenith

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Monday Chill

I actually like Mondays. They’re the start of a new week. It’s the old adage “One Day or Day One” and even though SUNDAY truly starts the week Monday is where I feel like it’s kicking off for me. Monday is where I hit my stride. Sometimes stuff in the background decides to be grey while other stuff decides to color up. Whatever man, Life is too short isn’t it?  It’s Monday! Don’t sweat the small stuff – especially the 1 land impact stuff! What are you gonna do today? I’m gonna be awesome!
Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Pink fuel – Doll
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.2
.LeLutka.Simone.HUD 2.2
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Miriam
Lingerie: {Luxuria} <3 Lingerie – Applier white
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit // LeLutka Simone Bento (new)

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