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10 years may be a good time

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After 10 years of SL presence, Insolence Lingerie creations will be off for a while.

The store at Gallii and the marketplace store have been removed and put offline.
I may, or not, be back to creating for 3D worlds at some point. For now, I am focusing my time and energy on other great artistic projects, and this will not allow me to continue to maintain service for the Insolence products.

I learned a lot during this journey. Specially the fact that, just like books and written letters do, virtual worlds allow us to access and communicate with the very intimate soul that resides within people. What we meet there are the real persons that, for various reasons, cannot freely express in real life.
This reveals both the best and the worse, not only about others, but also about one self. As such , my SL experiment allowed me to know things about myself that would never have surfaced without it. This is really nice.

I would like to very specially thank Palomma Casanova for the help that she provided during these 10 years of SL experimentations. 

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Dahlia Lingerie Slink versions available @ INSOLENCE

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    The new Dahlia Mesh Lingerie sets now come with SLink versions for both the Original and Hourglass bodies.

    The first release of the Maitreya version has been a great success ! I have had much pleasure and fun reading all your nice and friendly feedback. I enjoyed al lot the sweet pictures and reviews that many of you have sent to me ! I also received quite some requests for other body versions,

    So this is now a great pleasure to begin growing the family of compatible bodies for my new mesh lingerie creations, today with the two main Slink bodies: Original and Hourglass Physique. Fitting has been a pleasure to work on, and  wish to I send here my special thanks to Siddean Munro and her team for the very well crafted creator's files, amazing video tutorials and great support. These were of invaluable help.

    The sets are available in-world only for now, at my store located just next to Palomma's Free Dove in Gallii : .… Read the rest

2016 … Mesh Lingerie by INSOLENCE !

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    After quite a long break ( read : ...years ! ) , I am very glad and honoured to announce my coming back to SL in these beautiful days of Autumn 2016.

    I have been amazed by the changes that happened during the past years in this world. The quality of the fashion and body creations that I saw flourishing when I visited SL again this summer motived me to get back to the workroom. Fitted Mesh and Materials allowed creators to achieve the high standard craftsmanship that I dreamed of, back when I was making texture only Lingerie.

    So I took the challenge and plunged into Mesh sewing and fitting. After quite a steep learning phase , lots of trial and error and testing, I came with a first result , which I hope will be the start of a new long series of intimate fabric art for your best pleasure, both in SL and in the emerging new worlds...

    I am very happy today that I can announce the pre-opening of the new INSOLENCE line, with the release of the Dahlia Mesh Lingerie set for the Maitreya Lara bodies.… Read the rest

INSOLENCE is Moving !

Hello !

After 6 years of a wonderful creative experience, time has come for me to head to other horizons. Since quite some time already, I do not really maintain the INSOLENCE line anymore, and I do not maintain my own virtual life at all.

I have decided to shut down the sim where I have had my main store for years, so that I can have a clear mind to focus on other projects outside SL.

The Venom sim and the INSOLENCE Mainstore will disappear into oblivon on Sunday, June the 17 th.

But I didn't want my work to disappear for good ! I have had so many wonderfull feedback on my lingerie line, and put that much passion in creating it, that I still want it to stay alive within the SL world, so I moved everything into a tiny outlet that I have had for years on the mainland, just next to the awesome free Dove  , a fantastic freebie place run for all that years by the not less awesome Palomma Casanova.

So, starting from now, the whole INSOLENCE lingerie line is available in my little store in Gallii:  INSOLENCE new store

Everything has been set to a nice 50 % price for the whole month of June, as a welcome gift to that new place.… Read the rest

A Spring Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

    Time flows, days are longer, and trees are dressing for spring. This year again I can feel the wave coming, the wave of the desire to live. In every branch, every leaf, every living thing around me.
    There is no better moment for celebrating the beauty of the body again, and this is where the new Mary lingerie set arrive !
    I created these ensembles with Spring as an inspiration. They are meant to reflect the feelings we have in these bright days , such as the desire to feel fresh and beautiful, the absolute need to seduce, the joy of drinking light again ! A simple, pure cotton fabric is the best support for a fresh floral embroidery theme, and is nicely enhanced with fine lace trims.

    The Mary sets come in 6 spring soft tones, straight in the INSOLENCE harmonies :

Pure White is the essence of Spring :
Cream gives a softer feeling : 

Purple , a promise of lavander scents :

Pink is simply fresh and pretty :

Blue , baby blue :    

And Green, because this is the color of the leaves :

    As usual I included a wide range of layer variations in the sets, so will be able to wear them in every occasions, with any clothing or tattoo !… Read the rest

A Whole Stockings Range @ INSOLENCE

Hello !

One of the most popular request I find in my messages every now and then, is for a range of stockings that would match the Carmen Pantyhose that I released back in 2009.

Well, I suppose I will not see that request again, as I am releasing this today !

The Carmen Stay Ups are a very classic, simple and elegant, delicately textured stockings model.
I spent all my efforts in giving them that finely grained reflection, subtle tones and variable sheerness which make nylon so unique on the skin !

They come in 20 tones, which can be separated in two main flavours: Shiny, and, "Not So Shiny" .

Both Shiny, and "Not so Shiny", come in black, and 3 shades of Grey, Tan, and White. Respectively : Light, Medium, and Heavy.

I couldn't put here every colors and tones, so I picked a couple representative ones :

They all are available individually, and also as four packs : one for each color, and a big fat pack at a very sweet price :

As usual, INSOLENCE Update Group Members will find the packs at a special friendly rebate for the time of the release !… Read the rest

Spring Sale at INSOLENCE !

Hello !!

Spring suddenly arrived here without a warning !

As a way to celebrate the new season , and waiting for new releases to get out of the workshop, I will have a big Spring Sale here at the INSOLENCE mainstore in Venom.

The whole shoes and lingerie range will be 50 % OFF from now, until monday the 26th !

So, don't think twice and just hop in to get your favorite sets and shoes at a sweet price, while the sale is going on ! Bring your men and friends , there will be enough for everyone :D

Sunny thoughts,
Noisy kisses,


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Joan Satin Lingerie Sets now on Marketplace

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The Joan Lingerie sets are now available from the INSOLENCE SL Marketplace.

Follow this link to get yours !

You can still find them at the INSOLENCE Mainstore , including at a special nice price for INSOLENCE Updates Group Members !

Stay tuned for new glamorous releases at INSOLENCE !


Credits : The wonderful picture was taken by Connie Arida - You can check her amazing work on both her blog , and her flickr !

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A Free Valentine’s Day Gift @ INSOLENCE !

The sweetest day in the year is coming, and I thought I had to do a little something special !

This year I decided to celebrate Valentine's with a sweet lingerie freebie , so everybody can make a lovely gift to their loved one ! And well, singles, consider this as my little gift to you all, because I love you soooo much !!! xxx

I tried to make something really cute and girly, an everyday set that you wear without thinking of it ! Just something sweet and nice, that makes you feel good and reminds you how your very special one is the most wonderful person on earth !

I hope it will find a way to your drawers and hearts, and that you will appreciate this small piece of love and fabric as much as I liked making it !

You can get yours for free, either at the INSOLENCE Mainstore,
or from my marketplace .

So, boys and girls, hurry before it is gone !

With all my love,


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A New Satin Lingerie Ensemble by INSOLENCE !

Winter is here for good ! The garden is now covered with a tick coat of soft snow. I can see the neighbors made some fire, by the smoke that slowly rises above the white roofs.
I like this silent ambiant, it seems everything is coated with cotton, the air is calm and quiet. Perfect conditions for more sewing work !

This season usually inspires me with covering, warm designs, and this time again it worked.
The Joan Satin Ensembles feature a classic corset and triangle panties, for which I picked the most rich and finely grained satin, together with carefully hand crafted lace. Smooth lines, warm reflexions, delicate and shiny embroidery are the main words for this set. If lingerie has a formal side, this is were this set belongs.

The Joan Corsets come in six tones that now are INSOLENCE's color signature, namely :

Soft Beige, smooth and delicate :

White, pure and classy :

Black for elegance :

Sweet in Misty Rose :

Gold means absolute luxury :

And Purple for a poetic mood :

As usual, the sets come with a number of layers variations, so it can be worn in every situation, with every tattoo, or mixed with every kind of clothes, for your best pleasure !… Read the rest

More Mesh Boots @ INSOLENCE !

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As promised when I released the first mesh boots for INSOLENCE, back in November last year, I am expanding the Mesh shoes range today !

I wanted to create this boot design since quite some time, and never took the time to do it with sculpted prims. Mesh allows me to play with detailing and texturing much more easily !

The Christine boots are an experiment in mixing a classical shoe and high heel shape, with a casual, sport like lacing. As a result, we have here a highly sexy low boot, with quite a strong personality. ! That should be the perfect shoe for going out dancing at night !

I took extra care at polishing the finest details and crafting, as well as keeping the lines in the INSOLENCE spirit of upscale elegance, for your best foot fetish pleasure :

The boots come in 6 tones :

Classic, warm Brown for a dinner in town :

A lighter Beige will work great for an elegant outfit :

White, shining in the night lights :

Girly in Pink !

Purple is quite sweet too :

And Black for a military feel on heels !… Read the rest

Happy Chritsmas from INSOLENCE !

I made this sweet little satin set as a way to wish a very Happy Christmas to everyone !
This is my little gift for all of you who have been following me through the years, for all my fantastic customers, for all the amazing bloggers, creators, designers, event organisers, Linden people, friends, not so friends, boys, girls, human, not so human, and all the ones I forget !
I hope it will find its way to your home under the Christmas tree, and to the homes of your friends !
I'm sending it to all the groups I have access to, but you can also pick yours for free at the INSOLENCE Mainstore, or from my SL Marketplace Store.

Again I send you all my best wishes and love for the end of this crazy year, may you be close to those you cherish and love !


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Santa Landed at INSOLENCE !

Santa just landed at the INSOLENCE Mainstore ! He has plenty of really sweet INSOLENCE gifts in his big bag, and is waiting for you to come and sit on his lap :D
I hope you have been nice this year !

Follow this link to meet him in person !

As a side note,

I wanted to let you know that the recently released Lauren Lingerie sets are now available for purchase at my SL Marketplace !

Hoping to meet you at Santa's feet,

with all my love

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A New Winter Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

Just in time before holidays, I am glad to announce the release of a new sweet lingerie ensemble for the winter season !

As a continuation of the INSOLENCE tradition of upscale intimate designs, this set was created with the highest level of exigence for crafting and materials quality. While the lightest caress of tulle wraps the skin in absolute sheer sexiness, the finest hand embroidered floral theme drives the eyes in a swirl of intricate details. This piece of lingerie wants to be a painting of passion, elegance and seduction on the canvas of the woman's skin, and to be proudly worn and exposed as the expression of beauty.

The Lauren sets come with six rich winter tones, modelled by the gorgeous Ashlee Naome :

The Sweetest must be Pink :

Copper is Warm and Rich :

Purple is Calm and Relaxed :

Gold is Absolute Luxury :

Red is in Fire :

and Silver is for Pure Elegance :

All the sets come with a variety of layers, so they can be worn, mixed with, under or above almost any tattoo or clothing, for your best experience.… Read the rest


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It is with great pleasure and excitment that I am announcing the beginning of a new era for INSOLENCE products , introducing the first Mesh Boots of a new range to come.

I have been waiting for Linden Labs to allow us to use that technology for YEARS, and today is the day when I finally begin to use them.
Mesh clothes are still in a bit rough state, and there are a few caveats we must live with until someone ( Qarl Fizz, to name him ) fixes everything for our best pleasure. I will talk of this in detail at the end of this note . But yet they are a GIANT step ahead in terms of visual quality, and of course I eagerly wanted to take advantage of this for the INSOLENCE line !

Let me introduce the new boots :


The Nina Boots are straight in the INSOLENCE spirit regarding crafting quality and intemporality of the design.

Lines were drawn as the most simple evidence, pure elegance from the heel to the top tight fit. The finest leather grain, together with carefully hand made sewing and detailing, wrap the leg with absolute class and sexyness.… Read the rest

New Fall Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

It seems summer is gone for now, and I find myself back in the house, with time to play with the sewing machine again. The place feels warm and comfortable and it is a pleasure to find these friendly tools and fabric bits again.
The feeling comes every year, when the days go fresh and shorter. Something deep inside tells me to find a good shelter again, boil some water for the tea, and enjoy the thousands fire colors of the trees outside by the windows.

This is a very natural source of inspiration for a new fall lingerie set ! I had great delight drawing lace again, with a floral and forestal theme in mind. Then I selected threads with warm , rich autumnal tones for the embroidery, and began to play with cuts and mounts.

The Melissa sets feature a classic three pieces design, with triangle panties, full bra and an elegant suspender belt to be used with the included four stockings set.

Colors are, you had understood it, a tribute to fall :

vibrant Copper :

rich Gold :

there should always be some Pink :

Purple :

Teal :

and, intemporal, in Black :

I included almost all variations of layers that came to my mind in the sets, so you can wear them in every situation, with any tatoo or clothing experiment that you may think of :)

The sets are available right now at the new releases area in the INSOLENCE mainstore, with special prices and a special bulk offer for the INSOLENCE Updates group members !… Read the rest

A Fresh Spring Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE !

May finally arrived, days are longer now, we dare getting out with sandals, and the trees are beautiful !
Every single bit of mother nature says it is alive and in love, and so are girls !

I thought we really needed something fresh and new to revive the lingerie drawer, so I spent some time drawing some precious girly
sets again. I choose a rich embossed satin as the base fabric, and added some gathered lace frills and tiny ties to enhance the lines and catch the eye.

The cut is somewhere between classical and daring : I made a mix from a 3/4 balcony bra, revealing just a tiny bit of sexyness, together with a large girdle to draw the hips and frame the back, and small, sweet and sexy triangle panties.
This is a set to make you feel special and precious, elegant but simple , fresh and girly. A perfect spring time lingerie set !

The May sets come in five pastel tones and a pure white :

Timeless in Cream :

Little Girl, in Pink :

Fresh Green :

Aerial in Blue :

Soft in Purple :

and Pure in White :

As usual , I included many layers variations, so you can always find a way to wear the sets with any clothes or tattoo you may think about !… Read the rest

Valentine’s Day Release @ INSOLENCE !

Time is flowing so fast ! It is almost Valentine's day again !

What day could be a better occasion to make a sweet girly lingerie release ?
I couldn't miss this and went to the work table, and spent some nice time designing a new, sexy and light set, as a little tribute to love and tenderness !

I wanted to mix a very daring sheer tulle fabric, with a rather innocent flowery pattern, as an approach to what we could call fresh, simple and cute provocation.

The Amy sets were designed with this joyful spirit ,
and come in 6 embroidery variants over an overall white tone :

Baby Blue :

Leaf Green :

Baby... Pink :

Purple :

Yellow :

and pure White :

I included various layer combinations so that there shouldn't be any problem to wear the sets with, above, under, next to... whichever clothes or tattoos you might think of.

The sets have just been made available at the mainstore, follow this link to find them right away !

Marketplace pages will be updated shortly !

With the hope that these little pieces of fabric may be the sweet messengers of love thoughts,
I send you all my best wishes for this wonderful day,

and a big kiss on the nose !… Read the rest

Winter Satin Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

Once again, trees left all their leaves on the ground, birds are gone for better skies far away, wind is blowing dark, cold and sharp. The streets are empty at night, but we can see warm lights by the windows, everyone went to the comfort of their houses.

Thinking about this new winter coming, I wanted to create a special lingerie set that could express those very opposed feelings. I choose the most icy shining satin for basis, as a symbol of the the cold and light air, and the richest embroidery to draw the tree leaves in fire colors, as the symbol of the warm feeling of a home.

The Ange Satin sets come as a three pieces lingerie ensembles, with the most classical shapes and design. Only the very best, richest and most delicate fabrics were used, and were hand assembled with all the possible care into a jewel case to shelter and honour the woman's body.

The Ange Satin sets are proposed in six winter tones :

Romantic, Soft Rose :

Enigmatic Purple :

Ice Mint :

Natural, warm green in Leaf :

Luxurious Golden :

and burning in Copper tones :

Please note that ALL the color tones DO INCLUDE both a bra AND a corset !… Read the rest

More Sheerness delight @ INSOLENCE !

I am very honoured to announce the release of a new, sweet sexy lingerie set at INSOLENCE !

Back in the very beginning when I designed my first lingerie ensemble, I choose a very spicy sheer tulle as base material. The set was called Salome, and it has remained one of the best sold in my collection, all over the years.

So today, with a little more experience in sewing almost immaterial fabrics, I decided to give another try at resolute, deliberate sheerness for the daring and deliberately sexy girls in you !

This is how the Dee ensembles were born. I used a net and polka pattern tulle to wrap shapes as lightly as possible , and the thinnest ribbons to draw the expression of desire on skin, and tried to play with the frontier of vintage spirit in the cuts.

The Dee sets come in four autumnal colours, namely :

Black for the most classical :

False innocence in White :

A touch of vintage in Cream :

and a warm but so light Chocolate :

All the sets include both a large, comfy Boxer panty, and a sweet, lighter triangle one, at your convenience.… Read the rest