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the new me! :O

heeey guys meet Qopi! sooo, ya'll all know i made a new account for my rl birthday, weee. i'm super excited i love everything and stuff, i've been super anal with the inventory so many subfolders n shit like damn. lolol, ANYWAYS!  i thought it would be a good idea to do a post with both accounts hahahha, i think to freak people out? i mean.. it kindof freaks me out ;x luckily i was able to transfer some gacha items and clothing! HARHAR i've created a plurk, and fb page, new flickr, AND of course a new blog (with blogger they offer unlimited storage now), cause obviously it would be weird to keep this one alive, since.. it's called Sophielle! hahahha sooo add me, OR i will add you whateverrr. thanks for the support and everything guys! <333 see you soon. i will add a redirect on this blog when i start using SoQopi! :P MWAMWALOVE. on Sophielle (LOLOL) all fairytales 2012 items hair - exile skin - belleza top - glam affair  skirt - sms  pose - glitterati, Katey Coppola   on Qopi (LOLdighdbh)  hairbase - cashmere, Gianni Broda.… Read the restSnapshot_001



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happy birthday to me!

heyeyyeyeyey, ITS MY BIRTHDAY. ;) you all must be thinking, what is this crazy ass person doing online on their BIRTHDAY!!! lolol, well......... IM SICK! i have a stupid ass cold, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SOMEONE CAN CATCH A COLD IN THE SUMMER fuckmylife. anyways, I DIIIID make a new account, Qopi, is the name, ANNND will be using her from here on out! THAT MEANS....... i will put a redirect script on the blog to direct you to the new blog :D i'm still in the process of leaving groups and removing people from my friendslist on Sophielle.. HAHAHHA so bad. ;x    IM SO EXCITED, i get to spend a shitton of money now on my new acct, WEE., anyways, add me! <3333 and whatnot lets be bffls! MWAMWA. ALSOOOO, if you haven't gone to fairy tales 2012, GO NOW! hair - exile | fairytales 2012 item skin - belleza | fairytales 2012 item dress - chantkare | fairytales 2012 item necklace - lagyo | fairytales 2012 item headpiece - kyoot | fairytales 2012 item pose - es' cusi

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hiii guys! how is everyoneeee?! i hope this heat isn't being super hard on everyone as it is on meee!!! hahaha i need a new AC or fan or some shit ugh, anywaysss there are only a few more hours left for the opening of fairytales! :) this post i'm showing wasabi pills, lagyo, ison, tokidoki, and glam affair new releases for the event! below i put together all the colors for some of the releases. :P MWAMWA see you laterr  Fairy Tales 2012   hair - wasabi pills, MissAllSunday Lemon. | fairytales 2012 item skin - glam affair, Aida Ewing. | fairytales 2012 item dress & baskets - tokidoki, Maya Levane. | fairytales 2012 item shoes - ison, Harry Hyx. | fairytales 2012 item headband thing - lagyo, Gyorgyna Larnia. | fairytales 2012 item pose - what next, Winter Thorn.   lagyo release glam affair release ison release

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fairytale; snowwhite/redridinghood?

hiii guys! how is this horrific heat treating you?!?! it's like 86 in my room right now SO BAD ugggh, stupid heat.. ;p as you all know the fairy tales event is starting soon, like TOMORROW soon at 2pm slt.! :P:P there are a bunch of brands participating it will end on the 8th of july. there are a bunch of new releases to check out! in this post i'm wearing the new lara hurley skin snow white! WHICH IS ADORABLE i loveeee it, i will feature all of the other ones below. the hair is a new release by exile which includes the fab cap! :) baiastice also released this new dress and a fabulous pair of shoes i will add slurl when i find it! hahahaha, or at the next post <33333MWAMWA SEE YOU AT FAIRYTALES BB! hair - exile, Kavar Cleanslate. | fairy tales item. skin - lara hurley, Lara Hurley. | fairy tales item. dress - baiastice, Sissy Pessoa. | fairy tales item. lantern - art dummy, Gala Charron. | fairy tales item. feets - slink, Siddean Munro. pose - es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.  eyes - insufferale dastard, Audrey Lamede.… Read the restUntitled-1


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hiii everyone! soo i've created a post on the fabulous SLexy Fashionista bloggg, if you'd like to see the credits, check them out here. alsooo for some of the freebie items at the Summer Festa 2012, check here.   OFF TO THE POOL I GO, it's super hot here, i don't know how people can breathe in the summer all the way in those high ass buildings, the air is SOOO thick! AND OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS.......... 7 days AWAYYY! hfofughash YAYAYAY. 

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y voy voy voy atras de tiii

hiiii! how is everyone?!?!?! i have this profound obsession with reggaeton that has developed like out of the bluee... llolol, how odd! i finally had some time to do this post for my blog, CUTECUTE outfit, i love it.. lolol blah released a bunch of new items including this cute earring set, and the sugar garden! beautiful eyes, the most prettiest eyes EVER. i will do a review of all of them when i have more time and stuff, also, for the blah clothing. mijn botique also released a few new items also, these shoes are the cutest ever! i love them so unique, gooo demo them! <3 remember when i wrote that i had a portal that was working.................... IT WAS SHUT DOWN. ugh, my lifeee. so please don't send me offlines or spam me on flickrrr hahahahha IM SO SORRY GUYS :|  i also posted some of the freebies at the midnight dream event, which i said i would do lol asap, I GOT TO IT YESTERDAY, <3333. so check it out, here. hair - diva, Marisa Kira. | collabor88 item. skin - mariko, S2Marie Resident.… Read the restUntitled-1

i forgot what number i was on?

hey guyssss so i know i've been SUPER mia on my blog, lolol.. i have been working so much on Seraphim now, i've abadoned free style too, but i will start to blog there more, so many freebs i want to share and such! you guys will love me forevererer.. I SHOULDVE STUCK TO MY NUMBER POSTS UGH. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT; HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  50 Linden Friday is coming back, YAYAYAYA! so happy, what are your opinions and dislikes? i can't wait to see this event alive again, so many new events turn me psycho, i can't keep up! ;x BUT ANYWAYS YAY FOR 50 L FRIDAYYYY YAYAYAYAYAY!  as you all know Mens Dept has a stunning new collection for men, and sprinkled women stuff, BUT mostly men stuff, i editted this top from sleepy eddy to fit me this way, the shirt is huge, and also the cheerno sandals! hahaha cause it's for meeen DUUH!  anyways, most of the items i'm wearing today are from the mens dept, and are gorgeous, so be sure to check it out. p.s, i have no idea if what i just wrote above makes any sense at all, im too lazy to reread and make sure everything is fine.… Read the restUntitled-1

collabor june! YES

F I N A L L Y ! IT'S HEREEE! rawwwr, check out the post on seraphim posted by your truly, here... HARHAR, the collection is to DIE for. Yes yes! go shop your big hearts out! RAWR my rl birthday is coming up soon, in like 2 weeks! YAYAYAYAY, i can't waiiiit, i have found this portal for second life registration that still has active lastnames! soo i'll be making a new account so i can have a last name, cause.. I CAN NOT GET OVER R E S I D E N T for the life of me. i swear, i've begun to hateeee the word! hahahaha so anyways, be back later ;) hair - diva, Marisa Kira. | collabor88 June! skin - illusory, Crushed Clarity. | collabor88 June! lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. corset - hucci, Eboni Khan. | collabor88 June! heels - r2 fashion, Rei2 Aya. bag - pididdle, Brutus Martinek.  pose - es' cusi, Sophielle Resident. glasses - yummy, Polyester Partridge. | collabor88 June!

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heyyyy what's goingon?!?!?! how is everyone this fine and boring thursday?!?!?! well not SOOO boring, cause.. collabor is in ONE dayyyy omgomgogmogmogmomg. the excitment for tomorrow is killing me lolol, though i am somewhat half asleep! IM SOOOO tiredddd. buttttt life must go on, harhar. :D enjoyyy !  hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth. skin - myuglydorothy, Sopha Portal. lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. corset - tuttifrutti, Bela Tolsen. | thanks girlll, chic birthday item!  jeans - vive9, Sanya Bilavio. | oldoldold, gift.  bag - house of fox, Fashionboi Landar.

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sooooooooooo hi again :D chic birthday is still open, and im semi showing some of the items which i will do laterr a better photo to show it lolol, BOREDOM has me alittle dumb today. :s hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth. skin - myuglydorothy, Sopha Portal. lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. corset - tuttifrutti, Bela Tolsen. | thanks girlll, chic birthday item!  jeans - vive9, Sanya Bilavio. | oldoldold, gift.  shoes - house of fox, Fashionboi Landar. bag - house of fox, Fashionboi Landar. furniture - post, Van Auster. | chic birthday item!   on g ((JUNWAVE))NaturalShort*BLACK* BALACLAVA!! Roux Readers and Shades (black) [Pumpkin]Outfit(Leather) rezz IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Sand *COCO*_Gift_BareFeet

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mens dept | june, style 1?

whats uppppp, how's everything?? OHH JUNE I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE NEW COLLECTION for mens dept, a bunch of new designers and stuff, weeee.! (this was totally worded improperly.. LOL) oohhh and my bestest friend ever, Gavin to show off some of the items i couldn't pull off, harhar, thanks G!  on me; hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. skin - mariko, s2marie Resident. lipstck - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. top - league, Nena Janus.  panties - deetalez, Steffi Villota. tattoo - vestigium. Lu Scorpio. | mens dept, June! glasses - balaclava, Uriah Eulenberg. | mens dept, June! socks - mother goose, Milok Hermit. flats - tokidoki, Maya Levane. | tdr special! hand bracelet things - acide, AcIde Innovia. | mens dept, June! pose - madeleine, Xanadu Capelo.   on gavin; *SH* Magnoria-II Hair(Dark) [CheerNo] Jax V-Neck Tee - Tribal Print 02 [CheerNo] Sandalls . Lourensso*Red* BALACLAVA!! Roux Reader (white) 22769 ~ [homme] schanzen denims used blue M IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Sand PURE 1.3(Boxed)

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opinions?!?!?! please :3

soooo guys! I NEED HELP lolol i don't know which style is best for a blog? i like both, i COULD do both.. but, i mean.. my rl birthday is coming up in a few weeks and i want to start a new blog. WEE! but i don't know what style to start it off with? lol i just want it to be PERFECT! hahahha  white background or non white? is the question! hmmmmmm. hairbase - cashmere, Gianni Broda. skin - amitomo, Yuiui Resident. top - 1965, Mathylda Valeska. shorts - urbana, Camille Bellecouer. poses - adorkable, Adorkable Peapod.

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hii guys! so i'm back to show you the newest item from tokidoki and sms! the both brands have collaborated to present this fabulous new dress! it's meshhh DUUH! :P:P sooo go by so many styles or tokidoki to try the demo! :D i have sprinkled some items from chic2 birthday! sooo read more to find out what those are! :) See the full gallery on Posterous hair - kik, As001 Littlething. skin - fashionably dead, Toast Bard.  eyeshadow - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. vest - [a]renesmee, Noemi Azambuja. | chic2 item! dress - tokidoki & sms, Maya Levane, Irie Campese. | new! thanks Maya ! <3 bloddy knee - sticky kiss, Haruna Nikitin. flats - deco, GutterBlood Spoonhammer. pose - marukin, Valencia Southard. jewelry - chloe, Kieran Debevec. | chic2 item! nails - izzie's, Izzie Button.

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chic2 birthday style 3!

hiiii guys! how is everyone this dreadful mondayyy GOD i usually love monday's but, shit... this week is like ughhhh FUCKME. i hate it. lolol  as you all read before the chic2 birthday venue is open! YAY, it's been super packed i've been trying to get back in to buy the lagyo belts! hahahaha, butttt whatev! i will wait. :D there have been a few other new releases that i will show, like... tokidoki's new dresses, which are fierce as hell!  hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. skin - amitomo, Yuiui Resident. | no longer available. headband - magic nook, Ayumi Cassini. dress - zenith, Miffyhoi Rosca. | chic2 item! pearls - atelier am, Aya Huldschinsky. bag - tokidoki, Maya Levane.  pose - adorkable, Adorkable Peapod. 

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chic birthday venue is open.! ouiii.

hiiii guys! so i posted earlier, im going to post the slurl for CHIC 2 BIrthday! YAYAYAYAY HAPPYBIRTHDAYTOYOU, HAPPYBIRTHDAYTOYOU, HAPPYBIRTHDAY, DEAR C H I C lolol, i'm sorry i'm really bored... visit the venue here. THE SIM IS FULL LIKE WTF! hahaha, luckily i found the LM in the NC! :3 happy shopping babies! <3 hair - shag, Sebastien Aries. skin - ys&ys, Monicuzza Babenco. lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. blindfold - je suis, Julia Merosi. | chic bday item! top - sn@tch, Ivey Deschanel. | chic bday item! necklace - izzie's, Izzie Button. skirt - diram, Djod Karu. | chic bday item. stockings - sn@tch, Ivey Deschanel. shoes - nx-nardcotix, Nardya Rousselot. bag - osakki, Kaysha Piers. | chic bday item. pose - adorkable, Adorkable Peapod.  

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happy birthday CHIC Management!!& my rezz dayyy LOLOL

YAY guys soooo like... I WAS SUPER EXCITED when keira gave me word that i was picked as one of the bloggers for their birthdayyy like oh snap! so cool, AND the fact that it's my rezz day too! hahahahha OH LIFE! :D  i wasn't sure what kindof look i wanted to create for the first look, i will put a bunch of styles with pieces here and there from the venue! which is AMAZINGLY CUTE with quotes and such from peoople! d'aaaw. MOST of the items in this look you can find at the chic birthday WHICH OPENS SOOOON! like in a few hours! :D:D:D i will post the slurl with another style AT OPENING TIME! WEEE.  AND YESYES, it's my shitty rezzday! hahaha i only was aware of this because LL or SL?!?! IDK sent me a E-mail congratsing me for my rezz day! HAHAHHA SO WEIRD... i was like HUH!  ANYWAYS, i will do a 'review' on some skins from, ys&ys, al vulo, & amd ANNNND much more things to come, yes? are youo drooling yet?!?!?! :D hair - pomme d' amour, Prosperitus Nakamura.… Read the restUntitled-1


hiiiii guys! sooo like i think i'm kindof high from painting... LOLOL sooo i have not much to say other than............. TOKIDOKI HAS THE CUTEST MOTHEREFFIN LOAFERS IN THE WORLD!!!! RAWR....... ANddd not to mention these pants, by Glam Affair! i want to marry these creators and have their pixel babies! OK! :P:P anywaysss let me talk SL now! hahaha the shoes are special by tokidoki at the dressing room, like omg! OMGOMG. 70L go buy now, RUNRUNRUN! :P the pants are special also for fameshed by glam affair ohhhh snap! there are 2 other colors to choose from of course, and are all pastel! :D  ALSO, Ego Co has launched their very first hunt EVER and i have to say, it's legit the best hunt right now! hahahha, all mesh items, i'm half way done, and will do a few looks for free*style SO WATCHOUT! :D  hair - burley, Bella Earst. glasses - yummy, Polyester Partridge. skin - myuglydorothy, Sopha Portal. | spring rain luckyboard item. lipstick - tsg, Eilfie Sugarplum.… Read the restSnapshot_001

fashionistas?!?!?! ITHINKSO!

hiiiii everyone!  today ive asked my friend Lena & Gavin to pose with me for this blog entry! hahahha, i only took one photo because... well, i was lazy! :P:P  the new korean event, spring rain started today!! YAYAYAYA, such cute stuff and dollarbies like skins headbands, and other stuff, i camped 3 fucking days FOR THE SKINS OF HELL! as i call them CAUSE IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET! hahahaha, though it was worth it, cause they be so cute, and i have no sl life.. check out spring rain, here. read more for credits and such, k? on Me ( left ) hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. skin - mother goose, Milok Hermit. | spring rain event LB skin. there is also a 1L skin. top - tokidoki, Maya Levane. | new, thanks Maya! <3 skirt - blah, Hoshi Kimono.  bangle - zeery's color couture, Zeerya Pyrithea. headband - monso, Morphine Janick. | luckyboard at spring rain, this one didn't take forever to get! harhar. on Gavin ( middle ) Hair - *SH* Magnoria-II Hair(Dark) Pants - 22769 ~ casual couture for mens.dept.… Read the restSnapshot_003

sweety fullforce!

hiiii guys! sooo i promised everyone i should do a full on review as i usually do for skins, and stuff SO here it is!!! cleavage options, the lipsticks, dimple and non dimple view, black and brow options ( of course there is still blonde, and different shades ( dark and light ), BUT i want to keep that as a surprise for when you demo! DUUUUUUUH!) SO yeahh!! have fun guys and enjoy! i hope you all go try the demo, here! hahaha everyone i've seen with the skin so far fits every shape AMAZINGER everytime i see it, weird right?!?!?! lolol read more for more images of the skinline! :D  YESYESYES, the boobs are here, cause............ I LIKE DA BOOBIES K?! K. GOD I CANT WAIIIIIIT TO SEE THE MORE ADDITIONS MIA IS WORKING ON! :P

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rain, rain… go away…

hiiii guys! god, so sorry for being SO mia, i've been working on this SUPERDUPERTOPSECRETEST project ever, and it's raining super hard here like god...... WHY RAIN WHY! though, i think it's a good thing cause it's been SUPER hot here, like i've been cooking myself in my room, IM IN A OVEN! hopefully this summer won't be too bad, like last year!  SO! today i wanted to create a colorful young, fresh, childishish kindof style.. lolol i was thinking of ice cream when i came up with this, Tokidoki released these new amazing jackets and tops, which i thought fitted perfect! OOH ICECREAMCOMETOME. lolol, anyways, yes.. New stuff at Tokidoki! YAY, i've always been a huge fan of this brand, such greatly made and textured items! read more for credits, ya! hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. skin - mariko, S2marie Resident. lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. top & jacket - tokidoki, Maya Levane. | new! thanks Maya! <3 skirt - emery, Sunami Beck. socks - mother goose, Milok Hermit.… Read the restUntitled-1