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6th Annual Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life

One of the events in SL I look forward to with much eagerness and anticipation each year is the Home & Garden Expo. This years event is well underway, having began last Friday, and will continue thru this Sunday, June 2. There is so much to see and do at the Expo, it’d be best to head on over ASAP and check it out. I know that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I log in after having had to be away with RL since last week! You do not have to be a land or home owner to enjoy the Home & Garden Expo. You can find classes to take to get you started in building, breedable vendors to help you find a pet to share love with and of course, you can wander and dream of living in these beautiful homes in RL! There is even a hunt if you are a hunt lover like me! There is sure to be something for everyone there. Two Moon Gardens is a shop that is new to me, and am sure I’ll be visiting their mainstore soon after seeing their beautiful set up at Expo. Their offering for RFL is this beautiful Cherry Blossom Garden scene.… Read the restHome Expo 2013 Logo



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Skin Fair 2013: On the Right Paige, with Rockberry

The time is running out quickly for Skin Fair 2013 and you know you do not want to miss it, so head on over there as soon as you can. There are two sims full of stores with all sorts of skin yumminess, there is sure to be something you’ll love. One of the skins I discovered at Skin Fair, and love bunches is the newest Rockberry, Paige. Shown here is the natural tone (you can choose between four tones), and two of my most favorite make ups, but I couldn’t decide on another to show, so I decided to give you a glimpse of them all. Paige comes in twelve make up options per skin tone. You can choose just one at a very afforable price, or buy the whole pack for your best value, and you surely won’t be disappointed. You also will get tattoo layers for black and brown eyebrows, as well as freckles too. You also get the option of cleavage, or not, on the skin itself which is always nice as you wont be losing important things at the wrong time! Also shown here, are some new eyes from Mayfly which I love.… Read the restCatty - Rockberry 2G

Skin Fair 2013: Falling in Love With all of Elyse

Skin Fair 2013 is here!!!!! Well, I’m slow, and I had some PC issues, which..I hope is resolved now, so I’m a bit late, Skin Fair 2013 actually began last week, but the good news is it runs thru March so you still have plenty of time to get over there and get shopping!!!! Tuli has once again done what she does and created a new, lovely skin which I know will be among my favorites in the future. One word of warning tho..if you are not already a Tuli fan, you will be after trying this skin! Elyse has so many options, you’ll spend weeks wearing different ones. You have a choice of three tones: Pearl, Power and Petal (shown here is Petal), tho I love them all. Each tone comes in 4 eyebrow options (Brown, Blond, Black and Red) and if that isn’t enough, each comes with the option of dimples!! Cleavage you ask? You get two options of cleavage with each for getting your look just right with your outfits and all that. Now, about the all important make up options…you do the math, I’ll give the facts here, I’ve no idea how many variations you end up with.… Read the restCatty Tuli1 - Elyse

A Little Global Domination, A Little Exile

You’ve just three days left for Global Domination!!! This very entertaining event ends on Thursday, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy hunt and puzzles. Do not get me wrong tho, this is NOT a hunt, tho some hunting is involved. It took me about three days of off-and-on back-and-forth grid-hopping and thinking and making all kinds of notes to figure it out, along with a little eavesdropping of the Hint Group. It’s the most fun I’ve had doing a hunt/grid hopping type thing in ages, and Kudos to the organizers of this event, and I hope they do more! I’m showing here just three of the many wonderful prizes (for more peeks, see Global Domination ). I love the Global Domination Prize gown from Indrya Originals, it comes in two color options, with two sets of coordinating jewelry, also shown here. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this thru spring and into summer, and even these late dreary winter days when spring fever is beginning to take root.… Read the restGlobal Domination in Exile

My Attic : Tuli and the Loveshack

If you haven’t heard the news by now, you do need to get out shopping! I suggest you start today at The Deck’s latest round of My Attic, a great sale event that occurs every couple of months with offerings from several of the most talented designers on the grid. When you go for this round, the first thing to look for is this gorgeous new Tuli skin!! Yes, you heard me right, Tuli is back!! She’s been back awhile now, and I’ll be showing you some of her other newness soon, but for today, I just had to show you Zoe, an old favorite of mine, and I was so happy that not only was Tuli back, but she’s bringing back some faves as well as introducing us to new delights! At this round of My Attic, the theme is Pop Music, and you’ll find many goodies all priced at 95L, how good is that? One must have is this great new updo from Exile, appropriately named “Loveshack”. There are many other things all of us shoppers and pop music lovers need there, from clothing to photosets to poses, so hurry on over and see what goodies you can find.… Read the restCatty Pop

Look of the Day : An Afternoon in Shades of Grey

Just a quick post for a look I loved that I threw together a few days back when my significant other decided to whisk me off dancing one afternoon. One of my all time favorite mesh skirts is from The Secret Store, I love its great fit and shaping. I paired it with this shirt from Amarelo Manga. I’m new to Amarelo Manga and am loving their clothes so you’ll be seeing more here I’m sure, and this shirt is one of my faves I know I’ll be wearing often, both with skirts and jeans. Maxi Gossamer and Bamboo Nails never fail to complete my looks, and Elikatira hair often finds it’s way to my head, much as this recent one has. Now, time for more shopping, so many sales on this weekend, and so much to catch up on yet for photos, purchases and gifts from Valentine’s weekend, I’ll be keeping busy for weeks I’m sure! *Waves a Farewell for now and goes off to sort thru the piles* Catty:
Blouse – Amarelo Manga – Marcia – , by Luana Barzane
Skirt – The Secret Store – Mini – Carbon, by Maylee Oh
Skin – Adam n Eve – Siobhan – T3 Tomato, by Sachi Vixen
Hair – Elikatira – Conclusion – Black 04, by Elikapeka Tiramasu
Earrings, Bracelet – MG – Sedona Gypsy, by Maxi Gossamer (February FaMESHed)
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Darkside, by RubyRedRusset
Shoes – GField – Alex – Patent Black, by Cerberus Noel
Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – IKON – Lucid (Read more...)

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New Releases & Hunts: Love Me Tender

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with all the pinks and reds everywhere, I felt inspired to do some festive photos. I started with a dress and leggings set from PurpleMoon, made for the Cupids Arrow hunt and a fun outfit for a casual day hanging out with my man. I’ll let you in on a little secret too, there is Cherry Hunt happening over there at PurpleMoon, don’t miss it, you’ll find lots of goodies. I added the new Maxi Gossamer Khaleesi set to it, which comes in a variety of color combinations, so you’ll be sure to find one that works for your outfit of the day too, get it now while its on sale at Collabor88. I just can’t keep up with all Maxi Gossamer’s releases lately, every one is a must have that finds its way to my inventory! I also grabbed my Go-To Nails from Bamboo, each set comes in 5 colors/patterns, I’ve several and love them all, I chose a silvery white for this look to brighten things up a bit. New for me here too, are the Doro shoes from Redgrave which come with a 12 colors all in one Hud (including two metal colors), that offers countless options for your outfit matching.… Read the restLoveMeTender2

New Releases : Dancing with Emma from Entre Mares

Entre Mares has released a stunning new gown, Emma, that will be sure to heat up your cold winter nights when you go out (or stay in) dancing. If you have a special date night coming up and you want to turn the heat up and aren’t sure what to wear, head on over to Entre Mares, you’re sure to find something there that will be just perfect for your evening. The new Emma will certainly fit that order, it is available in blue as shown, as well as a black, purple and yellow. It is lacy and delicate, and yes, it does cover all the necessary parts that need covering. The bits and parts are all well made, and the flex is just right for twirling on the dance floor. For my night out with my special man, I chose a favorite updo from Truth, and a favorite pair of heels from N-Core. I also chose a favorite diamond set from Alyssa Bijoux, always a great classic to wear on any formal occasion. Add to that, my most fave nails, from Bamboo, in a silvery color to match my shoes and jewelry, and I am good to go be dazzling on the arms of my dazzling man.… Read the restEM Emma Full

Look of the Day – Ilaya, Bamboo Nails and Maxi Gossamer

We are well in to the New Year, and it’s high time I do some blogging.  A few things have me excited that I want to blog about, including this look, inspired by the recent weather…icey! Watch for post coming up devoted to this amazing skin by Sachi!!!, but for today however, I want to talk about other things. Ilaya has made this very fun dress, with a bit of retro feel, in mesh, and I love it.  It comes in a few other shades too, and definitely worth grabbing for your closet. I like the monotone look, great to mix and match with various things.   Maxi Gossamer just keeps on creating more jewelry we all must have.  For this look, I chose the bangles which are available at the current round of Collabor88, and the earrings, are part of a set from the current FaMESHed, which ends soon so hurry on over and get them while you can. I also want to mention these prim nails, from Bamboo Nails. I simply love them!  They are the most easy-to-apply-and-adjust system I have come across yet.… Read the restCatty

Coconut Candy Christmas

Strange, I had no intention of shooting let alone blogging today. The plan was to log in, clear notices and then hop back out to enjoy some gaming with the hubby. That all managed to get turned around when I glanced at flickr and saw new Dura. I can’t ever seem to resist new Dura, and in all actuality I don’t even try! So a hair purchase later I’m standing in the middle of my snowy lot pond in my birthday suit while rummaging through my closet. And then the memories hit. My fingers drifted over this cute knit outfit from Somnia, and immediately my mind jumped to thoughts of holidays past and trips to my grandpa’s house. And the magical candy dish… Among my favorites were the pink and brown coconut delights that were the Brach’s Neopolitan Coconut candies. So naturally I had to dress up in the outfit that brought on such fond and delicious memories. Mind you, this particular coloring of the outfit comes from My Secondbox, which I believe clears out today, but Sanura will be releasing other colors in the store.… Read the restCoconut Candy Christmas

Reindeer Games

Because sometimes a girl just wants to wear antlers and dress up to play in the snow. There’s also every chance a girl just wanted a good excuse to get vibrant red hair. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday you may be celebrating this time of year. I had snow for mine, and my nails look fabulous. Life is good! Merry merry, I’m off to try on a pile of demos! Clothes/Footwear from The Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Hair from Dura by Chiaki Xue
Antlers from Clemmm by Clem Velinov
Lashes from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
Winter Scenery from 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie
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Seeing Red

Sometimes life has a way of yanking you under a murky cloud of terrible what ifs and truly doesn’t like to let go. A rather annoying place to be and I’ve been lost in that murk for the last month or so. But I’m finally putting the fears to rest and am so so ready to move on. Farewell to the grey, it’s time for a new light, and today I’m seeing red. A color of passion, prosperity, strength and energy… one I find I rather like surrounding myself with. So with my red state of mind I logged into SL, determined to enjoy again and off I went for a bit of shopping fun. No surprise that I found myself at Dura making grabby hands at the newest hair. Resistance just isn’t happening there. Much to my delight this delectable new do comes with an add on forelock with color change options. That sparked my variety happy without a doubt. Then off to Sn@tch it was as my Sn@tchy senses told me there were some new tees that I absolutely had to have. Because yes, my senses talk to me like that.… Read the restSeeing Red

PurpleMoon on Any Day

I’ve a new found love for gowns, and PurpleMoon is on the top of my list of favorite places to find them.  Recently however, PurpleMoon has put out some mesh dresses that I have not been able to resist, so now we can wear PurpleMoon not only on the special Saturday nights out, but on any day of the week! First up, the new Trinity Dress, available in a variety of colors, and very fun to wear with my fave Bax boots. At the writing of this, the dress is available for a special price of 55L so hurry on over and grab them all. Mesh has taken some time for me to adjust to. I’ve found, for me, what works best is to alter my basic shape to fit standard mesh that works for my shape best, then be sure to wear the alpha layer included so bits dont show where they shouldn’t. I often have to drop things here or there, I just make sure to label each shape so I can remember what it is. It’s so fun, once you find a mesh that works and get your shape set, it opens a whole closet of possibilites.… Read the restThursday

Glamour Under the Stars

Glitter and glamour. Sparkle and shine. Enchantment and elegance. What more could a girl want for her perfect evening of dance and romance.
If you’ve a special evening coming up, and you’ll certainly have several with the holidays fast approaching, you just may want to visit Enter Mares for a bit of magic to add to your night under the stars. The Clair gown is a recent release and is perfect for a night out in glamour, wearing it, you’ll make a lovely addition to any gentleman’s arm. I love how the gold is so well done, it shines and adds just the right touch of sparkle to catch the starlight. Flounces and floof are still new to me but I’m learning to love it all, and this gown offers a nice balance for swirl on the dance floor. Your dance card will be sure to be full all night long, so what are you waiting for? Get on over and get your new gown now!
If you need a special place for your dance under the stars, make sure to visit the RMS Titanic where you can dance out on the deck under the stars.… Read the restEntre Mares Claire Red

Having a Ball

What happens when you give a girl a beautiful gown and a delicious updo? Well she decides she best be getting herself to the ball, oh yes. Somehow, when that girl is Jen the oddest of dance partners tend to show up. So there I was, lingering at the edges of the dance floor looking simply stunning in the Lavish gown from Apple May Designs, and a pure bundle of nerves fiddling with my lovely updo from Exile. You see, I was worried nobody would want to dance, but to my delight or perhaps to my fright this hottie showed up and requested a dance. Okay, so perhaps he pretty much demanded a dance rather than request. As you can see he was threatening to muss up my hair! The dance went well enough I suppose, he certainly was quite graceful for such a brute, and then we were interupted as this charming winged wonder stepped up and cut in. I found myself in such delightful company that I truly wasn’t worried about the difference in height. Leave it to say the evening was delightful, with so much twirling about the floor that perhaps my hair got a bit windswept.… Read the restMay I Have This Dance

Of Makeup, Diagonals and Wild Horses

Ohai there! I just wanted to sneak in while I’m wide awake with NO SLEEP and share a few pretties with you. So while some miserable bug gnaws on every bone in my body, let me tell you about lovely things. First, makeup! Mock, that talented darling behind Mock Cosmetics has released a new line of makeovers, a selection of winterberry goodness that we can blame the lovely Indigo for. It’s true, she’s to blame, you can even see it in the names! Soft eyeshadows combined with those delectable crema lips, it’s a winning combo in my book. Don’t even try to pick just one, they’ll all beg to go home with you. What? You mean the makeup doesn’t talk to everyone? I found some wonderful happies in teaming these makeups with some absolutely nummerful sweaters from DCNY. You’ll find the D-Line (D for Diagonal!) at the My Attic event over at the Deck. Once the event is over you can find them at the main store for their regular price.… Read the restBlackgold Marooned Tapas


Ohai there! Tis the season to be festive! Egads yes, my favorite time of year. And the lovely Aikea of The Plastik has certainly been feeling the Halloween festive, releasing a wickedly nommable selection of seasonal goodies for your wardrobe! I had a hard time deciding which to show off, and wearing them all at once, well that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped! But please, do feel free to scoot yourself over that way to check out the noms, there’s a little of everything from shoes to dresses, pants, tops and even some stuff for the guys! Go forth and shop! I’ll be over here playing with all my Mockup. ^.^ Clothes from The Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Hair from Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Lashes and Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Horns from [ContraptioN] by Faust Steamer (Lucky Board item of loooooove)
Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Poses from Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer
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Ohai there! Don’t mind me, I’m just breezing through to show off a few things that have given me joy recently. Like this recent release from AMD, the Trendy Trench Jacket. Cute, stylish and flirty, and hey… it comes in brown. Win! You’ll find it in red, black and blue as well, yup. I had fun teaming this up with one of my favorite skirts from coldLogic, some fabulous jewelry pieces from Maxi Gossamer and a couple of the most recent hairs released by Dura. I’ve mad love for these hairs, I do. It’s all finished off wonderfully with delectable lip and eye shades from Mock Cosmetics. After all, I simply can’t leave the house without Mock on my face. Gotta run, I hear shopping calling! *tosses you a list* Jacket from Apple May Designs by Apple May
Lashes and Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Skirt from coldLogic by Coldlogic
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Hair from Dura by Chiaki Xue
Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
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Hats On!

Put your hat on and get to hunting as there’s a hat hunt happening, or perhaps I should say actually winding down. The hunt ends October 7th if you go by the signs, or the 5th if you go by their blog postings. Either way this gives you time to saunter over to Tres Beau to find this beauty! The Opera Hat is what you will find as your prize for seeking, a lovely vision that comes in both the plain version which you see here and a version with a lovely rose adornment. I’ve teamed mine up with a sharp skirt and vest from Purplemoon (I can’t seem to resist the houndstooth) and some striking yet delicate drop earrings from Maxi Gossamer. I caught my older sister in her hat, she actually *gasp* put on a dress and everything! That’s her below, wearing hers with the current group gift from Tres Beau, such a lovely blossom! Happy hunting! Hat from Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison
Jen’s Outfit from PurpleMoon by Poulet Koenkamp
Rhia’s Outfit from Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison (Group Gift, pay to join)
Jen’s Skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Rhia’s Skin from Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Earrings from Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
Rhia’s Hair from Elikatira by Elikapika Tiramisu
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup
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Strange Justice

Just because I needed an excuse to slip into my latex, some horns and a blindfold, the lovely Faery of Studio Sidhe created this fabulous new pose prop. Oh fine, maybe she really did it for the Zodiac event, but a girl can dream, right? I jumped at the chance to tip the balance into my favor and do some shooting. This prop is beautifully executed and certainly lends well to letting the imagination soar free. My vision of justice apparently includes more sharp pointies than just the sword! Once done with that I went completely off-balance, head over heels even as played with the various aspects of the Druzi horns from The Plastik. The colors are a delight and there are a variety of options between colors for the piercings and their configuration, single row, double row and triple banded. I decided they went quite nicely with Exile’s Release Me hair, which I am adoring in the delectable colors of the Fusion pack. Add in a fantastic latex catsuit from Sn@tch, deliciously SLinky thigh high boots and some fun makeup from Mock and I can’t seem to keep the camera off me!… Read the restStrange Justice