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Meanwhile I have moved….

Hello lovely people, I have now moved my blog over to a new one it’s called Meanwhile in Second Life and I have carried on with a lot of my themes, but I wanted to move on, grow up etc, hopefully I’ll see you over there   Filed under: Fashion, iheartsl Tagged: blog, bloggin, blogging, […]

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December 2014
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Meanwhile it’s not easy being green

I like green, I know a lot of people don’t but I wear a lot in RL and apart from my usual White, wear it a lot in SL too. and I also found my new favourite eyes….. They look like my mums eyes, gold in the middle, green on the outside, I am chuffed […]

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Meanwhile I moved on

I liked my Linden home, I like the idea of Linden homes, I do admit they need updating, the choices are dated but I had fun in mine.  Now it’s time I moved on, and got somewhere prettier, with a view.  I have had mainland before, rented mainland but this is my first time renting […]

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new home

Meanwhile all the undies you will ever need

Sissy from Baiastice has been a very busy bee, and created pretty much all the mesh undies you will ever need This one, called Orly comes in various colours and each one has a opaque top ^ and a see through version under the cut.   The next set call Cynzya is a lacy top […]

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Meanwhile maybe we should go for a drive

Because tp’ing just ain’t working for me right now, come on SL sort it out. New round of collabor88 and loads of cool stuff to buy, Ison consistently produce quality stuff, and also bonus for me don’t do the massive knocker thing Plus, Elsa hair from Monso, and yes, I loved Frozen Hair – Monso […]

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Meanwhile it’s a new dawn*

Hello and welcome to a brand new me, well, not quite, but close enough, had a cathartic moment over the weekend and I feel great.  Also fingers crossed fitted mesh means I can have clothes that actually fit my bosoms. New round of collabor88 is now open, and this dress and boots are available from […]

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new dawn

Meanwhile looking ahead

Lifes too short to look behind you As someone who likes to keep their inventory a reasonable size, I love it when items come with a hud to change them, rather than a zoen things in 1 box, so these shoes by Hucci are perfect, dozens of options only 4 things in the box A […]

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Meanwhile I don’t have a scorched earth policy

Before you press that little red button that destroys everyone and everything take a deep breath. It’s a hudtastic post today, pretty much everything comes with a HUD, the Shoes, by Hucci, where you can change things like the colour of the sole, or the hair by Wasabi Pills with its colour change hairband, and […]

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Meanwhile time to take it down a notch

and just chill, everyone is so het up lately. and whoa, look at these trousers, I need more cuff options with mesh trousers, it’s so hard to fit mesh shoes/boots with some trousers. Also, this belt! from Cargo, which has loads of options including rusty, clean, distrssed and painted. Hair – Red Mint | 16’14 […]

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Meanwhile I am not a hobbit

I’d rather be an elf, for 2 reasons, 1) hairy feet, no thanks and 2) elfs are snooty and I kind of want to be a bit snooty I am so going to get my moneys worth out of these new ears from Mandala something I haven’t mentioned before is the chest region on the […]

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not a hobbit

Meanwhile I do have a problem

I have loads of ears, I keep buying ears, normal ears, gauged ears, elf ears, I don’t care, I just love them all These new fantasy elf ears from Mandala are amazing, you can colour/texture change pretty much any element, the feathers, the beads, piercings and tips, there isn’t a demo sadly, and I am […]

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Meanwhile it’s a glamorous life

Second life, where you can be anything you want, and you never need to take your heels off. More goodies from Collabor88, the dress from color me H.o.f. which is sexy, without all my business hanging out. Plus, I have a crow now, crows are cool. Hair – Chemistry | Willow Skin – Belleza | […]

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Meanwhile it’s all a bit of a haze

I like things clear, I don’t like fog, and I really don’t like shady people Although I do like windlights that are shady…. I’ve never been a Belleza person, but this new skin at collabor88 is amazing, the lips are perfection all I need now is a chest debigginator and I would be in total […]

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Meanwhile there’s that moment when….

Everything changes, or something changes, or you just see something in a completely new way, and it’s not pleasant. and despite what you may have heard, I am actually a very nice person *shakes fist* I bought my first ever skin from Belleza, at this months Collabor88, there are 5 lipglosses and 5 matte lipsticks […]

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Meanwhile I am not a troll

I just happen to be hanging about under a bridge, no need to read into that. Also, If I happen to take a different point of view on something, that doesn’t make me a troll either, I just don’t agree with you.  I think that’s an important distinction to make. I wanted to show this […]

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Meanwhile I still haven’t received my hovercar

We were promised hovercars by 2014 weren’t we? I do like the vision of the future that we used to have in the past, in the 60′s/70′s/80′s it was all silver jumpsuits and food in pill form, where the 90′s and beyond it all post apocalyptic wasteland, probably more realistic, but I still want a […]

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Meanwhile it’s a shoetacular day

The 21 Shoe Event is open now, join the group for landmarks Picture heavy post, see under the cut for more 2 Jacmel pumps from Hucci for the price of 1, there is a colour change hud to change the sole colour, for the Slink high feet Eudora boots, coffee and creme colour, colour change […]

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Meanwhile it’s all about feet

Don’t forget, the 21shoeevent starts tomorrow, 24 hours only, join the inworld group to get locations. I have been trying new things, new stores, new peoples. and yes, I am totally channelling Grease right now, the shoes from Eudora come in a colour pack of 12 options for the main part, plus metal colour options […]

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Spring is such a long way off

Patches of blue sky every 6th day ain’t cutting it anymore, I want spring dammit So I decided to try new things, so I went over to Chemistry and bought some hair, now Chemistry have changed their pricing/packs in a similar way to Magika, bascially there are 3 fatpacks, and its $250L for each type, […]

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Meanwhile I have yet to rue the day

I’ve gone all Collabor88 – tastic today The wonderful dress from Maitreya (yes! a dress with smallish boobs) the hair, which colour change ribbons from Tableau Vivant and the skin by Glam Affair I am all about thick dark brows right now Hair – Tableau Vivant | Ophelia @ Collabor88 Skin – Glam Affair | […]

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