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Hello world!

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WordPress へようこそ。これは最初の投稿です。編集もしくは削除してブログを始めてください !

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It’s a new year, and I’d been thinking over the past few days that now would be as good a time as any to come back to my blog. I’ve not been blogging because RL has been taking up all my time. I probably would have blogged some stuff today that I’d meant to write about maybe two months ago, but life has a way of throwing stuff at you. My grandpa passed away today. My generous, funny, hard-working grandpa who loves to cook and loves gardening. He loves papayas and has a whole bunch of papaya trees. He’s got a bit of a sweet tooth that I think my dad and I inherited. He has this way of laughing that he passed on to my dad, too. They both do this thing where they kind of tilt their head to the left and shrug their shoulders slightly. It almost feels surreal. Like, maybe I will wake up tomorrow and realize today didn’t actually happen. I logged into SL for a little bit, trying to distract myself. So I finally opened that disco kitten box I got from KittyCats a little while ago. … Read the rest


Are you still using a Chimera attachment for your dances? Sister, that is so 2007. I recently acquired two fantastic dance HUDs from Animazoo, the Quadro Ladies Dancefloor and the Quadro Stage Performer. According to Dave Bellman, the creator of the Quadro HUD and owner of Animazoo, “the HUD has been in development for many years now, incorporating the feedback from many, many customers.” All this development of the HUD really shines through once you start using it and putting it through it’s paces. It’s packed with lots of great and useful features. As I was using it, I often found myself thinking, “oh this gadget is so smart!” I put together a short video that shows a sampling of the usage I got out of my Quadro HUDs: As you can see from the video, the HUD takes up extremely little screen real estate. (I’ve seen screenshots of other HUDs in the past that were so elaborate, they looked like they were trying to build a picture frame around the viewer.… Read the restnine HUD skins

Mixing It Up

LAQ recently released the very first their new Essential skins! I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time, ever since Mallory had teased us with photos of her new bodyskin on flickr. What makes these skins even more special is the fact that the facial features are also available on tattoo layers. For those of you who love to customize your avatar, this is like a dream come true! In the collage above, the picture on the lower left features the Saga skin. On the lower right is the Elle skin, with the lipgloss and smokey eye tattoos added on top. I really loved the ethnic look of Elle’s nose and eyes, but I also adored Saga’s cute lips and pretty eyebrows. So, I combined all those features by wearing the Saga skin and then layering the Elle eyelid and Elle nose tattoos on top of it, as shown in the top picture of the collage. The result is stunning! In addition to eyelid, eyebrow, nose, mouth, and even birthmark tattoo layers, you can also purchase add-on lip colors and eye makeups.… Read the restsaga plus elle

Lazy Morning

Back in early 2007 when I was still new to SL, I rented an apartment at Mill Pond and was given a two hundred prim allotment. Two hundred! It sounded like a lot, and I was eager to go shopping and decorate my new place with awesome rugs and chairs and paintings. As it turned out, you could burn through two hundred prims in no time. Details like chair legs, sofa cushions and shelves all ate into that allowance rather quickly. Soon after that, sculpts emerged. Four chairs and a table used to cost you maybe twenty prims; with sculpts, that could be reduced to a mere four prims. It was amazing! Decor would still cost you, however; add a vase of flowers, an umbrella stand, or some place settings at the dining table and you’d still go through prims quickly. These days, though? We’ve got mesh. And in the hands of the right designer, your prim count (or land impact as we like to say these days) will positively plummet: Can you believe that absolutely everything in the collage above totals to just twenty-one prims?!… Read the restlaq furniture collage

The Ballet Slippers

I never did get around to blogging my video about these amazing ballet slippers from SLink! They’re designed to work with the rigged mesh feet that are also from SLink; the result is beautiful and realistic movement. The Ballet Slippers from Melanie Kidd on Vimeo.

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POSEUR at One Voice

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This posepack is now available at the One Voice event, as well as at the main store. 100% of all proceeds are being donated. Huge thanks to everyone who is supporting this event! The Boots posepack at One Voice | The Boots posepack at POSEUR main store

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Kid Dope does not blog here

All right, I only just started blogging again and already some jerk has been going around contacting designers and pretending that he is my fellow blogger on this website. His name is kellycrowed and he also uses the name/display name Kid Dope.
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:51:13 2012)hey
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:51:28 2012)a friend got on my account
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:51:52 2012)was asking blgogers for items and saying he is on ur blog team as male posts
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:52:07 2012)sorry bout that if ppl ask u
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:52:13 2012)but would be cool to join it anyway
[2012/06/07 18:54] kellycrowed: (Saved Thu Jun 07 08:52:13 2012)lol
Um… NO. Also, I don’t believe for a second that “a friend” had logged in on his account. Any sane person would have immediately changed their account password to thwart further efforts by such a “friend”.… Read the rest

Meowlanie’s Wildcats

KittyCats finally released their first Menagerie Collection a few days ago, and they look awesome. They’re TIGERS! Bengal tigers! The only way to get these sweet little wildcats is to build up your “Kitty Dollar” (K$) balance; they cannot be bought with Linden Dollars. To earn K$, you have to “send” your cats to the Menagerie, which is basically a euphemism for deleting your cat from the KittyCats system completely. I have to admit, I’m one of those people who has been hoarding kitten boxes and older cats because I was planning on spending the K$ on PermaPet items, which cost something like 1500L (or K$3750). My pedigree says I still have 199 cats and 618 boxes, lol… and that’s after I already menageried K$10,000 worth of cats/boxes to get my tiger! Anyway, I know of lots of people who are hoarding WAY more than I am, so I guess it’s safe to say we’re the reason why KittyCats have come up with the Menagerie-only kitties.… Read the restmeowlanie pixlr

My favorite LAQ skins

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One of my favorite things to do in SL is to try on new skins. I don’t know what it is about getting your hands on a new skin and waiting for the texture to rez on your avatar’s face, but it’s FUN! Show me a skin event in SL and I will lose time trying on demos the same way an abductee loses time on an extraterrestrial’s spaceship. Anyways, I recently started doing some inventory housecleaning (it’s a never ending battle, isn’t it?) and I realized that there are so many skins, I couldn’t remember what all of them looked like. I started putting them all on and the feeling was just like going through an old hard drive that I’d stuffed with mp3s from a few years back; you start rediscovering all these beloved pieces! So I decided to snap a series of pics of my av in some of my favorite LAQ skins for fun. I used the same hair, eyes, and nougat skin tone in all of them (except for the Lovisa skin which I felt looked better as a blonde, what with the light brows and the freckles).… Read the restLAQ Faces

Mela goes to Bombi and Cherry Blossom

I love mesh clothes. (And hair. And eyes. And shoes!) I have to be honest, when I first heard about mesh coming to SL, I didn’t get too excited. Maybe that was because I’d been using a junk laptop when I first discovered SL in 2007? That machine was designed for simple internet browsing and office document work. It was not meant for roaming 3D virtual environments, and this was plainly evident in my uncomfortably low FPS. The emergence of sculpties made my experience even more painful (grey blobs, anyone?). I’ve since purchased much more powerful hardware, but perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind I was worried that my SL was about to degrade like it did back then? Well, if that was the case, my subconscious had nothing to worry about. Oh gosh, how I love mesh clothing! It’s actually improved my SL! Clothing feels even more fun now, since it has a more realistic shape and moves with you instead of against you. I have to admit, I prefer mesh stuff so much that I’ve found myself debating whether I should box/delete all my non-mesh clothing.… Read the rest

Pink Girl with a Pink Cat

Whoa, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything on this blog. What have I been up to, you ask? The answer is simple:  I’ve been obsessing over cats! Or, to be more precise, I’ve been breeding KittyCatS. If you’d told me a little over a year ago that I’d be a hardcore customer of a breedable pet company in SL, I probably would have laughed at you and then asked if you were high. I’d always thought breedable chickens, turtles, horses, dogs, frogsbirdsplantsfairiesdragonstigersandgodknowswhatelse were ridiculous and a waste of time, money, prims, and server resources. So what changed my mind? A friend sent me a kitten one day, it was pretty random. I was still typing “NO DON’T SEND IT” in IM to her but I was too late; the inventory offer had already come through and a tiny feline was waiting to be rezzed. I set my new cat on the floor of my skybox and he proceeded to trot around, and you know what?… Read the restmy new kittycat, cotton candy

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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New hair and new lingerie, yay!

Well, this is going to be a fast post because, as usual, I have no time left. RL work has picked up a lot for me, I miss blogging but just don’t have the time for it like I used to! Elikatira offered this hair for 50L Friday and I thought it was adorable. It’s called Again. Super cute stuff! I also hit up The Dressing Room last night because of the Fishy Strawberry lingerie, and paired it up with some more great hair from Exile. Exile has become one of my favorite hair stores in all of SL; there’s all kinds of styles to fit whatever mood I might be in. I used the corset from the lingerie set as a top, ha. I thought it looked cute, in a saucy sort of way, with jeans. Okay, seriously running out of time here. Will update this post again later, with SLURLs and more credits!

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digital paintings by a.e.meth

I love this painting that a.e.meth did of my av!!! She’s done several drawings/paintings of other avs; you can check out her work on her flickr stream. If you love your av and want to have his/her portrait done, contact Aemeth Lysette; she does commissions! She currently lists her pricing on her flickr, as follows: B&W Ink Sketch: 2500L / 10USD
Color: 6250L / 25USD (for one person)
Color with lots of detail or multiple people: 12500L / 50USD Aemeth also offers bulk discounts, so be sure to check with your friends, too!  
  I love the ocean and it’s featured heavily on my sim, so I absolutely adore the fact that she used waves in the background for my painting. As a matter of fact, that’s what I really like about all of the portraits she’s been doing; they showcase a bit of personality <3 Anyways, I had to do the whole vanity thing with my painting, and took a snapshot of my av standing next to it. I noticed she’d drawn my av with lips slightly parted, so I used a free parted lips/teeth tattoo layer from Tuli.… Read the restArt by a.e.meth

Rent at Kuu Ipo!

There are currently several parcels open on Kuu Ipo, all of them available at reasonable rates. Some parcels can be combined into a larger, single parcel, up to a quarter sim in size. Cost to rent a quarter sim is L$23,000 per month. Kuu Ipo is a G-rated sim, which means your store will be accessible to teen resident shoppers, too! If your main store is on an M-rated or A-rated sim and you are looking to reach a broader range of residents with a smaller satellite shop, IM me and I will be happy to create a location with a prim allotment that is sized to your needs. ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Parcel 03 8192 sqm (1/8th sim)
1875 prims
12,500L per month Perfect for a main store! Located at the NorthWest corner of the sim. Enjoy unblocked ocean views at all three points of this corner; endless possibilities for rezzing off-sim landscaping decor.… Read the restKuu Ipo parcel 03

Fernando, couple’s pose prop by POSEUR

At POSEUR, we love our pop culture! Our Fernando couple’s pose prop is inspired by a certain music video from a certain songstress who has a proclivity for flamboyance. Clocking in at just 7 prims, this bed contains 6 sexy poses. All you need to do is click on the bed in order to cycle through the poses. Because this item was made especially for the Pure Juice event, it will be available on the Marketplace after the event is over. Be sure to visit Pure Juice to demo Fernando, and check out the loads new goodies from loads of other participating merchants! Come demo the Fernando pose prop at Pure Juice! (JuicyBomb 215, 35, 2542) POSEUR Blog | POSEUR Marketplace | POSEUR Flickr

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Pure Juice: Tasty and Pididdle

The Pure Juice event is just around the corner, and there are some great goodies to be had! Pididdle is offering these cute and casual off-the-shoulder tops. They come with sculpted prims on the torso and arms, giving it shape, and feature a cat on the front. I tend to wear a lot of casual stuff because my home sim is mainly beach-themed, so I gravitated toward these tops right away. And speaking of beachy locales, Tasty is offering their GirlTalk Hut at the Pure Juice event, too, and I felt this was perfect for my sim, too! The GirlTalk Hut is a simple prefab that comes fully loaded with furniture and other decor. I’ve been wanting a new home for my Zooby monkey pets, and I decided they can have this. If you buy this prefab, be sure to rez the hut with your prim editing interface already on. The hut is being sold in the vendor as a coalesced object, and there’s easily 140 prims in the entire thing because there are things like chairs, tables, lamps, even tea and cakes.… Read the restpididdle feline fatale top

POSEUR at the Garden City Relief fundraiser

POSEUR is participating in the Garden City Relief fundraiser! You can pick up a pack of three of our couple’s poses for 350L; these are normally sold in our stores at 200L each so grab them now and save! All proceeds from the sale of this fatpack are being donated to the relief fund for victims of the New Zealand earthquake. Visit here to find our poses and more at the fundraiser event:

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Shoji Kumaki, Cap Estel, LAQ Susan, and Hucci

One of the people who shares space with me on my sim is photographer Shoji Kumaki. He’s been featured on NWN a few times, and for good reason: his photos are amazing! It’s true that this world is a virtual one made up of code, prims, and textures; but thanks to all the residents breathing life into it, it becomes so much more. It’s this sense of wonder over it all, the feeling of  adventure that comes across in Shoji’s images, that appeals to me so much. Whether his photos feature a crowd in front of a busy street cafe, a couple in their own intimate little world and sharing an umbrella, or his own avatar contemplating an uncertain vista, it’s always imbued with the promise of a story that wants to unfold itself before you. I was browsing Shoji’s photos on his Koinup account a few days ago, and noticed that one sim in particular was showcased repeatedly: Cap Estel. I decided to pay a visit a few days ago, and was impressed with what I found!… Read the rest