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I ran into this Yuanyang sweater at Zenith last night and I am loving it. I love a lot of Zenith‘s stuff, I admit, they are just doing such lovely things with both modeling and textured. The lower sleeves of wide neck sweater are HUD changeable, but for this look I went with black because I picked up Ison‘s Celestial maxi skirt at Uber, and it fits perfectly (pro tip… if you have issues matching meshes from different creators, often it will work if you go a size smaller than what you usually wear for the bottom part of an outfit. I am wearing the M size sweater and the S size skirt here) I kept the rest of the outfit simple with some jewelry from Zaara, the Bajara choker and the Ayanna Jhumka earrings. Today’s skin is New Faces‘Grazi and I am wearing the Inna hair from enVOGUE. I really like their hair bases btw!! Lat but not least, my shoes are (again, I know, so sue me) the Cult lacquered pumps by Just Design  and I am posed by Le Poppycock

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January 2015
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Made for walking

So today our national railway company announced an adjusted timetable because apparently we were expecting a lot of snow in our lowlands. I canceled a trip south because yeah… do not want to get stuck for hours in a windy station with a bazillion other travelers waiting for a train and then be like packed in too short a train. But… so far, not a single flake of snow has fallen. Rain (lots) hail (plenty!) thunder and lighting (In January, are you kidding me?)  but no snow.  You can be too careful as a transporter.  bunch of special snowflakes y’all are at the railways.   Oh well. /end rant On to the stuff you actually look for at this blog! I am wearing Olive‘s Valena hair and Belleza‘s new Celeste skin (out at Uber) with Ison’s Oversized knit scarf on Blueberry‘s Sweater Cardigan over Maitreya‘s Mesh miniskirt.  Special mention for Mutresse‘s Luna boots with a ton of color options as you are used to with Mutresse‘s items.… Read the rest

she means business

Busy busy week! I usually dress pretty casual at work, but sometimes it’s just nice to do something extra. It doesn’t have to be a day of meetings with externals or anything official. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and it’s just a “dressy” day. I am wearing a sweet knit dress from Nyu with Ison‘s Cult riding boots and Gizza‘s belt belonging with the High Waist Voyage pants. Other accessoires are  the Ananda necklace by Cae, and the Hipsty glasses from Ariskea. My two tone leather bag is from ison and matches the boots really well. I’m still wearing Glam Affair‘s Ellie skin, which I absolutely adore and my hair is Brandy, from Lelutka.  

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Less is more

Less is more is one of my favorite fashion quotes, usually referring to being careful with accessories, not making a christmas tree out of yourself, but in this case, Baiastice’s Sonia dress, currently out at My Attic, less is more, too… with just a little bit of fabric (seriously low cut back!!) , you can easily achieve an awesome party look. I got myself 3 colors of this beautiful dress, but I chose to wear the nude versionhere, because yeah, you know me, i love nude and powder hues. So I am wearing it with Just Design Cult lacquered nude pumps and as sole accesoire, Yummy’s gold bead choker set. My skin is Belleza’s new Celeste skin (all make ups below) , currently available at Uber, and also available at Uber is Wasabi Pills Sibel hair.

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I want spring and I want it now! My patience with this half arsed European winter is over. Gimme some sun and dalight when i am NOT in the office, please? OK, since apparently you can’t always have what you want, I will at least share with you what I do have. I am wearing Truth’s new hair Nathalia and Glam Affair’s Ellie in one of the Candy Girl make ups for Kawaii Project. Around my neck and in sharp contrast with the casual character of the rest of my outfit, I am wearing Maxi Gossamer’s  Selene necklace, but i kinda like the contrast. The blazer is from COCO Designs and I am wearing it over a soft, of shoulder shirt that Darla did for Paloma. She needs to put them on the market place, even if they are only made yo be worn with the Maitreya body. My jeans are Maitreya’s Boyfriend jeans and they come with the belt and since I didn’t feel like wearing heels, I am wearing Milk Motion’s tennis sneakers.

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After a couple of posts in full winter attire, inevitably comes the day that I feel like being more scantily clad, if at all. Luckily Luxuria has this new Temptress bodysuit out for My Attic  and it comes on traditional layers as well as with Maitreya and SLink body appliers. I am wearing the cobalt one on my Maitreya body to which I have also added the new Glam Affair cleavage applier (dehancer appliers are also available, btw) Also out at My Attic are Bushu‘s Selene shoes for SLink feet. While the colours are usually a bit too bold for my every day shoe needs, the Marine ones work quite well with my current outfit, no? So… bodysuit, shoes… That’s pretty much all I am wearing today. Today’s skin is Glam Affair‘s Ellie, currently out at Kustom9 and I am wearing Mandala‘s all in one ears from The Mens Department under Truth‘s Harmony hair which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Furniture Pryianka by Cheeky Pea at Uber

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Prepare for the cold

I work in a pretty casual environment and I could totally pull this look off at work tomorrow. We have this climate control issue in our office building where it’s either COLD or HOT. Usually Monday’s are COLD and there is also some snow in the works so I wish I had this comfy cuddly Huggable Sweater from Ur Favorite One (u.f.o) at the Seasons Story and their equally huggable knit scarf (gacha item). I am wearing them over Maitreya‘s Soft pants with Milk Motion‘s tennis sneakers (TMD). Now If I were to wear this for real tomorrow, I’d have to switch the sneakers for a wee bit more dressier shoe, or people will think I work with the neighbours who are one of the world’s leading sneaker manufacturers. Sometimes I am jealous when I see these boys and girls walk on the most comfy sneakers all day when I am wearing a more dressy pump. Pumps are not made to run to and from bus stops and up and down the stairs, people!! Oh well, I am rambling! Did you notice the perfect fit of the hair with the high sweater collar?… Read the rest


Dura has a new unisex hair out (no. 55) , and of course I needed to go get it because sassy crops are always a must have!! Also, it’s great when you want to show off some jewelry, it doesn’t hide your earrings! You will need to wear a hair base with this hair though. I picked one from Action Hair because it has a nice gradient on the back of the head and it’s tintable. I am wearing Maxi Gossamer‘s Kara set today, the wood textures give it enough of a casual look to go well with this military jacket with hoodie from Addams. My trousers are the cropped pants by Maitreya and just for the record, I am wearing the Maitreya Lara body as well here! Topping off the outfit with‘s Isabelle heels and Ison‘s Scout Boho Bag. Some extra attention for the skin I am wearing which is Greta, by New Faces. I really like the look of New Faces‘skins on Grazia, and this one I picked up at Kustom9. New Faces has appliers for all bodies that I wear (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink)  So I am a happy camper!… Read the rest

Unicorns, I love them!

And luckily, with this round of C88, there is plenty of them around! Nou mind you, if you do not love unicorns (i am judging you, but oh well) then just go for the not so unicorny stuff, because not all that sparkles at Collabor88 is a unicorn. The item in this pic which is actually from C88 is Floorplan‘s  Unicorn Silhouette frame, all other items are not. I am wearing Argrace‘s Minami hair with cowboy hat and Glam Affair‘s Ellie skin, which is currently available at Kustom9. I think that is where I also picked up this sweet winter warm knit  from Offbeat, but I have also hopped over to the Project Limited and The Secret Affair and I really don’t remember where i ran into it. On my feet I am wearing COCO Designs lace-up boots and my necklace  Ukai’s Talismans  is from Maxi Gossamer. Pose by Le Poppycock

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On messing up inventory

I got so lucky at Zenith‘s gatcha at The Seasons Story! In my first couple of tries I managed to snatch  the rare Beige Stripe Knit long coat , as well as their white flower chiffon dress which is my favorite pattern of the collection that Ms. Rosca has out at the event. So pretty and subtle! I am wearing my finds with Just Design Navajo boots, because it’s only January and I can’t bear the idea of walking around on flats or sandals yet! Magika‘s hair doesn’t get any more perfect than with this Lemon one. Lush waves and curls, just like I would love to have in RL, but unfortunately, my hair is pretty unmanageable  and when I have it long like that, it’d be so heavy that every curl would disappear, so I cut it short not too long ago and now I do have my curls, but also, with this wind recently, it blows everywhere and I look like Einstein on a bad hair day! I have been pretty brutal on my inventory recently, and managed to get it down from almost 60k items back to a more reasonable 37k.… Read the rest

We’re all dreamers (or, don’t dare taking away my unicorn from me!)

I like to see myself as a pretty down to earth person who has been through a lot of things and won’t easily lose herself to dreams and fantasies. That is, until some devious creators decided to do a Collabor88 themed around unicorns and glitters and stuff! As soon as I could I laid my hands on this adorable, sparkling baby unicorn by Mish Mish, named him Clifton (do not even ask me why, for I won’t ever tell you) and will hold on to him for dear life! My equally adorable dress is made by Atomic and consists of the petal dress and petal jacket, with several texturing options in the HUD.
It fits perfectly over my Lara body by Maitreya btw! The picture doesn’t do the shoes by Violent Seduction justice. The heel is made out of unicorn horns and the over all details on the pumps are pretty awesome Back up, I am wearing Exile‘s Windsong hair and Yummy‘s Unicorn head chain. My skin is Glam Affair‘s Sia, which is out in a Fairy Tales edition in the tones Asia, America and Jamaica at Collabor88

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This beautiful little set is made by Isla Gealach from Cheeky Pea for the current Opulence edition of Uber.  I love this day bed with its rich colours and fabulous cushions. The plants are not part of the set but they match so well. They are from Nico Griffith, the creator of Tartessos Arts.

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Counting down

More powdery colors… one can never have enough of them, really. I was over at Zaara‘s to pick up some of the lingerie appliers for the Maitreya and the SLink body (please Zaara, make some for Belleza as well!) and camming through the store I remembered I had this beautiful Ashima blouse and haven’t worn it in like forever.
i’m combining it with Ryvolter‘s Frith Knit Ribbed Pencil Skirt for the extra powdery look. No need for contrast in the outfit, it’s stronger for the lack of it. I’m pretty much hooked on Just Design‘s Cult Lacquered pumps because he has them for every body! So today I am wearing the nude ones on my SLink feet with the Maitreya body. The necklace is Nyorai by Mandala, as are mtly ears. Mandala curreny has them out at TMD, and they are 3 in one, human, pixie and elf! Some extra love for my Glam Affair December skin which is currently still available at The Arcade and all the Glam Affair skintones are presets in the Maitreya body HUD, so that’s as easy as it gets!… Read the rest


Last week Sophia asked on plurk what our most viewed pics on flickr were. To my surprise it was a pic of an early skin of Egozy where I gave my critical opinion on said skin. Which lead me to check out their MP store to see where they are now, and eventually fall in love with one of their more recent skins, Anjali.  The creators of Egozy have surely taken a lot of feed back on their earlier work to heart beause this skin is double yummy with a cherry on top! For a close up on the face, check the pic below. The only thing that is still missing are appliers to the mesh bodies currently on the market which I war. Boo!! So please Egozy ladies, gimme my SLink, Belleza and Maitreya skin appliers, pretty please and I promise you’ll see me in Egozy skins more often!! I am also wearing some of the most comfy clothes currently on the SL market! Ryvolter‘s Raquel angora sweater and Fashionably Dead‘s Prairie skirt which is currently out at Collabor88. Under the skirt I am wearing Maitreya‘s Stagioni boots.… Read the rest

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and a general amazing and peaceful time for everyone! Just in time for Christmas Baiastice has released their collection of beautiful party dressed of which I am wearing the mermaid style Emeli. Of course red or black or gold would be the obvious choice for the season, but there are so many more beautiful colours in this collection. It fits perfectly with Maitreya‘s newly released maesh body Lara, which is generally being very well received.
One of the massive perks of this body is that all Glam Affair skin tones come as presets, so that makes it perfect to wear with Glam’s new Miko Rainbow skin which is currently available at Creation JP. I’ve accessorized with Mandala’s Legacy set, which I got form a previous Collabor88 edition, but which will be in the main shop now beyond any doubt. Last but not least, I picked Tableau Vivant‘s Destiny hair for this look and my pose is by Le Poppycock.… Read the rest


Can I just share my love for Magika for a bit? Magika has been around for ages, I don’t even remember when I bought my first Magika hair. I do remember this massive store with rows and rows of pretty hair. Like a kid in a candy shop! Today I am wearing Magika‘s latest hair “You” which  yeah, is totally me :). Because it looks so soft and feminine, I felt like dressing up accordingly with Belleza‘s Mae skin for The Liaison Collaborative and then be all snuggleworthy with Atomic‘s Darling sweater (Collabor88) and  ColdLogic‘s Adler leggings.  My boots are by Fri.Day, the Wendy boots, a former release at Collabor88, but by now these have for sure hit the main store! The pose by Marukin is simple, but perfect for today’s look.  

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Wintry mood, wintry hood

Every now and then I stray from my usual Glam Affair, Belleza or Deetalez skins, like today. I am wearing Nar Mattaru‘s Zoe skin. Isn’t she pretty? It comes with all SLink Physique appliers, so that’s the body I am wearing today. Speaking of which, I picked up Miamai‘s Luxe Folded at My SLink Obsession and I am wearing it under Pixicat‘s Wintry cape, which is currently available at Collabor88. The boots are out at Collabor88 as well, they are from Decoy, the Neve boots and they come with a sock HUD for various texture and color options. Ploom poses me today.    

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Snow flake crystal

These (faux) fur coats from Foxes for Collabor88 are so comfy! The way they are textured makes them look really soft and cuddly. Must have for the season!
I’m wearing it with the Frith knit top and skirt by Ryvolter, which are currently out at Uber.
Paired with the nude lacquered Cult pumps from Just Design, it’s a pretty classy combination, despite the bare midrif. The only accessoire that I have picked is the snow flake crystal necklace by Yummy, also in this month’s Collabor88. Bodywise I am wearing Glam Affair‘s Amberly II in the new Polar skin tone (Collabor88!) and Belleza‘s Venus body with Glam Affair applier.  My hair is by Rowne, it’s called Tilda. Honestly I always associate Tilda with the gorgeous Ms, Tilda Swanson and will think of a short and androgyn hair cut, but hey… this long style is pretty divine!
Last but not least, my new years resolution for 2015, starting already in 2014 (because, why wait) the pose I have used is by !Bang.… Read the rest

Cream on top

 I rarely ever blog an outfit straight out of the box so to speak, but this sweater with gauze dress that Mifoi Rosca from Zenith has out at the little Shiny Shabby winter event that Neva Crystall is throwing at Sky Villi is simply so me, that it needs nothing else!
Well, ok… It needed the Zenith scarf from the same cozy little event. I am wearing it with Just Designs Cult lacquered pumps, which have been a staple in my inventory since I pretty much am wearing my Belleza Venus body all the time these days and they fit beautifully. I’m pretty much in love with this Lovestruck hair from Little Bones, currently available at Uber and today’s skin is December (Asia 01), Glam Affair‘s contribution to this edition of The Arcade. Also I am rebuilding my pose stand so maybe it’ll be easier to credit poses (or at least the creator) like this. Slouch is one of my favourite posers on the grid right now, and this pose is from her shop.

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Scantily clad Saturday

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This beautiful pose/swing is by Rack and currently available at We <3 RP. The swing actually contains 6 poses for your fae photography needs! I’m wearing my Venus by Belleza body and Glam Affair has appliers out!! My SL is complete! Well… until the next must have release from either one of my favourite skinmakers!
My tattoo is Shivas journey by Things, and it’s available at SL Winter trend which is currently ongoing.
From May’s Soul is the sheer Angelica wrap that I am wearing, and that’s about it. Oh.. my hair is by D!va, Rosa, and still out at Collabor88 and my closed eyelids are by SLink.

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