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November 25

Oooooh-kay… this week is eventtastic! I managed to get into Tannenbaum as well as Uber today and they both blow me away. Tannenbaum especially because it’s full of awesome and cute (check their flickr group for a preview of the goodies) and Uber, with the androgyny theme is just uber cool (and super packed, so have a coffee and patience while you try to get in!) What I’m wearing: Oleander‘s Libby (with beanie) (@Tannenbaum)
Glam Affair‘s Bianca (@Uber)
MoonAmore+Cureless‘ Owlsome Scarf (@Collabor88)
Valentina E‘s Noellbelted dress and sweater (@Tannenbaum) Happy Wednesday!

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November 2015
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In my RL part if the world, it foesn’t really feel ike winter yet, but in SL more and more places are getting a wintery look, and lets be fair, in a world where today’s snow is not sleet and mud tomorrow, where it’s always pristinely white and even when it snows all day, you will not be snowed in unless you place the snowdrifts at your door all by yourself, winter is gorgeous and fun! I went to Wonchewcome Inn Resort resort to take some pics and it’s gorgeous, as you can see. A large log lodge by Rebourne dominates the sim, surrounded by a couple of smaller cabins. Through the entire sim a rustling creek leads your way along the photogenic spots. As you can see, the wildlife is undisturbed by and absolutely not afraid of the occasional respectful visitor and a small family of beavers works continuously to make their burrow even more comfortable and insulated against the outside cold. I htink my favorite place on the sim is the skating rink.… Read the rest

Blithe on my mind

Hair Louisa by Truth
Annie mesh head by Catwa
applier Keira by Belleza
Layered duffelcoat by GORODEE (@ GEN Neutral)
Celen jeans by Ison
Leather knee boots by Ison (@ Collabor88)  This pic is taken at Blithe. It’s one of my favorite sims lately. Such a pretty autumn forest! I want to live there. After Thanksgiving, owner Harlow Heslop is going to do a big seasonal overhaul. Can’t wait to see the magic she’ll work on the sims! If you’re into exploring, there is a photography scavenger hunt going on at Blithe (until November20). It’s great fun hunting down the items that you need to capture on a pic!! (info here) And because I’m in love with the beauty of these sims….. here, have some pics straight from SL!  

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Sunday, November 9

November 9 and it’s 17 degrees celcius outside. Not.Normal! Last night while having drinks with the neighbors, they were reminiscing that, when they were kids, they’d often have frost and snow around these parts by the end of October. Nowadays, this is more common at Easter than around Halloween.  And then there are still people who believe climate change is not happening…. Anyway, on to the goods: Hair Pristine bun and key hair base for LeLutka mesh heads by LeLutka
Head Karin by LeLutka
Applier Eline by Glam Affair, combined with one of the lipstic ksof Glam Affair‘s Laura applier (both available at LeLutka Undivided)
Square Retro Shades by Yummy (Collabor88)
Beaded Statement Earrings by Yummy
Necklace Aggressionslevel 4.0 by Bauhaus Movement
Shearling Princess  coat by Nylon Outfitters (Collabor88)

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See you tonight, buddy

The November round of Collabor88 is starting tomorrow!! Hair Vienna by Truth
Head Annie by Catwa
Face applier Sienna for Catwa by The Skinnery (Collabor88)
Jewelry and scarf Mareille by LaGyo (Collabor88)
Blues outfit by Spirit (Collabor88) This outfit is in one piece, not separate items)
Mona bag by Mutresse (Collabor88)
Shoes Karlie by Pure Poison Shot at Saint Pete’s city

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NSFW Sundays: SLink Hourglass, curvy but not thick

Yesterday, the much anticipated Hourglass body from SLink came out, and the body concious crowd of SL went crazy, moi included! I hoped for a real curvaceous body, not one that you need to make your shape grotesque to achieve some meat on your bones. It’s no secret that I felt that the first SLink body was too slender/gamine by nature for my  taste and tweaking my shape only did so much for me. Well, Hourglass is the exact opposite! Holy tits and ass on a shelf!!! This is a combination of Christina Hendricks in a push up (good!) and Colombian booty on steroids (not so good). Add some serious corsetting on the waist and there she is… the Hourglass. The name is perfect, but I had to do some serious tweaking of my shape (thickness, lovehandles, hips and hip length) to make me feel comfortable with it. Thank goodness I have never been shy about shape tweaks, or I would have had a problem! Below the result of my tweak! Not bad huh? These pics do show one of my main issues with fitting stuff to the body though.… Read the rest

Red & Purple

I’m channeling my inner Jessica Rabbit today, or so it seems! Hair VonVon by Vanity Hair (Collabor88)
Head: Karin by LeLutka Undivided
Applier: Laura by Glam Affair (out at LeLutka store)
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Necklace: Bantu by Kunglers
Top: Cecilia by Emery
Trousers: Women’s Sash Belted Trousers by Shai

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Life is a prison

Prison is a new installation by the amazing Chica Ghost. Being not a lot more than steel bars and heavy doors, this sim is hauntingly beautiful and eerily attractive to me. Do I want to keep out… or do I want to stay in?
Actually… getting in is a bit of a challenge, too! I invite you to try! While exploring, I couldn’t help but take a pic of the updated Stella head by LeLutka as well. Expressions, YAY! The updates will be in store coming Wednesday, and if you already own one of the heads, your update will be send to you when you wear it after the release. Mind you, there may be quite a bit of update server activity, so don’t worry if it’s a bit slow!
Credits: Hair: Hack Undercut by Tableau Vivant (Shiny Shabby)
Hair base:  Cassie by LeLutka for  LeLutka Undivided
Head: Stella 1.2 by LeLutka Undivided
Face applier: Malika by YS&YS (Shiny Shabby)
Piercings: Kyo by House of Darcy All images in this post are directly uploaded from SL and not post processed.… Read the rest


Crimson hat by Lode
Tomonaga hair by Due
Stella head by LeLutka
Long scarf by Amerie
Hatter blazer by Emery for Collabor88
Louhi Trance necklace by Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88
Alicia maxi skirt by Emery for Collabor88
Lydia booties by Ingenue for Collabor88
Great horned owl by Half Deer

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NSFW Sunday: Bitten

Yeah, it’s NSFW Sunday again….. enter at your own risk! This round at Collabor88 is all about Burton! So that means lots of stripes and surreal stuff.  Deathrow Designs is participating this month and they have this awesome Burtonesque collection out. All furniture in this picture is from DRD (including the awesome pose!) I’m wearing precious little but ok:
Antielle Appetizer tat is from this round at Romp
Head applier from Glam Affair‘s Vampire line (not available)
Key Hair base Roots for LeLutka Heads by LeLutka
Rogue bun by LeLutka Him: uhm… hair from Dura I think, and I’m fairly sure he is wearing the SLink male body.

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Luck be a lady

Hair by Vanity Hair: Luck be a lady (C88)
LeLutka head applier bt Glam Affair: Dia de los Muertos  (C88)
Stretch Blazer & top by COCO Designs
Burtonesque skinny jeans by Spirit  (C88)
Decor by Dust Bunny (C88)

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New round of We <3 Roleplay, and SO much goodness!! Hair Cameron by Tableau Vivant (We <3 RP)
Skin applier Leia Frozen by Lara Hurley (We <3 RP)
Mesh head Stella by LeLutka Undivided
Elven ears by Mandala
Body Lara by Maitreya
Leather Ranger Breastplate by Zenith (We <3 RP)
Ranger skirt by Zenith (We <3 RP) Taxi to We <3 Roleplay

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Seriously NSFW Sunday: Romp

On 4th October 2015 · By Grazia · With Leave a comment
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See the title? You’ve been warned! Romp has started on October 2, catering to the tasteful kinksters of SL and it has been FULL right from the beginning. So much naughty people!!! I love it! Last week I have showed you a preview of the play room set from Dutchie that is out for Romp, this week, I have been having fun with poses by Rack Poses and oOo Studio, two of my favourite posers in SL. Above is Deep Two from oOo Studio. There is also a M/M version of this pose, by the way! In the back, you see some of the naughty lamps that Zerkalo has out for Romp! Below instead, Midnight Snack from Rack Poses. Yup, delicious, right? The harness that I am wearing is also available at Romp, it’s from the talented hands of the creators behind Aisling! Or, like Froukje said the other day “So much sex going on in SL this weekend!” Have fun and play safe! Taxi to Romp  

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Hair Nancy by Littlebones (Fameshed)
Mesh head Karin by LeLutka/Undivided
Lara body by Maitreya
Dress Embrace by Neve (Mix SL October)
Boots Polo by Just Design (Fameshed) Location: The Bower (A)

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Hair Darkness Falls by Magika
Skin applier Kaia by Glam Affair
Mesh head karin by LeLutka/Undivided
Lara body by Maitreya
Peonies head dress by Glam Affair (Fameshed)
Dress Maritza by Coquet (Fameshed)
Shoes Jessy by CandyDoll (Fameshed)

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Leather and Jeans

Hair Yepa by Elua
Skin applier Mavi by Glam Affair
Head Karin by LeLutka
Body Lara by Maitreya
Necklaces Lotus & Tribal Sun by Yummy (N21)
Army denim dress by Gizza
Marylin boots by Reign

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SERIOUSLY NSFW: All work and no play

I usually keep things fairly PG on this blog, but every now and then the naughty girl gets out to play and this is one of those times. On October 2, Romp will start  new round, and Dutchie will have this amazing play room set out for the occasion. Mind you, there is NOTHING PG about this set… so that’s why I am inserting a cut here. The set is made of 5 pieces, a bed, a rack, a horse, a post and a detention cabinet. Oh yes… lots of stuff for lots of playtime!
In total more than 200 animation sets for BDSM roleplay: 161 M/F couple animations, 30 MMF threesome animations and 15 female solo animations. Inside the furniture are 18 sequences, they have RLV options, give out several props and are Aeros compatible for automatic tilting. The chains on the bed disappear during the chained animations and are replaced with particle chains. The bed gives out 2 different kind of cuffs for the bound and chained animations, as well as a temp attach feather, dildo and candle.… Read the rest


Hair no. 58 by Dura
Skin applier Rachel by Glam Affair
Stella head by LeLutka/Undivided
Lipstick Winterberries by Zibska (Uber)
Jewelry Coven by LaGyo (Collabor88)
Lara body by Maitreya
Stretched blazer by Coco Designs
Top “Witch Please” by Nylon Outfitters (Collabor88)
Cropped pants by Maitreya
Minerva Sandals by Hucci (Collabor88)

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Everyday classic

Little is more classic in fashion than a striped shirt under a cute blazer. In this case it’s the Military Jacket from Coco Designs, currently out at Uber. I’ m wearing it with the skirt from Dead Dollz Astra ensemble, Just Design black cult pumps and LaGyo‘s Malika clutch. Today’s hair is Destiny by Lamb, out at N21, and my skin (applier) is Clara by Glam Affair from this month’s Uber, which I am wearing over LeLutka‘s Stella head.

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E = mc2

Ok, I never really got the hang of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I’m more of an alpha girl. Languages, history you know? But I needed a title and  “the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar in the aftermath of his crossing of the Rubicon and plunging the entire nation into civil war” is a bit long, don’t you think? On to the real need to knows though: Hair Benita by Truth
Head Stella by LeLutka Undivided
Head applier Mavi by Glam Affair
Lara body by Maitreya 
Tortoise shell glasses by Izzie
Tattoo Invictus by White Widow
Sweater vest by The Annex (My Attic)
Briet skirt by Whippet & Buck (My Attic)
Town and Country Thigh High Socks by Luxuria (My Attic)
Danja Oxfords by Ingenue (navy, tinted)

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