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Au bonheur des couleurs

I know it’s been a while. A big while actually. I had things to think about, one of them if I even felt like continuing with this blog after my SL changed so massively over night.  I always felt that my blog was part of who I am in SL, but so I felt about having Don in my SL and since that suddenly changed on July 18, I don’t know, aside fromt he grief, some sort of an existential (blog) crisis happened as well. However, I’m not yet ready to let go of this platform. I may not be the most frequent blogger for a while (ok, i haven’t been for years now, but hey… my RL is pretty cool too) but I do feel I still have some stuff to share. I promise, less talk more styling in the posts to come!!     Hair by Exile, Spice for The Arcade Head by LeLutka, Ever Lara body by Maitreya Skin by Glam Affair (work in progress) Large Pearls Earrings by Yummy Vivienne blazer by Ryvolter Vintage pencil skirt by Tres Blah

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September 2015
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Syria by Glam Affair Hair:
Scarlett by Tableau Vivant (Hair Fair 2015, still going strong until July 26!) Head:
Karin by LeLutka/Undivided Applier: 
Vampire line 1 by Glam Affair Body:
Lara by Maitreya Jewelry:
Claudia by Zibska (The Secret Affair July) Dress: 
Dark Nymph by Valentrina E. (The Fantasy Collective July)  

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Samantha by Alice project (hair Fair 2015) Glasses:
Milan by Meva (My Attic July) Dress:
Bryn by Valentina E (N21) Shoes:
Zunyi by Hucci Mesh head:
Stella by LeLutka/Undivided Skin applier: 
Yui by Mudskin (Shiny Shabby) Body:
Lara by Maitreya

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In loving memory of Don Mill

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It’s with pain in my heart that I announce the passing of my best friend and SL partner Don Mill.  
Right now, I have no words to express how important he is to me, and how much of an impact he has had on my life.
“And you would accept the seasons of your heart just as you have always accepted that seasons pass over your fields and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.” – Kahlil Gibran
In RL he leaves behind his loving wife of 17 years; 
In SL his daughter Darla, and myself, Grazia, mourn his loss, as well as his many friends. Descansa en paz Dony, te extrañamos

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Sunny and Hair Fair finds

can we just take a moment to appreciate the perfection of this bikini?  And while we’re at it, another moment to contemplate the gorgeousness of this hair, the divalicious rim of these sunglasses and the adorability of these new skin appliers? OK, so first things first. The bikini. It’s by Mon Cheri and out on Mesh Avenue, a really cute event/sim which is really pretty to take pics, too!! ( I took a few, and you can see them, with slurls, on my flickr) The only downside of this one is that it’s not available for the Maitreya body so I am wearing SLink Physique here. There are versions modeled for perky Freya and perky Isis from Belleza though. The adorable skin? It’s a new one by Leauge, called Luna and it’s made for the LeLutka mesh heads. I am wearing it here on Stella, but it’s equally cute on the other heads!! The sunglasses were a HairFair gift by LeLutka, comes in a sheer and a solid version. I just love how it looks on me!… Read the rest

Hair Fair… The Map!!!

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This is a directory of all locations of the Hair Fair 2015 Event. If you follow the path, you will visit every store on every sim…keep the stores to your left side, and keep walking. All items sold at Hair Fair 2015 donate a portion of their sales to Wigs for Kids. We also have two additional sims for the opening days, so that people can TP to them and use them as a way to get into the adjoining sims, or camera shop from them. Streaks A Streaks B Streaks C Foils A Foils B Foils C Stores that have Mens hair included in their release will be shown with a * Many styles however are able to be worn by males, and vice versa, so use the demo group as a way to try everything in advance.

Blonde Sim

1. Decoy 2. Pr!tty 3. Tableau Vivant* 4. Sage* 5. EMBW* 6. Argrace* 7. RedMint 8. !OhMai 9. Murray 10. Little Bones 11. Damselfly* 12. Ison 13. Bandana Booth 14. Curious Kitties 15. Yuko 16. Monso* 17. LeLutka 18. K-Code 19. Cheveux* 20. Analog Dog ________________

Brunette Sim

1.… Read the restHair Fair 2015 MAP

HAIR FAIR! 2 more nights!!

on the 11th, hair fair 2015 will open its doors! Are you as excited as I am? Lets keep it short, sweet and simple, with the 5 W’s and 1 H for basic information gathering? What: HAIR, OF COURSE! Why: Because we all love hair, and because at hair fair, a portion of every sold hair will go towards Wigs for Kids, a registered charity that provides hair pieces for children which are (temporarily) suffering baldness due to illness. When: from July 11 through July 26! Who: the entire community, really! Hair Fair has been one of the most awesome events ever since I joined in 2006 and the list of creators who participate to Hair Fair is impressive. You might want to check the flickr group for teasers and join the in world group for the demos! Where: at the hair fair sims! SLurls to be put here after Hair Fair opens. How: Seriously, do I need to explain how  you try as low prim/mesh/script as you can to TP to one of the hair fair sims and take all your  L$ and go on a spree until you’re broke, then log on your escort alt to make some more and repeat?… Read the restHair Fair 2015 Join Us Poster

Mermaids & Seahorses

Decorations, all available at this month’s Collabor88:
Floorplan: wire mermaid and wire seahorse
Second Spaces: Under the sea dresser
Lark: Cambria basket Outfit (also all available at C88 with the exeption of the Maitreya mesh body and my LeLutka Stella head):
Exile: Quiet Waters hair
Glam Affair: Tecla mermaid head applier for LeLutka
Nylon Outfitters: Sequin Bib dress
Hucci: Campo wedges

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Hang on to a dream

So it seems we have something of a summer going on in Europe. Don’t complain about the heat, after all, we have been complaining about the lack of summer like forever. We wanted summer, we got summer! Instead make sure you drink plenty of water or green tea, stay out of the sun, especially during the top hours of the day 11-17 and indulge yourself with some delicious chilled water melon cubes and/or your favorite ice cream.
Oh and while you’re at it, bring some of that to your elderly neighbor! You know, the one that doesn’t have a lot of people visiting. This too shall pass after all, and then we’ll have a pretty epic summer to remember! Ok, enough good advice. On to the goodies: Hair by Argrace: Anzu
Meshhead by LeLutka: Stella
Applier by Lara Hurley: Iza
Necklace by Junbug: Pearls of wisdom
Dress by Ison: Off Shoulder
Shoes by Ison: Suede strap heels

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La Reina

I went shopping at Uber! It’s yet another great edition this month. How about this lovely Raine hair from Wasabi Pills? I have been in it for 3 days now, that’s pretty amazing. I usually change hair like 3 times a day… or more! My Spring Garden necklace is from Yummy and there is also a gorgeous Spring Garden ring as a separate, also available at Uber. The dress is from Glam Affair, called Swen. I used to have some issues with Glam’s clothing because the inside was transparent and that made it hard to wear if not standing still, but their newest releases have (at least part) of the inside textured as well, so that’s awesome! My Nadya sandals are  from and available at this month’s Collabor88, which is still ongoing for a couple of more days! And then some special attention for Mudskin‘s Reina applier for the LeLutka heads. Isn’t it pretty??? Mudskin is one of those brands I love, but never actually got to buy skins from because for some reason, they look lovely on others, but never on me!… Read the rest

Glam Domination

At Summerfest, Glam Affair presents Yolandi, a new skin with 8 different make ups, available in Artic, Asia (worn) and Jamaica. I haven’t been wearing a lot of red hair lately, but with this skin it kind of feels spot on! I have picked Tableau Vivant‘s Sunkissed, also out at Summerfest. Glam Affair is pretty active on the events this month, and they have made Eles which is out in a gacha form at Shiny Shabby in some Europe and America and Jamaica (rares) make ups: At The Conquest, Eles is also available, but then in Asia and Jamaica (rares) The cool thing with these skins is (unless you are really hung up on a special skintone) is that it really doesn’t matter which make up you get, because they’re all gorgeous!
he hair used for the Eles pics is from Elua, Demi for the ones out at Shiny Shabby and Iola for the Conquest Eles. My eyes, as always, are from Ikon. Speaking about hair… I just have to put this in here (and I will do that more often over the next few weeks) Hair Fair is coming!!!!… Read the rest

All the headz

I have been shopping appliers again. I sometimes wonder if I should blog head appliers exclusively because I have so much fun with them, but then again, there is so much more in SL than just pretty heads!
Anyway, the first one up here is Hara by YS&YS. It’s currently out at Shiny Shabby and comes in the usual YS&YS skintones. I am wearing no. 2 and i love the skightly desaturated tone.
Like always from left to right, you see LeLutka‘s Aria, Ever Karin, Leda, Lotte and Stella with the same applier.  The hair in the Hara collage is Keira from Wasabi Pills, out at The Conquest and the prim and proper Sybil dress is from C’est la Vie (currently also available at Shiny Shabby) Next is Alice from sYs. I picked this one up at Shiny Shabby, too. I didn’t demo it and at first, I cursed myself for it, because OMG, baggy eyes!!! but on second thought, I may be glad I didn’t demo because I would for sure not have bought it, and now, a couple of days later, this skin is growing on me.… Read the rest

Pssst… it’s coming!

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Have you heard yet? Hair Fair is coming again!!! And currently the annual Hair Fair contest is on! See the enormous prizes above! Your chance to early access, too! Lag free hair shopping!! Check the official Hair Fair blog here for the rules!

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When things get really hot outside, nothing is more refreshing than chunks of lightly frozen watermelon!! So simple, and so delicious. Needing slightly more prparation, but also very refreshing is watermelon lemonade. Lots of recipies on Pinterest if you’re interested. So yeah, little else is more summery to me than watermelon. I love this watermelon umbrella from Imeka, currently at Collabor88 and I built my outfit around it! My dress is Sophia from Blueberry, a mainstore release and a prefect rig on my Maitreya Lara body!! I’m matching it with Ingenue‘s Esmee sandals, which again are at this month’s Collabor88. They are so cute! You use them with flat feet, but they have a nice plateau! In a previous post I mentioned the 2nd hair that Exile has out at C88, Under the sun, and this is it, or rather, in this particular case it’s under the umbrella-ella but still, it’s so sassy! My head is Undivided‘s Stella and I am using Izzie’s Sophee’s skin applier and Glam Affair‘s candy lips applier.… Read the rest

More Summer

Glam Affair has released Summer V3 for Collabor88,  in 2 skin tones (America and Jamaica) and a total of 6 make ups for each skin tones, as well as appliers for PXL’s sweetlips. I could not resist and picked up the latest sweet lips release, counting on the usual consistent quality of Mr. Larsson’s items, but guess what… the shape you meticulously altered to fit the first release of sweet lips, doesn’t do it for the new release. Start all over, can’t be bothered. Should have demo’d.  Oh well hey, you can also use the appliers for your old lips (the one your shape is fitted to) or forget about them all together, because the lips on Glam’s skin are maybe even sweeter! Exile has two awesome styles out for Collabor88, I am wearing the Full of Grace one here because UPDO!!!! The other one you can see here, on Ms Mojo’s blog. It’s so cute as well!!! The gorgeous jewelry from the Panarea collection that  am wearing is from the talented hands of Gyorgyna Larnia from LaGyo and yes, these too are available at Collabor88, the June edition!… Read the rest

Sizzling summers

I have this thing with quickies lately… here is another one Cabin Ete Summer by Scarlet Creative for June’s Collabor88
Mounted bar with home made lemonade and other pretties by Pilot for June’s Collabor88
Norma Lounger Pearl by The Loft for June’s Collabor88
l’Olivier by Apple Fall

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Pretty London

aaand another quickie because the weather in RL is just too lovely to spend lots of time inside today! Hair Damaris by Truth (The Arcade) Head Stella by Undivided Head applier London by The Skinnery (Chapter4) Necklace Prophecy by Mandala Kimono top by Le Primitif Kira skirt by Glam Affair (Chapter4) Shoes Cult by Just Design So yeah, The Skinnery has yet another lovely applier our for the Undivided heads. Please take a look belove how they look on the other heads as well! From left to right, as usual, on Aria, Ever, Karin, Leda, Lotte and Stella

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So What?

Just a quick credit post before I have taken tons of new pics and this one just disappears into my archives Hair Edyta by Elikatira Scarf Croswire by Gizza Open Jacket, rolled up sleeves by Addams Ripped denim shorts by Blueberry Lara body by Maitreya Diwali tattoo by Letis Chealsea shoes by Gos (Fameshed) There you go… happy shopping!

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The Princess and the Pea

Call me biased but I find the upcoming Arcade stuff from Olive and Paloma more than adorable!! Princess and the pea themed, one of the rarer is a super high towering bed with lots of soft mattresses that would be enough to let everyone sleep like an angel…. unless you are a true princess! Further, there is this crazy cute bedhead hair “Sweetpea” both with (rare) and without a princess sleeping mask. See the wall art in the back, those are stills of actual soundwaves of Darla reading the Princess and the pea fariytale! How cute is that? Not from Arcade, I am wearing Starfly, by Dead Dollz, which is just a really pretty little number that is perfect as a nightie! And on my Karin head from LeLutka/Undivided, I am still wearing Pink Fuel‘s Sora aplier! The Arcade opens on June 1st. Strip bare, alpha up and be ready to brave the lag if you’re lucky enough to get in, and part with your L$!!

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I found this great Abandon scarf and pants by Dead Dollz in my inventory today. No clue when I  bought them, but gosh, it’s so perfect. I am waring it with  one of the latest tattoos from White Widow, Lost River, which has appliers for my Maitreya Lara body! On my head, the incredibly intricate Maang Tikka from Shi, which is currently available at Uber. A close up, raw from SL, can be seen here And then, mind if I gush a moment over the update that Mochi Milena did for her Sora alabaster skin? LeLutka applier included! For the first time in my SL, I don’t look like a kid when I am in Pink Fuel skin!!!  Mind you, I love Pink Fuel but I never felt comfortable in it because their skins always have this amazingly youthful and fresh look to it, but with this applier, I look like I am not barely legal anymore!!! The only criticism on this purchase is, that I would gladly have bought just the appliers, and not the full skin pack, because I don’t thinkI will ever wear the regular skin, and at that point, 2.3k is a pretty steep price!… Read the rest